LinkedIn Apps

LinkedIn Connected 1.2.4
The new LinkedIn Connected app is a fast, easy, and smarter way tostrengthen your professional relationships. Why is that important?Because most opportunities come from the people you already know,and fostering genuine relationships can help you be moresuccessful. Connected gives you relevant updates about the peopleyou know, so you can reach out when it matters most.So invest in your connections today for opportunitiestomorrow.• Know when to reach out. Get notified about jobs changes,birthdays, work anniversaries, & more.• Focus on the people who matter with relevant, timelyupdates.• Make a great impression and start better conversations withpre-meeting intelligence.• Build stronger relationships in just a few minutes a day.
Lynda - Online Training Videos 4.9.14
LinkedIn is now LinkedIn Learning! If you’re a new user, you canaccess the full library of courses over on the LinkedInLearning app for a more personalized learning experience. Downloadthe LinkedIn Learning app here: current Lynda subscribers, you can still access your account onthe app, so please download today! was foundedby Lynda Weinman, a self-taught computer teacher, author, educator,speaker, and entrepreneur and now in partnership with LinkedIn,with, you can learn from thousands of courses taught byindustry experts. makes it easy to learn skills on-demandwith access to our subscription library. And now all Lynda.comcourses are on LinkedIn Learning. Get the training you need tosucceed in your current job or start a new career by watchingexpert taught courses. Whether you want to learn leadership skills,build a mobile app, or how to use software, has somethingfor you. Take photography lessons, learn graphic design, getbusiness training, take web and interactive design courses, take 3Danimation classes, watch audio tutorials, and much more. Sharpenyour skills and get the most of your membership with theapp. • Access all courses from the subscription library • Getpersonalized course recommendations • Download courses for offlineviewing and learn anytime, anywhere • Stream course videos to yourTV with Chromecast • View your personalized dashboard to stay ontrack with your training • Auto-play courses or watch individualvideos • Share courses across social network apps • View and editplaylists to create your own training plan • Sync course historyand pick up where you left off for a continuous learning experienceacross all devices • Video tutorials include closed captioning,adjustable playback speed, and more Popular training courses •Learn how to code, create, and build web applications or mobileapps • How to design and create a website • Develop businessskills, learn leadership, get management training, watch marketingtutorials, and more • Brush up on Excel skills, QuickBooks, andother tools • Design logos, create ebooks, and more with in-depthtutorials on Illustrator, InDesign, Muse, and other software •Learn photography and photo editing techniques, how to use acamera, Photoshop, Lightroom, and more • How to record and learnmusic production • Learn videography and motion graphics withtutorials taught by experts • Get 3D modeling and animation skills
LinkedIn SlideShare 1.6.8
Boost your knowledge anytime, anywhere with the official LinkedInSlideShare app. Explore over 15 million presentations, videos andinfographics in stunning, full-screen layout. No time to read now?Save favorites to read later - even offline! Use the officialLinkedIn SlideShare app to: - Explore over 15 million professionalpresentations, infographics, and videos in stunning, full-screenlayout - Discover content in your favorite topics, with over 30 toexplore - from Technology and Leadership to Engineering andHealthcare - Save your favorites to read later (even offline!) onyour phone or Android tablet - Check out the top presentationstrending in your social network, and share the ones you like withfriends and colleagues on SlideShare, LinkedIn, Facebook andTwitter - And now you can clip the best content on SlideShare andorganize your research into Clipboards, all in one place. LinkedInSlideShare has something for everyone! - LinkedIn SlideShare is theworld’s largest community for sharing presentations andprofessional content, with 60 million unique visitors a month andmore than 15 million uploads - So much more than just slides! Findinfographics, videos, how-to guides, data & analytics reports,industry research, thought-leadership articles, Q&As, DIYinstructions, visual guides and more - Follow companies andorganizations like Dell, Ogilvy, the White House, Netflix, NASA andmore, who share their expertise on SlideShare - Learn from industrypros like Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, LinkedIn co-founder ReidHoffman, Silicon Valley entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki and more -Explore keynotes from top industry conferences like SXSW andDreamforce - Students can use SlideShare for academic research,professionals can deepen their industry knowledge, and everyone canexplore interesting topics to learn something new! - Full TopicsList: Editor's Picks, Art & Photos, Automotive, Business,Career, Data & Analytics, Design, Devices & Hardware,Economy & Finance, Education, Engineering, Entertainment &Humor, Environment, Food, Government & Non-Profit, Health &Magazine, Healthcare, Internet, Investor Relations, Law, Leadership& Management, Lifestyle, Marketing, Mobile, News &Politics, Presentations & Public Speaking, Real Estate,Recruiting & HR, Retail, Sales, Science, Self Improvement,Services, Small Business & Entrepreneurship, Social Media,Software, Spiritual, Sports, Technology, Travel Download theLinkedIn SlideShare app to boost your knowledge - anytime, anywhereOur website: Our blog: blog.slideshare.netFollow us on Twitter (, Facebook(, LinkedIn( and Google+(
LinkedIn 4.1.252
Find jobs, companies and business contacts with LinkedIn. Create aprofessional profile for job search, expand your business networkand connect on the go. Looking to boost your career? Apply to jobsin just a few taps. 5 reasons you’ll love the LinkedIn app: -Professional profile: Create your own profile & highlight yourskillset - Job search: Find jobs suited to you and easily apply viathe app - Industry news: Share articles or write your own posts -Career opportunities: See if companies you’re interested in arehiring - LinkedIn community: Follow the activities of yourconnections Apply for your dream job with just a few taps, shareyour knowledge or get the latest industry news. LinkedIn offers youthe easiest way to connect with professionals and companies.PROFESSIONAL PROFILE • Use your LinkedIn profile as a virtualresume to highlight your experience • Share your accomplishments,job responsibilities and skills JOB SEARCH & CAREER • Find jobs& apply using your LinkedIn resume • Connect with hiringmanagers & find new contacts INDUSTRY NEWS • Share articleswith the LinkedIn community and your business contacts • Write yourown posts & share them with your network BUSINESS NETWORK •Follow companies, influencers and professionals to see updates& activities • Search for people at specific companies and keepin touch with your network BUILD YOUR BRAND • Leverage youremployees to build the talent brand of your company • Showcase yourcompany or product with a great marketing opportunity Withprofessionals, industry experts and career opportunities at yourfingertips, the LinkedIn app offers a great way to network, applyto jobs and find new contacts - straight from your phone, whereveryou are. Want to make the most of LinkedIn? Upgrade to a Premiumsubscription for exclusive tools. We ask for a few permissions whenyou use this app. Here’s why:
LinkedIn Pulse 5.1.9
Pulse is your daily professional news digest.It’s a single place to get your daily news, powered by yourprofessional world.We've made it even easier for you to stay on top of the latestnews in your professional world with LinkedIn Pulse for AndroidWear:- Stay in the know with your top 10 articles without touchingyour phone.- Don't lose your place when your watch is idle with ambientmode.- Save a story for later, like a story, and read on yourdevice.Whether you use your watch or your phone, Pulse breaks throughthe noise by tailoring news for you, so you get all the timelyheadlines – and save time. See what your network and colleagues arereading, get the latest trending news in your industry, and benotified when your connections make the news. Pulse gets evensmarter as you go, learning what you’re interested in from everytopic, person, and company you follow, so you get personalizedrecommendations. You’ll be on top of all the latest headlines inminutes each day – and have something sharp to talk about.
LinkedIn Job Search 1.28.5
LinkedIn Job Search gives you all the tools you need to easily findyour dream job – or let it find you. Quickly find careeropportunities wherever you want with location-based search. Getautomatic recommendations and notifications based on your jobsearches. Apply to jobs at companies with your LinkedIn profile injust a few taps. Save jobs you are interested in and resumesearching on your schedule. And do it all in total privacy, knowingyour LinkedIn network won't be notified. Put the job-finding powerof LinkedIn to work with the LinkedIn Job Search App: • Quickly andsimply search jobs based on title, location, or keywords • Filteryour job searches by companies you would like to work for, jobposting date, and job search relevancy • Further refine your jobsearch results by work function, career industry, and job senioritylevel • Recommended jobs based on saved searches, jobs you’veviewed, and your LinkedIn profile • See your business connectionsat a company and learn more about the job poster • Notificationswhen new jobs match the career opportunities you're looking for •Easily apply to jobs using your LinkedIn profile and track thestatus of your job applications • Total privacy indeed – yournetwork won’t hear a thing about your employment-seeking activitySnag your next career opportunity with the LinkedIn Job Search Appto get hired today!
LinkedIn Elevate 1.46
LinkedIn Elevate is only available to employees at participatingcompanies. Interested in getting this for your company? Visit for more information.LinkedIn Elevate gives you an easy way to discover unique articlesand insights about topics you’re interested in – then share them toshow you’re at the top of your game. With great content hand-pickedby people at your company, you’ll feel confident that you’resharing the kind of valuable, relevant stuff that your network willtruly appreciate. • Receive quality content that you can easilyshare with your networks • We'll help you reach your network at thebest time, to boost your impact • Check out how your network isresponding with rich insights
LinkedIn Sales Navigator 4.5.5
Stay up to date with your accounts and leads with LinkedIn SalesNavigator on your Android device, wherever you are. LinkedIn SalesNavigator helps you target the right buyers and companies,understand what buyers value, and engage buyers with personalizedoutreach. Whether you are waiting for a meeting, traveling betweenclients’ offices, or just in line for a coffee, Sales NavigatorMobile gives you access to Sales Navigator’s key sales featureswhere you need them most: everywhere. - Get real-time sales updateson your accounts and leads - Discover new accounts and leads withdaily recommendations, wherever you are - Prep for sales meetingsby reviewing prospect profiles and account pages - Save new leadsafter meetings to start getting sales updates - Send timely InMail,messages, and connection requests The Sales Navigator mobile apprequires a Sales Navigator account, which is a paid LinkedInsubscription for sales professionals. The app is currently onlyavailable in English.
LinkedIn Recruiter 1.1.1
Engage the best talent anywhere, anytime using LinkedIn Recruiter –Now from your Android phone. Free with your LinkedIn Recruiterseat. Whether you’re at a conference, career fair, or running toyour next interview, Recruiter Mobile offers you the key Recruiterfeatures on your phone. Search and review profiles of potentialhires, reach out and respond to prospects, and keep track of yourteam’s activity. There’s never been an easier way to find talent onthe go.Why you’ll love it:· Find anyone – see full LinkedInprofiles of every member, even those outside your network; you caneven narrow your search with filters· Reach anyone – contactcandidates via InMail messages, email, text, or phone· Respondquickly – receive real-time alerts when candidates reply· Stayconnected – get updates on job applicants, saved search results,hiring manager reviews, and profile changes of candidates youfollow· Stay organized – save profiles of candidates to projectfolders, add notes, or view records of your team’s activity** Note:Requires a LinkedIn Recruiter account. **
LinkedIn Lookup 1.19
LinkedIn Lookup is the fastest way to find,learn about, and contact anyone at your company, even if you’re notconnected to them on LinkedIn. In seconds, you can find a coworkerby title, skill, name, expertise and more. Learn about them bychecking out their up-to-date, streamlined profile. And when youready, instantly make contact, even if you’re not at yourdesk.*Find: Looking for someone with a specific skill set or jobresponsibility?Search by name, title, skill, expertise, or something about whatthey do.*Discover: Meeting someone new at work?Put a face to a name, learn more about them, and find commonground.*Contact: Need to get in touch right away?Reach out instantly through the app, wherever you are.Plus, it’s just between you and your coworkers. Only coworkersusing LinkedIn Lookup can view the profile data you enter into thisapplication.LinkedIn Lookup- the perfect tool for quickly connecting withcoworkers who might otherwise be hard to find, uncovering hiddenresources, and improving information sharing.** To use this app, you need a LinkedIn account. The app iscurrently only available in English. **
LinkedIn Students 1.3.0
Your dream job is closer than you think.See where your degree can take you with LinkedIn Students.You’ll get daily personalized tips based on what students like youhave done. With the app, you can:1. Explore career paths of alumni like you.2. Find jobs and internships that fit you.3. Discover companies where students like you go.So what are you waiting for? Discover your future. Land a job.Get the app.
LinkedIn Learning: Online Courses to Learn Skills
Advance your career with LinkedIn Learning. Discover the mostin-demand business, tech and creative skills with personalizedrecommendations and courses taught by industry experts. Learn onthe go with the LinkedIn Learning Android app. Get the skills youneed to succeed by watching bite-sized video courses anytime,anywhere. Whether you want to learn leadership skills, build amobile app, or how to use software, LinkedIn Learning has somethingfor you. Take marketing classes, get management training, learngraphic design, take photography courses, watch web and interactivedesign tutorials, and much more. Watch expert-taught courses inleadership, programming, IT, 3D animation, and much more. Sharpenyour skills and get the most out of your LinkedIn Learningmembership with the app: - Access 4,000+ courses in business, techand creative with more added each month - Get personalized courserecommendations - Download courses for offline viewing - Explorecurated courses for a guided learning experience - Save courses towatch later - Watch entire courses or individual videos at your ownpace - Share courses with your network - Add certificates ofcompletion to your LinkedIn profile - Access to LinkedIn Premiumnetworking tools, and exclusive insights like Who’s Viewed YourProfile Popular course topics and skills include: - Learn businessskills like becoming a manager, learn to give presentations, andhow to negotiate - Get communication tips and and time managementtraining - Develop leadership skills and get training on strategicplanning - Watch a variety of marketing tutorials like contentmarketing, digital marketing, SEO, and marketing tools like GoogleAnalytics - Brush up on Excel skills, QuickBooks, and other tools -Learn coding languages like SQL, Java, C#, Python, and more - Getthe skills you need in IT infrastructure, database administration,and software administration - Get training on game design anddevelopment - Learn web development and how to build webapplications or mobile apps - Learn how to design and create awebsite - Learn how to design logos, create ebooks, and more within-depth tutorials on Illustrator, InDesign, Muse, and othersoftware - Learn photography and photo editing techniques, how touse a camera, Photoshop, Lightroom, and more - Learn how to recordand learn music production - Learn videography and motion graphicswith tutorials taught by experts - Get 3D modeling and animationskills LinkedIn Learning app is free to download. With asubscription plan, you can watch full courses across technology,creative and business topics. For Monthly Premium: $29.99 monthlyUSD For Annual Premium: $299.88 annual USD If you choose tosubscribe, your subscription will automatically renew untilcancelled and will charge your credit card. You can turn offauto-renew at any time through your LinkedIn account.
LinkedIn Lite: Easy Job Search, Jobs & Networking 2.2.1
LinkedIn Lite – We believe in making your job search experience adelightful one. LinkedIn Lite is indeed an easy way to stay intouch with your contacts and to build your network. Get access toover thousands of jobs on the go, without worrying about yourmobile battery, storage space, or network connection. LinkedIn Liteworks seamlessly even on 2G or 3G connections and takes up lessthan 1 MB space on your smartphone. LinkedIn Lite is LinkedIn’slighter and fast app offering. Install LinkedIn Lite now! WhyLinkedIn Lite? • Lighter - LinkedIn Lite app uses less than 1MB onyour phone • Simpler - Simple way to search jobs, apply for jobs,get job alerts on the go • Less Battery Usage - Light on yourphone. LinkedIn Lite works even in 2G and 3G networks • Faster -Easy and fast way indeed to build connections and to stay connectedwith your network Get faster job search, job alerts, and jobsupdate on the go. Stay informed, build connections and follow yourfavorite company news. LinkedIn Lite helps you stay connected whileusing low storage and it works on 2G or 3G networks. How to UseLinkedIn Lite App to Grow Your Career? LinkedIn Lite is a faster,lighter app from LinkedIn built to work efficiently on slow 2G, 3Ginternet connections. LinkedIn Lite consumes less battery. ThisLite app is less than 1MB and occupies minimum space while ensuringthe true LinkedIn experience. Easy job search experience with thepower of LinkedIn Lite app: • Quick and simple - Job search basedon title, location and keywords • Easy filter options - Job searchby companies you would like to work at. Get access to the latestjobs, job postings and free job alerts • Relevance - Refine yourjob search results by work function. Get jobs by industry and jobseniority level • Recommendation - Based on job search, jobs you’veviewed, and your LinkedIn profile • Connect - Send messagesdirectly to your connections at companies • Notify - Get notifiedwhen new jobs match your job search and work experience • Easyapply - Apply to jobs using your LinkedIn profile • Total privacyindeed – Your network won’t hear a thing about youremployment-seeking activity With the LinkedIn Lite app you canconnect to job opportunities while building your professionalnetwork. This Lite app makes your job search experience easy andhelps you connect directly with recruiters. LinkedIn Lite app makesit easy for you to discover people who matter, follow companies,follow news, get job updates, apply for jobs, and stay in touchwith topics that matter to you the most. Build your professionalnetwork. What are the Features on LinkedIn Lite App? • Search forpeople, alumni, seniors, jobs and companies • Job search across alltypes of jobs including government jobs, MNC jobs, fresher jobs, ITjobs, software jobs, finance and banking jobs, HR jobs, sales &marketing jobs, internships and jobs for freshers. Apply to yourdream job now! • Make useful connections with people who can helpyou in your job search • Send messages and chat with yourconnections to get job referrals and career advice • Make aprofessional profile that shows your skills, education, projects,internships and work experience • Get the latest industry news andupdates that can help you stay informed, provide interviewpreparation tips, and much more • Add a profile image andemployment or university details so that recruiters and hiringmanagers can discover you Download the LinkedIn Lite app. Startyour job search by creating or updating your LinkedIn profile,which captures your professional brand and journey. Your LinkedInprofile is like your virtual resume which you can edit and updateanytime. Let prospective employers, recruiters and hiring managersknow about your accomplishments. Get the LinkedIn Lite app now!Experience easy job search & access to thousands of jobs on thego! The #1 app for job search & to build connections. Havequestions? Write to us at [email protected]