Linnama Entertainment Apps

Hydraulic Press Pocket 1.054
This official Hydraulic Press Channel tuber simulator fits over twohundred unique items and a Hydraulic Press into your pocket!Whether you're bored or stressed, crushing everything helps! Findand crush all the items! Upgrade your press to crush the toughestitems in the game! Receive imaginary hate comments about your weakpress! Crush, collect, manage; there is something for everyone inthis tuber simulator! * Make videos, gain views and subscribers toupgrade your Hydraulic Press! * Over two hundred items to crush! *Real voice acting by the Hydraulic Press Channel! * Makecollaborations with other popular YouTube channels! * Go viral inthis pocket tuber game! * Toss an item under the press and see willit crush! Download Hydraulic Press Pocket now and start filmingvideos full of destruction! Hydraulic Press Pocket is afree-to-play game and it offers optional in-app purchases. If younotice any malfunctions in your Hydraulic Press, feel free tocontact!
Slingshots vs. Zombies 1.0
Get ready to fight a mob of zombies with the craziest weaponsfromthe popular Slingshot Channel! Use your arsenal of 9 weaponsmadeby Jörg Sprave — slingshots, crossbows and more — toeliminatemultiple types of zombies and bosses before they get tooclose!Enjoy Jörg's famous laughter and celebrate his signatorylines! Doyou have what it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse inthisofficial mobile game for The Slingshot Channel? This appoffersin-app purchases and advertisements. • Fight zombies withJörg'scraziest weapons from The Slingshot Channel! • Try out"TheFeatures" of the Drill Powered Gatling Gun, Verminator andmore! •Experience the devastating power of the mighty Airzooka! •Unlockweapons and items to defeat multiple types of zombies andbosses! •Upgrade your weapons to improve your arsenal against themob ofdead! Visit thedeveloper: VisitSlingshotChannel:
Pongfinity - Infinite Ping Pong 1.03
Jump into a game of ping pong in this fun, simple and uniquetabletennis game; tap to move, swipe to shoot! Upgrade your gear—rackets, balls and more — as you swing through your journeyonbecoming the king of ping pong! Can you keep up with the ballinthis game officially made with the popular Pongfinity channel?•Infinite fun with simple controls; tap to move, swipe to shoot!•Play in different locations; forest, volcano and many more!•Upgrade your gear to keep up with your opponents! • Dozens offunitems to play ping pong with! • Power-ups to make everyroundexciting! • Complete fun challenges to earn rewards! • PlaywithEmil, Miikka and Otto from Pongfinity! • Compete on thegloballeaderboards! HOW TO PLAY • Tap to move • Swipe to shoot •Doubletap to dash for quicker movement! Pongfinity - Infinite PingPongis a free-to-play game and it offers optional in-app purchases.
Silo's Airsoft Royale 1.02
How many rounds of raining BB's can you survive in thisSiloEntertainment's official airsoft mobile game? Step into Silosshoesand send the enemies back to the spawn using the mosticonicairsoft weapons! - Level up to unlock all the weapons! -Upgradeyour weapons; damage, fire rate and more! - Loot enemies tocollecthelpful equipment and gear! - Eliminate bosses inchallengingencounters! - Find keys to discover the airsoft fields!DownloadSilo's Airsoft Royale now and step into the battle! Silo'sAirsoftRoyale is a free-to-play game and it offers optionalin-apppurchases.
Pocket Press 1.02
Pocket size Hydraulic Press ready for crushing whenever you'reboredor stressed out! Collect items, crush them, upgrade yourHydraulicPress and manage a crushing stream on the side; this gamemade incollaboration with the popular Hydraulic Press Channel hasit all! *Crush exciting and unique items! * Find and collect allthe items toyour collection! * Upgrade your Hydraulic Press todeal with thetoughest items! * Gather viewers to your crushingstream to earnmoney! * Sequel to the popular Hydraulic PressPocket with over 5million players! Download Pocket Press now andlet the crushingbegin! Pocket Press is a free-to-play game and itoffers optionalin-app purchases.
Cybertruck 1.0
Compete against gasoline cars with the mighty Cybertruck in thisfunand simple game, the controls are easy; hold the screen to towthegas vehicles off the screen! Upgrade your Cybertruck to towmultipletrucks at once, no problem! Play now and find out whatothervehicles you will face! * Show the power of electric vehicles- towthe lame gasoline cars off the screen! * Charge your batteryat thesuperchargers! * Upgrade your Cybertruck - battery, motorand tires!* Find out what vehicles you will face! Cybertruck is afree-to-playgame and it offers optional in-app purchases. This isa fan -gamefor the Tesla's Cybertruck - the app will be removed ifTeslarequests so
Storm Area 51 1.0
Put together an arsenal of Runners, Rock Throwers, Kyles andmanymore to storm the famous Area 51! Battle your way throughthefences, gates and walls to discover the secrets of Area 51!Willyou find aliens and spaceships? Play now to find out!Disclaimer:this app is purely made for the memes and not to betakenseriously! Can't wait till September 20th? Download Storm Area51now and reveal the secrets today! Storm Area 51 is afree-to-playgame and it offers optional in-app purchases. If younotice anymalfunctions in your aliens, feel free to contact!
Destruction Tuber Simulator 1.01
Destroy items and build up your audience in this official sequelforthe popular YouTube channel Hydraulic Press Channel'sHydraulicPress Pocket title! * Unlock all five differentdestructionmethods! * Find and destroy over 100 items! * Upgradeyour toolsand equipment! * Make collaborations with PewDiePie,MrBeast, H3H3and more! * Go viral in this pocket tuber game!DownloadDestruction Tuber Simulator now and start filming videosfull ofdestruction! This app offers in-app purchases andadvertisements.
Tuber Trouble 1.00
This meet & greet themed puzzle game fits over a hundredmindtickling puzzles and many of your favourite tubers intoyourpocket! Whether you're bored or stressed this game madeofficiallywith Roni Back has it all! Unlock and solve all thelevels!Customise your character with hundreds of options from hatstoshoes. Solve, collect, customise; there is something foreveryone!* Many exciting and interesting puzzles to master! *Dozens ofpuzzle mechanics keeping your mind busy! * Made officiallywithRoni Back! * Compete on the leaderboards! Download TuberTroublenow and meet the famous tubers! Tuber Trouble is afree-to-playgame and it offers optional in-app purchases. If youhave anyquestions feel free to contact!
Tuber Run 1.02
Run your favourite tuber through the fame and interact withyourfans; take selfies, write autographs and much more! * Collectallthe tubers! * Meet your fans! * Level up and collectpowerfulitems! * Unlock different backgrounds to meet your fans in!Made inassociation with Roni Back! Download Tuber Run now and stepintoRoni Back's and other tubers shoes! Tuber Run is afree-to-playgame and it offers optional in-app purchases.
Frozen Lake 1
Heat up your steel bar and see how deep into the Frozen Lake youcanget! Collect hot water to keep your steel bar going and avoidcoldwater from cooling it down. Upgrade your equipment andcollectpotions to reach the bottom, if there is one.. - Simpleandaddicting for endless fun! - Melt through the Frozen Lake,bedrock,Earth's core and more! - Find coins, diamonds and potions!
Pongfinity Duels: 1v1 Online Table Tennis 1.01
Become the king of table tennis with Pongfinity Duels! Play quickonline multiplayer 1v1 games against real players all around theworld! - Online real-time multiplayer ping pong matches - Jump intopublic matches or play with your friends - Simple controls; tap tomove, swipe to shoot! - Unlock players, rackets and more! - Funspecial shots; Fireball, Laser, Ice and many more! - Compete on theglobal leaderboards - Explore sports arenas; New York, Moscow,Tokyo and more! Your first opponent is waiting, download PongfinityDuels now and start your journey!
Squid: Red Light, Green Light
Do you have what it takes to survive Red Light, Green Light takento the extreme? Can you get to the frontman? - Easy controls; tapto move when the doll is NOT watching! - Win coins and upgrade yourplayer! - Crazy levels; beat the original doll, robot doll andmore! - More features coming soon! This application is anunofficial fan-made game and is not related to the series.
Roni the Miner 1.0
Grab your pickaxe and get mining - explore, find treasure,upgradeyour gear and unlock cool items! Play now and become themaster ofmining with Roni the Miner! - Upgrade your pickaxe to minefaster -Overcome dangers - Skeletons, falling boulders and more! -Unlockminers, items and more! - Easy controls - Explore differentareas;Ice, Jungle, Lava and more! - Compete on the globalleaderboardsYour miner adventure is waiting, download Roni theMiner now andstart your journey!