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Smartlist 16.92
Smartlist is the ultimate phone book and caller id app availablefor the frum smartphone user. With over 20 frum community lists(and more coming!), Smartlist is the only app you need to stayconnected to friends and family across the globe, and to find theservices and businesses you need, when you need them. FEATURES✔Residential listings - stay connected with friends and family!Search by any part of the name, address, or phone number to find alisting. ✔Business listings - find phone numbers, addresses, andmore information for community businesses! Easy to use, smartsearch allows you to search by keyword, business type, address, orphone number. ✔Caller ID - See who is calling you, and whose numberyou are dialing! Name will also appear in your call log, so you cansee at a glance who you missed a call from, and who you called.✔Offline database - does not require internet access to search forlistings or to show caller ID. ✔Share listings - email or messageinformation you find on Smartlist to others who may need it. Youcan also export Smartlist contacts to your phone's contact list.✔Contact businesses, restaurants, and residential listings easily -directly dial, message, or map from Smartlist. Email addresses,websites, and alternate phone numbers, plus more, also makeSmartlist a valuable resource. ✔Stay up to date - be notified ofcommunity events and local promotions! ✔Phone directories for over20 Jewish communities around the world: * Lakewood * Boro Park *Flatbush * Williamsburg * Monsey * Kiryas Yoel * Five Towns/ FarRockaway * Cleveland * Chicago * Montreal * Gateshead * GoldersGreen * Manchester * Stamford Hill * Seagate * Baltimore * BergenCounty * Bobov * Staten Island * Melbourne, Australia * Toronto *Catskill Mountains * Antwerp, Belgium * Westchester County *Bloomingburg * and more coming! ★ Smartlist does not upload yourpersonal contacts to make them public or searchable ★
HebDate Hebrew Calendar
HebDate is a full Hebrew (Jewish) & Secular Calendar (Luach)for the Android. * Full month views for Hebrew and Secularcalendars. You can view any date since creation. * View Day, Week,& Agenda. * Full Android Scheduling Calendar. View and EditEvents. * Chagim, Daf Yomi, and More. * Zmanim for all locations. *Widget that can be added to the home screen. * Countdown timer forall Zmanim. * Can be used as a (Hebrew) Date Picker by otherapplications (like "Tasks To Do") * In-app subscription availablefor removal of banner ads. * Setup recurring events on Hebrewdates, and it will sync with Google Calendar (Premium only). Notall features are available on the Android Wear Version.