Litariver Studio Apps

Galaxy Warrior 1.0
By the launch of the next generation of drillmovements hands studio tour masterpiece "GalaxyCraft" blood debut!Exquisite, United States Meilen Magic game scenes, blood surging,agonistic battle scenes, rigorous and detailed, rich sound of thegame system, to overturn the traditional! ![Game screen]: complete next-generation, equipped unity3dengine, refraction, normal mapping, along with sciencefiction-style fight scenes, I believe you can bring extreme fullvisual experience![Game Features]: Game Scene exquisite Murano beauty magic, battlescenes blood Peng agonistic[Gameplay]: The game is simple and convenient, the user experienceis good, the game has a clear guidance and tips, Easy Fun!This game is on the screen is relatively high, above 1Grecommended frequency of mobile gamers!
Drag Race GT 1.0
Get the ultimate drag racing car game. Download Drag Racer GT, buyyour first ride, and start drag racing against the most skilleddrivers. Win a few races and get enough money to start upgradingyour car. Tune up your car and find the best upgrade configurationto maximize your car’s performance on the track. Choose between a1/4, 1/2, and 1 mile drag racing. Can you be the fastest out there?Can you beat everyone? Download Drag Racer now and find out!
Legend Asura 1.0
If you like strategy games, then you definitely should not miss thelegendary Asura