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Bug Art 1.2
Imagine, create, and play with Little BitStudio’s newest app, Bug Art! Watch your child’s creativity blossomas they experience their own creations coming to life. Uniquelycombining the abilities to create and play, Bug Art allows yourchild to paint, design, and explore in a whimsically styledsetting.CREATEYour child can choose to free paint whatever they imagine, learn todraw with interactive tracing, or even design their own bugs thatcome alive. Our unique art board features traditional artist toolsas well as stamps, stickers, and bug brushes. Yes, bug brushes!Whether it’s a paintbrush or a caterpillar, your child is incomplete control of their creation. Want to take your bug designfor a test drive? Just tap the magic button to see the bugimmediately transform into a walking or flying insect that they cancontrol.PLAYUsing the child’s very own artwork, they’ll be able to play,explore, and challenge themselves in various games andenvironments. They can try their hand at fast and furious racingagainst 13 uniquely designed bug competitors like “Sparky”,“Kicks”, and “Turbo” in Bug Race. For a more calm and peacefulchallenge, they can score points by steering their own butterfly,dragonfly, or bee through dandelion gates in the lush gardens ofButterfly Valley. We’ve even added special playgrounds for bothground and airborne bugs where your child can explore at their ownpace, meet funny characters, play mini games, or just discover coolstuff.KEY FEATURES• Simple and intuitive touch and tilt controls.• Complete painting activity for whatever the mind dreams.• Advanced Bug designer activity (includes a disco floor fortesting creations!).• 20+ design tools, including camera and bug brushes that you cancontrol!• 10+ backgrounds for fun art design.• 40+ stickers for instant fun (position, rotate, and scale).• 7 Interactive learn to draw bug designs.• Incredible HD graphics.• Large variety of beautiful and fun music.• Multiple user profiles (even separates art by user).• Localized for: English, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German,Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, andSwedish.CHILD PRIVACY POLICY•Included Kids Lock gated area to protect settings just forparents•NO third party advertising•NO in-app purchases•NO collection of any personal information of any kind.If you have any questions, comments, or feedback -- email usanytime at support@littlebitstudio.comor visit us at
Bug Mazing 1.8
Little Bit Studio, LLC.
Calling all heroes! Extending the Bugs and Buttons collection intoadventure learning, Bug Mazing creates a unique experience ofdiscovery and play. Practice traditional skills with letters,numbers, colors, and tracing or embark on unique quests thatrequire critical thinking, memory, hand-eye coordination, and more.Each quest is generated from over 20 different challenges with 5levels of difficulty for near endless variations of play. SKILLS: •Critical thinking • Fine motor • Numbers • Counting • Skip counting• Patterns • Letters • Colors • And more… FEATURES: • Designed forages 3-6, but every child is different. • Adventures include 20+unique challenges to explore and play. • Unlock 5 levels ofdifficulty to earn coins and unlimited jewels. • Unlock 7 playableand unique hero bugs. • Play 4 mini-adventures with Letters,Colors, Numbers and Tracing. • Original, detailed, and visuallyintriguing graphics • Humorous interactions and sound effects • NOIn-Apps / NO third party advertising • Parental Gate * Chinese,Japanese, and Korean default to the English alphabet. ** somelocalizations include more comprehensive voice overs than others.We want and appreciate your feedback! Instagram: @littlebitstudio Facebook:@littlebitstudio Twitter: @lilbitstudio
Bugs and Buttons 2.4
Little Bit Studio, LLC.
CREATIVE LEARNING Play tic-tac-toe with a dragon fly. Carefullyavoid bees while picking apples. Complete colorful patterns ofbuttons and beautiful yarn. Even sort bugs from Uncle Bob's buttonfactory conveyer belt (better be fast). Did we mention 18 games andactivities? INCLUDES: Counting, Critical Thinking, Sorting,Patterns, Memory, Hand-Eye Coordination, and more FEATURES: •Designed for ages (3-5), playable by everyone! • Motor Skills: tap,pinch, drag, and tilt • Visual instructions for each activity •Most activities are self leveling. • Over 40 achievements •Original, detailed, and visually intriguing graphics • Each of the18 activities has its own beautiful, and engaging music. • Humorousinteractions and sound effects. • NO In-Apps / NO third partyadvertising • Parental Gate Thank you for supporting an independentsoftware studio! We want and appreciate your feedback! Instagram: @littlebitstudio Facebook:@littlebitstudio Twitter: @lilbitstudio
Bugs and Bubbles 1.8
Little Bit Studio, LLC.
Bugs and Bubbles is a collection of 18 activities designedtodevelop and reinforce a variety of early learning skills. Withamix of beautiful organic and industrial scenery, kids canpinch,pop, swipe, and tap bubbles for a delightful learningexperience.Once kids have mastered these skills, easily changesettings tolearn colors, counting, and letters in a differentlanguage!Skills: • Colors • Counting • Comparisons • CriticalThinking •Fine Motor • Letter Tracing • Logic • Memory • Shapes •Sorting •Tracking • And more... Highlights: • Designed for ages 4to 6, butevery child is different • NO In-Apps / NO third partyadvertising• Parental gate • Visual instructions for every game •Most gamesare self leveling • 36 achievements • Original, detailed,andvisually intriguing graphics • Each of the 18 activities hasitsown beautiful, and engaging music • Humorous interactions andsoundeffects Data Policy: This app does NOT collect any data. Allsavedscores, achievements, profiles, and other data elements areprivateto your device and associated platform account. We wantandappreciate your feedback! Email:support@littlebitstudio.comFacebook: littlebitstudio Instagram:@littlebitstudio Twitter:@lilbitstudio
Bugs and Numbers 2.1
Little Bit Studio, LLC.
Bugs and Numbers is designed for kids to practice a wide rangeofmath skills. Organized into three stages, the app covers premathto early fractions. Each activity is crafted for a basic setofmath skills that introduces zany game play, fun graphics,andbeautiful music. Tap and count bugs to help them get acrossthewater in an egg carton. Match numbers and shapes at the bughotel,which happens to be an old refrigerator. INCLUDES:Counting,Comparisons, Identification (shapes, numbers),Patterns,Sequencing, and more FEATURES: • Designed for ages 3-6 forthefirst 12 activities and 5+ for stage 3 • Visual instructionsforeach activity • Most activities are self leveling •Multi-userprofiles • 36 achievements • Original, detailed, andvisuallyintriguing graphics • Each of the 18 activities has itsownbeautiful, and engaging music • Humorous interactions andsoundeffects • NO In-Apps / NO third party advertising • ParentalGateWe want and appreciate your feedback! Instagram: @littlebitstudioFacebook:@littlebitstudio Twitter: @lilbitstudio
Atomic Hangman Jr 2.3
Little Bit Studio, LLC.
Make learning fun with this reinvention of a classic wordgame!Atomic Hangman Jr combines great educational content (ages9-11& 12+) with whacky and humorous game play. Keep yourpuppetsafe by solving challenging words and phrases. Each wrongletterresults in a string breaking. After 7 wrong letters, yourpuppet isdoomed to a comical, but disastrous outcome. Each round isquickand fun, whether its single or multiplayer player! All wordandphrases contain an additional bonus educational note or factforeven more learning. Get started by choosing your favorite puppetorpaint your own with the puppet creator! • Single-player(withbosses) • Multiplayer • Puppet creator • Educationalcontentincluding: • Arts & Literature • US Social Studies • USHistory• Science • Synonyms • Antonyms • and more. • ages 9-11 and12+Important: No puppets were injured in the making of the app.Theirsafety now depends on you. Educational notes provided underthecreative commonslicense,
Ready Set Dial 1.3
Ready Set Dial! helps cover the basics of both phone usageandsafety with a working phone simulator. Kids can go throughtheactual steps to learn how to call home, 911, or any otherimportantphone numbers. Learn • Basics - cover the basics of usinga phone.• 911 - what to expect and when to call 911. • Strangers -who's astranger and who to tell. Practice • 911 - Practice dialing911from start to finish. • Custom numbers now supported. Memory•Learn custom numbers through an iterative memory game.PhoneSimulator • Dial common number 0, 411, 911, wrong &invalidnumbers, and more. • Add custom numbers with audio usingthedirectory. • Hear realistic audio for all the supported numbers.•Includes standard and mobile phone styles. Directory •Addunlimited number of custom numbers with recorded audio.•Disable/replace existing numbers to add your own customsupport.Live in Australia, disable 911 and add your own 000entries.Settings • Set the phone style to standard or mobile. • Setthedelay between audio dialog from 1 to 10 seconds. • Enableandconfigure user profiles. WE DO NOT COLLECT ANY DATA: Allnames,phone numbers, profiles, and other data remain private toyourdevice and related platform account.
Atomic Hangman 2.2
Play thousands of FREE challenging phrases while learningsomethingnew from each game's FREE educational notes and facts.Enjoy hoursof fun with beautifully crafted puppets and scenesfilled withdelightfully humorous danger! The traditional hangmangamereinvented with a comedic and treacherous twist. Try to keepyourpuppet safe by solving tons of great words and phraseswhileexpanding your personal knowledge. An edgy word game wherelosingcan be as much fun as winning. It’s simple. Keep your puppetsafeby solving words and phrases without making 7 mistakes. Eachwrongletter results in a string breaking, taking your puppet closertoits demise. Each round is quick and fun, whether its singleplayer,multiplayer, or party play! • Single player (with bosses)•Multiplayer • Build your own puppet. • Tons of content(othereducational and fun). • Humorously fun animations. •Freeeducational content (did you know?) • Expand the fun byunlockingmore puppets, themes, and words. Important: No puppetswere injuredin the making of this app. Their safety now depends onyou.Educational content is provided under the creative commonslicense.
Bugs and Buttons 2 1.9
Little Bit Studio, LLC.
CREATIVE PLAY Repair the buttons, by matching the brokenpieces.Follow directions by finding the correct body part, using apuppet!Find the button that does not belong. Navigate a bee througha lushflower garden, following the correct sequence of numbers.INCLUDES:Colors, Letter Identification, Find the Difference,Matching,Memory, Parts of the body, Shapes, Sorting, and more!FEATURES: •Designed for ages 3-5, but every child is different. •Motorskills: tap, drag, pinch and tilt • Visual instructions foreachactivity • Most activities are self leveling. • Over54achievements • Original, detailed, and visuallyintriguinggraphics. • Each of the 18 activities has its ownbeautiful, andengaging music. • Humorous interactions and soundeffects. • NOIn-Apps / NO third party advertising • Parental GateThank you forsupporting an independent software studio! We want andappreciateyour feedback! Email: support@littlebitstudio.comInstagram:@littlebitstudio Facebook: @littlebitstudio Twitter:@lilbitstudio