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Beebdroid (BBC Micro emulator) 2.0
We grew up with the BBC Micro and we loved it, so we're bringing itback to the world!See that Android phone in your hand? That's notIntel inside - it's powered by an ARM processor. The 'A' in 'ARM'stood for Acorn, a visionary British company that produced theseminal BBC Micro, and thirty years later - coming full circle -your phone hosts its venerable ancestor today.Have fun relivingclassic games from the 1980s, hosted by BBC Micro preservationwebsite - any questions, please emailsupport@littlefluffytoys.mobiWorks at the full 50 frames per secondon most recent powerful Android phones and tablets. This meansanything significantly better than an HTC Desire or Nexus One(except, annoyingly, the brand new Galaxy Nexus, because it has thearchaic GPU from 2010's Galaxy S pushing 240% of the pixels), orany Android 3.x or 4.x tablet. If you try to run this thing onsomething like a Wildfire or a ZTE Blade, please don't whinge to usthat it runs like a dog - just go and buy a Galaxy S II already ;)It's an extremely faithful emulation, way moreso than othermachines' emulators, but if you think you can make it quicker, getinvolved - it's open-source - code it!Works with the specialisedcontrols of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play (but doesn't run at 50frames per second).This FREE and OPEN SOURCE application - thesource code is published on Github at - is based on B-Emfor Linux by Tom Walker and licensed under GNU General PublicLicense v2.0 as detailed at - we encourage others toassist us in developing Beebdroid further. This program isdistributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANYWARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY orFITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the license for moredetails.Beebdroid does not ship with any third party programs suchas games - these are accessed via third party websites which havehosted such programs for years. Should any licence holders objectto third party websites providing such programs, please contact thethird party websites in question. We are furthermore also happy ona best-effort basis to block the visibility of specific programswithin Beebdroid upon written request from verified product licenceholders. We are also able to offer an in-app payment solution foryour programs in such circumstances - please contact us fordetails.The rights to the BBC Micro ROMs are believed by theemulator community to have effectively fallen into the publicdomain, having lain unclaimed for many years - Acorn itself is ofcourse long bankrupt, and the documentation for the rights isrumoured to have gone down in the World Trade Center on 9/11. Ifyou believe that you have a claim to the ROMs that has never beendisclosed to the emulator community, or indeed has never beenproven under law, remember that this is a labour of love, a freeand open source preservation effort, and so please talk to us inthe first instance, cheers!
Cycle Hire Widget Lite 2.33
Now in over 35 cities on five continents,including New York's Citibike, the most popular and highest-ratedapp for bike share in London is now available worldwide in sevenlanguages - for phones and tablets.*** ANY ISSUES PLEASE EMAIL US ***Find your nearest cycle hire location with this compacthomescreen widget, featuring live availability of bikes and slotsat each location.Rated "Best Cycle Hire App" by CNET and The Londonist, "App ofthe Week" by PC Pro, and "stunning" by The Guardian. Also featuredby Google as both an Android app surgery and an App Engine casestudy.Supported cities:England:+ London (TfL Barclays Cycle Hire)USA:+ New York City (Citi Bike NYC)+ Washington DC (Capital Bikeshare)+ Boston, MA (Hubway)+ Minneapolis, MN (Nice Ride Minnesota)France:+ Paris (Vélib)+ Marseille (Le vélo)+ Lyon (Vélo'v)+ Lille (V'Lille)+ Toulouse (VélôToulouse)+ Nantes (Bicloo)+ Bordeaux (VCUB)+ Aix-en-Provence (V’hello)+ Amiens (Vélam)+ Besançon (VéloCité)+ Cergy Pontoise (VélO2)+ Créteil (Cristolib)+ Mulhouse (VéloCité)+ Nancy (Cyclotop)+ Rouen (Cy'clic)+ Valence (Libélo)Spain:+ Barcelona (Bicing)+ Seville (Sevici)+ Valencia (ValenbiSi!)+ Saragossa (Bizi)+ Santander (Tusbic)Ireland:+ Dublin (dublinbikes)Australia:+ Melbourne (Bike Share)+ BrisbaneBelgium:+ Brussels (Villo!)Luxembourg:+ Luxembourg city (Vel'oh)Italy:+ Milan (BikeMi)Brazil:+ Rio de Janeiro (SAMBA)Japan:+ Toyama (Cyclocity)Sweden:+ Stockholm (City Bikes)+ Gothenburg (Styr + Ställ)Canada:+ Toronto (Bixi)+ Montréal (Bixi)+ Ottawa-Gatineau (Capital BIXI)Common questions such as "why does a fast hybrid positioningsystem require wi-fi?" or "why can't any apps that contain widgetsbe installed to SD card?" are answered in menu-help - anythingelse, please email us at support@littlefluffytoys.mobiIf you like this Lite version, please buy the full version,which features better data refreshes, favourites, no adverts,support for the Sony Ericsson LiveView second screen hardwaredevice (check out the video at, and by helping us payfor our App Engine server charges it’s good karma for the day.
Palerta (beta) 0.41
Palerta alerts you when your friends arenearby - smartly, without being annoying about it, and whilstrespecting your privacy.Install it, connect to Facebook - and that's it! Close the app,and forget about it, until you're notified of your friends nearby.Think of it a a service, not an app. But once you have thisservice, and you see how it works, you'll wonder how you ever livedwithout it.Requires Android 2.2 (Froyo) or higher. Notifications take greatadvantage of the improvements in Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), but theywork fine on earlier versions too.Palerta will have very little effect on your battery. You won'tsee it in your battery usage, and you won't see the backgroundservice running. It's incredibly lightweight. It uses a locationlibrary we wrote and then open-sourced that's being used in somevery high-profile apps running and proven already on tens ofmillions of phones. Beta note: we have seen one or two reports ofbattery weirdness from custom non-standard Android builds - if youexperience this please send the details to support@littlefluffytoys.mobiKnown issues:- No ability to manually add friends, only automatically. Thisfeature will be completed very soon.- some of the buttons look a bit weird in pre-4.0 devices. Lotsof graphical and layout changes will be fixed soon.
Mole Miner Level Pack TK1 3.0
Little Fluffy Toys Ltd
24 new levels from Tom Keeble, author of Mole Miner's default levelpack. Featuring new game features and gorgeous new graphics.Installalongside base Mole Miner game24 new levels from Tom Keeble, authorof Mole Miner's default level pack
Mole Miner Level Pack MSR1 3.0
Little Fluffy Toys Ltd
24 new levels from Michael S. Repton, authorof Mole Miner's Puzzle Challenge. Featuring gorgeous new graphicsand new game features.Purchasing this level pack also gives you unlimited access toall base level packs and community levels (worth £1.49).Install alongside base Mole Miner game.
Mole Miner level pack MSR2 0.1 beta (first 12 levels - remainder will be added later via a free update)
Little Fluffy Toys Ltd
Many months in the making, this is Michael S. Repton's secondpremium level pack, featuring 12 levels that build upon the puzzlesand skills you have learned in MSR1. Highly original and lovinglycrafted - typical of Michael's style, his levels keep gettingbetter and better - they will entertain and confound you formonths.
Mole Miner 3.21
Over 100,000 installs! An addictiveretroarcade puzzle game with 34 built-in levels, community levelsand alevel designer.Collect the emeralds then find the exit, but look out forrocks,balloons, monsters, ice blocks, exploding tonic water,NicholasParsons and more. First 100 plays free.