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Shift Calendar (since 2013)
This app is designed for all hard-workingshift workers. You can add customized shifts easily.
The major feature of this App is 'Easy to Use'. When editingyour shifts, you can select a range of days (rather than one day)to set. Thus, you can set your schedule (roster, planner) in fewseconds. Then, you can transmit your schedule to friends (via SMS,WhatsApp, and so on) by clicking one button. In addition, the'Cloud Shift' function allows you to exchange calendars with yourfriends.If you have any suggestion/question, welcome to send an email tome. E-mail:
(1) If you don't have Menu button on you device, you can openMenu by clicking the right-top menu.
(2) While editing, you canselect a range (rather than one day) of days to set simultaneously.(3) To prevent alarm clock delay, please disable the batteryoptimization function or add Shift Calendar into whitelist if youwant to use the alarm clock function.
Permission Description:
(1) Storage (Modify or delete the contents of your SD card): Thispermission is used for the Backup/Recover function. You can backupyour shift data on the SD card.

(2) Run at startup (execute programs after boot completed): Thealarm clock will be restarted automatically after rebooting. Thispermission is required to achieve this goal.
(3) Full network access: This permission is required to supportCloud Shift function.
(4) Find accounts on the device: This permission is required tosupport Cloud Shift function. Shift Calendar will use emailaddresses (Gmail) to identify users. Shift Calendar will NOT knowyour password. Shift Calendar will NOT distribute your emailaddress to any third-party (include your friends).
(5) Read Calendar: The events from Google Calendar will be shown inthe Note page.(6) Control Vibration: This is used for the alarm clockfunction.This app is the first app that adopts the design of 'selecting arange of days'. (Since May 15, 2013)
Fuel & Maintenance Recorder 3.0.9
“Fuel & Maintenance Recorder” helps you to manage fill-up andmaintenance records so that you can know the fuel economy of yourcar and know what time you should go to maintain your car.Some features:1. Easy to use.2. Will be FREE forever.3. Ranking (You can know which car is more fuel saving) Note thatRanking is still in test stage so that uploading function is onlyavailable for those users whose language setting is Chinese. Weapologize for this inconvenience.4. You can ask any question in English in our fans page.If you are willing to help revise the English, please contactwith the developer. I deeply appreciate your kindness and help.
Day Counter 5.2
You can record your IMPORTANT days (such asMarriage, Buying Car, Pregnancy, etc.) easily by using ‘DayCounter’. You can know how many days have been passed after anIMPORTANT day and you can also know how many days will be remainingbefore the IMPORTANT day arriving. A widget is also provided.Usage Hint: You can delete the default event after adding a newevent.Permission Description:Storage (modify or delete the contents of your SD card)& System tools (test access to protected storage): This Appwill try to read/write your SD card. You can set a photo for anevent and this photo is read from the SD card. Besides, when yousend a screenshot, the screenshot will be cached in the SDcard.Network communication (full network access & viewnetwork connections): Internet access permission is requiredfor the 'Public Events' function. This app will fetch public eventsthrough Internet.
即時油耗 (需藍牙 OBD II 讀取器) 1.0.2
本軟體尚屬「測試階段」,若有無法連線等問題,還麻煩使用者回報,感恩。也因此,不鼓勵沒有 OBD 的使用者為了此 App 去購買OBD。 OBD II 請確認韌體版本是 ELM327。「即時油耗」顧名思義就是當您開車時「即時」地計算您的油耗,為了達成這個目的,使用者必須具備藍牙OBDII讀取器,台灣在2008年1月開始強制規定,今後所有汽車必須配備OBDII系統,藉以監控車輛污染,無法裝置這項設備的車型,將無法領牌上路,因此只要是2008年後購買的車輛,都可接上OBDII讀取器,然而由於本軟體尚屬測試階段,不鼓勵沒有藍牙OBD II讀取器的使用者花錢去購買(約五、六百元),建議已經有使用藍牙OBDII讀取器的使用者來使用。 由於大部份的車沒有油量感測器,因此油耗是根據車速(Speed)與空氣流量(Mass Air Flow,MAF)算出。空燃比假設為14.7,並假設ECU會設法維持固定的空燃比。油電混合車的油耗計算可能會不準確。此外基於OBDII讀取器與藍牙傳輸等的限制,有幾個可能的誤差來源: (1) 未計算冷氣或電子設備所產生的油耗。 (2)藍牙讀取器一秒內能夠送出的指令數是有限的。也因此最高速度可能會被低估。此外,讀取器是一次給一個指令,例如:「我想要車速值」,讀取器就回傳車速值,「我想要空氣流量值」,讀取器就回傳空氣流量值,程式中已經限定兩個取得的值的時間差不能差距太大,但不可能是同步,故誤差是一定有的。(3) 其它誤差來源。 雖然有誤差,但使用者仍能將多趟的相同行程一起做比較,相信應該能歸納出省油祕訣。目前本軟體在高速行駛下,油耗表現似乎異常的省油,可能需要有更多使用者回饋。 使用手冊以及 Honda Fit 實車測試數據可參考:開發者的另一個油耗管理App「油耗/保養記錄器」,可在每次加油時輸入加油資訊,並根據此資訊計算出油耗:
World 1.0
A map-based geography game.(1) There are 3 game types: Name, Capital, and Flag. Theansweris the location of the capital.(2) For each question, you can guess 3 times. If thedistancebetween the location you guess and the answer is less than1000 km,then you can go to next question directly.(3) If you cannot click on map, try to zoom in the map andclickagain.