Live Star Empires Dev Apps

Hair Salon: Color Changer 1.18
The Hair Salon Studio is a Hair Photo Editor to change yourhairstyle color and shape. Try out something new and check if itfits your face. Instruction: 1. Choose a picture of yourself fromthe phone gallery or take a new selfie with the camera 2. Press theHair Button and choose your favorite hair style from the hairmakeover collection 3. Adjust it´s size and rotation to make it fitto your head 4. Impress your friends with new hair styles and havefun!
Face Mask Photo Maker Studio 1.14
Face Mask Photo Maker enables you to make professional sexy Photoswith over 30 Female Face Eye Masks in different shades like onMaskballs. Easy make a Photo or choose one from your Gallery. Touchthe + PlusButton to add a Mask to your Picture. Select yourfavourit Mask. Easy touch the Mask to drag it to the right positionor multitouch to resize it. Add as many Masks and make as manyPictures as you want for free and feel the darker side in you.Thank you for good Feedback and enjoy the Eye Mask Photo MakerStudio with over 30 Female Masks.
Eye Color Lenses Photo Editor 1.17
Eye Color Changer Lenses Photo Editor Maker Studio lets you edityour Eyes with over 1000 Color Lenses and other funny Lenses. Easytake a picture or choose one from Gallery to edit. Push the + Plus-Button in the middle to add Color Lenses to your Picture. Easyresize and move the Color Lenses by touching them with Multitouchto fit to your eyes. Save or Share your Picture with the Buttons inthe top right corner. Make as many pictures with as many differentcolor lenses you want for free. Thank you for good feedback andhave much fun with Eye Color Lenses Photo Editor Studio.
Piercing Studio Photo Editor 1.15
Piercing Photo Editor Studio let's you easy edit your pictures withover 500 tattoo's and piercings to shock your family or friends.Easy shoot a photo or choose one from gallery. Push the + PlusButton to add accessories like Piercings and Tattoos. Drag it tothe right position and resize and rotate with mutlitouch. Save andshare with your friends via all Messengers. The first PiercingStudio with over 500 different Piercings! Thank you for niceratings and enjoy this beautiful Piercing Studio Photo Editor.
Suit Photo Maker: Smoking Cam 1.13
Smoking Photo Maker Suit Cam Picture Editor Studio let's you edityour pictures with smokings and suits to impress your family orfriends. Easy choose a picture from gallery or shoot one byyourself. Push the plus + button in center to add your favouritsmoking or suit. Drag it to the right position or resize and rotatewith multitouch. Save and share with your friends or family. Thankyou for good ratings and have much fun with Smoking Suits PhotoMaker Studio Editor.
Coloring Book 2019 Girl Shoes Pixel Art 2
Shoes Color By Number Highheels Pixel Art Game you can learnNumbers& Colors by coloring Fashion Shoes and colorful HighHeels!Paint each Pixel with the right Color by Number to fullfilla wholeHigh Heel Pixel Art Image. Discover all kind of Shoes inall colorsand collect already colored Images in your own Gallery.Have now funwith amazing Pixel Touch Effects while coloringSneakers, Sandals orHeels. Share your Creations instantly with theshare button whichappear on level complete or watch them in thetab works. Color nowyour favourite Shoes and Highheels when everyou want for free!
Lion King Pixel Art Animals Coloring Book 3
Discover the most colorful Animals on Planet and learn NumbersandColors while painting amazing Lion Pixel Art. Select the animalofyour desires from the huge list in menu. Start painting it upandcolor each pixel by number or slide over multiple pixels. Saveandshare your creation after completing a full Pixel Art Level.Makeyour own Pixel Art Levels with Photos from your gallery. Colornowthe most powerful animals on earth like Tiger, Lion,Monkey,Cheetha, Cats or Dogs with Animal Color By Number Game!
Jurassic Coloring World: Dinosaur Pixel Art 4
Jurassic Coloring Book with T-Rex, Raptors and all kind ofHybridDinosaurs Pixel Art Game. Learning numbers and colorswhilecoloring the most dangerous Dinosaurs Artworks. Coloring eachPixelwith the right color by number and create even your own PixelArtImages. Share all your edits and Jurassic Artworks withyourfriends after painting the whole image. Train your brainwhilehaving fun by coloring your favourite Dinosaurs now for free!
Jurassic Photo World: Hybrid Dinosaur Sticker 1.00
Make Photos with Dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus Rex,Velociraptors,Mosasaurus or Stegosaurus in Jurassic Photo Studio.Put dangerousDinosaurs on your Photo and create Jurassic Photos bypressing theadd Sticker button. Apply gloomy Photo Filters like youare on aDinosaur Island in a Prehistoric World. Send your Creationsto yourfriends or watch your Photo Story in your own the gallery.Discoverdaily new Dinosaur Hybrids and various kind of Raptors!Make nowamazing Photos with Dinosaurs in Cartoon or Real for free!
Eyebrow Editor Photo Studio 1.03
Eyebrow Photo Editor can shape your Eyebrows with differentEyebrowDesigns. Color up your Eyebrows, make Kiss Lips withLipstickColors and edit your Face with Piercings or MakeUp. Take aPhoto orget a Picture from Gallery. Edit your Face with variousEyebrowDesigns, Eyelashes and Hair Style Stickers. Apply colorFilter withthe top button. Save your Image using the Button withthe SaveIcon. Share with your friends via instant messengers. Cutnow yourEyebrows like Fashion Models with Eyebrow Designer PhotoStudio.