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Space Odyssey 1.1.14
Livezen Corp.
It's a masterpiece of typical bullet-hellshooters with splendid colors![Space Odyssey] is the second piece in a series of Astrowingssingle games.Caution: This game includes highest difficulty level forbullet-hell shooter mania!# Features* 13 stages of increasing difficulty level* Catch a real fun of the multi ending in each mode!* Various enemy units* 4 upgrade levels and 8 different weapons* World-class sound, detailed graphics, and spectaculareffects* 3 different difficulty modes* Boss battle in the final 13th stage▶ MOREAstrowings Blitz!Endless ShooterICARUSGold Flower※ Contact USLike us on Facebook!▶ livezencs@gmail.comCopyright 2016 Livezen Corp All Rights Reserved.
Astrowings 1.4.9
Livezen Corp.
Astrowings is an exciting air combat styleshooting game with retro sound, graphics and visual effects.Control- Fighter control: Touch and moveFighters move by equal spaces following touching fingers.You can use your right or left hand in turn.You can control fighter with two fingers naturally in turn, becauselater touching finger is followed when two fingers touch at thesame time.- Use item: Button touch or triple touchYou can use various items during the play by touching the ‘ITEM’button or by triple touching (touching any place three times in arow) if you mapped the item in the triple touch through anoption.- Change weapon: Button touch or triple touchYou can change weapon in real time during the play by touching‘CHANGE WEAPON’ button or by triple touching if you mapped ‘CHANGEWEAPON’ function in the triple touch.【Features】- The 9 stages of ascending difficulty level- Various enemy types- The 4 level of upgrade- The 6 different type of weapons- retro style graphics, visual effects and sounds- The 4 difficult levels- Enemy boss comes on the final stage- Supported for tablets- Since 2010Homepage
Endless Shooter 1.2.6
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Arcade-style shoot ‘em ups are back onyoursmartphone for the whole family to enjoy!Jump into your personal fighter jets now!Easy MovementsSimple touch and move controls make your flight maneuvers easytomaster!Neverending FlightEndless gameplay provides hours of fun!Challenging BossesEach time you play, different enemy bosses will appear.DronesEnlist the help of smaller drones as you fly throughdifficultstages.※Homepage: