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NEWSFLICKS - Interactive News 4.0.2
The finest blend of data, design and digital journalism.Newsflicksis India’s first and among the world’s very few news app wherestories are conceived and created only for mobile devices. We don’tretrofit magazine, newspaper or television articles for mobile. Weare mobile native.Newsflicks engages, informs and entertains you bycreating stories that are both timely and timeless. Our storieswill stay with you long after you log off your screen.We covertopics ranging from politics to campus life, from cinema toeconomy, from office life to health, from gender to social media...This, because we don’t confuse recency with relevance. Instead, wetry to make relevant, timely and timely, timeless.Download toexperience!
Cosmopolitan 1.11
Get all the information you need to know on style, beauty, health,work, leisure, celebrities and entertainment. Download toexperience!Cosmopolitan is about celebrating women; it supports,encourages, entertains, amuses, inspires and uplifts-helping itsreaders be the very best that they can be. For a girl who thinks ofherself as fun and fearless, there's simply no other magazine.Whenwe put someone on the Cosmopolitan cover, we acknowledge her rightto be counted among the best in the business. Love, sex,relationships and men are at the heart of Cosmopolitan, but there’salso style and beauty, health and fitness, work and leisure,celebrity and entertainment. Perhaps most unique is the way inwhich Cosmopolitan blends glamorous and gutsy, intimate andopen-minded.
Mail Today 1.1.1
Mail Today - Read by those who matterClean, lucid andstraight-talking, Mail Today marries the credibility andauthenticity of the India Today Group with the Daily Mail'sinternational standards. An engaging read for the new Indian, MailToday comes with a wide range of sections, all of which make for acompelling read: • Money Mail• Good Health • Female • Lifestyle •It's Friday! • Entertainment • Property Mail • Review • Travel MailMail Today, a daily newspaper is published by Mail Today NewspapersPrivate Limited, a joint venture between the India Today Group andDaily Mail of London.
Headlines Today 1.13
Get the latest breaking news, current affairs,business news, entertainment news, sports news and LIVE TV allthrough just one application. Download to experience!Headlines Today is a 24-hour English news television channel runby TV Today Network. Headlines Today covers breaking news, latestnews, entertainment, bollywood, business and sports.Headlines Today news channel was launched in 2003, covering newswith unparalleled passion, accuracy and speed. Headlines Todayprovides latest India news, breaking news, world news and muchmore.
AajTak Lite - Hindi News Apps 1.0
Get latest and breaking news in Hindi at your fingertips. AajTakLite app provides latest Hindi news, breaking news from India andWorld about current affairs, sports, business entertainment,bollywood, hollywood and much more. Be it video content, photogallery or Live TV, this application has it all. Download toexperience! AajTak Lite is India's No.1 Hindi news televisionchannel run by TV Today Network , covering India with insight,courage and plenty of local flavour.
India Today Live Cricket Score - Samsung Internet 1.18
Getting updates on Live Cricket score is made simpler with IndiaToday Live Cricket Score extension for Samsung Internet users.Themain objective of this extension is to offer seamless experience toall Cricket Fans to follow Live Cricket Score with lowest memoryused on their phone.This extension will provide Live Cricket Scoreon your lock-screen in form of the notification. You just need toenable this extension through Extension menu in SamsungInternet.The score will be updated automatically and you can followCricket Score Live without even unlocking your phone.Get detailedinformation on IPL, IPL 2018, IPL Live, IPL Live Scores, IPLCricket, IPL Cricket Live, IPL Cricket Live Scores, Cricket,Cricket 2018, Cricket Live and Cricket Live Scores.The detailedscore card will be available on one click on the notification.
English News by India Today - Smart TV App 1.7.0
The official India Today app brings to you the latest, breakingnews in English. Whether it is politics, elections, sports,business, food, entertainment, movies, tech or something goingviral - all the news, views and opinion is here. When it comes tonews, this is the only app you will ever need. Get the best ofIndia Today TV shows from Prime Time,To the Point, .Newsroom toNews at 9. Stay connected with the latest news stories, live TV,videos, photos and more from India and around the world with thenew India Today app. Get breaking news alerts, discussions,exclusive interviews, analysis, features and commentary from IndiaToday's trusted network of award-winning journalists. Get moreabout the news that matters to you, all in-depth, on your device.India Today app is your live news channel, website, newspaper andmagazine all rolled into one available anytime, anywhere! Topfeatures of the app includes :- Live TV: Watch news as it happens!Catch the live coverage of all breaking news,, business andBollywood news on India Today TV right on your mobile device. IndiaToday TV Shows : You can watch your favorite India today TV showslike News Today with Rajdeep Sardesai, Newroom with Rahul Kanwal,To The Point with Anjana Om Kashyap, People's Court, Auto Today,Sports Today, India First and many other shows on the move live orat the time you choose. So Sorry: TV Today's multiple award-winninga animated political toon series. Watch India's first politoons.They are hilarious. Find all the latest So Sorry videos here. IndiaNews : Watch Latest News from India, Asia and around the world.Read News: Read the latest news and top stories from the fields ofPolitics, Business, Entertainment, Sports and more. Watch Live newsfrom India’s No.1 News Network – India Today, Aaj Tak, Delhi AajTak and Tez. Audio News : Not just video, you can turn on the audiomode and listen to the news without streaming the video. Bookmark astory: Did a news story catch your interest? Just add it to yourfavorites and read it later in an offline mode. CustomizeNotifications: Control the time and the number of breaking newsnotifications you wish to receive. Offline Mode:You can read allthe news in offline mode. Just save a story as a bookmark and readthe news later, even without internet coverage. Share a story:Liked a story. Just share it with your friends and family. IndiaToday Magazine: Read all the stories from the iconic India Todaymagazine, the weekly that set the gold standard in journalism inIndia. Get Latest News for India Vs England series, Monsoon, SanjuMovie Review, Mumbai Monsoon, Amarnath Yatra, Rahul Gandhi, SushmaSwaraj, PM Modi, Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, Arvind Kejriwal and LatestPhone Reviews. Trending Stories: Now watch and read trendingstories, news and analysis from the world of Politics, Technology,Bollywood, Sports and much more. Photo Galleries: See the trendingand best photos of the day from our photo gallery of famousBollywood stars, athletes, industrialists and politicians.Exhaustive News Coverage: India Today app brings together anextensive coverage of news from India and around the world compiledby top reporters from the India Today Group's large network. MailToday : Get all the latest news from Mail Today News Paper. ClickHere To Experience English News live at