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FAVELA: Mobile 1.6
FAVELA is not just a BattleRoyale Multiplayer. It is aninvitationto Brazilians and foreigners to know the architecture oftheBrazilian slums. For this, it relies on 3D modeling followingrealreferences and aims to show the authenticity of thearchitectureadopted in the Brazilian favelas; Slums are not crammedwithshacks, but rather a collection of colors, architecture anddesign,and for this reason become the object of desire of touristsfromall over the world. But not everyone is in a position to knowherclosely and thinking about it that the game becomes way beyondamultiplayer BattleRoyale. It is an opportunity to get to knowevenat a distance some of the architecture that is as successful asthesubject is tourism. After all, the few things every gringocanpronounce in Portuguese are: "thank you" and "favela". ***Allcoins collected during the BETA phase will be reset at the endofthe BETA version. The BETA version will be closed when the"beta"logo is removed from the official logo of the game. ***