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Cheeseland v1.10.5
Cheeseland è un gioco interattivo per ibambini dai 4 ai 10 anni.Nel mondo di Cheeseland scopri come è prodotto il formaggio, seguitutta la filiera e partecipi alla creazione di un MiniBabybel!Dalla produzione del latte nella fattoria della mucca Bella,all’immersione del formaggio nella cera… Cheeseland è un gioco chepermetterà ai più piccoli di:DIVERTIRSI superando 7 livelli con l’aiuto di Super Cheese, unamico che li seguirà per tutto il viaggio.IMPARARE come nasce un super formaggio ripercorrendo tutti ipassaggi della produzione.CRESCERE insieme a Babybel: un formaggio genuino, fatto con il 98%di latte e ricco di calcio!Cheeseland is aninteractive game for children aged 4 to 10 years.In the world of Cheeseland discover how cheese is made, follow theentire chain and participate in the creation of a MiniBabybel! From milk production on the farm Cow Bella, immersion of the cheesein wax ... Cheeseland is a game that will allow children to: FUN surpassing 7 levels with the help of Super Cheese, a friend whowill follow them throughout the trip. LEARN how a super cheese retracing all the steps ofproduction. GROW with Babybel: a genuine cheese, made with 98% milk and rich incalcium!
Colossus Escape
Colossus Escape is a fast-paced actiongamebased on the world of Moffee Adventures™, featuring an epicfantasyworld with great graphics and his own unique graphicalstyle.Escape and defend against Colossus, face waves of enemiesandavoid insidious obstacles.Turn the tide of battle with powerful spells and mysticalartifacts,but watch out for the impending Colossus, hold on andgain groundcollecting potions.Get ready to face sudden challenges using QTE (Quick TimeEvents)against hordes of monsters, giants and ruthless killers.Help WHARR to struggle against the Colossus Gods on ajourneythrough burning fields, arid deserts, stormy peaks andfrozenlands.Jump, slay, collect and cast powerful spells.Be ready to engage epic battles and to prove your skillsalongthe road!...run like hell, Colossus is right behind you!Features:- Based on the world of Moffee Adventures™- Game world divided into 4 chapters (only the firstisavailable)- Alternation between day and night- Combo System- Boss Battle- Challenges based on Quick Time Events- Get the precious gems to win extra lives.- Different types of ranged attacks (energy, fire and ice).- Different game modes: Story Mode, Infinity Mode, ExtremeMode,Turbo mode- AchievementsLearn More about COLOSSUS ESCAPE:http://www.colossusescape.com/https://www.facebook.com/colossusescapehttps://twitter.com/ColossusEscapehttp://www.logicweb.it/http://www.la-boite.it/moffee/*** KNOWN ISSUES ***- With Android 4.4 (KitKat) and above, if you have set theARTruntime (experimental) the game will crash in theloadingscreen.- Some Antivirus find RevMob as an adware.RevMob is a standard banner platform and not a malware orvirus:https://www.revmobmobileadnetwork.com