Lois Byers Int Apps

Jungle Marble Blast 1.0
Jungle marble blast one of the most challenging and addictive gameever.Shoot to match 3 or more same colored marbles.Complete all thelevels in challenge mode, and try to get three stars in each leveland unlock sea , boble witch and other secret map. Now, practiceyour game skills in this puzzle adventure!Play as amazing marbledash into each other and feel the thrilling adventure of shootingand blasting marbles in this wonderful marble matching game.How toplay:- Fire and match 3 or more same color marbles to score.- Tapon the transmitter can swapping the current ball and the nextball.- Touch the screen where you want to shoot.Game Features:-Swap the shooting marble to match three or more of the same colorto get three purple star.- Amazing graphics adapted to be suitablefor entertainment purpose.- Well designed levels and cool music andsound effects.- Easy to learn, but difficult to become master ofthe game challenging.We believe that any bravest fans of marblelegend can succeed in this empire blast craziness!Thanks every gameplayers! Any suggestion is welcome!
Fruits Slice Legend 1.0
Slice fruit by your finger, and enjoy fruit juice!It can be goodexercise the brain's ability. How many times can you slice theseFruits? Cut the sweet and delicious fruit. As so on you completethe level find more fun and interest in this game and lot ofmore.Many types of fruit's like pear,apple,banana,pineapple,coconut,orange etc.To get a high score youneed to put your best and complete the mission for every level. Asthe level increase the game become much harder to play.No doubt itincreases your presence of mind, action and makes you more active.what are you waiting for!download and enjoy the fruit juice.How toplay:- Cut the fruits with fast speed,be careful, not to hitbombs.Just do your best to get high score as soon aspossible.Features:- Easy to operate, but challenge to fullymaster.- Excited background music and beautiful scenery.- It is100% for free.What are you waiting for? Download and enjoy thisbest fruit cut action game!
Farm Fruit Pop 1.0
Farm fruit pop is completely free, pop to eliminate, smooth controlexperience, wonderful fruit level, there are lovely stories, itwill be the best time killing game! Enjoy sweet time in Fruits popstar with 160 completely new challenging levels! Farm fruit pop isa game that seems easy at the begging, if you want to get higherlevel then you need to know some tips.Fantastic fun!!! Easy CrushPlay!HOW TO PLAY:- Just tap two or more fruit of the same color.-There is no time limit, but each stage has target points to proceedto next stage.GAME FEATURES:- Easy and fun to start but a challengeto fully master.- Nice background music as you pop.- Fabulousvisual animation.- Cool UI and popping Effects.Let's pop! Let'shave fun.
Carrot Fantasy 1.0
Carrot Fantasy is in search of the legendary castle in the cloudsand has embarked on a journey of adventure.The monsters assault hasbegun, the sentry has sounded the battle horn and the battle willbegin at a moment’s notice!Plant defenses along the frontline andtake command of the crossbow,cannon,poison dropper and otherdefenses, and let the monsters enjoy the bombardment of lightning,fire, ice and poison. The world's most strategy cute versionstand-alone fantasy tower defense game is now available waiting foryou to join! Your task is simple but tough: safeguard the carrotand kill enemies trying get closer!Game Featured:- Grasslands,desert, volcanoes, sky and other vibrant themes.- Use the towersand magical items, make powerful combinations to effectively defendagainst the enemies.- This is a free game created by people wholike the tower defense game.