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Tiny Run 1.0.3
** Tiny Run **Tiny Run is a fun platform runner game .Have fun and experience an addictive and breathtaking gameplayin which you help a tiny runner and adventurer overcome deadlyspikes, malicious creatures and a variety of other traps hidden inthe platforms you're running on throughout the game levels .Tiny Run is a totally free game made by a gamer for gamers.This platform runner game allows you to run ,jump , slide andinteract with objects like switches and levers to disable traps andovercome dangers .In Tiny Run, nothing matches the feeling of getting a perfectrun. You'll need to use all your judgement, timing and quickthinking to get three stars on every stage though!Tiny Run offers you action, fun and irreverence to a hard to beatprice ! FREE !!!Features★ Free fun running game★ More achievements★ Challenging obstacles★ Beautiful graphics★ Fast paced, arcade platforming at its best★ Every level has its own set of challenges to get all thestars★ Fantastic actionTake control of an energetic, running, jumping, sliding runnerin this hugely entertaining action platform game.Tiny Run is the ultimate test for the player's speed andreaction time, platform running has never been so fun angchallenging. So what are you waiting for !! Get this platformrunner and enjoy the adventure .
Space Shooter 90 2
** Space Shooter 90 **Space Shooter 90 is an old school space shooter game inspired byarcade shump games of the 90s.Fly through endless waves of meteorites in deep space and try tosurvive for as long as possible. This space shooter is an arcadeshoot'em'up, shmup retro game in which you face an endless wave ofmeteorites and an armada of cunning and relentless enemyspaceships.Within this space shooter lead the charge towards victory anddefete you foes.Space Shooter 90 offers you action, fun and irreverence to a hardto beat price ! FREE !!!Space Shooter 90 is a totally free game, it doesn't include in apppurchases , it's a game made by a gamer for gamers.Space Shooter 90 features:- Addictive gameplay.- Retro design.- Required skills are fast reactions and memorising enemy attackbehaviors.- Hardcore levels.- Over 20 enemy types.- Breathtaking boss fights.- Exiting soundtrack.- Survival mode.- No Ads.Have fun with this space shooter Game. Destroy the Alien Ships thatare trying to take over the universe And slave the HumanRace.In this space shooter, you engage in a lone assault, with yourspacecraft , shooting large numbers of enemies while dodging theirattacks.Reminding the mid 90s, space shooter 90 is one of those spaceshooters that became a niche genre based on design conventionsestablished in the 1980s, and increasingly catered to specialistenthusiasts.Space Shooter 90 is the ultimate test for the player's speed andreaction time, space shooting has never been so fun angchallenging. So what are you waiting for !! Get this space shooternow and enjoy the ride.
Hit The Star 1.1
Hit The Star is an easy to play and hard tomaster game with a very simple yet addictive Ketchapp gameplaystyle.Tap the screen to hit the star and beware of "rebounds" it's reallyas simple as that .Speed keeps increasing though !!Inspired by the notorious Ketchapp games concepts Hit The Starconstantly challenges you to beat your own and other players scoresand therefore become number one on the leaderboard .Features :-- Play for FREE.-- Easy control with addictive touch of hitting-- Challenge your friends with GooglePlay support-- Simple yet outstanding graphic design-- Show off your skills and share your score on Facebook-- Ketchapp games entertainment levelHow long can you Hit The Star and keep the pace ?Download now and start Hitting ! Good luck !