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Sonic Screwdriver Doctor 1
Lord Inclán
This application has several sonic screwdrivers of the series ofthe Doctor, allows to activate the vibrator and the flash to give agreater realism.If you are a fan of the series we recommend youdownload it, now if you do not know what this is all about ...better ignore this application.It is important to note that thisapplication is not official and has nothing to do with trademarksof the television network that makes this fantastic series.Theimages have been obtained from my own sonic screwdrivers and thesounds have been obtained through an audio synthesizer, so I willnotice that they do not sound like they should be at all.It shouldbe noted that this application has advertising that appears within5 seconds of starting this, is not obliged to click on it andalways has an X available in the upper left corner to close it.Wealso inform you that the application uses analytics to know thetotal number of users who have downloaded and / or visualized it,but we never get any personal data of yours or anything likethat.If for some reason you think the application is offensive,inappropriate or you believe that we violate any kind ofintellectual property right or you just want to thank us, you cando so by sending an e-mail to: lordinclan@gmail.com