Lorso Apps

Puppy monkey baby 1.0
We loved the super bowl 50 add The puppymonkeybaby add and wedecided to create an app for fun, We are not related by any mean tothe company that created the add, In case we are doing somethingwrong please tell us and we will delete it.
Great America 1.0
Great America, collect star to saveAmerica!United States is a great country thanks to the diversity wehave,so let's catch all the different stars but be ware! there'ssomevery bad potatoes that don't want to help this country to bebetterand better, (Yes you know who I'm talking about)Thanks for support our little game, and please don't hate us,badpotatoes are destroying our country, don't let hate destroyourhumanity also.Do they look like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton?
Stuart 1.2
Stuart is a little slice of bread with only one purpose in life, ToBe Eaten!Help stuart to complete his purpose by helping it to getto his master.
Holiday Countdown 1.2
Count down time until some of the special holidays! Don't miss asecond