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José's Revenge 1.1
Lost reptile
José the jumping bean is a simple guy who'slife motto is "Live and let live".But, as stated before: He's a bean...One day he wakes up on a kitchen counter just in time to seeevil-looking chief with a sharp knife and a malicious grin on hisface.He wants to slice, boil, mash, roast, fry or otherwise prepare Joséfor his diner.Help José escape the hungry human.In this 2.5D endless runner you will be jumping, sliding,collecting money, upgrading character, getting powerups and muchmore.Run as far as you can and try to avoid sharp knives, poison,lighter fire and other traps obscuring your way to freedom.How long can you last?
José the Jumping Bean 1.0
Lost reptile
You are hungry.There is nothing in the fridge.Oh, what is that?Hello, José the Jumping Bean.Maybe you won't starve tonight.Simple game where you have to catch a bean as many times aspossiblein given time limit.