LotFun Apps

Hardest Game Collection 1.5.0
The latest up to date collection of abusinggames! If you aren’t the one who owns the strongest brain, the mostsensitive nerve, the most experienced operate skill, PLEASE!! Thinkit over about if you can really taking the challenge before youdownload!Most classical abusing games’ system, with perfectly smoothtouch!◆Both wildest and weirdest characters on line! Not only thatyou’ll have so much fun with them, but come and dig out the hiddencharacters also!!◆Fair game center system, NO CHEATING on our board!
Science vs Magic - 2 Player Games 4.1.1
Fantastic 2-player game collection! ◆ Bunch of games, totallyintuitive and fun! ◆ Play with your friends on a same device! ◆ 3different level AI! ◆ Beautiful graphics supported by RetinaDisplay. ◆ GameCenter leaderboard supported! ◆ Enjoy real-timecompetition! ◆ A real party-killer! Is it a game which have to playwith others? No! It not only allows 2 player's battle,but alsoallows player to challenge himself/herself.
Cats Carnival - 2 Player Games 2.2.0
The most popular 2-player Head-to-Head games collection! Playagainst your friends on the same device!Or play against thecomputer! 10+ highly-competitive games that will put your reactionspeed,dexterity and finger muscles to the test. Features: - Twoplayer competitive mode allows for endless 1-on-1 gameplay. -Single player mode is challenging.Three difficulty of crazy AIopponents. - Unlock new characters in two player and one playermode! This game shines when played 2-player but an AI opponent isalso available.