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Champion vs Superhero 9.0.0
This time you should fight against the superior opponent. Thegreatest battle for the justice in your hand! Experience theultimate fighting game in open world. Fight for justice!Strategizeall your actions, help to the civilians and earn exclusiverewards.Embark on quests to defeat superior enemy, help to find andreturn stolen car and, of course, face the challenge of fightingagainst main villain.Collect, level up and manage your character toreceive wisely bonuses.The more powerful your hero, the better hisabilities and special moves will be.Quest and battle. Justremember, check map and fulfill a task. But also you need some resttoo to get your energy back.Extreme, practice it, otherwise life invirtual world won’t be so epic! Intriguing and ruthless world ofheroes and champions at your fingertips.Who will win? Real battleof gods under your control!
Clash of Worms 1.0.0
Classic turn-based strategy game with the best company – Worms.Clash of Worms – are you ready to start an Armageddon?War games hasnever been so fun. Explosions, clash of rocket launcher, differentarenas of battle. You just need your tactical skills to win thiswar. Crush your enemies getting scores and gold to upgrade wormsand weapon. The more levels you complete; the newer arenas ofbattle will be unlocked. Clash of Worms Features:Choose your wormteam.Enter this battle arena with cautious strategy.This is thegame of the worms’ war. Don’t forget about your time. The besttactical game with worms. Turn-based strategy game.
Craft Race Auto 2.0.0
Racing and car mechanic game in bricks craft style. Craft Race Auto– build your dream racing car and win the cup. Now you have achoice to enjoy not only speed of furious race, but also tounderstand what does it mean to be a car mechanic. Roll intounderground car culture. Drift, draft or smash your way to victory.Race for dominance and get the cup of champions.Uniquecustomization system is under your control. Choose by yourself howto upgrade your car.One ride is never enough, win races, get morescores to buy new details for your car.Be the superb driver and carmechanic. When you have your own garage, nothing can be easier.Jobof car mechanicPerform repairs and gain experienceFinish specialtasks and win the cupWe offer a complete service for car’sinteriorThis car crafting and racing game has almost endless levelsthat will keep you entertained longer than your mobile devicebattery lasts.
Mad City Beasts 2.0.0
Welcome to the City of Madness! A huge open world full of extrememissions and fast racers on the vice streets. Angry beasts darechallenge you. Take part in this action game. Take your car andrush across the road. Fight with your rivals in the mortal battle.Apply special tactics to surviveComplete quests in underworldcityCrush enemy carsDestroy hostile armyEnhance your reputation inmafia gangFight for global domination
Real Police Simulator 2.0.0
Join the police world. Live the life of a city guard. Your mainmission is to save people and control the city order. It’s a realpolice simulator, feel the extreme in the daily life. Streetfights, professional battles and many more to deal with. Accomplishyour duty well. Don’t let the lawbreakers escape from you. Turn onthe siren in a police car and your adventure will start!Catchescaped prisoners.Arrest bank burglars. Defuse the bomb fast
Taxi Driver: Crime Story 2.0.0
You was a taxi-driver, such as thousands of others as you. But oneday you decided to ride one client with a strange story. That iswhen starts your own mystery story full of adventures and dangerousquests. This case will become a new frontier of your lifeexperiences. Only one moment will change your life entirely. Couldyou imagine yourself solving a criminal story case? It’s time toshow all your skills, not only racing and fighting, but also ashooting and spying. Don’t be angry or don’t think that this storywill take five or seven nights. Like real clash in the criminalworld it might take a long period of time.Think wisely about youractions. You are the main person to suspect now. It’s a newchallenge, where things can go strange. Find all hidden details ofthis case of crime.Clear your name and don’t let police to catchyou!Decide quickly where to find all details to solve this case.Itseems that you got into a troubling situations. Who said thattaxi-driver job can’t be mysterious and thrilling? Now you shouldslip away not only from gang members, but also from police. Why?Find out in our game - Taxi Driver: Crime Story!
Make Animal Cartoon 1.0.0
Create an amazing Animals Cartoon even without any expertise!Withthe use of a little imagination, there are endless possibilitiesfor making hilarious cartoons! Just doodle, have fun and amaze yourfriends. Create cartoons with favorite animals of any kind. Ouranimator application provides all the tools that you need to bringyour imagination to life. Start the process of making your owncomics and short animations. You don’t need to draw every frame.Choose the character by tapping, if you want to edit it – use editbuttons. Displacement function will be on if to click on the“anchor” sign. Change frame locations, paste, crop. You are theproducer of this cartoon. Make your first movie! When you havecreated your masterpiece, share it on Youtube or Everyplay and getlots of likes.Share cartoon with Youtube or Everyplay!Show off yourcreativity.No advanced drawing skills required.Control Animationlength and speed.Transform your ideas into a live cartoon.It’s veryeasy to become an animator!
Superhero vs Monsters 2.0.0
Turn-based strategy game, where you will become part of the battlebetween superheroes and mutant ninjas. Amazing team of spiders willfight against rooftop runners in the game Superhero vs Monsters.When there is a total mayhem outside, you should choose your side.Because this is not even a usual contest of amazing champions. Yourfavorite heroes of comics will be on the opposite sides of thearena. And only your strategic and tactic skills will decide theend of this turn-based game battle. Join spiders and dodge, crawl,swing and punch your way to defeat mutant ninjas. Or play as allfour mutant ninjas at once. Each completed level will let youexplore the next one. Upgrade your heroes, get them better weapon.Features:This contest is only for real champions.You will have alimited amount of time.Enter battle arena with cautiousstrategy.The best tactical game with comics heroes.
Mortal Battle of Superheroes 6.0.0
Explore the universe in your space starship! This time crime cityhas visitors from space! Their power is tremendous. Start a mortalbattle against extraterrestrials. Everything depends on you and onthe strategy you choose. Follow the story and accomplish all thequests on your way. The more quests completed, the more energy youhave to fight against aliens. And if you will do well, you becomean ultimate champion of the city! Become a space lord among galaxycreatures. Remember your mission: become the leader in this chaos!Save your amazing city of the vice and defeat the alliance ofextraterrestrials.These some of the most important missions toresolve:Stop alien invasionFind a dispenser Destroy your enemies incruel battleDetonate the explosiveTake part in street race
Bat: Immortal Legend 8.0.0
Bat: Immortal Legend - do you want to become a superhero?TheUniverse of superheroes. It was just a part of the comics stories.Only kids could believe in this kind of thing. But now you willbecome a part of this guardian guys team. In our new game you willsee by yourself how a rogue will become a superhero. Even in acriminal underworld city there is a place for hidden secretobjects. One of them is a secret military laboratory, where ourhero wants to sneak in. If this story was about criminal wars,where lords of the different clans fight with each other for thepower, it could be completely different contest. But this time itis not fighting with gangsters or mafia, but fighting withyourself. Rise from rogue to superhero! Complete all quests, createa super suit, find out how to use your power more effectively.Create your new identity. Forget about mafia’s world and gangster’swars. This is a new story.Face the challenge with a new superpower.Protect the city!
Mortal Wrestle Fight 2.0.0
Enter the fighting ring and become a true beast of the wrestling.Mortal Wrestle Fight is a game with brutal melee fight sequences.Knockout your opponent and be the ultimate fighting champion!ABOUTTHE GAMEImmerse yourself in adrenaline pumping world of wrestlingaction. Guide your character through 3 matches and try to stay onthe top of the champions list. Make your opponent to hit theground, otherwise you are not going to win. CHALLENGESThere are nodifferences in the weight category, there are just no anycategories. This is not about boxing, wrestling, karate or kung fu.A new madden fighting with mix of all of them – this is not a dumbway, but the way of madness to the championship. BRUTAL COMBATProveyourself in the greatest fighting tournament! Strike a decisiveblow against your enemies! Unleash powerful abilities against yourenemies!
World of Criminals 2.0.0
Experience the thrill of real gangster’sopen-world game! World of Criminals - invites you to become a newlord of the underworld of gangs and mafia. Expand your business andconquer this city full of vice, deal with your rivals and takecontrol over all outlaws in your hands.Make a fortune at any cost! You know what is a real price of thejustice in this city.Take over an underworld empire! Hit the jackpot in a mafiawar.This is your crime story! So choose how each episode of the gamewill end.To be a big fish in this city, which is tearing itself apart withgang and police strikes is a real contest. But if you know allrules of this world, nothing and nobody will disturb you to achieveyour goals.If you choose this dangerous way to the top of the crime world, beready to play a casino with your life. It is not so easy to hit thejackpot here. Get yourself a reliable protection tool, don’t letthe police catch you and expand your business by meeting a rightpeople on a right moment and place. This how you can win a bigshot!
X-Hero: Legends Among Us 3.0.0
Mutants among us! This is the truth that you will face in thisgame. What is more important, you are one of them. As any worldwith strange creators, world of mutants has it’s own rules,otherwise everything around will collapse into chaos. There are twoteams of super fighters. The first quest in this war is to chooseyour side. What do you want to get at the end of the episode? Toshow your real identity or hide it and continue to live in a secretsociety of genetic champions?The next quest will be a real waramong mutants. It’s not just boom or clash, strike. This isevolution. Military squads of all academies will take part here.So, don’t be a rogue among your friends. And, finally, the mostimportant thing is to find the answer to the question about youridentity. Face the biggest challenge. Lead this rebellion! Who areyou? Find out the answer!Strengthen your power to combat withenemies!Participate in thrilling quests to win the battle!
Mysterious Crime Story 1.0.0
Mysterious Crime Story - a new criminal story with a case, that youshould solve. Try yourself by becoming a detective and save yoursister. You got a bad news that your sister was kidnapped. And you,one of the best detectives of the city, should solve this case.What are the main causes of the crime? Is it a new challengespecial for you because you work in police? Try to survive in thisdangerous job, be at all times ready.Burn the asphalt by catchingsmugglers.Don’t miss any clue by checking the abduction site.Playthis mystery game with kidnapper to save your sister.Follow tips tofind a kidnapper.Be ready to prove your detective skills.Everycriminal story has different motives. To analyze this case youshould look carefully for the clues, follow rules and don’t leaveanything behind hidden. Examine every detail on the crime scenes.Interrogate witnesses and show all seeker skills. It’s a realmystery where the price of every mistake is your sister’s life.
Bat: Furious Battle 6.0.0
Bat: Furious Battle - what your life would be like if you were asuperhero? Especially in the world of mobile games. Probably fullof everyday missions, battles and contests. But all of them havethe one aim - to save the world and don’t let bad guys to conquerit. This time our main hero should face a new challenge - defeatthe whole army of the main villain alone. Can he handle it? Defeatyour enemies with arsenal of weapons, attack combos and specialmoves.Show your skills and become a legendary universeguardian.Enjoy superhero’s life.Don’t let assassins to take overthe world.Become a watchful protector of the city!Use a superpowerto defeat your enemy!This is a special contest for you!
Spider Hero Unlimited 4.0.0
Spider Hero Unlimited - come face to face with the mightiestvillain of superheroes Universe. Fighting crime is not the easiestway and not every man in the world can handle it. But you are thechosen one who are able to carry out this mission. Enter thisamazing world full of superheroes contests and unlimited power inyour hands!Supervillain will never miss his chance to gain morepower and influence. His evil plan includes a big various of traps,pathetic ploys and delusion. When it comes to war, you must notjust fight using all your unlimited and amazing skills. You alsoneed resist temptation. Dark force knows how to get more people onit’s side. So, do you know how to win this war for the fate ofUniverse?Incredible adventure with epic fighting.Leap intothrilling turn-based battles and save the world.Live yoursuperheroes dreams as you fight, progress your character and takeyour experience to the next level.Make smart tactical decisions andunlock your special abilities.
Hero Fighting Story 2.0.0
See the real power of mutants. It’s time to save this world fromtotal destruction.In this Universe both Mutants and Humans willfear each other always. And there is a reason why. People alwaysfear what they don’t understand. What is a secret of mutants power?How do superheroes get their super abilities? These questions can’tbe answered. But … somebody found an answer how to turn people intomutants and create a new army. Can you oppose a dark force teamwith similar power as you? Main villain has an evil plan in hismind. And only you can destroy his plan, stop him.Fight for freedomby any means necessary! Stop this infinite war between humans andmutants. Otherwise Apocalypse can start in the universe.Unleashyour hidden capabilities and unlimited power.Don't let him wreakhavoc! This world belongs to both humans and mutants.
Futuristic Transforming Heroes 1.0.0
Futuristic Transforming Heroes - battle of the three forces hasstarted. A new game based on the story of the struggle betweenalien machines troops and human army. But this time there is onemore side. Nobody will give up so easy. So it’s a war ofattrition.We are not alone in the Universe!Suddenly human racerealised that there are more forces in the Universe as they couldimagine. But are these forces friends or enemies and why they cameto Earth?War for Earth has started! Legend will come true!Fighttill the end. Earth is an arena of the great struggle. Winner willcontrol all energy resources and will get an unlimited power toconquer the whole Universe. It’s up to you, who it will be.DoesEarth belong to humans?We’ll have answer to this question only atthe end of the contest. But Earth will never be the same. Get thefull experience from your galactic adventure!
Strange Hero vs Villain 3.0.0
Step into the shoes of justice guardian hero, save your city andenjoy an epic adventure in the universe of superheroes! Join yourforces with other superhero to stop notorious villain, who attackedthe city. Don’t let him to destroy everything you like! Team upwith another hero to build the strongest league. You can’t win thiswar alone. Strategize together on how to attack and start a battle.Even the strongest army of the world will not stop you!Protectlives, be a hero!A new contest of superheroes has started!Fight fortruth, justice and your city!Don’t let your enemies to capture thecity. Meet your friend and draw up a plan of fighting.Be ready fora challenge, don’t lose even a single fight. Save your friend, whogot captured by your enemies.These and more missions are waitingfor you in the game Strange Hero vs Villain!
911 Fire Truck Mission 1.0.0
Firefighter heroes team need a new member! Join them and rescuepeople!How looks a real world of firefighter’s team member? Let’sfind out! Join our main hero in adventure across the open world ofsimulator game. This time you should not just fight with fire, butalso to catch arsonist and even show all your driving skills bygoing to the fire location. Hurry up, people need your help!Firemanshould always be ready. There is no time to relax. Remember, youwill never know where and when a new fire will start. Fulfill yourduty as fireman!It doesn’t matter how many times you will have togo on a call. Every case is a new task and challenge. Fire isspreading fast!The most important thing in a firefighter job is toextinguish fire as fast as you can. You are not in academy anymore,it’s a new episode of the life experience. 911 Fire Truck Mission -join mobile firefighter team!
Transforming Robots 4.0.0
Transforming Robots - it seemed that after years of war, peace hasfinally come. Two robots of the alien race became a guardians ofthe Earth and this Universe. But an old enemy has returned to exactvengeance. And now the war will become more cruel.FIGHT FOR THEFUTURE OF EARTH. Enemy troops have started attack again. Start anew stage of war.BACK TO ACTION. Rescue people from fire, don’t letyour enemy to take over power station, destroy theirspaceship.Choose your side, the BATTLE IS IN YOUR HANDS! In thisclassic battle Good vs. Evil you should prepare your defenses inthe final fight.Together we are more, win this contest against ironarmy!
Power Hero Adventure 1.0.0
Two teenage friends are always in search of adventure and usuallyget some troubles. This time they got a real criminal or even amysterious case to solve. When they found a real alien spaceship inabandoned soccer pitch, they got infused with superpower. Maybespaceship was hidden there, not by accident… A first struggle withmonster proved that this ship came to the Earth not with goodintentions. Now our heroes must harness their powers and use themto work together and save the world. Learn how to use yoursuperpower to save a city.Complete the most dangerous mission andhelp people.Stop an alien invasion and defeat an army ofmonsters.Fight against criminal world in this amazing adventuregame.Start a space war and stop this invasion.
Iron Champion: New War 1.0.0
Iron Champion: New War - take your experience in the superheroesUniverse to the next level by completing all missions and savingpeople’s lives! This is a personal vendetta against you. Yourmortal enemy has escaped from jail and he wouldn’t stop without thepayback. Now he is going to strike a great blow. Your main aim isto prepare your character for the final battle. Complete allmissions step by step following instructions. Fight against thecriminal world and make your city better. It’s time to realize whata superhero you are.Help police to deal with terrorists fightingfor the freedom and peace!Make key strategic moves to fight againstgang of criminals and release hostages.It's time to avenge! Yourenemy is preparing to strike back. Start an offensive war to defeathim completely.New story - new contest. World of comics superheroesis always full of exciting missions.Iron Champion: New War - let’sstart the final battle!
Turtle Hero: Urban Ninja 6.0.0
Cartoon legend returns! Your favorite mutant ninja is coming backto protect a city and fight with crime! A new ninja adventure gamefull of special tasks and super missions is waiting.You will havean opportunity to test yourself as a martial art fighter andguardian of order. Just follow instructions and complete allmissions step by step to defeat your enemy on the final battle.Welcome to the sequel of teenage mutant story with powerful heroesand super contests!Join a team of super champions and protect thisUniverse!Different locations full of thrilled quests andmissions.Look for a clue to start a new mission. Choose a characterand decide how your battle is going to last. Become an ultimatechampion of this special contest.If you want to start a newsuperhero story, just choose another character. Fight againstcrime, deal with terrorists and rescue hostages.
Super Captain Secret Hero 1.0.0
Play as Superhero Soldier and struggle to contain a massive attackby criminals and invaders. When the world is in danger, you shouldtake a decisive actions. Become a part of the secret experiment andget amazing skills.Ready to take on the world’s meanest villains?If your answer is “Yes”, then be ready to change completely youridentity. Some people were born with superpower. But others becamesuperheroes. If you want to get more powers to fight criminals,then take full responsibility for your future. Let a special leagueto make you a superhero. This is your world and you are free tochoose.Explore quests map to get new missions.Don’t let criminalsescape punishment. Catch all of them!Change your identity andbecome a new member of a special league.Stop an invasion andstruggle invaders army alone.Be a guardian of this city and faceoff against villains.Fight bosses at the end of each chapter andthwart their evil plans!
Robots: Heroes In Disguise 1.0.0
Enjoy a combat battle of steel armies in the battles for Earth!These mega champions are about to change the whole Universe andGalaxy. Take part in this combat battle with favorite characters todefeat enemies! A new age of robots and people alliance hasstarted! Even a steel warrior can’t take all enemies on by himself.Find the knight who can help you and finish together this war.Invasion can become an extinction. Don’t let them to destroyeverything that you have been protecting for many years. Knock yourenemies out of action!There will be only one mission to saveeverybody! This army came back to destroy and revenge and that meana war of attrition. Complete all quests one by one and get to thefinal mission!
Amazing Hero Man 2.0.0
An amazing adventure in the mobile game galaxy is waiting for you.Use your unlimited power of superhero and investigate a criminaland secret case. Join the investigation and find out what a bigcorporation is hiding. There are some clues behind the walls ofthis company. There may be found some strange and even dangerousthings. So, defy the power of corporation and perform all yourduties of superhero.Stop this genetic experiment!Your enemy isplanning to summon his army of mutants. This exponential evil isgoing to destroy everything on it’s way. Fight to save yourcity!Use your amazing skills to save the city.Become a new guardianof this Universe in this open-world adventure. Non-stop action,unlimited challenges, great contest for superheroes. Fight againstthe ultimate threat.Restore order and safety and defeat enemiesfrom armed robber to super villain. Only you can stop them!
Superheroes: Infinity Battle 1.0.0
A new action-adventure game of open world with favorite superherocharacter. Now you have all chances to start a new life as asuperhero. After an accident in the laboratory you frequentlytransform into the vasty powerful monster. Even if you are a commonresearcher, whose job is connected with laboratory and universe ofscience one day you can become a new hero of amazingadventure.Avenger Hero: Infinity Battle - learn how to live yournew identity and control processes of transformation into a ragemonster.Only a real hero can complete this mission.Your conteststarts accidentally. But nothing can be changed. So there is onequestion - are you able to live as a super monster or not?Help tobring permanent peace! It’s time to use your super power to seekjustice. Learn how should live champions in this Galaxy, becausewhere are superheroes, there are always villains.Take the Earthunder your protection!Become a new guardian of this city. Discoveran open world by completing all missions and dealing with villains!
Futuristic Rescue Bot 1.0.0
Steel fighters bring you a grand battle. This time your arena is anEarth and the price of the victory is an artifact of incrediblepower. Who will capture it at the end of the war? And who willdecide fate of Earth?Fight against invasion! There is no way toescape. You will win this war or.. you will be destroyed.The finalbattle time has come.A new age of robots has come! We are not alonein the Universe. And we don’t have any choice as to stand andfight. Fight till the end if you don’t want to loseeverything.Earth faces a formidable threat! Prepare for the finalbattle. First of all you need to develop a strategy for defendingEarth. Don’t let enemies get to the artifact first. Your mission asan guardian is to smash army of invaders and destroy this artifact.
Super Guardians: Rocket Heroes 1.0.0
Guess what, Galaxy needs help! It means that someone should save itone more time. Assemble your galactic team and go through allquests that we prepared. Alien universe is full of unbelievableartifacts, and you can’t even imagine what they can do. Butvillains are on their guard. And they perfectly know where to findthe most powerful artifacts and exploit them.Survive the massivespace battle! Who is going to destroy the whole Galaxy? What for?Maybe to create a new one. It doesn’t matter, your aim is toprotect this Galaxy. Use all your skills and weapons, evenrockets.There is only one way to win - smash them!You should notface this challenge alone. You will fight together with teammates,who are ready to cover for you whenever you need theirhelp.Intergalactic war starts now! We already mentioned that maybevillain has a huge plan and wants to create a new Galaxy. Don’t letit happen. Save the Galaxy!
No Limit American Driving 2.0.0
Open world racing game - No Limit American Driving. Be ready tochallenge yourself in all conditions, with different missions andquests, taking your driving to new heights. How to get maximum fromthis game? Just driving around and taking part in a different racesis not fun enough. It’s much better if you get not just offroaddirt tracking, but also a real adventure in open world withgangsters, mafia and a lot of money. Go through all missions thatwe have prepared and check not just your driving skills, speed ofyour car and asphalt of the city, but also how good you are inangry cop vs street racers chase. Remember, you are wanted!Feel therush by completing all missions during the game. The price of themistakes is your life.Smash the road, your rivals and police cars.How long can you last?Face new challenges. There are no ruleshere!No Limit American Driving - race on wild car chases full ofaction and danger.
Transforming Robot X 1.0.0
Time of the last fight for the future has come! Robots from allparts of Galaxy and Universe are fighting for the powerful artifactwhich can let to control of all. All villains of the Universe arehunting for artifact. If you can’t to disguise it, then you shouldto destroy it. But do it before the enemy. Assemble your team ofsteel warriors! It is time to start a war, which means to assembleyour team. A really good team must have a strong defense as well asa powerful offense. And your league is the strongest defense.Fightfor humans! You are the last hope of the humanity. There is no wayto escape. You win this war or you will be destroyed.Act withstealth and silence. Prepare for the final battle. First of all youneed to develop a strategy for defending Earth. Your mission as anguardian is to smash army of invaders and destroy theartifact.Ultimate contest will be set as an duel of steel fighters.Stand against galactic threat and save the Earth from an assault ofcatastrophic proportions. Enjoy the adrenaline of the fight!