Love Me Sounds Apps

Kim's Love Horoscope 1.0.0
Are you in love or you just pretend to find an ideal soul mate? Aska love guru Kim, she has answers to all your questions!The officialKim's Love Horoscope is a useful recommendation of practical ideasthat you can incorporate into your love life. It has already helpeda lot of users to find their love and to choose the rightpartner.The application updates every day and provides you the mostaccurate forecast. Love Horoscope will give you some answers toyour questions.What is to be successful in love? To find a soulmate or have strong relations. Both of them. Read the astrologydata every day and obtain the most exact instruction for acting.Howto use:Run the application.Create a profile with your birthdetails. And you’ll see a zodiac sign.Choose time period: day,month, year.Receive your love prediction.Follow it during the day.Share your post on facebook or twitter.Does the one you love, loveyou back? Or maybe you want to know the main steps to charmsomeone? Or to know your love compatibility prediction? This gamewill help you to find out what is going to happen in your love lifetoday. And you’ll receive the most useful recommendations to act.
V Heroes of Death 1.0.0
V Heroes of Death – tapventure with new heroes.Rule of this game ispretty simple- you must tap. You will become an evil Titan, who isgoing to avenge oneself. How do you do it? Tap to attack, to slay,to earn bonuses, to hire heroes. For years heroes have beenenjoying crushing your life. It doesn’t’ matter who will pay,beggar or billionaire. Just start this tapventure and never stop toclick!V Heroes of Death:The world domination is waiting for you.Tap!Click or tap on a heroes as fast as you can. Be prepared forendless hours of fun and entertainment.
From Party to Wedding 1.0.0
Meet an uptown girl Bella and travel to a fairy tale. Maybe youcould become a real princess. But before that, you should makeyourself to look good. Find all necessary things, charm your princeand go ahead to achieve fame in Disneyland. Have you everchallenged your concentration? Well, it's your time. Concentrate onthe objects and find them all in your room.Completing one level,next game play will bring different messy things to find. FromParty to Wedding - the best hidden object and date sim gameever!Caracteristics:Concentrate on the objects and find them all inyour room.Completing one level, next game play will bring differentmessy things to find.Find all necessary things, charm your princeand go ahead to achieve fame.
Bat vs Superhero 8.0.0
Bat vs Superhero - new contest with superheroes. This time youshould fight against the superior opponent. The greatest battle forthe justice in your hand! Experience the ultimate fighting game inopen world. Fight for justice and marvel everybody with yourpower!Bat vs Superhero:Strategize all your actions, help to thecivilians and earn exclusive rewards.Embark on quests to defeatsuperior enemy, help to find and return stolen car and, of course,face the challenge of fighting against main villain.Collect, levelup and manage your character to receive wisely bonuses.The morepowerful your hero, the better his abilities and special moves willbe.Quest and battle. Just remember, check map and fulfill a task.But also you need some rest too to get your energy back.Extreme,practice it, otherwise life in virtual world won’t be so epic!Intriguing and ruthless world of superheroes and champions at yourfingertips.Bat vs Superhero - who will win? Real battle of godsunder your control!
Clash of Thrones 1.0.0
Clash of Thrones – RTS game with favorite movie heroes.Great clansof ancient royal families have started their war for the glory andpower. Steel empires will show their real force to conquer thekingdom and seat down on thrones. Highly trained royal alliancesare starting their grand battle. World of chaos and terrorism –that is what is waiting for us if do not stop them. Your duty is toprotect the world. Prepare to become a commander or even a marshalof your own kingdom’s alliance. Build your military base – castles;train your soldiers – special military units; attack your enemies,don’t let them to destroy your military bases. Fight till the endand become the marshal of this royal war!Build up your militarybase and create an army of unstoppable knights.Combine components,strengthen units and use strategy to win this war.Set-up basedefense, stay alert!Upgrade your base to become the topsuperpower.Immerse yourself in the red war of thrones.Put yourstrategic thinking and military tactical skills to the test andfight for the thrones!
Super Fire Man 1.0.0
Enjoy an open world of firefighter simulator game. Super Fire Man –become a rescuer and extinguish fires. Train how effectivelyrespond to emergency situations. Control and put out fires. Maybeyou will need to spend all your time at fire station to remain oncalls during shifts that often lasts 24 hours. Save people’s livesand combat fires!Step inside the world of firefighters. Be alwaysthe first official “on the scene” of fires and otheremergencies.Drive special fire truck. Reach the site and performyour special task. Guide the fireman through numerouschallenges.Super Fire Man - try to experience daily life of thefire department, be a part of the real heroes’ team.
Visual Hypnosis 1.0.0
Fool your mind with our optical illusion app. Let’s check, do oursenses deceive us or don’t. Experience an amazing collection ofoptical illusion wallpaper images. Be sure to play endless gamewith your mind and at the end of these games you will know themeaning to “seeing is not believing”. We have complied amazingoptical teaser illusions to play daily. Run the app and you willexplore a new image every few hours. Freak out with these curiousand fun images!Visual Hypnosis means psychedelic eye tricks andeducational brain teasers.When you will get bored or want to dosomething different with your device then this will be the ultimateoption for your device.Trick your brain with optical illusions!Newpicture every day!Exclusive collection of visual illusions!Brandnew design for each image!
Taxi Driver: Crime Story 1.0.0
You was a taxi-driver, such as thousands of others as you. But oneday you decided to ride one client with a strange story. That iswhen starts your own mystery story full of adventures and dangerousquests. This case will become a new frontier of your lifeexperiences. Only one moment will change your life entirely. Couldyou imagine yourself solving a criminal story case? It’s time toshow all your skills, not only racing and fighting, but also ashooting and spying. Don’t be angry or don’t think that this storywill take five or seven nights. Like real clash in the criminalworld it might take a long period of time.Think wisely about youractions. You are the main person to suspect now. It’s a newchallenge, where things can go strange. Find all hidden details ofthis case of crime.Clear your name and don’t let police to catchyou!Decide quickly where to find all details to solve this case.Itseems that you got into a troubling situations. Who said thattaxi-driver job can’t be mysterious and thrilling? Now you shouldslip away not only from gang members, but also from police. Why?Find out in our game - Taxi Driver: Crime Story!
SuperTap Titan 1.0.0
SuperTap Titan – tapventure with new heroes.Rule of this game ispretty simple- you must tap. You will become an evil Titan, who isgoing to avenge oneself. How do you do it? Tap to attack, to slay,to earn bonuses, to hire heroes. For years heroes have beenenjoying crushing your life. It doesn’t’ matter who will pay,beggar or billionaire. Just start this tapventure and never stop toclick!SuperTap Titan:The world domination is waiting for you.Tap!Click or tap on a heroes as fast as you can. Be prepared forendless hours of fun and entertainment.
Galaxy of Superheroes 1.0.0
You work as a journalist, every day you have to look for materialto write articles! This time is a special one - you have a missionto write an article about the creation of a superman. Your herowill visit a leading laboratory in the city and interview the mostfamous scientist. Remember, anything could wait you in the mysterylaboratory. To combat with evil you have to become a superhero tofight against your rivals who want to conquer the world. Use wellyour super strength. Investigate what happened to you and how didyou get superpower.
You not the only one in trouble, but in thisvice place you are the only superhero. Help people in danger. Stopthe main villain. But don’t reveal your identity. If you are lost -see the map!
In this game you have a lot of quests to complete:Savepeople and deal with terroristsMake superhero costumeCatch thethief and return the stolen itemsKnock down the enemiesFind themost famous scientist and take interviewDefeat adversarysquadInstall the bomb Blow out a fire
Extreme Ambulance Driving 2.0.0
Extreme Ambulance Driving - join our ambulance team on a vastjourney by saving people’s lives. Ambulance duty gives a sense ofresponsibility. Take urgent care of the patients. There are noexcuse for making any mistakes here. You are a doctor now. Anemergency occurred or accident happened your job is to reach thereon time and drop injured patients to hospital before it’s too late.People’s life depend on your driving skills. Sirens in the air,keep your eye on the road. This is not an ordinary ride you aredriving. You are ambulance driver and doctor, your job is reallysensitive. Each new day you will start a new episode of your life,where your main aim is to save people’s lives. Overcome allobstacles on your way, remember that this is your story, and youplay here a main role. Make your life in an open world morethrilling. Enjoy not just an ambulance simulator game, but also adifferent tasks and missions with racing, chasing and strikes.
World of Criminals 2.0.0
Experience the thrill of real gangster’sopen-world game! World of Criminals - invites you to become a newlord of the underworld of gangs and mafia. Expand your business andconquer this city full of vice, deal with your rivals and takecontrol over all outlaws in your hands.Make a fortune at any cost! You know what is a real price of thejustice in this city.Take over an underworld empire! Hit the jackpot in a mafiawar.This is your crime story! So choose how each episode of the gamewill end.To be a big fish in this city, which is tearing itself apart withgang and police strikes is a real contest. But if you know allrules of this world, nothing and nobody will disturb you to achieveyour goals.If you choose this dangerous way to the top of the crime world, beready to play a casino with your life. It is not so easy to hit thejackpot here. Get yourself a reliable protection tool, don’t letthe police catch you and expand your business by meeting a rightpeople on a right moment and place. This how you can win a bigshot!
Mad Street Gangs 1.0.0
Enjoy the best gangster game. This time you need successfullycomplete all the missions, quests, and solve problems by developingyour own strategy. Rule the world of Mafia in the crime city.Become the boss in the city of vice. Fight against enemies. Steal acar your like, escape from the police.This action game isincludes:Many extreme missions and quests.Street racing.Battle withmafia gang.Grand survival fight for dominance in thecity.Gambling.And much more.
Mysterious Crime Story 1.0.0
Mysterious Crime Story - a new criminal story with a case, that youshould solve. Try yourself by becoming a detective and save yoursister. You got a bad news that your sister was kidnapped. And you,one of the best detectives of the city, should solve this case.What are the main causes of the crime? Is it a new challengespecial for you because you work in police? Try to survive in thisdangerous job, be at all times ready.Burn the asphalt by catchingsmugglers.Don’t miss any clue by checking the abduction site.Playthis mystery game with kidnapper to save your sister.Follow tips tofind a kidnapper.Be ready to prove your detective skills.Everycriminal story has different motives. To analyze this case youshould look carefully for the clues, follow rules and don’t leaveanything behind hidden. Examine every detail on the crime scenes.Interrogate witnesses and show all seeker skills. It’s a realmystery where the price of every mistake is your sister’s life.
Super Avenger: Infinity Fight 1.0.0
Super Avenger: Infinity Fight - time of diplomacy is over. It’stime of ultimate battle for domination. Fight against criminalunderground world. Superheroes universe has changed. The main crimelord dared to challenge you, and now only you’ll decide the end ofthis war. Defy the mafia world. Don’t let villains to conquer yourcity and destroy it. Use a special strategy, war against gangstersis not so easy as you think. Start a special mission and fightagainst mafia.Join this ultimate battle with superheroes.Become amember of superheroes team.Go up against the criminalworld!Criminals will not escape justice!Enjoy this epic actiongame!
Futuristic Transforming Heroes 1.0.0
Futuristic Transforming Heroes - battle of the three forces hasstarted. A new game based on the story of the struggle betweenalien machines troops and human army. But this time there is onemore side. Nobody will give up so easy. So it’s a war ofattrition.We are not alone in the Universe!Suddenly human racerealised that there are more forces in the Universe as they couldimagine. But are these forces friends or enemies and why they cameto Earth?War for Earth has started! Legend will come true!Fighttill the end. Earth is an arena of the great struggle. Winner willcontrol all energy resources and will get an unlimited power toconquer the whole Universe. It’s up to you, who it will be.DoesEarth belong to humans?We’ll have answer to this question only atthe end of the contest. But Earth will never be the same. Get thefull experience from your galactic adventure!
Strange Hero vs Villain 3.0.0
Step into the shoes of justice guardian hero, save your city andenjoy an epic adventure in the universe of superheroes! Join yourforces with other superhero to stop notorious villain, who attackedthe city. Don’t let him to destroy everything you like! Team upwith another hero to build the strongest league. You can’t win thiswar alone. Strategize together on how to attack and start a battle.Even the strongest army of the world will not stop you!Protectlives, be a hero!A new contest of superheroes has started!Fight fortruth, justice and your city!Don’t let your enemies to capture thecity. Meet your friend and draw up a plan of fighting.Be ready fora challenge, don’t lose even a single fight. Save your friend, whogot captured by your enemies.These and more missions are waitingfor you in the game Strange Hero vs Villain!
Universe of Superheroes 1.0.0
Universe of Superheroes is waiting for you! For the real fans ofsuperheroes, comics and incredible adventures. This epic adventurewill change your future entirely. Your hometown is going to becomean arena for the cosmic struggle between good and evil. And if youwant to win, you should make a team of superheroes with your …worst enemy. You can’t fight an entire army alone. The fate of theUniverse now is in your hands. Become an ultimate champion!Whatwill you do to save the world?Form a most powerful alliance ofsuperheroes.Challenge yourself in this fighting game.Progressthrough all story quests.
Robots: Heroes In Disguise 1.0.0
Enjoy a combat battle of steel armies in the battles for Earth!These mega champions are about to change the whole Universe andGalaxy. Take part in this combat battle with favorite characters todefeat enemies! A new age of robots and people alliance hasstarted! Even a steel warrior can’t take all enemies on by himself.Find the knight who can help you and finish together this war.Invasion can become an extinction. Don’t let them to destroyeverything that you have been protecting for many years. Knock yourenemies out of action!There will be only one mission to saveeverybody! This army came back to destroy and revenge and that meana war of attrition. Complete all quests one by one and get to thefinal mission!
Amazing Hero Man 2.0.0
An amazing adventure in the mobile game galaxy is waiting for you.Use your unlimited power of superhero and investigate a criminaland secret case. Join the investigation and find out what a bigcorporation is hiding. There are some clues behind the walls ofthis company. There may be found some strange and even dangerousthings. So, defy the power of corporation and perform all yourduties of superhero.Stop this genetic experiment!Your enemy isplanning to summon his army of mutants. This exponential evil isgoing to destroy everything on it’s way. Fight to save yourcity!Use your amazing skills to save the city.Become a new guardianof this Universe in this open-world adventure. Non-stop action,unlimited challenges, great contest for superheroes. Fight againstthe ultimate threat.Restore order and safety and defeat enemiesfrom armed robber to super villain. Only you can stop them!
Avenger Hero: Infinity Battle 1.0.0
Superhero’s life is amazing. Not just because everybody loves themand wants to be like them. But also superhero get’s a realopportunity to help their own civilization. Saving Universe fromdestruction is their main duty and aim. Even a little threat canbring really serious consequences. And it doesn’t matter what kindof crime is committed. Crime should be punished.Face the mostruthless enemy.Your city is under attack. This army will stop atnothing to crash everything around. Don’t let them leave onlydestruction behind.This is a sequel of super hero's adventure.Fight for the future of the Galaxy. Every day you’ll face newchallenges such as a war with gang of gangsters, fire fighting,invasion of aliens.Protect humanity’s destiny!Be the only guardianof the Universe. Enter the battlefield against alien invaders.Complete all missions and quests in this adventure of open-world!
Futuristic Rescue Bot 1.0.0
Steel fighters bring you a grand battle. This time your arena is anEarth and the price of the victory is an artifact of incrediblepower. Who will capture it at the end of the war? And who willdecide fate of Earth?Fight against invasion! There is no way toescape. You will win this war or.. you will be destroyed.The finalbattle time has come.A new age of robots has come! We are not alonein the Universe. And we don’t have any choice as to stand andfight. Fight till the end if you don’t want to loseeverything.Earth faces a formidable threat! Prepare for the finalbattle. First of all you need to develop a strategy for defendingEarth. Don’t let enemies get to the artifact first. Your mission asan guardian is to smash army of invaders and destroy this artifact.
Bat: War of Superheroes 1.0.0
To have a just society in the city people should fight crime andinjustice. In this situation help of superheroes is needed. Becomea city protector and superhero in our new game. Action game withsuperhero who are brave enough to fight against injustice and anykind of threats in this open world adventure.Triumph overinjustice! Face new challenges and complete all quests and missionsto win this war against injustice. Among different locations youwill test yourself by fighting new enemy every day. No one canbreak you! As a real legend of the superhero Universe and leader ofthe league you should fight like a steel knight. Show off youramazing skills and unlimited power. Сity needs a real hero. This isa real war where will be only one winner. Start an adventure in aspectacular open world with favorite superhero!
No Limit American Driving 2.0.0
Open world racing game - No Limit American Driving. Be ready tochallenge yourself in all conditions, with different missions andquests, taking your driving to new heights. How to get maximum fromthis game? Just driving around and taking part in a different racesis not fun enough. It’s much better if you get not just offroaddirt tracking, but also a real adventure in open world withgangsters, mafia and a lot of money. Go through all missions thatwe have prepared and check not just your driving skills, speed ofyour car and asphalt of the city, but also how good you are inangry cop vs street racers chase. Remember, you are wanted!Feel therush by completing all missions during the game. The price of themistakes is your life.Smash the road, your rivals and police cars.How long can you last?Face new challenges. There are no ruleshere!No Limit American Driving - race on wild car chases full ofaction and danger.