Lovely World Game Studio Apps

Zombie Village 2 1.34
Welcome to Zombie village 2!The whole world is overrun by the walking dead, you are the onlysurvival citizen who can deal with the zombies which walk aroundall over the village, kill the endless zombies with your stick,gunshot, or even flamethrower.Making the most of your limited resource, kill the most of thezombies, collecting more money and ammunition to buy more powerfulweapons, which can kill the zombies quicker.The game is endless, until the zombies finally catch you and snackon your tasty brain.Features:15 different weapons you can use to defend yourself: stick, pistol,rifle, machine gun, flamethrower, laser gun, handgrenade......Different types of zombies, except the normal zombies, some arevery quick, some are hard to die;Easy to control but hard to play very well. Manage what you canget, don't waste any bullet, try you best to survive.You will find some supply in the house and you can recover yourselfin the hospital.Kill zombies can get money so you can buy more powerfulweapons.
Special Cops 8.1.2
Its time to be the part of the global war against crime and becomethe special cop. Clean the city from crime with the help your gunand your pro skills. Gema features: -Catchy game mechanics -Abeautiful and comfortable interface -Simple and understandablegameplay -5 different background -Sound and music to make your hairstand on end
Mad Caveman 8.1.3
Back to the stone age, let's be a caveman. Simple game play. Justjump run and throw your weapon to kill dinosaurs. Collect Coins andhave fun. Nice Game Easy Control Good Music This addictive and fungame will have you hooked from the beginning! Your goal is to jumpon the necessary blocks without falling down... Sounds easy? It'snot! Every level brings more challenges but also tricks you canperform to reach your goals! With amazing graphics and effects getready to use your logistics skills to the max! Ready caveman?Goooooo!!!!