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MASKED 1.061
Note: This is a early version of the game, which functions as ademo.Full game is still in development.Short Summary:Masked is adungeon crawler which features a boy that is stuck within a stateof purgatory. He has to fight his way to freedom by defeating manyfoes to ensure his survival.Masked features 3D aesthetics withsword based hit and dodge based combat.Each dungeon you enter has aprocedural generated room setup, this means every run will give youdifferent possibilities and challenges. There are many room typesto find, such as treasure rooms, challenge rooms and shop rooms. Atthe end of the dungeon a boss will wait for you. Obtain power upsto enhance your hero and fight against greater challenges.Inspiredby other indie roguelike and roguelite games, this has been anexperiment to execute the same genre in a three dimensional gamesetting instead of a two dimensional. Catered and designedspecifically for mobile devices.* Game has support for controllers