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Snake Classic 1.0.0
Enjoy a legendary classic game, SNAKES! Feel nostalgia for theclassical game. If your snake eat apple, it's nail will becomelonger. Simple rule, but Addictive fun. We offer intuitive controlsystem. You can compete in leader board with your friends. Havefun! Already a fan of Snake Classic? Like us on Facebook for thelatest news.
Aegis Defence 2.0
Aegis defence is a new type military simulation game.================== ㅇ Experience 12 kinds of aegis weapon system.Goalkeeper, Harpoon, SM-2, Rail gun.. and so on. ㅇ Strengthenweapons and strike enemy more strongly. ㅇ Enjoy real time warsimulation with authentic hitting sense. Use new type preciseaiming controller. ㅇ Defense your battle ship from enemy ships, airfighters and submarines. ================== Community : Facebook page :
Capsule Breaker 1.0.6
Innovative shooting game is here.And Capsule Breaker has character of puzzle game.This game is for shooting game mania.Players who like shooting , action or puzzle game can enjoy capsulebreaker excitingly.Goal of this game is going forward as far as possible.For good records, You need to shoot balls, and breakcapsules!As just touching on the screen, you are able to smash metal balls,and hit capsules.When you break capsules, you can get metal balls as bonus.As kinds of capsule's color, they have various sorts ofcharacter.Red : it makes fragments that is caused consecutiveexplosion.Black : you lose 8 ballsBlue : HP 4, you get 8 ballsGreen : HP 3, you get 6 ballsYellow : HP 2, you get 4 ballsWhite : HP 1, you get 2 ballsGather more metal balls, and break more capsules.On your adventure, you are going to meet big size capsules.It is very hard, so you need to fire many balls to breakthem.If you didn't collect enough balls, you will have adifficulty.When you use all of your ball. Game is over.Distance you moved is your record.Enjoy breaking capsules. and Challenge the highest record.======================Community : Chan Games face book page :
Snake Tsunami 1.0.3
Survive a tsunami.Snake is facing to new crisis, tsunami.Help snake to survive a tsunami.Catch stars in tsunami. compete with friends.Evolution of SNAKE GAME which is a famous retro game.We offer intuitive control system.You can compete in leader board whether your snake is thelongest or not.A rerto snake game remake project the 3rd is this, SNAKETSUNAMI.Let's enjoy it!
Snake Alive! Be the dragon! 1.1.0
Eat foods, snake is getting longer andupgrading level.You can get star at final level.If you raise 7 stars, your snake will become the dragon.Evolution of SNAKE GAME which is a famous retro game.We offer intuitive control system.You can compete in leader board whether your snake is thelongest or not.
Drum Faster - rhythm game 2.9
Enjoy an innovative rhythm game freelywithDrum Faster!Drumming with exciting music will be veryexcitingexperience.Although you don't have drum set, you can play the drum.Drum Faster has easier interface than any other rhythmgames.Beginners can play Drum Faster easily.If you just stroke snare drum,you can make drum rhythm and earn some BEATS(sort ofgamemoney)Also, stroke faster and constantly, you make fever levelhigher.As fever level, you are able to earn more BEATS from twice to6times.And when you get higher fever level, drum pad will bedroppedfrom upper side!If you stroke drum pad correctly, you can earn much amountofBEATS.and you earn more BEATS from twice to 6 times forgoodmeasure.In other words, you will 36 times of BEATS when you getmaximumfever bonus and maximum combo bonus!On the other hand, if you miss drum notes,you will be damaged from them.If you lose all of your HP, you must restart stagewithconfiscated 20% BEATS of yours.Using your beats, you can upgrade various stats like HP, PowerandEndurance.Upgrading that stats, you may play game easier.Especially auto drum skill is very useful.That makes you conveniently as stroking automatically.Although you don't run the game, that will earnBEATScontinuously.When you fill yellow progress bar, FILL IN MODE will start.If you pass all fill-in note, stage will be cleared.Starting next stage, music is changed.Enjoy various electronic music playing Drum Faster!!
Egg Pang 1.2
★ Play Tips!! ★ # Tip 1 : Just touch eggs. you can get 100 points.# Tip 2 : If eggs are crashed with ground, one of your life will belost. # Tip 3 : Be careful about touching leaves. avoid to touchgreen leaves. # Tip 4 : Touch red color leaves, 50 points arebonus.
Drum Tiles 1.2.1
Drum tiles is a super addictive game. Only two fingers arenecessary to play the game. Please concentrate on tapping the tilesfast. Try to challenge the speed limit. Try to compete with yourfriends and your hands. Once you start playing the drum tile, youwill see yourself playing it over and over again. If you are adrummer playing real drums, you can practice strokes anytime andanywhere with drum tiles. Now you can practice your drum basicslike single strokes, double strokes and paradiddles with drum tilesin your spare time. Characteristic : 1. It is a highly addictivegame. 2. A great time killer. 3. Drum stroke practice effect suchas single stroke, double stroke, paradiddles. 4. When youconcentrate on tapping quickly, your mind will melt. 5. Match handspeeds with your friends. 6. Compete with players from all over theworld on Leaderboards. 7. Share your score with your friends. GameRules : Tap the black square tiles, not white square tiles. Fast!This is the only rule. Are you ready to become a fan of Drum Tiles?Like us by visiting the Facebook page of Lucky Chan Games.
GAZUA Booster 1.1.4
GAZUA! If you shout "GAZUA" with your friends, Coin God will grantyour wish. Let's go for a million dollars in bitcoin! Ripple, let'sgo for $30! Ethereum, let's go for $100,000! You can boost the coinyou want as much as you want. Watch the spectacular coin rocketlaunch and shout "GAZUA!" and send a request message so that yourfriends can shout together! Are you ready to be a fan of KazuaBooster? Visit Lucky Chan Games' Facebook page and click Like.
Coin Shower - Puzzle Battle 1.2.1
Pleasure of taking a shower with coins! Enjoy the fun puzzle game,Coin Shower. Coin Shower is entirely a new type of casual puzzlegame. With a unique, enhanced form of the rules in drinking game,Baskin Robbins 31. Features of Coin Shower : * New game rule. *Match the mischievous Goblins. * Cute Characters. * Easy to playbut Hard to master! Special blocks : * Diamond : Obtain more than10 coins at once. * Bomb : Steal other's coins at certain ratio. *Candy : Generate 3 Diamonds at random locations. Are you ready tobecome a fan of Coin Shower? Like us by visiting the Facebook pageof Lucky Chan Games.
Raising Rank Insignia 2.9.1
Insignia from private to general! Raise your insignia and train todefeat enemy tanks, battleships, and fighter planes. Simplecontrols and cool blows will bring you so much intense fun! It's agame that you can't stop playing once you start. Enlist in raisingyour rank insignia! A game that reminds reserve officers ofmemories from their military days A game that allows people whohaven't been to the army yet and their significant others know whatranks exist in the military A virtual promotion experience forthose who are currently in the army Main Features - Accumulateinsignia to get promoted! - Collect all the insignia from privateto general! - Easy to play if you like merging games! - Go tobattle with the insignia that you've collected! - Defeat powerfulbosses! - Various enemies such as tanks, battleships, fighterplanes, and spaceships will appear. - You can earn gold by removingenemy tanks in battle. - Earn rewards for completing variousachievements. - Receive airdrop supplies at regular intervals -Build your reputation for a better medal - Feel the growth of yourrank through the evaluation of your combat power - You can checkthe difference in firepower that varies depending on the type andlevel of the insignia. - You can win high rank insignia through theLucky Box. - You can play more easily by using special skills suchas close air support, reinforced bullets, and so on. Please visitLucky Chan's social media! There are various strategies and tacticsshared through our social media. Lucky Chan Games Facebook : Lucky Chan Games YouTube : Lucky ChanGames Instagram :
Battle Cat Hero 1.1.1
A cute cat-collecting game. Let's go meet our kitty heartthrobsright now! 🐾 A bunch of kitty heartthrobs Dozens of cute cats arewaiting for you. 🐾 Addictive play Merge cats and you'll get a newcat. You won't be able to escape the charms of the cats! 🐾 An easygame for everyone You'll still be able to enjoy the game even ifyou're a beginner! Enjoy Battle Cat Hero for free, right now! Havea happy time with cute and charming cats! Please check out LuckyChan's social media! Lucky Chan Games Facebook : Lucky Chan Games YouTube : Lucky ChanGames Instagram :
Rank Insignia - Super Explosion 1.1.7
New style of Game Rank Insignia. Super Explosion! With a coldexplosion, the heart becomes magnificent. The addictiveness of theoriginal is the same. ⭐︎ Stress relief Sweep your enemies withflames! The daily stress will cool off. ⭐︎ Dozens of different rankinsignias and medals Collect all ranks from Private to General!Enjoy collecting special medals. ⭐︎ Strategic play using branchcharacteristics You can choose from different branches for eachranks. Making good use of the branches is the shortcut to victory!⭐ Addictive Play It's a simple game, but it's highly addictive. Thecollection and growth of rank insignias provide you with a greatsense of immersion. Enjoy Rank Insignia Super Explosion for freenow! Have fun collecting unique and cool rank insignias! Pleasevisit Lucky Chan's social media! There are various strategies andtactics shared through our social media. Lucky Chan Games Facebook: Lucky Chan Games YouTube: LuckyChan Games Instagram :