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Six Pack Abs Workout Lumowell 1.1.721
The Six pack workout app offers a completeprogram for men and women to get great abs and lose belly fat asfast as possible. Best abs exercises you can do at home, withoutany equipment. Muscle exercises and high intensity training: aperfect mix to get good results quickly.The app provides a program divided into 3 levels:Level 1: beginner six pack 8 minutes workoutLevel 2: intermediate abs workoutsLevel 3: advanced ab training programThe LumoWell abs workout is a targeted training that alternateshigh intensity and muscular exercises to sculpt the abdomen andburn fat in the shortest time possible.You can also challenge yourself whit the 30 Day six pack workout, adaily bonus workout to measure your progress.- What are the guidelines of the "six pack" program?To get a sculpted abdomen you need to tone your muscles and at thesame time remove the excess fat in the belly and waist. Muchresearch points out now that a targeted program with specificexercises for the abdomen as well as for toning your muscles helpsto burn fat faster.The workouts proposed raise the temperature of the area in alocalized manner, in this way the increased inflow of bloodpromotes the stimulation of catecholamines which increase the useof localized fat on the abdomen, with a consequent increase in leanbody mass at the expense of the fat.The high intensity abs workout guarantees good calorie consumptionand at the same time speeds up the basic metabolic rate andimproves the ability of glucose absorption. All this results in amore rapid weight loss and improvement of cardiovascular functions(therefore reduces the risk of heart disease).Our virtual personal trainer will guide you every day in free bodytraining sessions to do at home, at the gym or outdoors. The coachwill explain the ab exercises by indicating the possible errors toavoid, therefore guiding you to perform correctly.- How organized is the application?The application provides a program divided into three levels.An initial 8 minutes workout to do 3/5 times a week to slowlyprepare to face the next levels.A second level based on a weekly schedule that alternates highintensity workouts and muscular sessions. The purpose of thissecond phase is to begin to realize the effects on the abdominalmuscles and at the same time trigger an efficient fat burningeffect.Finally by unlocking the pro-version you can access the thirdlevel, an advanced 30-day ab program designed to maximize theresults and to get a perfectly toned and sculpted abdomen asquickly as possible. The constant change in abs muscle stimulus andthe increasing intensity allows to fully exploit the work phasesand to avoid stalling.To increase the effectiveness of the program and get good resultsin a short time the pro-version offers a weekly food program which,day after day, shows an "eating pattern" useful to learn how to eatproperly and how to lean and tone the fat that covers yourabs.At the end of each session, the pro version provides a specificstretching exercise routine to relax the abdominal muscles andcool-down after your workout.Those in top shape can take a shot at a real challenge: The ABSChallenge, a training program with increasing difficulty able topush you to the limit and amplify the results for your abs.In the advanced version:- A complete 30 day abdomen program- A weekly diet plan with specific tips to burn excess fat andflatten the belly- An advanced stretching workout to cool-down after training- The full 30 day ABS Challange program for sculpting your abs andchallenging yourself- No ads- No internet connection requiredSix Pack application made ​​by Ego360 for the LumoWell / LumoFitproject. Material Design inspired.Follow us:- YouTube channel: Website: Facebook: Google+:
Chest Workout Lumowell 1.1.8
Chest workout at home, best chest exerciseswithout equipment to get sculpted pecs.Pectoral workout divided into 4 difficulty levels, a comprehensivebodyweight exercise program that can be done without tools,wherever you want.The application provides you with a virtual personal trainer whowill guide you in the workout by showing you how to perform theexercises correctly and by motivating you. A fun and inexpensiveway to effectively train your pecs.To get defined and muscular pecs you need to train consistently,but monotony is one of the major causes of failure. The app willhelp you to be constant and the virtual coach will make yourworkouts fun and different.To get sculpted pecs, in addition to training, it’s important tofollow a proper diet that provides the energy you need to work outin the best way possible, to ensure adequate protein for musclegrowth, and to help you lose excess fat by speeding up yourmetabolism. For this reason, by unlocking the advanced version, theapplication will offer you a chance to follow a weekly mealplan.Train harder by testing your limits, and test your progress withthe Push Up Challenge, a 30 day chest exercise program to followday by day. The increasing intensity workout will allow you togradually increase effort, avoiding stalling muscle phases. At theend of the 30 days your pecs will be stronger, toned anddefined.The application is suitable for everyone, men can increase the massand definition of their pecs, while women can tone and lift thebreasts. This is because the GH, a hormone essential for musclegrowth, will allow men, who have high levels of it, to maximizehypertrophy whereas in women, who have rather low levels, it willprevent an unsightly swelling of the muscles.In summary, this app provides:- A 4-level program that will guide you along the way by indicatingthe weekly frequency and the time required to move on to the nextlevel.- Detailed explanation of the exercises with videos anddescriptions to avoid mistakes.- Alternative lower intensity exercises for those who want a slowerapproach- A daily eating plan specifically designed for the muscledefinition and development.- The Push up Challange for an even more intense challenge.- Cool-down stretching exercises for the arms and chest during theworkout.- Motivational phrases to push you to try your best and achieveyour goals.Chest workout application made ​​by Ego360 for the LumoWell /LumoFit project. Material Design inspired.Follow us:- YouTube channel: Website: Facebook: Google+:
7 Minute Workout - Weight Loss 2.1.800009
High intensity 7 minute workout to loseweight, tone muscles, burn fat and improve cardiovascular health athome based on a study of McMaster University, Hamilton,Ontario.A fitness personal trainer to motivate and guide you.A specific bodyweight workout designed to burn fat in the shortesttime possible.Lumowell offers you a great workout for weight loss, toning legsand arms, tone your butt and have a flat stomach in a short periodof time.------------------------------------------------The Scientific 7 Minute Workout Video: research has shown that even 7 minutes of HIIT exercisea day provides heart health benefits.The 7 minute daily exercises plan allow you to train your abdominalmuscles, chest muscles, your butt, thighs, and Legs, arms andshoulders.A fat-burning workout routine to firm up the body.Unlocking the advanced version of total body 7 Minute Workout (PROversion) you'll get:- Advanced exercises for more effective results- Weekly meal plans to develop healthy eating habits and loseweight fast- No advertising- Stretching cool down workout that help you relax and improve themuscle's elasticity- 30 day fitness challenge workoutApp by Ego360 for Lumowell / Lumofit project
L.A.B. Legs, Abs and Butt 1.1.11
Best exercises to tone legs, abs and butt andlose fat, effective workouts to get perfect legs, flat stomach andtoned butt at home. You can do the exercises everywhere withoutequipment or weights.A personal trainer will help you by showing you how to traincorrectly.To get lean legs and lose belly fat you need to start a healthydiet. In the advanced version you'll find a meal plangenerator.Train harder your legs, abs and butt with the 30 day ChallengeWorkout. At the end of the program your body will be slimmer andtoned.In summary, the complete version of the app provides:- A 3-level program.- Videos and descriptions of the exercises.- Low impact exercises for a slower approach.- A diet planner to burn belly and leg fat.- The Challenge Workout for an intense training.- Cool-down stretching exercises for legs, butt and abs.- Motivational quotes and nutritional tips to get bestresults.By Ego360 for the LumoFit / LumoWell project.Follow us:- YouTube channel: Website: Facebook: Google+:
Arm Workouts Lumowell 1.1.12
Best arm workouts to get toned arms fast. Youcan do the exercises at home.A personal trainer will show you the proper execution of theexercises to avoid mistakes.To get slim, toned arms you need to start a healthy diet.You can find a meal plan generator in the pro version of theapp.Train your arms by challenging yourself with the ChallengeWorkout.In summary, the complete version of the app provides:- A 3-level program.- Videos and descriptions of the exercises.- Easy exercises for beginners.- A healthy diet planner.- The 30 Days Challenge Arms Workout.- Cool-down stretching exercises.- Motivational quotes and nutritional tips to maximize theresults.By Ego360 for the LumoFit / LumoWell project.Follow us:- YouTube channel: Website: Facebook: Google+:
Daily ABS - Fitness Workouts 1.1.9
Daily AB exercises to do at home withoutweights or equipment, a complete flat stomach training program forwomen and men.The virtual personal trainer will guide you during the workouts andwill show you proper form of the exercises to preventmistakes.How to lose belly fat? Simple, do the 5/10 minute ab daily workout5 times a week and follow the nutritional tips in the app. When youare ready you can start an healthy diet unlocking the meal plangenerator in the premium version.Unlock the 4-week training program with cardio + abs toningworkouts to maximize the fat burning effect and get flat toned absas soon as possible.Ab app by Ego360 for the Lumofit / Lumowell project.
Daily Workouts Free Lumowell 1.0.4
Daily workouts free to lose weight and toneyour body at home. Best daily exercises for women and for men toget a fit body. You can do the exercises everyday and follow aproper diet to get a perfect body fast.Daily Exercises Free Android App - Ego360 - Lumowellproject.
Squat Challenge 30 Day Workout 1.0.6
30 day squat challenge training program totone your legs and butt and lose fat at home without equipment.Daily bodyweight exercises for women and for men to get perfectlegs and butt. You can do the 30 day squats fitness challengeeveryday, follow a proper diet to get a perfect an slim bodyfast.The Lumowell fitness personal trainer will guide you during thesquat workouts.3 Level of intensity: Squat challenge for beginners, Intermediateworkout program and 30 day extreme squats training.30 Day Fitness Challenge Android App - Ego360 - Lumowell homeproject.