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Budokai Tenkaichi 2 Ultimate 1.2
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The game takes the acrobatic and intense3Dflying and fighting dynamic.Combining action, fighting and light role-playing game elementswillsend players into a rich story mode that spans the entire. Thegametakes the acrobatic and intense 3D flying and fighting dynamicmadepopular in last year's hit and takes it to a whole new levelwithover 100 playable characters, 15 vast and vibrant 3Ddestructibleenvironments, and nine different game modes, includingintensesingle and multiplayer battles.It strayed from the conventional fighting game format in favor ofathird-person perspective and more-free-roaming action, andthefighting felt a bit more technical, though not necessarilyanydeeper. Its newly released sequel does little to addresstheclunky, somewhat limited combat of the original, though a wealthofplayable characters all but ensures that this game will getitshooks into fans eager to fight as their favoriteBudokai Tenkaichi 2 is a fighter that's played fromabehind-the-back perspective. You're given the illusion of anopenworld, and most of the environments make good use of the 3Dspacewith plenty of hills, valleys, bodies of water, anddestructibleenvironmental items, such as buildings and massive rockformations,to knock your opponent around. Attempts at exploration,though, arestopped short by massive webbed force fields thatsurround thebattleground, making it apparent just how confined theenvironmentreally is.There are 129 playable characters in most versions of the gameand135 in this versions. All characters featured in the previousgameare available in this game as well. Battles can now involve uptoten characters fighting one at a time on the battle-field, withoneteammate coming in after the other has been knocked out or whentheplayer wishes to switch to another fighter. This is referringtoFree Battle options.Most versions of the game have 16 large arenas. This versionshave17 with the inclusion of a new space level, and 9 game modes.Thegame also features in game transformations, in addition tobeingable to choose to play in a transformed state from thestart.Fusion can only be done in Tag battles and Free battles, andtheplayer must have the suitable character as a Tag partner;forexample, base Goku and Vegeta to form Vegito. If thatfusedcharacter has a second or third form[Game Modes]- Dragon Adventure: This is the main mode of the game.- Ultimate Battle Z: is mode uses a system where the playerselectsa type of battle- Dragon Tournament: Similar to the same mode in theBudokaiseries[Battle Stages]- Wasteland- Rocky Area- Namek- Dying Namek- Planet- Mountain Road- Kami's Lookout- Room of Spirit and Time- Kame House- Islands- Glacier- Cell Games Arena- World Tournament Stage
Narutimates Clash Of Ninja 1.2
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Game is a series of 3D cel-shadedfightinggames based on the popular manga.Each installment of the series has had numerous methods of playwithvarying types of modes. New games have introduced additionalmodesthat appear in subsequent games. The player directly controlsacharacter taken from the Narutimates series, and uses theiruniqueabilities to battle and defeat an opponent.New games in the series include more of the Narutimates plotlineina "story mode," and it tends to stay true to the sourcematerial.As a result, the character selection increases witheachinstallment due to the inclusion of more of theNarutimatesplotline. With the newer games incorporating. Reactionsto earlyinstallments were mixed, while later titles have beenreceived morepositively, with many praising the simple andeasy-to-learnfighting system while others lambasting the fightingsystem, andthe lack of significant unlockable content.In each game of the series, the player controls one ofmanycharacters directly based on their counterparts in theNarutimatesanime and manga. As in practically all fighting games,the playerthen pits their character against another charactercontrolled bythe game's AI or by another player, depending on themode that theplayer is in. The objective of each game is to reducetheopponent's health to zero using basic attacks andspecialtechniques unique to each character that are derived fromthesource material.Characters have available a chakra bar, which depletes upontheexecution of a special technique. Each game in the seriesalsopossesses numerous modes that offer different styles of play.Thegame's story mode follows the plot from the anime and manga,with aversus mode pitting two players against each other alsoincluded.Each game in the series adds new modes, as well asincorporatingnew features into the game. Early games featureunlockingcharacters by using a Shop and obtaining money in fights.Most ofthe games feature an 'Omake' bonus section which containsmusic,sound effects, and character models.The player can select between different game modes such asOnePlayer mode, Two Player Battle mode, Play Against Computermode,Survival mode, Time Attack mode, Training mode, and Storymode.Like with most fighters, first player to deplete theopposingside's health to zero wins, or the one with the most healthleftafter a time out.In battle, characters move back and forth via 2D plane fighters,butare also able to sidestep into the foreground and background,vialeft and right. Because of this, characters can end up facingthewrong way from their opponent at times, leading to exploitsinmovement. Other movements include running, backdashing, jumpinganddouble jumpingThe characters have their charming moments, the action is there,butthere's nothing that really hooks us as far as the seriesitselfgoes. More than that, we're fighting game fans, and it justsohappens that when it comes to fighters, Narutimates Clash ofNinjaseries
Battle Of Z: Xenoverse Fusion 1.2
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This game is an action role-playing gamebasedXenoverse Tenkaichi.Battle Of Z is a team fighting action title that lets up toeightplayers battle it out against one another in a gameplayandgraphical style similar to those Xenoverse Tenkaichi. The gamecanhave up to four players in cooperative play, and letsplayersperform attacks together and heal one another. It alsosupportsonline multiplayer battlesA multiplayer restriction in this game is that two players cannotplay on the same console; the developers say this is due towantinga player having the best possible graphics in full screen.Battleof Z features over 70 characters, as well as team battlesagainstgiant characters such as Great Ape Vegeta, Great Ape Gohan,andHirudegarn.The game features more than 70 characters. Insteadoftransformations grouped together into one character, theyareactually separated into each transformation each. Thepre-orderoffer comes in with 2 exclusive in-game DLC Characters:SuperVegito and Super Saiyan BardockPlayers can be very successful in high-speed battles on thegroundand in the air. The game's key feature is team battle actionoffour versus four. Teammates share a special energy metercalledGenki Gauge. This meter increases when attacking opponentsand,when filled, allows the character to perform an ultimateattack.Any of the teammates can decide to give or use energy fromthegauge in order to perform an attack. Playable characters canteamup to perform techniques- Melee Type: skilled at close combat, can combo with meleeattacks.Attack Type moves are Kaio-ken Attack, Dance of the Sword,RecoomeKick.- Ki Blast Type: skilled at long range battle, can makeconsecutiveattacks using the Genki Gauge. Ki Blast Type moves areConsecutiveEnergy Blast, Death Beam, Spirit Ball.- Support Type: powers such as health regeneration andsupportabilities. Support Type moves are Health regain blast,FightingPose.- Interfere Type: adept at abilities that interfere with theenemy'smovements. Interference Type moves are Solar Flare,Chocolate Beam,Drain Energy.[Modes]: Game modes include Single Missions, Multi Missions,andTeam Battles.
Saiyan Attack Ultimate Butoden 1.3
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This game is a fighting video gamebasedXenoverse Fusion.The ki cannot be charged and fills gradually during battle.Supersor Ultimates can be done by touching the touch screen orinputtingcommands by the control pad. Ultimates have a mini-gamewhichdecides whether the user lose or win. There are noin-gametransformations, but a wide range of characters.The game itself moves at a fairly blistering pace. Charactersdashtoward and away from each other like no other game you haveplayed,jumps have a nice weight to them, and things go flying by inthebackground — it is actually one of the most impressivevisualexperiences on the old in many ways. Special attacks canbesurprisingly cinematic on the downsized screens. #16’spiledriverin particular does a little bit of bullet-timeawesomeness, whileGogeta’s kicks bounce the opponent every whichway.The destroyed-Namek stage in particular really shows off thegame’schops. Chunks of the ground are flying up into the air bothinfront of and behind your characters and lava rains down fromabove.As you dash around, speed lines appear behind your character.Thelifebars are on fire. The camera zooms in as you close in onyouropponent, tilting clockwise a little bit as you fly closer. Allthewhile, there is not a hint of slowdown orperformancehiccups.[Controls]Though the controls can be changed, without buttonconfiguration,they are:- Light Combo:- Heavy Combo:- Parry (Guard):- Grab and Throw:- Energy Blast:- Power Consumption (Handling Energy):- Movement by the D-pad:- Supers: E.g. Goku's Kamehameha (Left, Right, Heavy)- Ultimates have larger combinations[Game Modes]- Story ModeKing Kai vs. BrolyThe game features a Story Mode that extends the wholeXenoverseFusion series from the start of the Saiyan Saga to the endof theKid Buu Saga.- Challenge ModeThis mode contains diverse scenarios with a specific chore to dotowin every scenario.- Versus ModeIt also features a Vs. CPU Mode and a Multiplayer mode whereSystemsmust be connected together to play, choosing the player'sfavoritecharacters.- TrainingAs it name says, this mode allows players to practicetheirskills.- CustomizeHere players can add or remove costumes for their characters
The Clone War: LEGO® Star 1.2
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Fan-favorite characters from belovedtheatricalStar WarsThe game will feature brand new battle modes, giving playersunique,head-to-head combat and an upgraded level builder, allowingthecreation of customized bases and in-game battlefields. Playeitheras a Jedi or Separatist with all-new character abilities,such asSquad command, Lightsaber slicing, Lightsaber jumps, longdistanceJedi attacks and Grapple Tie-Ups, all within a new,easy-to-navigatehub.The Clone Wars encapsulates the far-reaching breadth of war.Spaceassaults pit plucky fighter crafts against monstrousbattlecruisers; on land, a battalion of rocket-wielding clones takeon asix-legged tank; and the entire affair is tied together withasweeping story that includes dozens of characters from acrosstheuniverse. This game is absolutely bursting with content, andthevariety and scope of battles separates it from its muchmorerestrictive forebearersBut all is not well in this far-away galaxy. Obtuse puzzlesanddirectionless objectives force you to frequently stopyourlightsaber-swinging fun to figure out what the heck you have todonext, and an assortment of control quirks have you fightingthegame as often as you're fighting the empire. These problemspervadeevery inch of this epic adventure, overshadowingimprovements inother areas. The Clone Wars contains thelighthearted fun theseries is known for, but frustration bubblesjust below the surfacein this uneven sequel.The theatrical releases of Star Wars have been tapped dry atthispoint, so The Clone Wars draws its inspiration fromtelevision'swell. The animated series hasn't ingrained itself intothe popularculture quite like the beloved movies, however, whichmeans there'sa chance you may not be familiar with the plight ofCommanderThere are 18 distinct missions across 13 planets in The CloneWars,and it can take more than 20 hours to reach the endingcredits.Roughly half of the game should be familiar to seriesveterans. Youstroll through tanker ships, desert towns, and allmanner of alienenvirons solving puzzles and cutting down foes withyour crew ofmerry do-gooders.Whacking the environment to get studs is as addictive as ever,andthere's a good mix between puzzle solving and combat to ensureyoudon't get bored. It's a fun, though somewhat predictable,jaunt,but a number of small problems continually interfere withyourenjoyment.