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Candy Camera & Photo Editor & Color Splash Effect
Color Splash Effect Photo Editor is acomprehensive photo editor with many amazing effects andfilters.Color Splash Effect Photo Editor is the one of best collage makerand photo editor that helps you stitch multiple photos withhundreds of collage layout frames and photo grids.Very powerful photo editor and everything you could ever want froma photo editor. Now Pip Camera is included.You can blur the entire photo and clear the part you want to focusby painting that area. You can blur unwanted part of your photo.You can choose the blur intensity.Color Splash Effect Photo Editor has the best fun selfie camera& funny camera effects. Take selfies with face live cameraenjoy the selfie filters. Catch fun selfie video filters of editorlive face camera for the best effecst and. face by adorning dogears and dog nose. Discover the best funny selfie filters, funnycamera effects for profile photos. Change face via filters motionstickers, convert faces to cute animal faces with a. Make alivethanks to fun selfie camera stickers. Revealing art with, funfilters and motion stickers never be so easy. Face camera andfilters of Color Splash Effect Photo Editor involves funny cameraeffects. Color Splash editor presents photo filters stickers tohelp you test hundreds of funny selfie filters, funny cameraeffects & face camera and face filters. Post and funny faceswith a on Fcaebook, Instagram and social platforms.40+ effects, stickers and features to apply to your photos!Color Splash Effect Photo Editor will give you the photo you wantin no time.Color Splash Effect Photo Editor is a fun and powerful photo editorthat lets you quickly be artist, even if you have never edited anyphoto before.Features:Photo filters photo effects and frames.Crop before or after editing photos.Adjust brightness, contrast, color temperature, andsaturation.Pip Camera: The most creative selfie mode, PIP Camera isadded.Add text and stickers and emojis.Create photo grids and photo collages.100 photo collages and grid templates.Emojis tags emoticons, and smileys, add reminder tags and emojis,smiles and make your photo more stylish.Add tilt shift to your photos.Make blur background to your photos.Light leak feature, add light leak effect, turn your photos intoart.
Collage Photo Mirror & Face Live Camera
Create mirror and collage photos, edit anyphoto or stitch multiple photos into one collage photo with theMirror Photo Collage Maker. With mirror photo collage maker, youcan create many left-right, up-down reflection style of photos. Youcan apply many photo filters and frames to the mirror and collagephotos. Stitch photos together, create photo collage, merge up to 9photos together. Mirror photo collage maker is a powerful photoeditor and photo collage maker with the mirror effects.Mirror Photo Collage Maker is the best photo face swap editor. Addface swap emoji filters to photos with funny motion stickers.Create pictures using face camera filters. Discover funny dog ears,nose for your mirror photos to get the best grid. Enjoy hundreds ofmotion stickers, become a cute kitty with dog ears, animal tongues,cute cat's nose. Experience hundreds of filters, masks, motionstickers and live camera effects. Mirror Photo photo editor forfunny smiley stickers, filters lets you bring out pictures throughface filters, rainbow filters. Compose photos with funny cool offace filters. Apply stickers, photo effects to gain funny faceswith photo and face camera filters. Pick pictures from the galleryadorn with funny motion stickers effects. Mirror Photo CollageMaker face camera filters lets you share the funny faces with a onsocial media.Mirror photo collage maker features:Left right mirror, up down mirror, reflect 4 reflections, 15 totalmirror effects.37 photo filters and 60 frames.Create collage photos with photo collage function: more than 150grids and 60+ splits templatesPhoto editor: adjust the contrast, brightness, saturation andvignette.Add text and captions.More than 200 stickers and emotions.Share the photo on Instagram, twitter, Facebook.
Collage Photo Maker Pic Grid
Collage Photo Maker Pic GridCollage Photo Maker Pic Grid is the best collage maker and photogrid effects.The best collage photo maker to grid photos.Collage photo maker for photo and photography funs. Collage PhotoMaker includes the best features for amazing photo collages of yourpictures. Collage Maker helps you combine photos in a grid. Makeyour photo collages using hundreds stickers, animated filters,grids, layouts and discover photo frames for the best piccollages.Collage Photo Maker Pic Grid has the best photo face swap editorand motion filters. Take selfies with face camera to swap face.Enjoy editor live camera to change your face. Face live camerafeatures of Collage Maker lets you create funny faces with selfiefilters videos and funny camera effects. For the amazing facecamera photos and face filters. Collage Photo Maker face swapperand face live camera offers face effects, dog filters. Discover theunique cartoons, emoji and motion stickers swap face. To bring thefunniest animal faces with photo editor download Collage PhotoMaker! Adjust photos, images into funny pics with dog face motionstickers photo editor.Crop, resize, blur and beautify pictures photos in a grid for yourscrapbook, enjoy multiple stickers, texts, backgrounds, boarders,adjust photos, pictures, images brightness, contrast, saturationand layout. Choose your favorite collage maker and photo editorapp, step into photo editor world.FeaturesBest collage maker features to grid image.Edit and collage photos, pictures in seconds.Post your grid photo collages to Instagram, share on socialplatforms.Simple and Easy way of photo grid.Photo collage maker turns your phone into a photo studio and letsyou create photo collages on a grid.Reshape images, photos, pics with one tap.Edit photos for the best grid with animated filter effects.Hundreds of layouts of collage photo framesDecorate your collage with fun stickers, layouts, filters.Adjust the photo border, background with photo editor.Find a photo grid to make a collage in seconds.Single touch to rotate, resize pictures to grid.Choose from exclusive stickers and backgrounds to get the bestpicture collage.Brand new stickers and backgrounds for free photo collage.
Photo Editor Collage Maker Pro
Photo Editor Collage Maker is a powerful photoeditor and collage maker for you to create amazing collage photos,stickers, backgrounds, text with layout and frames.Photo Editor Collage Maker is the best collage maker and photoeditor that helps you stitch multiple photos with myriad layoutframes and photo grids.Photo Editor Collage Maker has a simple design with a powerfulcollage maker and an amazing photo editor!Photo Editor Collage Maker is an easy to use and powerful photoeditor and collage maker!Add emoticons to your photos with Emojis smiles and smiles andpopular tags.Photo Editor Collage Maker Pro includes funny face swapper, motionphoto stickers and filters. Dress photos with funny doggy face,ears and nose with dog filters. Add photo filters, stickers, andeffects on your pictures change your face into doggy face with a offinger. Turn videos into artworks with Photo Editor face livecamera motion stickers to swap face. Choose photo from the gallery,adorn faces with funny dog filters, emoji and stickers. Experiencethe fancy face swap photo editor, make fun with funny animalfilters, motion stickers and effects. Enjoy selfie with motionfaces and photos. Shoot funny videos via live face camera effects,share videos instantly on Instagram, Facebook and socialplatforms.Features:Hundreds of layouts and frames to choose from!Easy to change border colors, backgrounds and patterns!Simple touch gestures to rotate, resize, flipHundreds of backgrounds and fun stickers!Easy to add text and stickers!A full-featured photo editor included!Easy to use fluid design.Amazing photo effects & filtersShare on social network
Photo Editor & Beauty Camera & Face Filters
Create amazing photos using beauty cameraeffects!Change your face with Insta Face Filters!Combine photo editing with emojis, filters, motion stickers!Bring beautiful photos together with Photo Editor!✦ Beauty CameraThe best face beautification makeup tools with beauty selfiecamera. Create beauty faces with the best beauty camera features.Beauty app dynamic camera captures selfie with beauty face filters.with beauty selfie camera to smooth skin and whiten your teeth withinsta beauty photo editor.✦ Makeup Studiophoto with beauty app, apply funny makeup camera filters, emoji,effects and stickers. Use fancy teeth whitener and face cleanertools with photo editor. Boost creativity with beauty app photoeditor, create beautiful face shots, beauty app fun filters andmotion stickers. Makeup your face with beauty app, share yourbeauty makeup face on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.✦ Change your skin tone with beauty makeup blemish remover!✦ Dress up your face with funny animal filters, motion stickers andbeauty camera effects!✦ Make your pupils shine with eye makeup with of beauty!✦ Erase bad looking red eyes with eye beautification and eyemodification tools!✦ Adjust lip colors with beauty tools!✦ Face FiltersPhoto Editor & Beauty Camera & Face Filters includes funnyface motion stickers and filters. Dress photos with funny beautyapp doggy face, ears and nose with dog filters. Add eye photofilters, stickers, and effects on your pictures with photo editorbeauty camera. Change your face into doggy face, change your eyecolor with makeup editor photo cleaner acne remover with instabeauty cam.✦ Photo EditorPhoto Editor is a powerful photo editor to create amazing collagephotos, stickers, backgrounds, text with layout and frames. Usehundreds of layouts and frames and change border colors,backgrounds and patterns of your photos. Photo editor lets yourotate, resize, flip and add text & stickers on photos. Shareamazing photo effects & filters on social network.✦ Collage MakerPhoto Editor & Beauty Camera & Face Filters is the bestphoto collage maker. With collage square, you can combine photosinto photo collages with perfect design layout for Instagram.Stylize your pictures with amazing filters, add stickers and text.Decorate your pics with multiple filters, effects and beautifulemojis to make your photos one in a grid.
MakeUp & Beauty - Photo Editor - Photo Filter
Photo Editor - Photo Effects & Sticker& Filter is a beauty photo editing makeup camera creates photoswith makeup filters, effects, stickers and emojis. This magicmakeup Photo Editor - Selfie Camera creates photos with creativephoto effects.Photo Editor - Selfie Camera has the best makeup features withbeauty camera with picture editing effects.Take a selfie, enjoy creative photo effects of beauty makeup selfiecamera!Makeup Photo Editor & Selfie CameraMakeup feature of Photo Editor Selfie Camera helps you gain beautyface photos with beautification tools. Change your lips color,reshape your eyelashes and eyebrow. Whiten your teeth for a shiningsmile.✦Beauty Photo EditorBeauty Makeup Selfie Camera beautify your face with beauty makeupcamera creative photo editor effects. To get a smooth skin andwhiten your teeth download insta beauty photo editor makeup camera.Remove blemish, adjust skin tone with beauty makeup camera. Addfunny animal filters, motion stickers on photos with beauty cameracreative photo editor effects.✦Best Makeup ToolsTake a quick selfie, catch a beauty face!The best makeup set with beauty selfie makeup camera. Try out thebest beauty makeup tools to remove the blemishes on face. Get ridof bad eye circle on face with photo editor. Makeup your lipscolorful and stylish.✦ Eye Makeup Tools◇ Remove red eyes on photos with beauty photo editing tools. Changeyour eye color, hide eye circles with makeup selfie camera.◇ Photo Editor Beauty Camera mascara tools refresh face with eyeshadow and eyeliner. Apply amazing eyelashes and cosmetic contactlenses.✦Enhance your Lips & Whiten your Teeth◇ Lip plumping lipsticks lets you change lip color and shine yourbeauty face.◇ To get snow white teeth use teeth whitener tools.◇ Enhance your lips and teeth, give a natural smile and take aselfie✦Makeup &Beauty Camera◇Beauty Make up Selfie Camera includes makeup camera filters withcreative photo effects.◇Reshape photos with beauty doggy face, ears and nose with pictureediting effects.◇Add eye photo filters and stickers with beauty makeupcamera.✦Beauty Selfie Camera Effects◇Change your eye color with makeup camera photo editor.◇Beauty Makeup Photo Editor Face live camera motion sticker changeslips color.◇Beauty camera editor, adorn faces with funny makeup camerafilters, emoji and stickers.✦Collage Photo Maker◇ The best collage photo maker to grid photos with creative photoeffects.◇ Collage Photo Maker tools include the best features for photocollages.◇ Make photo collages via hundreds stickers, filters.◇ Discover photo frames for the best pic collages.✦Mirror Image◇ Creates mirror effects for your pictures.◇ Mirror your collage with fun flowers, crowns, stickers, layoutsand filters.◇ Adjust the photo border, background with mirror photo collagemaker.✦Photo Editor Filters & Stickers◇ Amazing funny face, bunny photo stickers & filters, pictureediting effects.◇ Decorate photos with kitten stickers & funny doggy face, earsand nose with dog filters.◇ Photo Editor filters and stickers units with live camera filtersand motion stickers.◇ Adorn faces with funny dog filters, emoji and kittenstickers.✦Instant Photo Filters◇ Apply photo editor filters, stickers, and creative photo effectson pictures.◇ Shoot fun videos with live face camera effects share videosrapidly on Instagram, Facebook.◇ Enjoy dozens of filters, creative photo effects and masks viamotion stickers of live camera.✦Share PhotosShare your artworks and selfies instantly on socialplatforms.
PIP Selfie Camera Photo Editor
PIP Selfie Camera Photo Editor is acombination of pip, photo collage, photo grid and photo editingtools.Best photo frame for selfies! Create awesome photos with amazingframes and collage layouts.PIP Selfie Camera Photo Editor puts your photo into another photowith special frames, lets you create stunning photos with creativeframes. PIP Selfie Camera also comes with an amazing collage makerand powerful photo editor camera.Camera of PIP Selfie Photo Editor meets photography lovers. Cameraof Pic-in-Pic goes with PIP Collage mode. Capture cameraphotography of PIP, enjoy selfie camera. Discover amazing cameraeffects, frames and picture in picture features. Share photos onFacebook, Twitter and Instagram.PIP Selfie Camera Photo Editor and camera offers a variety of imagefilters. Overlay photo frames right in the camera view, edit theimages foreground and background separately.Pip Selfie Camera Photo Editor face changer filters lets creatingface photos with face effects and motion stickers. To add funnyanimal stickers affects and filters on faces download Pip Selfiephoto editor. Motion stickers and filters & effects of Pipeditor helps you more realistic photos and pictures. With the funnyface camera effects and live filters of Pip editor bring mask faces& animal faces together. Shoot & selfies with pip funselfie face camera to swap faces, create photos with funny facefilters. Catch a new look with optimal back and front live cameraof Pip Selfie photo face filters. than post photos instantly onFacebook, Instagram.PIP Selfie Camera Photo Editor and its camera outstands with photoeffects, filters, frames, photography features. Capture moments viaselfie camera of beautiful filters and layouts. PIP Selfie PhotoEditor via its camera sets photograph in photograph withimaginative edges.Edit photos, images, pictures, selfies by importing from gallery ortaking a live photo, add effects, filters.Add photo frames, photo within photo effects to images, adjustborders patterns to the actual picture. PIP Selfie Camera PhotoEditor performs frames backgrounds over the camera view.Apply camera image effects of picture in picture, add filters tothe foreground and background with a single touch, store the phototo the camera roll instantly.Arrange pip photo albums feel the best moments with camera.Take a photo decorate with filters layouts.Photo in photo shines out with camera feature.Hundreds collages, frames, backgrounds, filters.Photo effects turn photography into a unique experience.Camera supports both rear and front cams.Edit, rotate, resize, repose the image on the screen, drag the partinside the frame, add the effects.PIP Selfie Camera Photo Editor is a free picture editing app whichis fun and easy to use.Add new frames, insert new colors, adjust brightness contrast,enhance the overall picture, and turn photos into art.Make collages and grid, create beautiful collages from variousimages in seconds. Delete, insert and replace pictures from thecollege.Add stickers, texts, and themes with PIP photo editor, enjoycamera.PIP editor provides lots of photo editing features and photo inphoto effects, pip photo effect camera layouts.Key Features:Choose any photo from your gallery or take a selfie withcamera.Select any frame from 40+ special pip frames or get more pip framesfrom online library.More than 150 pip frames and 200+ photo collages.Background photo is blurred automatically, you can add filters tobackground or foreground or both to pop any part of yourphotos.Blur background square photos would make you share your entirephotos on Instagram.30+ photo filters.Decorate your photos with 1000+ emojis, fun stickers andtexts.Share your awesome photos on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or othersocial networks to impress your friends with creation of this greatphoto editor tool.
Photo Collage Editor You Makeup and Makeover
Collage Maker & Makeup Magic Makeover hasthe best makeup tool with face beautification and beauty cam.Makeup - You Makeover Editor is a powerful makeup photo editor tocreate beauty faces with the best beauty technology features.Makeup Magic Makeover dynamic camera captures your selfie and turnsyour face into a beautiful face instantly. For the best eyebeautification try Makeup - You Makeover Editor beautyfeatures.Do you makeup with beauty cam selfie camera for magic makeover? GetMakeup - You Makeover Editor to create beautiful faces with fastdynamic beauty tools and stickers of beauty technology. Captureyour dynamic beauty, combine rich filter effect with virtual beautycam background. with beauty selfie camera to smooth skin and whitenyour teeth with insta beauty magic makeover photo editor. Changeyour skin tone with beauty makeup blemish remover, dress up yourface with funny animal filters, motion stickers and beauty cameraeffects. Remove red eye with eye beautification editor. Make yourpupils shine with eye makeup with a of beauty. Eye catching makeupmagic makeover photo editor lets you remove eye circles with aninsta beauty. Change your face looking with eye brown beautyeditor.Selfie time with Beauty Selfie Camera!Grid photos with Photo Collage Editor!Change your face with Face Live Filters & Stickers!Photo Collage Editor Selfie Camera Filter Sticker is a powerfulbeauty camera collage with amazing face effects & live filtersand stickers.✦Beauty Selfie CameraBeauty Selfie Camera creates the best look and beautiful face inseconds. Try beauty selfie editor with the best makeup tools.Choose among hundreds beauty filters, stickers and effects tosmooth your face instantly. Adjust face tune remove pimples andblemishes with face cleaner for a flawless skin.Beauty Selfie Camera to make selfies beautiful!Fundamental makeup sets and instant makeover tools!Gain beautiful attractive eye makeup!Change eye color with beauty makeup tools and get rid of eyesbags.Remove red eyes in the photos, catch a shiny look.Lip Plumping & Teeth WhiteningTry the best lipstick enhancement tools to change lip color.Gleam your teeth with teeth whitener feature with a tap.✦Collage MakerBest Photo Collage Editor turns your pics into art. Enjoy widevarieties of beauty camera photo frames of pic editor. Photo Editorbeauty camera filters create perfect picture. Photo collage editorlets you to add perfect background for the pic collage. Beautifypics with best photo collage editor beauty selfie camera. Editpictures and stickers with photography apps. Transform your photosinto best profile pics. Add text on photos, stickers with bestphoto collage editor. Beauty Selfie Camera units with free photofilters and photo stickers.✦Photo EditorPhoto Collage Editor is a great collage maker and photo editing appthat lets you create and edit photos with funny filters, effects,stickers and emojis. Photo Collage Editor for photo and photographyfuns. Photo Collage Editor includes the best features for amazingphoto collages of your pictures. Photo Collage helps you combinephotos in a grid. Make your photo collages using hundreds stickers,animated filters, grids, layouts and discover photo frames for thebest pic collages. Crop, resize, blur and beautify pictures photosin a grid for your scrapbook, enjoy multiple stickers, texts,backgrounds, boarders, adjust photos, pictures, images brightness,contrast, saturation and layout.✦Face Live Filters & Motion StickersDiscover Photo Collage Editor face live motion stickers beautyselfie camera. Bring photo filters with selfie filters together.Enjoy funny camera effects with makeup filters. Apply beauty facecamera & filters on your photos. Motion stickers, face effectswork best for selfie videos. Photo collage Editor includes dogfilters and stickers for motion photos. Best app to get the funnyanimal faces with shots motion stickers and filters.
Photo Editor Filter Sticker & PIP Collage Maker
The best photo editor and pip collage framesfor photos! Make most fun selfies with extra creative pip framesand special collage layouts!PIP Photo Collage Maker is a creative photo editor that lets youcreate photo in pics (pip) and collage photos for you to createamazing pip collage photos with layout and frames.PIP Photo Collage Maker is the best collage maker and photo editorthat helps you stitch multiple photos with myriad layout frames,photo grids.Pip Photo Collage Maker snappy photo filters and stickers lets youcreate amazing collages with fun selfie camera. Face snap filtersof Pip Photo Collage Maker suits best for snappy photo snapshots.Try out dozens of live camera filters, faces effects, and motionstickers. Add funny dog ears and nose to your pics. Use snappyphoto filters and stickers of Pip Photo for funny bunny stickers.Adorn faces with smiley filters, kitten and rabbit stickers.Embellish faces with snapshot face filters and rainbow filters.Change face, enjoy funny camera motion stickers and filters for thebest snaps and faces. Turn photos into art with live camera motionstickers & filters. Pip Photo Collage Maker lets you share thefunny faces with a snap on social media.PIP Photo Collage Maker has a simple design with a powerful, funpip frames, collage maker and an amazing photo editor with the mostcreative photo in pic pip mode!PIP Photo Collage Maker is an easy to use, creative photo editorand pip frame collage maker!PIP Photo Collage Maker Features:Create collage photos with unique pip frames.Choose any photo from your gallery or take a selfie withcamera.Select any frame from 40+ special pip frames or get more pip framesfrom online library.Add emotions to your creative photos with Emojis, smiles , populartags.Background photo is blurred automatically, you can add filters tobackground or foreground or both to pop any part of yourphotos.Create free style collages with scrapbook mode.40+ pip designs.Hundreds of layouts, frames to choose from!A full-featured photo editor included!Amazing photo effects & filtersCreate blur background images for instagram.
FaceSwap - Face Swap Photo 1.0.5
Swap faces with your friends in your photoswith Face Swap.Face Swap lets you wap your faces with your friends. Save photoswith swapped faces on your phone. This app only switches faces onphotos and there is no live option for now. Ever wanted to use autoface swapper that would create face swaps within secondsautomatically.Features:Swap faces between photos.Auto face recognition.Auto face swap.
Dunk Shoot 1.0.1
Dunk shoot is hot arcade game foreverybody.Shoot the balls, jump to next hoop. Have joy of becomingabasketball star.