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Selfie Camera - Photo Editor & Filter & Sticker 2.3.1
Selfie time with Selfie Camera Photo Editor& Filter & Sticker.Selfie Camera & Photo Editor is a powerful beauty camera editorwith amazing collage effects & live filters and stickers.Selfie Camera Photo Editor & Filter & Sticker has the bestphoto face swap photo editor and motion filters to change sweetselfie into funny faces.Selfie Camera Photo Editor involves beauty camera tools for thebest makeup to beautify faces.Selfie Camera Photo Editor beatification tools suit you best tobeautify your face with makeup features.Selfie CameraTake a sweet selfie with funny face camera of Selfie Camera PhotoEditor. Enjoy photo editor live camera to change faces with facelive camera features. Create funny faces with selfie camera filters& stickers and funny camera effects. Beauty camera and facelive motion stickers comes together with filters and effects. Trythe funny effects with selfie camera photo editor.Beauty Makeup Selfie CameraBeauty Makeup Selfie Camera creates the best look and beautifulskin. Try beauty makeup selfie editor with the best makeup tools.Choose among hundreds beauty filters, stickers and effects tosmooth your face instantly. Adjust face tune remove pimples andblemishes with face cleaner for a flawless skin.✦Beauty Makeup Camera to make selfie beautiful!✦Fundamental makeup sets and makeover tools!✦Gain beautiful attractive eye makeup!✦Change eye color with beauty makeup tools and get rid of eyesbags.✦Remove red eyes in the photos, catch a shiny look.✦Lip Plumping & Teeth Whitening✦Try the best lipstick enhancement tools to change lip color.✦Gleam your teeth with teeth whitener feature with a tap, impresseverybody with your smile.Mirror ImageSelfie Camera Photo Editor has the best mirror image photo withface live filters motion stickers. Take a sweet selfie with funnyface camera of mirror image to change faces. Mirror image effectslets you create funny faces with selfie filters & stickers andfunny camera effects.PIP CameraSelfie Camera Photo Editor PIP Camera feature lets you createimpressive pic in pic photos. Try Photo in Photo glass and handframes. Select magazine and board pic in pic frames to get amazingphoto in photo pictures. Add stickers, backgrounds and text to PIPCamera photos.Face Live Camera Photo EditorSelfie Camera Photo Editor has the best face camera filters forphotos. Add funny photo filters and motion stickers on your face.Discover smiley filters, stickers and effects. Face Live CameraPhoto Editor includes amazing funny live camera effects and selfiefilters.Fun StickersBring joy to life with selfie filters and funny camera effects.Photo Editor launch the best camera filters, motion stickers,selfie filters and funny camera effects. Turn your pictures intoart work with motion stickers and filters. Amazing effects andstickers with funny stickers tools. Filtering photos with motionstickers face effects makes pictures beautiful. Create filters andstickers with face camera.Key Features:✦1200+ funny emojis, stickers, filters, layouts and frames tobeautify selfies.✦Resize stickers and filters with ease.✦Change border colors, backgrounds and patterns.✦Simple touch gestures to rotate, resize, flip.✦Hundreds of backgrounds and fun stickers.✦Beauty mascara lets you adjust eye shadow and eyeliner.✦Redesign your eyelashes and contact lenses according to yourtaste.✦Easy to add text and stickers.✦A full-featured photo editor included.✦Amazing photo effects & filters.✦Pip Camera: The most creative selfie mode, PIP Camera isadded.✦Change colors of your photos, create photo grids and photocollages.✦Tens of fancy borders and frames, add text and caption tophotos.✦Share your edited images on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
Candy Camera & Photo Editor & Color Splash Effect
Color Splash Effect Photo Editor is acomprehensive photo editor with many amazing effects andfilters.Color Splash Effect Photo Editor is the one of best collage makerand photo editor that helps you stitch multiple photos withhundreds of collage layout frames and photo grids.Very powerful photo editor and everything you could ever want froma photo editor. Now Pip Camera is included.You can blur the entire photo and clear the part you want to focusby painting that area. You can blur unwanted part of your photo.You can choose the blur intensity.Color Splash Effect Photo Editor has the best fun selfie camera& funny camera effects. Take selfies with face live cameraenjoy the selfie filters. Catch fun selfie video filters of editorlive face camera for the best effecst and. face by adorning dogears and dog nose. Discover the best funny selfie filters, funnycamera effects for profile photos. Change face via filters motionstickers, convert faces to cute animal faces with a. Make alivethanks to fun selfie camera stickers. Revealing art with, funfilters and motion stickers never be so easy. Face camera andfilters of Color Splash Effect Photo Editor involves funny cameraeffects. Color Splash editor presents photo filters stickers tohelp you test hundreds of funny selfie filters, funny cameraeffects & face camera and face filters. Post and funny faceswith a on Fcaebook, Instagram and social platforms.40+ effects, stickers and features to apply to your photos!Color Splash Effect Photo Editor will give you the photo you wantin no time.Color Splash Effect Photo Editor is a fun and powerful photo editorthat lets you quickly be artist, even if you have never edited anyphoto before.Features:Photo filters photo effects and frames.Crop before or after editing photos.Adjust brightness, contrast, color temperature, andsaturation.Pip Camera: The most creative selfie mode, PIP Camera isadded.Add text and stickers and emojis.Create photo grids and photo collages.100 photo collages and grid templates.Emojis tags emoticons, and smileys, add reminder tags and emojis,smiles and make your photo more stylish.Add tilt shift to your photos.Make blur background to your photos.Light leak feature, add light leak effect, turn your photos intoart.
Photo Editor Selfie Camera Filter & Mirror Image
Photo Editor Selfie Camera Filter & MirrorImage has the best photo face swap photo editor and motion filters.Take a sweet selfie with funny face camera of mirror image editor.Enjoy mirror image editor live camera to change faces. Face livecamera features of Photo Editor Selfie Camera Filter & MirrorImage lets you create funny faces with selfie filters &stickers and funny camera effects. Face live camera photos comestogether with filters & stickers. Try the funny effects, dogfilters. Taste the funniest animal faces with mirror image photoeditor. Create mirror images, photos, with dog face motion stickersphoto editor.Photo Editor Selfie Camera Filter & Mirror Image suits you bestto swap your face with motion stickers and face camera. MirrorImage editor lets you taste style face filters, dog filters, andanimal face effect stickers. Add stickers, live filters, and photoeffects to faces with Mirror Image face swap tools. Turn yourselfinto a new person with funny camera effects and selfie filters.Apply live camera filters. Face camera lets you swap your faceswith motion stickers. Taste the experience of face swapping vialive motion stickers. Convert your face into funny cute animalswith motion effects and filters. Reveal your art with face camerafun filters and motion stickers.Photo Editor Selfie Camera Filter & Mirror Image is a photoeditor with amazing effects, filters and stickers which involvesfunny animal face tools. Apply stickers, filters and photo effectsto gain funny faces with photo and face camera filters. Adorn faceswith face filters and rainbow filters. Try funny camera to photos,combine face filters photos with face camera filters together.Catch new look via back and front live camera of Photo EditorSelfie Camera Filter & Mirror Image photo face filters. PhotoEditor Selfie Camera Filter & Mirror Image editor serves photofilters stickers and hundreds funny selfie filters, funny cameraeffects & face camera and face filters. Post and funny faceswith a on Fcaebook, Instagram and social platforms.Create photo grids and photo collages with Photo Editor SelfieCamera Filter & Mirror Image. Mirror Image provides you a greatcollage maker tool, which will let you to create beautiful photocollages and photo grids. Just select photos and app will give youhundreds of different collage layout and grid options. Createdesired collages and grids.
Collage Photo Mirror & Face Live Camera 1.7.4
Create mirror and collage photos, edit anyphoto or stitch multiple photos into one collage photo with theMirror Photo Collage Maker. With mirror photo collage maker, youcan create many left-right, up-down reflection style of photos. Youcan apply many photo filters and frames to the mirror and collagephotos. Stitch photos together, create photo collage, merge up to 9photos together. Mirror photo collage maker is a powerful photoeditor and photo collage maker with the mirror effects.Mirror Photo Collage Maker is the best photo face swap editor. Addface swap emoji filters to photos with funny motion stickers.Create pictures using face camera filters. Discover funny dog ears,nose for your mirror photos to get the best grid. Enjoy hundreds ofmotion stickers, become a cute kitty with dog ears, animal tongues,cute cat's nose. Experience hundreds of filters, masks, motionstickers and live camera effects. Mirror Photo photo editor forfunny smiley stickers, filters lets you bring out pictures throughface filters, rainbow filters. Compose photos with funny cool offace filters. Apply stickers, photo effects to gain funny faceswith photo and face camera filters. Pick pictures from the galleryadorn with funny motion stickers effects. Mirror Photo CollageMaker face camera filters lets you share the funny faces with a onsocial media.Mirror photo collage maker features:Left right mirror, up down mirror, reflect 4 reflections, 15 totalmirror effects.37 photo filters and 60 frames.Create collage photos with photo collage function: more than 150grids and 60+ splits templatesPhoto editor: adjust the contrast, brightness, saturation andvignette.Add text and captions.More than 200 stickers and emotions.Share the photo on Instagram, twitter, Facebook.
Collage Photo Maker Pic Grid 2.0.2
Collage Photo Maker Pic GridCollage Photo Maker Pic Grid is the best collage maker and photogrid effects.The best collage photo maker to grid photos.Collage photo maker for photo and photography funs. Collage PhotoMaker includes the best features for amazing photo collages of yourpictures. Collage Maker helps you combine photos in a grid. Makeyour photo collages using hundreds stickers, animated filters,grids, layouts and discover photo frames for the best piccollages.Collage Photo Maker Pic Grid has the best photo face swap editorand motion filters. Take selfies with face camera to swap face.Enjoy editor live camera to change your face. Face live camerafeatures of Collage Maker lets you create funny faces with selfiefilters videos and funny camera effects. For the amazing facecamera photos and face filters. Collage Photo Maker face swapperand face live camera offers face effects, dog filters. Discover theunique cartoons, emoji and motion stickers swap face. To bring thefunniest animal faces with photo editor download Collage PhotoMaker! Adjust photos, images into funny pics with dog face motionstickers photo editor.Crop, resize, blur and beautify pictures photos in a grid for yourscrapbook, enjoy multiple stickers, texts, backgrounds, boarders,adjust photos, pictures, images brightness, contrast, saturationand layout. Choose your favorite collage maker and photo editorapp, step into photo editor world.FeaturesBest collage maker features to grid image.Edit and collage photos, pictures in seconds.Post your grid photo collages to Instagram, share on socialplatforms.Simple and Easy way of photo grid.Photo collage maker turns your phone into a photo studio and letsyou create photo collages on a grid.Reshape images, photos, pics with one tap.Edit photos for the best grid with animated filter effects.Hundreds of layouts of collage photo framesDecorate your collage with fun stickers, layouts, filters.Adjust the photo border, background with photo editor.Find a photo grid to make a collage in seconds.Single touch to rotate, resize pictures to grid.Choose from exclusive stickers and backgrounds to get the bestpicture collage.Brand new stickers and backgrounds for free photo collage.
Photo Editor Collage Maker Pro 2.0.6
Photo Editor Collage Maker is a powerful photoeditor and collage maker for you to create amazing collage photos,stickers, backgrounds, text with layout and frames.Photo Editor Collage Maker is the best collage maker and photoeditor that helps you stitch multiple photos with myriad layoutframes and photo grids.Photo Editor Collage Maker has a simple design with a powerfulcollage maker and an amazing photo editor!Photo Editor Collage Maker is an easy to use and powerful photoeditor and collage maker!Add emoticons to your photos with Emojis smiles and smiles andpopular tags.Photo Editor Collage Maker Pro includes funny face swapper, motionphoto stickers and filters. Dress photos with funny doggy face,ears and nose with dog filters. Add photo filters, stickers, andeffects on your pictures change your face into doggy face with a offinger. Turn videos into artworks with Photo Editor face livecamera motion stickers to swap face. Choose photo from the gallery,adorn faces with funny dog filters, emoji and stickers. Experiencethe fancy face swap photo editor, make fun with funny animalfilters, motion stickers and effects. Enjoy selfie with motionfaces and photos. Shoot funny videos via live face camera effects,share videos instantly on Instagram, Facebook and socialplatforms.Features:Hundreds of layouts and frames to choose from!Easy to change border colors, backgrounds and patterns!Simple touch gestures to rotate, resize, flipHundreds of backgrounds and fun stickers!Easy to add text and stickers!A full-featured photo editor included!Easy to use fluid design.Amazing photo effects & filtersShare on social network
Insta Square Size - No Crop Face Live Cam 2.2.2
With Insta Square Size - No Crop, post entirephotos to instagram, make square photos without cropping and resizephotos to fit instagram.Emojis tags and smileys, Add reminder tags and emojis, smiles andmake your photo more stylish.Discover Insta Square face live camera, enjoy motion stickers.Combine snap photo filters with selfie filters videos for the bestfunny camera effects. Apply amazing snap face and snap filters tophotos. Best selfie videos are more fun with motion stickers andface effects. Change faces with dog snap filters in seconds. InstaSquare cartoons, emoji and stickers diversity suits best for motionphotos. Use snap photo editor for selfie pics create snap shotsanimal faces with motion stickers snap filters. Decorate photos,images into snap pics, add dog face lively motion stickers viaphoto editor. Your pictures and photos becomes more beautiful andfunny with snap photo filters stickers and snap effects.40+ filters, overlays and text captions to your photos.Unique filters, overlays and typography to your photos.Over 100 background patterns or background colors.200+ fun stickers ready for your square photos.Create collage photos.More than 100 special collage layouts.Light leak feature, add light leak effect, turn your photos intoart.Get Insta Square Size - No Crop now, it is the best app to postentire photos on Instagram without cropping.
Photo Collage Editor Selfie Camera Filter Sticker 1.7.4
Selfie time with Beauty Selfie Camera!Grid photos with Photo Collage Editor!Change your face with Face Live Filters & Stickers!Photo Collage Editor Selfie Camera Filter Sticker is a powerfulbeauty camera collage with amazing face effects & live filtersand stickers.✦Beauty Selfie CameraBeauty Selfie Camera creates the best look and beautiful face inseconds. Try beauty selfie editor with the best makeup tools.Choose among hundreds beauty filters, stickers and effects tosmooth your face instantly. Adjust face tune remove pimples andblemishes with face cleaner for a flawless skin.✦Beauty Selfie Camera to make selfies beautiful!✦Fundamental makeup sets and instant makeover tools!✦Gain beautiful attractive eye makeup!✦Change eye color with beauty makeup tools and get rid of eyesbags.✦Remove red eyes in the photos, catch a shiny look.✦Lip Plumping & Teeth Whitening✦Try the best lipstick enhancement tools to change lip color.✦Gleam your teeth with teeth whitener feature with a tap, impresseverybody with your smile.✦Makeup Filters & EffectsBeauty Makeup Selfie Camera filters stickers beautify your facephotos with beauty camera makeup effects. beauty selfie camerasmooth skin with insta beauty makeup photo editor. Change your skintone with beauty makeup camera. Dress up your face with funnyanimal filters, motion stickers and beauty makeup camera effects.Now it’s easier to beautiful and natural looking makeup photo andvideo selfies with Beauty Makeup Selfie Camera. Decorate pics withmultiple makeup filters, beauty effects and emojis. Makeup Filtersand stickers turns your photo into art with beauty makeup tools.Choose from exclusive beauty makeup stickers and motion filters toget the best smooth face.✦Photo EditorPhoto Collage Editor is a great collage maker and photo editing appthat lets you create and edit photos with funny filters, effects,stickers and emojis. Photo Collage Editor for photo and photographyfuns. Photo Collage Editor includes the best features for amazingphoto collages of your pictures. Photo Collage helps you combinephotos in a grid. Make your photo collages using hundreds stickers,animated filters, grids, layouts and discover photo frames for thebest pic collages. Crop, resize, blur and beautify pictures photosin a grid for your scrapbook, enjoy multiple stickers, texts,backgrounds, boarders, adjust photos, pictures, images brightness,contrast, saturation and layout. Choose your favorite photo collageand photo editor app, step into photo collage editor world.✦Collage MakerBest Photo Collage Editor turns your pics into art. Enjoy widevarieties of beauty camera photo frames of pic editor. Photo Editorbeauty camera filters create perfect picture. Photo collage editorlets you to add perfect background for the pic collage. Beautifypics with best photo collage editor beauty selfie camera. Editpictures and stickers with photography apps. Transform your photosinto best profile pics. Add text on photos, stickers with bestphoto collage editor. Beauty Selfie Camera units with free photofilters and photo stickers. Apply dog ears, animal face, funnystickers, emojis to make perfect photos.✦Face Live Filters & Motion StickersDiscover Photo Collage Editor face live motion stickers beautyselfie camera. Bring photo filters with selfie filters together.Enjoy funny camera effects with makeup filters. Apply beauty facecamera & filters on your photos. Motion stickers, face effectswork best for selfie videos. Photo collage Editor includes dogfilters and stickers for motion photos. Best app to get the funnyanimal faces with shots motion stickers and filters. Change photosinto funny pics with features. Photo Collage Editor Pro lets youchange your face into doggy face. Use motion stickers photo editorbring dog face out. Adorn your pics with photo filters, stickers,and effects.
Pro Camera - Photo Editor 1.0.9
Lyrebird Studio
With countless effects, textures special lighteffects and frames Pro Camera - Photo Editor is your go to cameraand photography app.FEATURESFull resolution cameraEffectsTexturesFramesLight effectsShare on facebookShare on twitterMillions of effects combination
Eye Color Changer - Grid Pro 1.5.5
Lyrebird Studio
Eye Color Changer - Photo Grid lets you tochange the color of your eyes! Using a unique blending techniquecreates an effect that looks very natural on the eyes. It worksequally well for both dark and light colored eyes.You can create photo grids and photo collages, Eye Color Changer -Photo Grid provides you a great collage maker and photo grid tool,which will let you to create beautiful photo collages and photogrids. Just select photos and Eye Color Changer - Photo Grid willgive you tens of different collage layouts and grid options. Createthe desired collages and grids and tap to save and your photo gridis ready to share.Eye Color Changer - Photo Grid is great for enhancing eye color inphotos taken under poor light conditions. You can also use it toremove "red eyes" from flash photos taken at night.Realistic looking eye colorsWorks equally well for both dark and light colored eyesExcellent tool for removing "red eyes"Export Photos to Twitter, Facebook and InstagramColor Splash button literally brings out the color of youreyes!Create photo grids and photo collages.Tens of fancy borders and frames.Put vignette filters on your images.Contrast, Warmth, Brightness, Tint, Saturation adjustments.37 unique effectsAdd text and caption to photos28 new fontsAuto color, Auto contrast.Share your edited images on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.301 stickers and cliparts
Photo Editor Filter Sticker & PIP Collage Maker 1.5.1
The best photo editor and pip collage framesfor photos! Make most fun selfies with extra creative pip framesand special collage layouts!PIP Photo Collage Maker is a creative photo editor that lets youcreate photo in pics (pip) and collage photos for you to createamazing pip collage photos with layout and frames.PIP Photo Collage Maker is the best collage maker and photo editorthat helps you stitch multiple photos with myriad layout frames,photo grids.Pip Photo Collage Maker snappy photo filters and stickers lets youcreate amazing collages with fun selfie camera. Face snap filtersof Pip Photo Collage Maker suits best for snappy photo snapshots.Try out dozens of live camera filters, faces effects, and motionstickers. Add funny dog ears and nose to your pics. Use snappyphoto filters and stickers of Pip Photo for funny bunny stickers.Adorn faces with smiley filters, kitten and rabbit stickers.Embellish faces with snapshot face filters and rainbow filters.Change face, enjoy funny camera motion stickers and filters for thebest snaps and faces. Turn photos into art with live camera motionstickers & filters. Pip Photo Collage Maker lets you share thefunny faces with a snap on social media.PIP Photo Collage Maker has a simple design with a powerful, funpip frames, collage maker and an amazing photo editor with the mostcreative photo in pic pip mode!PIP Photo Collage Maker is an easy to use, creative photo editorand pip frame collage maker!PIP Photo Collage Maker Features:Create collage photos with unique pip frames.Choose any photo from your gallery or take a selfie withcamera.Select any frame from 40+ special pip frames or get more pip framesfrom online library.Add emotions to your creative photos with Emojis, smiles , populartags.Background photo is blurred automatically, you can add filters tobackground or foreground or both to pop any part of yourphotos.Create free style collages with scrapbook mode.40+ pip designs.Hundreds of layouts, frames to choose from!A full-featured photo editor included!Amazing photo effects & filtersCreate blur background images for instagram.
Copter Pro 1.1.7
Pilot your chopper through cave, avoidingobstacles in your way. Simply tap to fly up, and release to letgravity take the chopper down.HOW TO PLAY1. Touch the screen and hold to rise the chopper.2. Release to lower the chopper.3. Avoid blocks by flying around them.4. Drive the copter for as long as you can without crashing5. Share your best time with rest of the worldFeatures :Pause and ResumeMute Sound
PicsApp Photo Editor: Photo Collage, Photo Filters
PicsApp photo editor is the best photo editing app and comes withamazing tools to make your pics art experience unforgettable.Picture editing tools include epic spiral wings and stunning neonbackgrounds. Edit picture like a pro to have super creative pics inyour photo lab just in seconds. Meet with the cool drip effect andmany more filters for pictures. Snap selfie with astonishingPicsApp selfie camera effects, then retouch your sweet selfie withthe lovely photo filters such as retro, vintage and golden hourfilters. Unleash your creativity with the neon spirals and cuteangel wings. Finalize your photo editing with the pic collagemaker, using amazing photo grids and picture layouts. You don’tneed any other editing apps for pictures once you have PicsApppicture editor. Share your artwork on Instagram, Facebook,Whatsapp, Snapchat, Tik Tok, VK, Tumblr, Flickr, Twitter andPinterest to get so much like :) . 🎨Aesthetic Photo Editor Free:PicsApp picture editor will be your new best friend for photoediting :) . Have awesome pics for Instagram in one tap using theglitch effect and golden hour filter. Breath taking filters forpictures, and camera effects are waiting for you. You’ll love thesketch effect, have a hand drawn pic in one tap. Sketch effectproudly introduces you magical neon line art. To personalizepicture editing we bring you camera effects like glitch effect,cute stickers and stylish text. PicsApp makes your pic squareautomatically with the insta square tool and resize it, so no cropneeded to share your astounding pic on Instagram. With one tapadjust brightness and saturation of your fabulous picture :).💖Trendy Drip Effect: Unleash your inner drip artist using theincredible dripping effects :). Either blur background or change itwith your favourite breath taking background image :) . Drip artlooks lovely with the neon backgrounds. There are loads ofaesthetic dripping effects to explore. ✨Neon Spirals: PicsApp photoeditor invites you to the magical world of picture editing with thecolorful spirals :) . Loads of spirals available for you indifferent styles and colors. In addition to classic spirals, angelwings, butterfly wings and geometric shaped spirals are waiting foryou to explore. There are plethora of neon spirals and emojibackgrounds available to make your pics art experience fabulous.🐶Stickers and Text: PicsApp photo editor comes up with acomprehensive sticker library including funny animal stickers. Youcan find cute stickers and emojis for special days like Birthdays,Christmas, Halloween and Valentine’s day :) . Stickers make yourpics attractive. Add stylish text to your pics to express yourselfbetter :) . 🎉Background Changer: Remove background instantly tochange it with your stunning background image :) . So you canpretend to be in neon streets or on a holiday thanks to thebackground changer. Either blur background or completely remove itwith one click :) . 🤳Selfie Camera: Snap selfie using PicsAppcamera filters and effects to have smooth skin and perfect light.You’ll always look stunning with PicsApp sweet selfie cameraeffects. Live face camera effects let you see the photo filtersdirectly on your face :) . 😍Pic Collage Maker: Montage pics in onespecial post or make hilarious memes with the photo collage maker:). PicsApp offers great photo grids, staggering frames and picturelayouts. Picture grids give you marvellous ideas for photo collage.Also making memes with collage maker is so easy. PicsApp offers youthe best photo editing experience with the neon spirals anddripping effect. Once you have PicsApp photo editor you don’t needany other editing apps for pictures. Edit picture for free thenshare your artwork on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat,TikTok, VK, Tumblr, Flickr, Twitter and Pinterest to get many likes:)
FaceSwap - Face Swap Photo 1.0.5
Swap faces with your friends in your photoswith Face Swap.Face Swap lets you wap your faces with your friends. Save photoswith swapped faces on your phone. This app only switches faces onphotos and there is no live option for now. Ever wanted to use autoface swapper that would create face swaps within secondsautomatically.Features:Swap faces between photos.Auto face recognition.Auto face swap.
PicShot Photo Editor: Collage Maker, Photo Filters
PicShot photo editor app comes with many one tap photo editingtools to take your pics art experience to the next level. PicShotis the best free picture editor with photo collage maker and photogrid. Enjoy incredible filters for pictures and camera effects suchas sketch art effects. Show your creativity with neon spirals,marvellous background changer and drip effects! Snap selfie usingface camera effects or choose one from your photo lab to retouchand edit photos like a pro with wonderful photo filters. Montageepic pictures with pic collage maker using staggering picture gridsand pretty layouts. Share your artwork on Instagram, Facebook,Whatsapp, Snapchat, Tik Tok, VK, Tumblr, Flickr, Twitter andPinterest :) 🎨Aesthetic Photo Editor Free: PicShot is an all in onephoto editing app, once you have PicShot you don’t need any otherediting apps for photos. First choose a lovely pic from your photolab or take a pic using sweet selfie camera filters. No crop isrequired to share your breath-taking art on social media, sinceinsta square tool resizes your image. Face tune your sweet selfiesand apply artistic photo effects such as surprising glitch effectand sketch effect. Explore the neon line art and create amagnificent pic with the sketch effect. Now you do not have tocatch the golden hour, thanks to PicShot, golden hour filter iswith you 24/7 🌞. Professional photo editor tools will make yourlife easier; adjust brightness and warmth as you wish. Finalizepicture editing with cute stickers and text in different fonts.✨Neon Spirals: Your pics art experience will be unforgettable withthe neon spirals. PicShot offers a comprehensive collection ofspirals in different styles. In addition to classical neon spiralsthere are spirals in geometric shapes, angel wings and much more.Express your love with spirals made of romantic hearts. 😍BackgroundChanger: It is so much fun to edit background if you have PicShotpicture editor. With one magical click remove background and changeit with an amazing background image. Either choose an impressivebackground from your photo lab or explore our legendary neonbackgrounds :) You can also blur background for an artisticpicture. 😎Grime Art Stickers and Text: Best way to finalize photoediting is with cute stickers like dog face or cool grime stickers.PicShot has bewildering stickers and emojis for special days suchas Birthdays, Christmas, Halloween and Valentine’s day! It is somuch fun to edit pics with grime art stickers and funny emojis.Type whatever you want with the astounding text tool! 🎨Pic CollageMaker and Cute Photo Grids: Montage your beautiful pics in onespecial post using photo collage maker! Photo grid, frames andpicture layouts give you great ideas when it comes to collage. Piccollage maker is also great to create hilarious memes. 🤳SweetSelfie Camera Filters: In addition to an aesthetic photo editor,PicShot comes up with funny face live camera effects! Snap selfiewith the face camera effects having the best light and smooth skin.You can cartoon yourself with the legendary cartoon effects. Alsodrip effect is the new trend and looks perfect with the selfies.🎉Awesome Dripping Effects: Drip effect brings some motion to yourpics! Unleash your inner drip artist with the awesome drippingeffects and styles. You can arrange the drip style and backgroundcolor instantly. Combine drip effect with other picture editingtools such as neon spirals and mirror effect for an epic pics art!PicShot is the best photo editing app with amazing filters forpictures, sketch, and mirror effect. If you have PicShot photoeditor pro you do not need any other editing apps for photos. Editphotos like a pro finally collage pictures with cute stickers.Share your pic on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, TikTok,VK, Tumblr, Flickr, Twitter and Pinterest to get lots of likes!
Art Filter Photo Editor: Painting Filter, Cartoon 2.4.1
Art filter is the best aesthetic photo editor. Comes up with manyfilters for pictures and photo effects to unleash your creativity.Dozens of digital art filters will take your pics art experience tothe next level. There are lots of free photo effects availableincluding oil painting filter, prisma effects and cartoon effects.Snap a selfie to discover the amazing painting filters and pop art.You can cartoon yourself in one tap thanks to the art photo editor.Pencil sketching creates a hand drawn pic of you instantly.Painting photo editor is the best image editing app. Take a sweetselfie with the selfie camera or use your favourite selfie fromyour image gallery to face tune. Apply breath taking camera filtersand face effects easily, to turn your phone into a photo lab :)Sketch Art: Explore the artistic sketching effect by applying handdrawn sketches on your beautiful canvas :) . Sketch art is the newpicture editing trend! Lots of sketch filters are in this photoediting app. Including the cool pencil sketch design :) . Artistswill love the variety of pencil sketch filters, both black andwhite drawing and colorful sketches. Sketching will enhance yoursketch photo editing experience. Try the retro filters, glitcheffects and VHS to make cool digital art :) . Cartoon Yourself:Cartoon filters help you to cartoon yourself just with one tap. Itis so much fun to cartoon yourself and your friends. Create yourvery own stunning cartoon gallery. Convert your picture to anaesthetic one with the fabulous cartoon photo editor. Dozens offilters for pictures available to cartoon yourself. This is thebest cartoon photo editor app with cartoon filters and pop artstyles. Additionally, prism and prisma effects creates marvellousartworks with the digital art frames. Artistic Painting Filters andArt Effects: Art filter picture editor is great to make your sweetselfies colorful with the painting effects. Turn your images intothe artistic paintings :) . First adjust the size of your beautifulpicture with the insta resize tool so you don't need to crop. Onceyou are done with adjusting size of your pic, apply the gorgeousphoto filters. Painting effects automatically gives a sweet colorto your pics. Even oil painting effects are available. You don’tneed a canvas or tube colors in real life, thanks to the paintingphoto editor app. Your pic can easily be transformed to amagnificent painting with the oil painting effects. Art FilterPhoto Editor: Edit like a pro with the aesthetic picture editor.Photo filters and prisma effects inspire your inner artist. Afteradding photo filters like oil painting, sketch and prism effectsyou can continue photo editing with more tools. Adjust brightnessand saturation to have your dream image. Change the color andexposure level of your bewildering pic easily :) . And retouch yourastonishing selfies using the face effects. When your artwork isready save it to your photo lab to share with your friends. PicCollage Maker: After editing a beautiful image with the sketchfilters and prism effects remix your pictures using the pic collagemaker :) . Free templates and art frames in different shapes andloads of grids to improve your collage are provided. Either use thepicture frames or personalize your photo collage, you’ll love thisartistic picture editor with art frames. With art filter pictureeditor you don’t need any other editing apps for photos. Enjoy popart filters with the virtual canvas and dozens of artistic picturefilters :) . Photo painting effects and sketch filters will makeyour pics artistic. Cartoon yourself with the cartoon effect tohave so much fun with your friends. Picture editor effects aresurprising. Share your art work on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat,Twitter, VK and TikTok to get many likes.
ArtistA Photo Editor: Cartoon Face, Photo Art Cam 2.3.9
ArtistA Photo Editor: Cartoon Face, Photo Art Cam, is the bestphoto editor with amazing art effects, color pop filters, oilpainting effect, picture and photo filters, pencil sketch stylesand artwork on canvas; proudly presented to you artists, painters,cartoonists, photographers and enthusiasts by Lyrebird Studio :)With this marvelous ArtistA art generator and cartoon maker, nowyou can turn your photos into an art gallery :) With this greatapp, you can easily convert your pictures into painting likemasterpieces :) Just make your own splendid painting from your picswith one tap! 🤳 Thanks to amazing ArtistA, you can easily performphoto editing, add artistic effects like popart to your pics, applyoil painting and cartoon effect to your photos, try art filters,try sketch effect, or create drawing effects on your photos :)Artista can do all these amazing features for you as 100% FREE :)You can become your own Picasso or da Vinci by just simply editingphotos, creating epic pictures with your phone with one tap :) Turnyour mobile phone into an art gallery :) Experiment with dozens ofart effects and drawing filters to become your own artist with yourmobile phone with this great photo art cam and photo editor:) 📷Splendid features of ArtistA Photo Editor: cartoon face, photo artcam :) 📱 🎨Fascinating, unique and artistic oil painting effects anddrawing filters with ArtistA :) 🎨Amazing photo art filters,powerful cartoon effects! 🎨Easy one tap oil painting effects to usefor your best pics! 🎨Share cool pics with cartoon photo editor onsocial media! 🎨Create amazing photo painting, do picture editing,cartoon style photo effects :) 🎨Use wonderful sketch art &Smooth pencil or Hard pencil style for your pics! 🎨Magnificentselfie art cam for live photo editing and amazing filters :)🎨Create a masterpiece artwork with unique art effects withmarvelous ArtistA! 🎨Try awesome sketch filters, oil painting andcartoon effects with art filters to create an epic pic! 🎨You canuse any of 50+ magnificent art filters & art effects to createyour best artwork! With the amazing ArtistA art cam you can nowdraw cool pop artwork and create an epic art pic with wonderfuleffects and drawing filters with only one tap! You can also easilyadjust the filters and effects colors of artworks in a second withthis amazing app! ArtistA art cam is the best photo editor pro toreorganize your photos and turn it into an art gallery! Now it'stime to show your creativity with ArtistA art filters and arteffects! Transform your pictures into artistic masterpieces withthis astonishing color pop image convertor and cartoon maker :)ArtistA will help you to easily become an artist thanks to it’s onetap editing features! Enjoy pop art filters and many other artfilters and effects :) . Convert your gallery into cartoon likemasterpieces and cartoon yourself with the cartoon effect to havefun with your family and friends :) You can share your masterpieceon any social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat,Twitter, VK and TikTok to impress your friends :)
PixLab Photo Editor: Collage & Background Changer
PixLab photo editor is the best photo editing app with magnificentphoto collage maker. Explore marvellous photo filters and effects,apply drip effect and snap selfie with funny camera effects.Montage your pictures in one special post using a photo grid andlovely picture frames. Picture editor offers one tap tools such asbackground changer and sketch effect to improve your pics artexperience. Edit pictures free with PixLab photo editor app andunleash your inner dripping artist! Finalize picture editing withgrime art stickers, text, and funny photo filters! No crop isneeded thanks to insta resize tool, make your pic square and resizeit in one tap. Share your fabulous artwork on Instagram, Facebook,Whatsapp, Snapchat, Tik Tok, VK, Tumblr, Flickr, Twitter andPinterest to get so much like. 🎨Amazing Photo Editor: Pixlabpicture editor has awesome photo filters such as golden hourfilter, butterfly effect and plastic effect! Photo editor offersbreathtaking glitch effect to impress your friends, vintage filterand retro effects will take you to 90’s! Either choose a beautifulpicture from your photo lab or take selfie with selfie camera.Retouch your selfie with the makeup tool, to have flawless selfiessmoothen your skin. Bring motion to your pics with free neonspirals and pretty angel wings. Photo editing app with magical neonline art, sketch effect and neon backgrounds make your pics sopopular. With this fabulous picture editor, you can edit pics likea pro; easily adjust brightness and saturation! 🎉Photo BackgroundChanger: Legendary blur background photo editor removes backgroundperfectly, you can either leave it white or add a superb image.Chose an impressive background from your photo lab or check ourlibrary for neon background images and more! Blur background easilyfor an aesthetic image. 💖Amazing Drip Effect: Drip effect perfectfits to your selfies. PixLab photo editor app proudly presentsdripping effect; it comes up with different drip styles to unleashyour inner drip artist. Drip art is so much fun and they look greatas profile pictures. ✨Neon Spirals and Sketch Effect: PixLab offersyou everything when it comes to gradient neon line art. Neonspirals are great to get all the attention to your image; inaddition to regular spirals, angel wings spirals, hearts andgeometric shapes are awesome. Sketch effect is also cool and it isgreat to have a hand drawn photos in one click. 😍Photo CollageMaker: It is very easy to remix and montage your fav pictures intoone lovely post or make memes using a picture grid and pic framesby pic collage maker. Choose photos then let pic collage maker doit’s magic. Add some grime stickers and funny emojis. 🐶Stickers andText: Many astounding stickers and emojis are available for you tocelebrate special days like Birthdays, Christmas, Halloween andValentine’s day! Sticker library is updated regularly for the bestpics art experience. Finally add stylish text and type as you wishin different fonts and in colors. 🤳Selfie Camera Filters: Snapbeautiful selfie with Pixlab’s astounding selfie camera effects!Have the perfect light and smooth skin. Now you don’t need to catchgolden hour, since the golden hour filter offers you the bestlight. Funny face filters will be directly on your face with livecamera! You can even cartoon yourself with funny cartoon effects.Pixlab is the best picture editing application, once you havePixLab you don’t need any other editing apps for photos. Take picswith selfie camera and edit pictures using camera filters andmagnificent photo effects. Drip art is more fun with artistic dripeffects and surprising stickers. Neon spirals and backgroundchanger are the best tools of this bewildering app. Remix picturesto create astonishing photo collage. Share your superb photos onInstagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, TikTok, VK, Tumblr,Flickr, Twitter and Pinterest.
Video Editor: Free Video Maker & Edit Video 2.2.18
Video Editor & Video Maker is the best video maker with musicfor YouTubers. Edit videos like a pro with Video Editor to createmasterpieces. Video Editor comes up with many editing tools; suchas merger to combine clips and trimmer to edit videos, also freemusic library! Try awesome video maker to add transition effects toyour videos. Add funny stickers and cute emojis. What’s more, youcan merge photos and prepare a slideshow with your favorite photosand pick music as a background sound. Design astonishing memes,vlogs, YouTube videos with the vlog editor. Share your superbartwork on YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, VK andWhatsApp to get many likes. Video Editor is a free editing app forvideos and an astonishing movie maker. It is the best video editorfor YouTube. This fascinating video editor lets you edit videos andsave them with no watermark, so vloggers don't need to worry aboutthat. Trim clips with a video trimmer and merge them with awesomeVideo Maker, so you don’t need to use any other editing apps forvideos. After editing with video cutter, try some extraordinarymovie effects and filters to prepare a special post. Exploreamazing transition effects and retro filters. Cut videos with VideoSplitter: Trim and crop videos easily to cut the unwanted parts.Marvelous clip editor splits them into two parts or more whicheverworks for you to edit videos. Clip cutter helps you to have themost astonishing vlogs and YouTube videos. Cut and crop yourartwork to keep only the best parts thanks to unbelievable VideoMaker. Edit video editing app for creating wonderful vlogs in ashort time. Finally, add transition effects to make your vlog moreprofessional. It’s an easy and practical free app & movie scenemaker for both professionals and beginners. Video Merger &Reverser : Vlog editor merges your funny clips instantly to createspecial TikTok posts with Video Editor & Video Maker. Uploadthe short movies and let the incredible movie merger do its magicto edit videos. Watching your videos from the reverse is hilariouswith video reverser. Apply incredible transition effects and superbglitch effects for your fun meme for a smooth transition. Getinspired by amazing materials and get creative. Add music, text& stickers Video Maker comes up with a wonderful music library.Add impressive background music from a stunning library. Adjustvolume whenever you want. You can add music to videos and combinevideos with MP3 and blur background to make it unbelievable.Additionally, you can add music to pictures, collage, andslideshows. What's more, play with the speed of your beautiful clipto create slow-motion videos. Edit videos with clip editor funstickers and cute emojis. Dozens of fun stickers and emojisavailable to enhance your editing experience. You can find cutestickers and emoji for special days like Birthdays, Christmas,Halloween and Valentine’s day in our unique editor. Use stunningtext to express yourself better. Best Video Editor with slideshowmaker Prepare a slideshow with your favorite photos. Merge yourphotos with the story maker to design cute slideshows. Don’t forgetto choose background music to have an unforgettable slideshow.Trimm Video Editor & merge Video Maker is the best editing appwith music and has many editing tools, so you don’t need to use anyother editing apps for videos. Merge, split, crop video and applycool effects and stickers to edit video editing app. Flip videos upto down and left to right easily. Also rotate videos easily by 90degrees to edit videos spectacularly. You can add your own voice toyour videos, like a recorder. Choose resolution to compress andconvert any file to MP3 instantly with the fascinating MP3converter & superb Video Editor. Edit videos, save with nowatermark and finally share your unique clip on YouTube, Instagram,Facebook, TikTok, VK, Snapchat and WhatsApp.
Cross Stitch Gold: Color By Number, Sewing pattern
Hello stitcher!💜 Color your way with impressive cross-stitchpatterns! Set your imagination free to design the best cross stitchartwork. Cross Stitch Gold is a relaxing color by number game totake your mind off to the colorful stitch world:) Choose from awide selection of photos that our creatives picked specially foryou or import a charming photo from your photo gallery to startsewing with cross stitch pattern maker game. It’s free, super funand simple to play! Cross Stitch Gold is a coloring game suitablefor both kids and adults. We designed fascinating cross-stitchpatterns for you and your family so you can enjoy it all together:)Share the stunning cross-stitch artworks that you designed onInstagram, Snapchat, Facebook, TikTok, Whatsapp, Twitter,Pinterest, VK, Flickr and Tumblr. 🎨🧵Have Fun with Colorful CrossStitch Pattern Maker:) Time to have some fun! Just relax and enjoythe awesome photos available for you to stitch. You can also importpictures to create your own embroidery pattern. We’re providing youan empty canvas and infinite colors to create your own magical art!We have so many different cross stitching categories like animals,flowers, food, pets, art, babies, landscape and more. We’re addingnew photos and new stitch patterns for you every week. Staytuned!:) 🧩Game On! Choose a picture from the colorful library orupload gorgeous photos you want to stitch. You can use your twofingers to move easily across the screen. Basically zoom in to seethe pattern, choose a beautiful thread and start stitch. Choose theuseful unpick tool to remove any stitch you like. With the 'protecttool', you don't have to worry about making mistakes, just fillthem in! Earn coin to every canvas you complete. You can use thosecoins to buy more pictures, patterns and tools. Create uniquecross-stitch art of yourself or your loved ones or patterns youwish! You can save your creation under my library and also put aframe on it! All is under your fingertips with cross stitch colorby number game:) Daily Bonus to get more coin is awaiting. Comeback everyday to play Cross Stitch color by number game to getmore! 👫 Let Your Friends Know :) Invite your friends and family toshare the fun and also the coins!:) Invite your friends toentertaining Cross Stitch Gold color by number game to earn more:).They are also going to get coins. Coloring games have never beenthis fun so, share them with your loved ones!:) 👑Amazing Bundles!You can buy any good subscription option you want to reach coinbundles to get more cross-stitch patterns. Subscribe for Gold Clubto unlock all exciting categories and patterns:). You canunlimitedly import from your good photo collection. The other goodpart is that there are no ads:) So many great subscription optionsare also await! Cross Stitch Gold by Lyrebird Studio is the bestembroidery and coloring game for adults and kids where you can workon hundreds of marvelous cross-stitch patterns and pictures! It’slike making a diamond painting. Paint with thread!:) Create yourown tie dye art with different photo options available for you!Knitting became so easy with this coloring game. Share the awesomecross stitch patterns that you designed on Instagram, Snapchat,Facebook, Tik Tok, Whatsapp, Twitter, Pinterest, VK, Flickr andTumblr. One of the most relaxing cross stitch color by number gamesis waiting for you! Fun never ends with this stitching games!Incredible embroidery world for cross-stitch masters!:)
Mandala Coloring Book - Free Adult Coloring Pages 1.15
Mandala Coloring Book - Free Adult Coloring Pages is thebestmandala coloring game app on the market, offering hundredsofunique and amazing mandala patterns, paintings and pictures foryouto color! You can choose your Mandala from different categories-from simple to massively complex! It can be played whereveryouwant whenever you want! Mandala Coloring Book - Free AdultColoringPages will help you and your kid get color therapy! It'sfun forboth adults and kids! Best coloring app to relax, createsomeamazing paintings and kill some time! Mandala is known as'LoveFlowers' and believed to be representing inevitableandunpredictable love or death in Buddhism. Paint them with yourheartand let the mandala reach your soul! Create mandala, usepencil orpen for sketch book, crayons for color painting! Get colortherapythrough Mandala coloring pages and let color therapy calmyourinner self! - Pick a mandala pattern from the desireddifficultycategory! - Pick a paint tool & use brush andcoloring tool onthe same spot if you wish to! - Share your artworkon Instagram,Facebook and Twitter! Mandala Coloring Book - FreeAdult ColoringPages is free to download and it is the best freecoloring game foradults in the market! Play and have fun! Relaxwith color therapythrough drawing, sketching, painting and coloringMandala! Shareyour artwork with your social media followers!
Face Live Camera: Photo Filters, Emojis, Stickers 1.7.7
💟💞Happy Valentines Day!💘 Face camera is the best photo filter appto take amazing selfies with the Valentines Day camera effects. Seethe amazing live photo filters directly on your face. It is so muchfun to take wonderful pictures with the live face cam. Downloadsweet snap camera now to take romantic selfies with the ValentinesDay filters and much more :). Also face live camera has all thelive cute animal stickers, even the cute stickers such as angelwings and crowns. We offer the best pics art experience with thelive camera filters. Join the new photo filter trend and bringcolor to the Valentine's Day. Share your awesome photo onInstagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, VK and Tik Tok. 💗 SelfieCamera with Valentine's Day Effects: Snap a sweet selfie or shoot avideo with the face cam! Valentine's day face camera automaticallymakes your selfie more beautiful with the beauty filter, so youdon’t need to wear makeup and retouch selfies. Get ready for thebeautiful selfies without editing. Face cam slims your selfie,smoothens your skin and finds the best light for you. You’ll havelots of artistic selfies with the face cam without putting onmakeup. You can photo collage and remix photos with the pic collagemaker using lovely Valentines day photo frames. Bring some fun toyour selfie with the cute animal stickers and emojis. Photoshopeffects on your photo just in seconds with the selfie camera. FunnyAnimal Stickers: It is so much fun to take pics with the live facefilters. See the funny stickers for pictures and emoji directly onyour selfie while taking a photo. In addition to the classic dogfilter, many different selfie filters are waiting for you in thisface app. Dalmatian dog filter with black and white dog ears is soadorable. Polka dog selfie filters are waiting for you in variouscolors, explore them all and surprise your friends. Open your mouthwhile taking a video to see the adorable dog tongue. Funny PhotoEffects: Sweet snap camera comes up with free photo filters. Facecamera effects are great for sweet selfies. Snap a selfie with thestunning crowns. Crowns in different styles are available, choosethe one that fits your style the best. Floral crowns are the mostpopular crowns, also try on the crowns made of the butterflies.Even crowns with rabbit ears are available. Take a photo with coolsunglasses and fancy summer hats for the summer spirit. Sunglasseslook so real on your selfie. Don’t forget to take a pic with theangel effect, with the angel wings and a crown. Face filters forPictures: Face tune your selfie instantly and have a smooth skinfor flawless images. Then snap selfie using stunning emoji camerafilters and photo effects :). Shoot video with the cute animaleffects. Use angel calculator to calculate the angel score of yourcharming photo :) . Save videos with the camera effects and sharewith your friends to have more fun. Art filters and sketch effectsmake your photos more colorful and romantic with heart effect. Facelive camera will take your photo editing experience to the nextlevel. Edit photos with the funny effects. Retouch stunning selfieswith the picture editor also explore the Valentines Day photoframes. Take awesome pics with the insta filters. You’ll have somuch fun with the filters for Instagram. With this sweet snapcamera, you won’t need any other photo editor free with arteffects. All the Valentine's day camera effects and live animalstickers are here for you to take videos and sweet selfies. Facefilters for pictures are so romantic. There are cute photo filtersavailable like angel filter and heart effect which are great forvideos. Also the funny animal effects like the dog filter with adog tongue. Snap a sweet selfie with the face cam and share yourphoto on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, VK and TikTok toget many likes.
FotoApp Photo Editor: Spiral Effects, Blur Photo
With FotoApp Photo Editor: ❤️Happy Valentines Day!❤️ SpiralEffects, Blur Photo; you can easily tailor your Valentines Dayphotos, add any of various Spiral and Neon filters, Valentines Dayphoto frames and blur background of your photos, create aValentines Day pic collage or scrapbook using photo blender orapply glitch effect to your photos to have great fun :) This greatapp is an awesome Happy Valentines Day photo editor pro for you :)Here is a magnificent pic editor so that you can edit photos ormake an awesome collage :) FotoApp photo editor is a great pictureeditor for you to fix and tailor your photos and createsophisticated artworks for your social media :) The great featuresof FotoApp Photo Editor: Spiral Effects, Blur Photo :)🖼 -Great BlurPhoto Editor and awesome Blur Background 😎 -Hundreds of greatfilter for pictures and photo effects :) -A great spiral photoeditor with various glitch and light leak effect! -Splendid 1:1Instasquare size editor, blur background,and various templates forInstagram :) -Stable, functional and easy photo editing tools😎 -Alegendary Collage Maker with 100+ layout, background and photo grid& pic collage :) -With this unique app you can edit Brightness,contrast, warmth, color, light hue, saturation :) -The best funnymemes and stickers! - Magnificent photo mix and glitch :) -Cropphotos, rotate, adjust size, resize photos both vertical andhorizontal, add highlight and shadow, trim & retouch with thismagnificent app :) -Share high quality splendid photos with yourfriends, girlfriend, boyfriend or family on your social mediaaccounts such as; Tik Tok, Snapchat, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook,WhatsApp :) Legendary Spiral & Neon Effects :) - Now you canapply different marvelous spiral effects to your photos to creategreat artworks :) -A great variety of new spiral effects arewaiting for you! With FotoApp photo editor, you can create your ownart from your photos. Dozens of Different and Unique Filter forPictures :) - You can use one of many cool filters such as spiraland sketch :) - Just adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation,hue, warmth of your great photos :) Cool Effects & Blur PhotoBackground - You can now use awesome different tools as the glitcheffect, spiral effect, light leak effect, flare, bokeh, psychedeliceffects, trippy effects to make unique masterpieces :) - You canblur background or blur photo with this splendid app! Pic Collage& Light Effects :) - Awesome photo collage maker - Mix,combine, merge, photogrid or blend images to create incredibleartwork and masterpiece! - Awesome Light leak effect, FX Light andNeon :) Unique Photo Collage Maker :) - You can create a splendidphoto collage of up to 15 pictures :) - You can use one of thehundreds of layouts, photo grids, backgrounds, picture frames andfilters :) - Unique Photo stickers for WhatsApp, stickers for textmessages :) - With this great app you can cartoon yourself, CreateDoodle, create sketch and apply a selfie art :) Glitch Photo Editor:) With the legendary Glitch Photo Editor you can now apply coolaesthetic glitch effects to your photos. Get ready for a dreamypsychedelic journey with psychedelic photos using glitch effects :)FotoApp Photo Editor: Spiral Effects, Blur Photo is the mostprofessional, the best and the most easy to use photo editor app,photo collage maker and picture editor for Tik Tok, Snapchat,Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp etc.. It is absolutely FREEto edit photos, add spiral effects to your pics and share yourmasterpiece on your social networks :)
AudioApp: MP3 Cutter, Ringtone Maker, Audio Editor 2.3.7
AudioApp is the best mp3 cutter and ringtone maker to mix songs andedit MP3. It is an all in one audio app with a ringtone cutter toolto trim music and to make brilliant ringtones easily. Use AudioAppringtone cutter to trim MP3, split audio, and convert video to mp3or any format just in seconds. Audio converter enables you toconvert videos to MP3 so you can set the music as your alarm tone,ringtone, or notification tone. Audio cutter app helps you to cutsongs and save the best parts as mp3. 🔔 Ringtone Maker: With theamazing ringtone maker of AudioApp create your very own ringtonewith your favorite song or video. First choose a fabulous song fromyour files. Or if you have a video, you can convert it's formatwith the MP3 converter :) Then you can cut music instantly withmusic cutter or use MP3 mixer to make a ringtone using more thanone song! You can split the music and add fade in and fade outeffects, finally adjust the volume and save your masterpiece.Thanks to AudioApp you can have a very professional ringtone in ashort time with ringtone cutter. This impressive audio editoroffers you many tools to edit MP3 or a video. Convert video to mp3in one tap. Save your magnificent ringtone to your library tolisten it later :). ✂ MP3 Cutter: Keep only the favourite parts ofyour song and cut the rest instantly with mp3 cutter. Trimming themelodies is very easy with the song cutter app. Whenever you needto cut songs, MP3 trimmer helps you. This the best song cutting appever. 🎧 Speed Changer: Adjust the speed of your breathtaking musicto personalize your ringtone or alarm tone. Try all the speedoptions and find the one fits your music taste the most. Maybe slowdown the astonishing song and cut it with melody cutter to set itas an alarm tone :) . 🎶 Surprising Reverse Audio Tool: Try theaudio reverser by magnificent ringtone maker to convert song andlisten from backwards :). AudioApp helps you to reverse song withthe audio reverser to have the best ringtone or an alarm ever. 🎵Video to MP3 Converter: When your favorite song is in a videoformat use the video to MP3 converter to simply convert your music!AudioApp converts your video to a music file in few seconds. Thenyou can carry on editing your ringtone with song cutter as youwish. Cut, split or merge your melody as you desire to createastonishing ringtones. 🎧 Audio Converter: Music editor helps you toconvert any file into the format you like with the mp3 converter.Find the most useful music format for yourself. Choose between theformats mp3, m4a, wav or aac.. whichever is useful for you! Thismusic editor and mp3 cutter offers everything to edit songperfectly. 🔊 Audio Splitter: AudioApp has very useful audiosplitter where you can split a song into two parts :) . It enablesyou to split the best parts of the song and make awesome ringtonesor alarm tones. Works perfectly with music cutter and audiotrimmer. 🔔 Audio Mixer: MP3 merger and audio mixer helps you to mixsongs to create cool remixes! First decide on your songs to mixmusic then select the best parts of the sound to add to the remix!Create mashups with the legendary audio merger and audio joiner :). Merge music and mix songs to create unique artworks. Finallyadjust the volume of your melody. 🎉 Music Studio Library: Reach allthe awesome songs you have edit with audio editor in music studiolibrary! Find your files in the categories such as audio cutter,speed changer, song cutter :) AudioApp ringtone editor has all thesong editing tools you need! This audio app is an all in oneringtone cutter, audio editor and mp3 cutter; offers legendary tonecreator to edit audio and voices. AudioApp is an amazing musiccutter to cut songs, split and merge mp3. This audio cutting appwill be your new best friend. Don’t forget to share your music onSpotify, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter!
Cartoon Photo Editor: Cartoon Yourself, Selfie Art 1.2.5
Cartoon Photo Editor: Cartoon Yourself, Selfie Art is a marvelousphoto editing app for you to cartoon yourself and make an awesomepencil sketch, pop art or cartoon photo from your photo gallery orwith your selfie camera! This amazing app will help you to createan amazing art gallery using various cartoon filter and photoeffects, helping you to create a splendid pic art with the cartooncamera :) Using one of many various great art filter, it ispossible to cartoon yourself and have fun! With this great cartoonphoto editor, now you can cartoonize yourself using your frontcamera or turn a photo to cartoon from your photo gallery to makeimpressive pictures :) Using various art filter, painting filterand plethora of painting effect, you can create an artistic pic andshare it to your social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter andPinterest to impress your girlfriend, boyfriend, family or friends:) Moreover, all these great features of this marvelous app isabsolutely FREE for creating cartoon art. You can edit your photoswith any of various cartoon effect in order to create your ownimpressive art work and share them with your friends on Facebook,Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest :) It’s time to create an amazingcartoon photo with this astonishing app, you can apply pencildrawing effects to your photos :) With this remarkable comic makeryou can turn your photos into a comic art gallery! You can createan artistic selfie using your photo gallery or directly your selfiecamera with this fabulous cartoon maker! It is very easy to use andFREE! Astonishing Features of Cartoon Photo Editor: CartoonYourself, Selfie Art * Various art effects and filters :) * Saveyour breathtaking artwork to your phone :) * Share your artisticphotos on your social media accounts :) * Stunning auto focusfeatures :) * Dozens of artistic effects like pencil sketching, oilpainting, popart effects :)
ColorPix Color by Number: Pixel Art Coloring Pages
ColorPix: Pixel Art - Color by Numbers Game! is thenotoriouslycreative and fun to play pixel art coloring game onsandbox!. Youmay choose amongst thousands of beautiful patterns,images andcolor by number them; or you may choose to import, uploadany photoand create your own Pixel Artwork with our ColorPix: PixelArt -Color by Numbers Game's creator tool and enjoy themostcomprehensive and best pixel coloring game! 🍬 Reveal the artistinyour child and yourself by this awesome color by number artgame!🎨Art games promote creativity! 🎨Coloring art games promotevisualintelligence! 🎨Art games promote confidence! 🎨Challenging artgamespromote problem solving skills! 🎨Pixel art games promotepatienceand determination! 🎨Sandbox art games promoteaccountability! 🎨Artgames promote dedication! "Technologicaladvancements and appsbecoming an essential part of lives of ourchildren, it is crucialto motivate children towards apps boostingproductive habits suchas art, music, reading, etc." ColorPix: PixelArt - Color byNumbers Game! app is a color-by-number andcolor-by-letters appthat presents coloring pages with color legendswhich users fill inpixel by pixel. After you download the Pixel ArtGame, you will seelots of greyscaled pictures. These are thepatterns for you tocolor them! Color by numbers, create ColorPixPixel Art and SandboxArt with the most relaxing game. Become apixel artist withincredible sandbox art and pixel artwork. Coloringby Number willmake you and your kids relax and enjoy your sparetime by creatingPixel Artworks. Drawing and creating your own pixelartwork willhelp your child to boost her/his creativitytremendously. It's alsoa treat for the adults, too. 🍬 The mostcreative and relaxing gameis Super Pixel Art Coloring Pages helpsyou to create colorfulimages & photos. Share your pixel artworkwith your friends onsocial media. Have relaxing time with varietyof lovely pixel arts.Get the pleasure of the most popular numbersandbox color game. Weadd fresh pixel pictures and patterns everyweek. Mandalas, pets,flowers, cartoons, animal photos and manymore. ColorPix: Pixel Art- Color by Numbers Game! comes withhundreds of beautiful photosand patterns to work on. Just selectthe color and tap to paint bynumbers, it is simple, relaxing andfun. You will become an actualpixel artist with this relaxing colorby number game. A hugecollection of beautiful pixel art classicsand color by numberbased sandbox art patterns to play. Endlesspixel art options withbuilt-in import tool. Carry ColorPix: PixelArt - Color by NumbersGame! pleasure with yourself to anywhereanytime. Import a photos,create unique ColorPix: Pixel Art - Colorby Numbers Game! Artworkthrough photos of your loved ones.
Sticker Maker: Make Stickers for Whatsapp 1.0.22
Sticker Maker: Make Stickers for Whatsapp is an all-in-one stickermaker helps you make amazing and fun stickers by yourself. Acollection of private stickers just for you! Crop photos, memes,emoji like faces of your friends and other artworks you can thinkof, create your own stickers easily and share with friends andfamily on Whatsapp. Make your own Whatsapp Stickers and send themto your boyfriend or girlfriend to create a laugh with this customsticker maker. You can get inspired from the photos, memes,captions, stickers and emojis you see on social media platformssuch as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, TikTok, WhatsApp, Twitter,Pinterest, VK, Flickr and Tumblr to make your best stickers. Useyour imagination and create your very own stickers with thisincredible sticker maker app. Create your own custom sticker packsand stickers with your pictures, and share them with your friendsand family with this great custom sticker creator! It is very easyto use. Perfect sticker creator for you to have fun! You can useany photo on your phone! Time to make magnificent and funnystickers with this marvelous custom sticker maker free app! Getinspired from Hollywood Celebrities, TV shows & movies,animals, funny memes, sports, anime, captions, lyrics, quotes andemojis to create your own gorgeous sticker pack. A simple anduseful sticker maker is available for you! You can now have morefun conversations with your friends and family on your Whatsappgroups and chats with your own emoji pack special for you! Sharethe fun with your social circle with this stunning emoji maker.Easy to use Sticker maker and emoji creator! With Sticker Maker:Make Stickers for Whatsapp it is easy to make awesome emoji packs.Just follow a few easy steps and you will get your fascinatingstickers! You can start with creating your own sticker pack. Importa good photo you like from your camera roll or use your camera totake a photo! You can rotate the photo as you wish! You can thencrop the photo you picked as you wish to make your very ownstickers. After you crop your photo and create stickers you canadjust the blur level easily! Add new stickers to your sticker packwhenever you want! Add emojis, text with customized colors andfonts, decorations, drawings to your wonderful design. Add yoursticker pack to WhatsApp simply and start using the fun stickersyou made by yourself! When you open your WhatsApp they are going tobe ready to share! This useful sticker maker app is compatible withboth WhatApp and WhatsApp Business. You can make custom stickerpacks for your friends, your family, your pet, your girlfriend,your boyfriend, with this sticker maker app by using your ownimages and crop photos to create funny memes with their faces withthis astonishing emoji maker. Import your own wonderful photo orget an idea from Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, TikTok, WhatsApp,Twitter, Pinterest, VK, Flickr and Tumblr to create any sticker youwant. All the emojis you want is under your fingers with thisbeautiful emoji maker! Lots of emojis and decorations are availablefor you like glasses, hats, love hearts, stars and smiley faces!You can make stickers with holiday and birthday decorations. Createstickers for christmas, halloween, easter and valentine’s day! Thisall-in-one WhatsApp emoji maker makes it easy to create emojis foranyone. An impressive wemoji and emoji maker from Lyrebird Studioto make your WhatsApp great! Create limitless personalizedstickers! Crop photos, create your own, share and enjoy!
ToonCam Cartoon Camera Effects: Photo Filters, VHS 1.2.1
ToonCam offers the best live camera experience with vintage camerafilters and amazing photo effects. Snap selfie with artisticsketches, glitch effects and stunning plastic filter :) . ToonCamphoto editor offers the best picture editing experience andphotoshop effect in one tap. Choose a beautiful pic from your photolab to cartoon yourself. Cartoon maker cam turns your pic into afunny cartoon instantly. Explore marvellous retro filters, trippyfilters, and sketch art with the cartoon camera :). Share yourartwork on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, VK and TikTok toget many likes :) 📸 Cartoon Camera: Cartoon yourself free withmagical caricature maker to look like an avatar :) . Funny cartooneffects and astounding pop art available with anime photo editor.Turn yourself into an anime using fabulous caricature effects :) .Cartoon photo editor is amazing with many photo editing tools andavatar effects. Face app has the artistic filters for pictures andbreathtaking pop art to cartoon yourself. 🎨 Picture Filters and ArtEffects: Paint your pretty pics with the amazing oil paintingfilter in real time. Face app makes sweet selfies prettier incolours with selfie camera. For the best picture editing experienceuse the oil painting filter to retouch your selfies. Unleash yourcreativity with painting filter and live selfie camera effects.Best part of ToonCam is, you can directly see the character cameraeffects and glitch filters on your face in real time. Save a lot oftime by trying all the selfie camera filters on your face. Now youdon’t need to chase the golden hour for stunning selfies. Goldenhour camera is with you 24/7 thanks to the ToonCam. Applyastonishing VHS filter, add colorful text and retro stickers topersonalize your picture. Snap bewildering selfie using vaporwaveeffect and golden hour filter :) . You’ll love the plastic filterif you are looking for something different. Lots of unique vintagecamera effects are waiting for you including the rain effect. Shoota fabulous video under the rain with a rain effect. 🤳 Glitch EffectCamera: Glitch video editor has dozens of impressive glitch camfilters enhance your pics art experience. Combine digital art withretro and vintage filters to create artistic images :). Cool trippyeffects by VHS cam will surprise you effects, finalize photoediting with the retro stickers. Additionally, prism and prismaeffects creates marvellous artworks with the digital art frames. 😍Sketch Art: Live sketch cam is perfect to take pics with hand drawnsketches. Photo sketch maker offers many sketching filters to turnyour picture to a sketch art. Pencil sketch filters will impressthe artists. Either black and white sketches or colorful sketchesare available to suit all tastes. Even the neon sketch art invarious colors are available as a filter. 🎉 Pic Collage Maker:Finalizing photo editing with photo collage maker is so much fun.Collage photos in one special post, then you can edit photosseparately and apply photo filters and effects :). Snap selfie withgolden hour filter and plastic filter then montage them easily. 😎Cartoon Photo Editor: Cartoon yourself with ToonCam thanks to themarvellous cartoon filter :) . VHS cam makes your pictures veryartistic with glitch effects. Pic to avatar just in seconds. Makeimpressive memes and add emojis with the funny camera :) . ToonCampicture editor is the best photo editing app to cartoon yourselffree. Prisma effect and glitchy effects turn your regular pics intomarvellous images. Discover filters for pictures, VHS filter andtrendy picture effects instantly :) . You don’t need any otherpicture editing apps when you have ToonCam. Make amazing collageswith the pic college maker and edit pretty pictures with the freephoto editing app, ToonCam :) . Share your art work on Instagram,Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, VK and Tik Tok to get loads of likes:).
Background Eraser: Magic Eraser & White Background 1.3.1
Background eraser is the best, 100% free app to erase thebackgrounds of your photos. With the marvellous magic backgrounderaser, just choose the area that you wish to remove, and instantlydelete it. You can either choose a magnificent background to add orleave it with a white background. We offer lots of differentbackground options for you, including the famous transparent andwhite background. Background Eraser is here to make your lifeeasier, now you do not need to learn photoshop to remove theunwanted areas of your photo, because the white background makerdoes all the job. You will make professinal artists very jealous ofyour photos. The cropping tool enables you to crop your stunningphoto before erasing the surroundings! So, the size of your photowill be perfect to share on the social media. Do not hesitate toshare your stunning photo on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, TikTok, Whatsapp, Twitter, Pinterest, VK, Flickr and Tumblr. We knowyou want a professional photo editing, then the magic eraser isjust for you! Sometimes it might be hard to remove the surroundingswhen the photos have details, but the png maker solves this problem✅. Png maker cleans background very professionally, don’t worryabout the details of your photo, every corner of your image isgoing to be recognized by the magic eraser. Erase the surroundingsperfectly with the png maker then add a white background ortransparent background. Besides, you can choose any image you likeas a background. Even you are staying at home you can pretend likeyou are on holiday, impress and surprise your friends with amazingviews. This fascinating png maker comes up with many wonderfulfeatures... such as adjusting color, adjusting saturation, blurringthe imperfection, and much more. Explore them all and show yourtalent using this amazing photo editor. Smooth the edges afterusing the magic eraser to get the most professional photo. You canarrange the smoothness level easily from 1 to 5! This is the mostamazing feature of the white background maker. After removing thesurroundings, add funny stickers, beautiful filters or effects topersonalize your photo. Background eraser helps you to createflawless photos with the surroundings you wish. Edit your amazingphotos with the white background maker to make them flawless. Weare sure Gacha Life players will also admire this app ❤. Useawesome png maker to erase the surroundings of the Gacha Lifecharacters! With the white background, your Gacha Life characterswill grab all the attention. Blurring the unwanted parts of yourGacha Character using the png maker is so much fun. Join the newtrend! Background eraser is developed by Lyrebird studio, it is thebest app to delete the unwanted areas of photos or to remove anyother objects that you do not want to see. Magic eraser makes theprocess even easier. You can create a perfect photo with the sceneyou wish just in seconds. Download it now to add a magical touch inyour photos with the background eraser. Do not forget to share yourflawless photo on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, TikTok, Whatsapp,Twitter, Pinterest, VK, Flickr and Tumblr.
Glitch Video Editor & Photo Filters: Glitch Effect 1.0
Glitch Video Editor & Photo Filters is the best free appwithfun, simple, trippy and also incredible photo filters likeGlitchEffect, VHS Camcorder and Vaporwave. Besides Glitch Effect,you canalso discover numerous kinds of effect such as Sketch,Cartoon, 90sRetro… It is the most useful video editor - and alsophoto editor -that brings dozens of artsy, trippy and psychedelicfilters andGlitch effect together, helps you to edit your livephoto and videocaptures in a fast and easy way. Glow with youraesthetic, creativestyle and get more followers and like! With justa simple tap, youcan create exclusive artworks from a photo or avideo and sharethem on your stories, vlogs or social mediaplatforms such asInstagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Tik Tok,VK, Tumblr,Flickr, Twitter and Pinterest. Also, you can save yourphoto editsand video records to your library and turn your phoneinto a uniqueart gallery with Glitch Video Editor & PhotoFilters. 📸GlitchVideo Editor & Photo Filters offering lots offilters to make aworld of difference! Highlight your fun,psychedelic and punk stylewith cool Glitch effect, awesome VHSCamcorder video effect andVaporwave filters & reflect yourdeformed art style togetherwith RGB glitch effect and trippydistortion filters. With thismarvelous editor, you can also adjustbrightness, saturation andcontrast with one tap. Moreover, it is soeasy to combine yourvideo records with Glitch, VHS and Vaporwavestickers, all kinds ofmusic and sound, texts and emojis - We updateour stickers andemoji library regularly for special days such as;Halloween,Valentine's Day, Christmas, etc. 🎨 Even if you can’t drawlike anartist, you can easily turn any photo or video into aprofessionalsketch, drawing, or cartoon photo with Glitch EffectVideo Editor& Photo Filters. Express your artistic side withsmooth edges,black and white strokes and adjustable colors :)Glitch VideoEditor & Photo Filters provides you so manydifferent styles offilters like Pencil Sketch, Color Pencil Sketch,Smooth Draw,Doodle Sketch etc. 📺A bundle of dazzling retro effect,beautifulvintage grain, classic VHS camcorder and so on... GlitchVideoEditor & Photo Filters brings the long-awaited retro styleandvintage spirit to your phone. These classy and stylish effectandfilters will take your followers to 80s & 90s in anostalgicway. 🎆You'll love the gradient backgrounds, blur &neon glitcheffect and combinations of 100+ color distortions thatmake yourGlitch effect so much cooler. With this extensive varietyof glitchfilters and glitch effect, you'll reveal your trippyandpsychedelic style in an artsy and amazing way. 📱Thanks to ourlivecamera, it’s very easy to try a wonderful effect and savethemoment directly. Glitch Video Editor & Photo Filters allowsyouto take instant photo captures and video records and alsoapplyingfilters at the same time. You can also make a stunningphotocollage from your artworks and share them on your stories,vlogs orsocial media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook,Whatsapp,Snapchat, TikTok, VK, Tumblr, Flickr, Twitter andPinterest.
Dot to Dot: Connect the Dots - Paint to Point Game 1.0.7
Dot to Dot: Connect the Dots - Paint to Point Game is thebestconnect dots, dots drawing, number coloring, paint to pointgame onmarket! Just tap to connect the numbers to reveal theamazingpictures hidden! After connecting the dots, do not forget tocolorby number and paint to point your art! Create amazing anduniqueartwork by simply connecting the dots and paint the dots withcolorby number! Have lots of fun and relieve your stress! Letyourcreativity take the wheel and enjoy the peaceful andmeditationalDot to Dot: Connect the Dots - Paint to Point Game -Coloring game!- Choose pictures with 100 to 3000 dots! Coloringgame for adultsand coloring game for kids! - Follow the numbers,paint to pointand Connect the dots with dot to dot numbers andletters! - Afterconnecting the dots, color by number with 5different tools! - Pickunique colors to create your amazing colorpalette! - Share youramazing artwork on Instagram, Facebook andTwitter! It is free todownload and play Dot to Dot: Connect theDots - Paint to PointGame! Dot to dot numbers and letters! Havefun!
Photo Background Changer: Auto Remove Background 1.2.0
Thanks to the Photo Background Changer: Auto Remove Background, toerase background and replace it with a better one becomes easierthan ever before :) With this astonishing photo background changerand eraser, you can now simply do the magic and remove unwantedobjects or background in seconds with a single touch :) Thismarvelous automatic background changer app detects the photobackground from the objects and people automatically and removes itfor you in a single touch :) The best thing is that it is alsopossible to do manual trimming to the selected photo background onyour own with brush and eraser tools in this awesome backgroundchanger :) This great photo changer and photo eraser will increaseyour fun as never been before thanks to its tremendous eraserfeatures :) Would you like to have a splendid selfie near any cooland exotic place like the seaside, ocean, beach, desert or sky? :)With this splendid photo background changer and photo eraser, it isvery easy to be wherever you want even with a simple selfie takenin your room :) You can erase and change the bg of your selfie inseconds with a single touch with your mobile device :) Just finetune whichever person or object you want to include or exclude inthe auto selection to make it the way you like it :) Now you caninclude or exclude any extra objects or person in the picture andexport it like that if you want, or add any of the exotic magicbackgrounds in our library :) You can have a cool urban one or anadventurous nature one in your picture thanks to this splendidphoto changer :) Astonishing features of Photo Background Changer:Auto Remove Background, Erase, Replace :) -With the magic autoselection feature of this legendary bg changer, you canautomatically cut out the people and objects from the backgroundinstantly :) - With the amazing eraser you can also change the autoselected areas with the brush and eraser tool manually on your ownif you would like to fine tune the auto selection :) -Now it istime to apply any of the legendary backgrounds from our bg librarythat fits to your taste with this tremendous eraser:) -Crop andedit your picture as well as remove, erase and change all thepeople and objects wherever and whenever you want to with thismagic auto eraser :) Thanks to this great eraser and backgroundchanger and eraser app, it is very easy to get in the vacation moodeven from your own home or office instantly :) You can impress yourentourage with an epic bg in your selfie and share it on yoursocial media :) Or you can just have fun with your family andfriends by applying a change on your selfie whenever you want :)Lyrebird Studio is proud to present you this amazing backgroundchanger and eraser that will help you have a lot of fun and creategreat selfies on your own :) Just share your marvelous photos onyour social media platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat,TikTok, VK, Tumblr, Flickr, Twitter and Pinterest :) To change yourphoto background and remove unwanted objects or people has neverbeen so easy before with this photo changer and photo eraser :)Thanks to this amazing photo changer and eraser, now it is possibleto impress your family, friends and followers with a single magictouch :)
NeonArt Photo Editor: Photo Effects, Collage Maker 1.1.7
NeonArt photo editor offers you the best photo editing experiencewith dozens of neon effects and neon spirals. Your amazing pictureswill grab all the attention with neon sketch art. Get ready for thenew generation pics art experience with the shiny grime stickersand stylish text. Face tune and retouch selfies just in one tap,then add motion and astonishing picture effects. Picture editing isso easy and fun with NeonArt. When you are done with pictureediting, collage your beautiful pics with the pic collage makerusing the glowing photo grids. Magic photo editor brings fun toyour photos with the gradient neon line art. Combine stunningsketch art with the cool drip effects. Try stylish glowing sketchand grime stickers, then share your artwork on Instagram, Facebook,Snapchat, Twitter, VK and Tik Tok to get many likes :). 🎨 AestheticPicture Editor: NeonArt picture editor has all the picture editingtools to create fabulous artworks. No crop is needed to share yourbrilliant pic on social media. Combine neon effects with retrofilters for pictures :) . Try neon sketch art in many differentglowing colors. Explore astonishing drip effect and create acyberpunk background from a neon background to make your pic standout :) . ✨ Neon Photo Effects and Spirals: Let your pictures glowin the dark with neon photo effects :) . Emoji backgrounds andcolorful picture frames are here for you to create marvellouspictures. Surprising AI spiral editor has vast amount of neonspirals to bring motion to your pics. There are even some epicspirals available made of emojis and flowers. Use beautifulgeometric spirals like circles or triangles to create digital art:) . Finalize magic photo editing with cool neon frame forpictures. 😎 Background Changer: Remove background in one tap andadd a pretty neon background easily :) . You can find yourself in astreet full of lights in one tap thanks to the neon backgrounds.Many glowing background designs and cyber punk photo collagesavailable for you. 💖 Neon Stickers and Text: To personalize yourpics use some image stickers and celebrate special days likebirthdays. Also there are loads of cute animal stickers, pick oneand change it’s size easily. There are dozens of glowing texttemplates, also you can type whatever you like and change it’sstyle and color to personalize your photos. Magic cyber punk photoeditor pro has all the features you need. 🤳 Selfie Camera Effects:NeonArt comes up with a magnificent selfie camera. Snap selfie andadd camera effects in one tap :). Selfie camera finds the bestlight for you and smoothens your face automatically. Enjoy the liveselfie camera effects and cyber-punk filters for pictures now!Dripping effect is perfect for selfies. Try bewildering dripeffects and bring out your inner drip artist. Neon photo editorwill bring you a brand-new image. 🎉 Pic Collage Maker and PhotoGrids: Using the photo filters and editing tools like AI spiralsand sketch art you‘ll have dozens of pretty selfies :) . NeonArtphoto collage maker helps you to montage you pictures to preparememes. Shiny photo grids, image layouts and cyberpunk frames willmake your picture collaging experience super fun and easy. Photocollage maker has photo layouts for all tastes, create breathtaking photo collage and funny memes just in seconds. Don’t forgetto explore neon stickers and cyber-punk effect for theunforgettable photo collage experience. NeonArt photo editor pro isbest photo editing app with neon blend effects and awesome filtersfor pictures. Edit like a pro and combine drip effects with theglowing spirals to create cyber punk theme. You’ll love thegradient neon line art with hand drawn sketch designs. Finally usepic collage maker to montage pics in one special post. You don’tneed any other photo editing app, once you have Neon photo editor.Share your artwork on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, VKand TikTok to get many likes :)
Story Saver for Instagram: Insta Download & Repost 1.0.10
Story Saver for Instagram: Insta Download & Story Reposter, iscertainly the best app that lets you download videos and photosfrom lovely Instagram stories. Save stories directly into yourmobile phone and repost videos and photos with just a simple tap!With this amazing video downloader for Instagram, you can easilyrepost videos from any Instagram account. Add any superb profile toyour favorites and save Instagram videos and wonderful photos. Youcan log in to multiple accounts at once and repost stories at anytime thanks to the magnificent Story Saver: Insta Download &Repost. Easy Insta Save: Video Downloader for Instagram StorySaver: Insta Download & Story Reposter is a very easy-to-useapp to download Instagram videos and photos from any user account!You can download stories from your followings or search by name torepost photos and videos. Just save any photo, video or highlightto your device with one tap by this marvelous reposter app. StorySaver: Insta Download & Story Downloader also allows you toview your friends’ stories and repost stories anonymously! RepostStory with Brilliant Downloader With awesome Insta downloader, youcan repost stories, video and photo that you liked! Repost storiesyou want with one simple tap thanks to awesome Instagram StorySaver for Instagram: Insta Download & Story Reposter. You canrepost astonishing media from your favorite selections whenever youwant and also share them on social media platforms such asFacebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Tik Tok, VK, Tumblr, Flickr, Twitterand Pinterest. Save photos and videos from stories directly fromyour own Instagram feed, IGTV, your own profile, from yourfavorites or your searches! It is so easy to use great videodownloader for Instagram to save any video and Insta repost optionto repost story for Instagram. You can log in to multiple accountsat once and repost stories at any time thanks to the magnificentInstagram downloader. Collect your favorites Follow and storageyour favorite stories and post them whenever you want with StorySaver: Insta Download & Story Reposter! Organize all the media,highlights or stories you want to see by adding them to yourfavorites! You can simply see all the stories or highlights inseparate tabs in an organized way and Insta download videos with afascinating story saver for Instagram video downloader. Viewintriguing profiles of your beloved friends, admirable influencersor followed people to save videos, photos or any highlightanonymously. Thanks to the incredible Insta Story Saver: InstaDownloader & Story Reposter you can keep track of your entirefavorite post savings! Free Download Story Reposter: Repost &Share Any Post Instagram Story Saver: Insta Download & StoryReposter lets you share beautiful highlights in a very fast andeffortless way! Just open our amazing Insta downloader and eithersave or share the IG media you want instantly! Use free Insta savefeatures and don't forget to share your favorite photos and videosas you wish on Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, TikTok, VK, Tumblr,Flickr, Twitter and Pinterest. It has never been easier to saveInstagram videos and photos from stories or download videos withvideo downloader and share it! Insta Download & Insta StoryReposter allows you to share breathtaking posts in every otherplatforms or repost photos and videos to your feed, IGTV, storiesor direct message. With this amazing video downloader forInstagram, you can easily repost videos from any Instagram account.**Very Important Disclaimer for users: Any unauthorized downloadingor repost of contents and/or violations of intellectual propertyrights is the sole responsibility of the user! Story Saver forInstagram: Insta Download & Story Reposter is not associatedwith Instagram, it is just a free and best downloader and repostapp!
Happy Valentines Day Frames & Valentine Stickers
Valentine's Day Photo Editor is the best and free picture editorfor you to edit photos with Valentine's photo frames and Valentinephoto collage options. Create awesome Valentine cards with aneasy-to-use Valentine card maker. Discover dozens of superbValentine stickers including romantic teddy bear, love shapes,roses etc. Just take a stunning selfie and create fascinatingValentine's photo frames with your favorite Valentines filter andeffects. Don't forget to add a Valentines emoji to make yourpicture even better! You can also share your Valentine's photo onsocial media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp,Snapchat, VK, Tumblr, Flickr, Twitter, TikTok and Pinterest. 💏Amazing Valentine's Photo Frames Valentines Photo Editor is thebest editor that you're looking for! Create happy Valentines cardwith several stunning Valentine photo frames to catch the romanticspirit. Even though you are not a professional artist, your artworkwill look like a pro retouch applied. There are many stylishValentines frames and filters waiting for you to try and editphotos. Show your love with brilliant Valentines frames and don'tforget to create romantic Valentine picture collages andValentine's background. You can also use Valentine photo collagemaker with heart themed filters, Valentines spirals and Valentinesstickers! 💗 Incredible Effects It is very easy to use effects,valentine's picture collage maker and Valentine frames to editphotos and impress your followers with this surprising app. Showyour creative and romantic side with various Valentine frames andeffect and share your photos on social media platforms likeInstagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, VK, Tumblr, Flickr,Twitter, Tik Tok and Pinterest. Valentine's Photo Editor offersfascinating drip art styles and face filters that you can applyeasily and edit photos with Valentine's photo frames. Choosenumerous happy valentines day frames, resize it according to yourpictures and you're ready to go! You can also decorate your awesomehappy valentines day frames and Valentine greeting cards with neonspiral, Valentine stickers and Valentines emoji thanks to thiswonderful Valentine Day Photo Editor. Discover special effects andhappy valentines day frames with Valentine card maker. Surpriseyour lover with wonderful Valentine stickers and Valentine'sgreetings. 💟 Valentine Stickers & Heart Emojis You don't needany other Valentine's Day Photo Editor for adding amazing Valentinestickers, neon spiral art or Valentines emoji. With this wonderfulapp, you can select incredible Valentines emoji, brilliantValentines stickers and glamorous Valentine's photo frames from ourenormous library and apply them to edit photos with one simpleclick! You can find numerous valentine's stickers and a vastlibrary of fascinating Valentine stickers to select from to retouchany of your picture and Valentine greetings. Create memes andwishes to have a romantic celebration with your boyfriend orgirlfriend and surprise them with aesthetic filters, happyvalentines day frames and valentine's day photo collage. Besidesthe happy Valentines emoji or Valentine stickers like romanticteddy bear, love shapes, roses etc., more Valentine stickers areavailable for situations in this Valentine Photo Editor, such asNew Years Eve, Birthdays, Halloween... 💌 Best Edit Experience withValentines Cards Just take a stunning couple selfie and start toedit immediately. Valentine's Day Photo Editor is definitely thebest picture editor to create valentine's cards with romanticvalentine stickers like a Photoshop expert! You can use wonderfuleditor tools like Valentine day photo collages Valentine's photoframes and adjust text and Valentine stickers. Edit photo toreflect your romantic and artistic style by using incredibleValentine's photo effects and a marvelous Valentine card maker.Decorate your images with heart emoji, happy Valentines stickersand happy valentines day frames.
FunArt Photo Editor: Photo Filters & Cartoon Face
FunArt photo editor is the best edit photo app for an artistictouchto your pictures. Your pics art experience will beunforgettablewith amazing picture editing tools such as fx, dripeffect and neonspirals. Explore marvellous photo filters totransform your picturesinto an art piece. Cartoon yourself just inone tap with cartoonphoto editor. Cartoon yourself just in one tapwith picture editor.Edit pics like a pro! Stickers, emojis andstylish text will bringmagic to picture editing. Don’t forget toshare your epic art onInstagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, TikTok, VK, Tumblr,Flickr, Twitter and Pinterest to get so muchlikes. 🎨Aesthetic PhotoEditor Free: Either snap selfie withfascinating camera effects orchoose a pretty pic from your photolab to edit. Adjust brightness,blur and saturation easily usingphoto editor tools. Apply gorgeousphoto filters such as vintagefilter and retro filter to go back tothe 90s! So many fun artfilters to choose from! Bring some motionto your picture with theneon sketch effect, have a hand drawn photojust in seconds. Sketchphoto editor is available in differentcolors! Enjoy the wideselection of camera filters and effects!Retouch your selfies tohave a smooth skin. Thanks to the FunArtpicture editor no cropneeded, you can resize your pics and make itsquare! ✨AmazingPainting Art Filters and Art Effects: You can getdigital artfilters with one tap with incredible FunArt paintingphoto editor!Oil painting filter brings soft colors to your photoimmediately.With the painting effects and art filters you can haveimpressiveselfies just in seconds. Sketch photo editor allow you tohaveblack and white or colorful hand drawn picture in one tap.💖CartoonPhoto Editor: Cartoon yourself in seconds to turn to anawesomeanime character! Many exciting cartoon face filters areoffered bythe cartoon maker. This is the best anime photo editorapp withcartoon filters and pop art filters. Additionally, prismand prismaeffects create marvelous artworks with the digital artframes. ✨Neon Spirals: FunArt takes you to the magical world ofpictureediting with the sparkling neon spirals that glow in thedark! Evenspirals made of emojis are available in different stylesand incolors. Cute angel wings, butterfly wings and geometricshapedspirals are offered by FunArt. 🐶Stickers and Text: FunArtoffersanimal stickers for you to enjoy! You can find cute emojisforspecial days like Birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, andValentine’sday. Add grime art stickers and artistic text to yourphotos now!🤳Selfie Camera Effects: Snap selfie using wonderfulFunArt camerafilters and effects for flawless photos! With liveface cameraeffects turn your photo into an artwork instantly!💖Superb DripEffect: Cool dripping effects will make the dripartists superexcited. Drip effects look fabulous with selfies whenyou add neonbackgrounds. Create your unique art with amazing artfilters!🎉Background Changer: Neon backgrounds will make your photosevenmore cool. Remove background of your picture then choose one ofthebeautiful background images available for you! FunArt photoeditorlets you edit pictures with cool pop art filters and dozensofartistic picture filters. Once you have FunArt you don’t needanyother editing apps for photos. Cartoon yourself with thebestcartoon face filters ever. Create drip art photo and addfunnystickers! Combine fabulous art filters and drip effect tosurpriseyour followers! Collage maker offers you all the collagetools youneed, you can even create hilarious memes. Don’t forget toshareyour pic on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, TikTok,VK,Tumblr, Flickr, Twitter and Pinterest to get so much likes.Bestphoto editing app is waiting for you!