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Learn Languages with Music 1.6.5
It's very easy and fun! All you have to do is play a song of yourchoice and listen closely to fill of the missing words in the songlyrics, by selecting the correct option. With LyricsTraining, youwill not only quickly improve your listening comprehension, butalso expand your vocabulary by learning new words and expressions,improving your reading comprehension and boosting your grammarskills. Forget about studying and memorizing endless vocabularylists for a moment. Learn effortlessly and let your brain do therest of the work. Just play and have fun while you practice.“Learning is most successful when students are relaxed, confidentand enjoying their learning” — John Truscott “Language acquisitiondoes not require extensive use of conscious grammatical rules, anddoes not require tedious drill” — Stephen Krashen Thousands ofteachers around the world already use LyricsTraining and recommendit to their students. LyricsTraining really works! MUSIC ANDLANGUAGE LEARNING Music stimulates learning and memorizationnaturally. It is just like when we were kids! Listening todifferent accents and intonations helps our brain become moreflexible and adaptable so that it can recognize different sounds ofa new language. You will not be able to keep yourself from singingalong while you listen to the songs and follow the lyrics, whichwill also improve your pronunciation. Apart from musical content,there is other content that may interest you, such as movie clips,TV shows, talks, etc. Check out our list of genres. MAJOR FEATURES• Multiple choice and karaoke mode. Select the difficulty that bestsuits your level or simply enjoy synchronized video and lyrics inkaraoke mode. • Bilingual dictionary and integrated translation.Press and hold any word or expression to learn its meaning ortranslate it into your language. (Not available for romanizedlanguages) • Level up. Play every day to level up, complete newlyrics and earn new achievements. • Expand your vocabulary. Themore you play, the more words you will get and the greater yourlanguage proficiency becomes. • Compete against other users. Try toget the best score by competing with users from your country or therest of the world. • Challenge your friends. Create and sharefriends-only challenges. • Track your progress. Check your activityhistory to track your progress. OVER TEN LANGUAGES Learn English,Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Japanese(Romanji), Turkish, Polish, Swedish, Finnish, or Catalan. Morelanguages on the way. PREMIUM FEATURES Play three games a day forfree, or switch to premium to play without limits and unlock someimportant features: ★ Play thousands of lyrics without waiting. ★Translate any word or phrase without limits. ★ Access yourvocabulary and your complete activity history. COMMUNITY OF USERSJoin a great community of over 2 million users. If you cannot finda song, write to, or collaborate with usby adding your favorite songs through our website: What are you waiting for? Start learningby playing!