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LyricsTraining: Learn Languages with Music 1.3.2
Learn English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Dutch,Japanese (Romaji), Turkish, Polish, Swedish, Finnish and Catalan.Have fun learning languages with the best music. Thousands of musicvideos and lyrics are waiting for you. Music stimulates learningand makes it even more fun. Listening to different accents andpronunciations builds up your ability to recognize the range ofsound variations in other languages. Learn new vocabulary andexpressions and strengthen your grammar by completing lyrics.Improve your listening and comprehension skills quickly in a coolway. Many teachers love to use it in class and recommend it totheir students. With LyricsTraining you can even discover new musicor just learn the lyrics by your favorite artists. Join user community and collaborate with us byuploading new videos and lyrics that you would like to learn. Whatare you waiting for?