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Mahjong: Mahjong Four 1.3.32
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Mahjong: Mahjong FourMahjong is unique Chinese traditional play, new rules, ensure thatyou have fun!Game Features● The new rules, the unique play mahjongThirteen of mahjong, a combination of characteristics of China,Taiwan, Japan rules, a rigorous design, to create a new Mahjonggame thinking! The game is no longer limited to the traditionalform. You can get along with your own hands, use your wisdom to actaccording to circumstances, with as many as 47 different modelsvary Hu type, using various techniques, the fastest, the strongest,most flexible means, play with the computer!Note that some player noted there are some bugs in the game that??sometimes he or she can not Hu. Here severe remind players! !Your score is not enough to Hu! ! ! Improve your score, try againto showdown! !● Performance statistics, official position upgradeAutomatic record player game achievements and rankings, you canalways show to friends to see how many times you Hu. You can alsogain experience to upgrade, When a nobility to it! Here is yourmahjong world, show your skills!● Gorgeous screen, easy to operatePicture composition completely gorgeous Chinese style show. TapMahjong will magnify the display, you can play a push to move it,while others hit the bar and other common commands, but also tobecome big button into the middle, so you will never point thewrong card.● Addictive mahjong game, supports stand-alone, no registration,no login, direct game, free demo! Now enjoy your mahjong! !
Music Pad: free create music 1.0.1
M-S-B Games
Music Pad: free create musicCreate music, high up you hearing andsight.Tired of immutable fixed music? Do you want your own melodymove up? The music pad will make you high up!By changing themusical key panel, you can create your own melodies, with varietymixes, all kinds of dance, and music creative freedom. You will bea good DJ! Control stage, allow themselves to be musicians! Youwill be a music master. Addictive game for free now.
Empire 2048 1.2.9
M-S-B Games
Empire 2048Empire 2048 is an exciting, addictive puzzle game.Everyone know how to play the game 2048, but you know that moreadvanced to play it? Build their own imperial city, begin tochallenge your limits now!Move around the building, and constantly merged to become moreadvanced buildings. In this Android game Empire 2048, thedevelopment of your city, built metropolis! The game is free!