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Tedooo 2.1.5
Join the first B2B social platform customized to trade world!Tedoooprovides information and all needed details on worldwidebusinessesalong with a variety of useful social features alongwith physicaltrade show look and feel for manufactures, suppliers,buyers and alltypes of companies related to the trade world! Allunder oneplatform without the need to actually fly abroad andtravel. Tedoooprovides business directory services and a onlinecrowd-sourcedreview platform. Today, only with Tedooo You can letclients andpartners feel like they are near you without leavingtheir office orhome! For those who can visit your area or domesticpartners thatare nearby - Tedooo will send notifications aboutyour company withdirections to visit you! Our vision is to boostthe global economyby making an accessible platform for allcountries and create "onestop shop" for all businesses needs. wecreated a Globalcomprehensive online platform that helps to creatematches and realrelationships between worldwide manufactures,suppliers, buyers, andany type of companies related to the tradeworld by providing allthe tools needed and support to publishtheir businesses! Ourplatform includes many social networkfeatures that helps to publishand promote businesses worldwide ina direct way with real-timesocial elements! Groups ● Allowing B2Bbusinesses to join, browseand chat in different groups fordifferent topics, markets, sectorsand establish businesscollective conversations with your potentialpartners from all overthe world. ● Join public or private Tedooogroups with unlimitedamount of members to build new businessrelationships andpartnerships. ● Build your own group with multiplerepresentativesand your partners/clients. ● Work together, supporteach other andconsult with the group memebers on different topics.● Members ofgroups can can post photos, videos and chat in groups.● Share asmart link with your friends to lead directly to joinspecificgroups. ● Directly invite profiles to groups from theirTedoooprofile ● Tedooo groups enables B2B communication -possible,quicker, easier. The 1st global B2B social platform thathelps tocreate matches and relationships between worldwidesuppliers andbuyers all around the globe! You can search bycategories and viewhighlights and recommendations for betterpersonal results andrecommendations update your preferences withthe relevantcategories and your interests - Tedooo will suggestcategories andpartners that are best for you. share Live Momentsfrom yourworking day at your business or share some new products oranyother moment you wish. Upload more moments to promote yourself!Youcan create Matches with relevant partners and also track allyourmatches history and details. Matches boost your profile!Oncematches are approved (by Tedooo) you will receive Tedooo pointsandit will boost your profile immediately! Search results accordingtoyour needs and preference. You can search by countries,market,minimum order quantity, reviews, partners that are near yourlivelocation on the map, and many more filters and sort optionstooptimize the results for you! Use your Promo Card to spreadyourprofile worldwide and get more followers to your Tedoooprofile!Share your custom Promo Card in all languages and getworldwidepotential partners to follow you! You will be able togetnotifications about followers, matches and new updatesfrombusinesses you follow so you are always up to date! You canchatwith relevant partners and get Real-time Live translationaccordingto the language you selected. Join the revolution and beworldwide.