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Migraine Headache Diary HeadApp 1.13.3.user.lite.release
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Start recording your headache, *no need to fill in yourpersonaldata*. HeadApp is more than a headache diary. It gives youthechance to live better by letting you fully understand yourheadachethrough a guided input of fundamental data that will beprocessedto return you clear statistics and graphs. It replaces thepaperheadache diary that headache doctors suggest patient to fillinorder to have a correct diagnosis and appropriatedtherapy.HeadApp! helps you also to discover your triggers andprevent anattack. This App has been developed by neurologists andpatientssuffering by different type of headaches. Highlights:-record painduration -intensity -classification -position-triggers-premonitory symptoms -aura -symptoms -medications-hormonalfactors *preventive therapies* -impairmentCharts/reporteverything: simple to read yet built on professionalguidelines.Easy to share with your family/friend/care givers anddoctorthrough mail,messaging, and other chats. More: - Sleep diarywithautomatic detection of sleep - Monthly calendar view withcolorhighlighting of different headaches *Personal headache profiletoassist you in filling your headache records* - Offline mode(nonetwork required) This App is not an alternative toproperspecialist medical treatment, is not a medical device and youarealways invited to consult a physician for any health relatedissue.