Aliens Transform: Ultimate Alien War Battle 1.0
Aliens Transform: Ultimate Alien War Battle is realactionplatformer ten game where you fight vs bad alien invasionplan tobe ben the hero kid also known as earth protector inside anepic 2dplatformer. Prove your skills in this action-packed alienswar starand use the heatblast cannon shoot or up speed using xlr8velocitypotion to cross obstacles and hard defeat alien enemiesashumansaur power of the ten protector! With a cracking funnystory,awesome upgradeable fighting skills and an epic arsenal ofweaponsthat will make even the most heroic of heroes envious, Ben'sarcadefight fest has enough enemies and boss fights to satisfyeveryhardcore gamer. This top platformer games is very easy and funtoplay, you must fight all enemies on endless multiple arenaworlds.Transfrom with the new omnitrix to alien humansaur in galaxyoranother vilgax. Would you be able to reach the final stage?Enjoyplaying and use transforming fire aliens for the first timetobattle all players with your fighting techniques and unleashyourhiding power. 10 Games Series Features: * Easy to playxenodromegameplay * Super addicting game for superhero kid *classic retrorunning to up speed adventure games * watch classicalienplatformer for children, adults and kids toys * SecretAreas,unlockable costumes and Daily events to keep you on yourtoes!Enjoy The Game!