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Multi Level Smart Car Parking 2018 1.0
Get ready for this amazing roadway multi level car parkingsimulation game. Smart car parking mania parking games adventure inrealistic smart car parking and roadway parking environment. Becomean extreme parking driver or professional master driver and startastonishing multi level or beautiful multi storey parking maniaexperience of parking game. Multi level car parking games 2018 withvariety of sports car, luxury car and smart car to drive and park.Here it is luxury vehicle parker mania, you will park in twodifferent classic car park systems start from road side car parkingand then multi storey super car parking. You need to expertly parkyour police car and other sports car parking models.In this MultiLevel Smart Car Parking 2018 is the newest addition in parkinggames, you will experience riveting driving adventures withrealistic roadway parking with the fusion of thrilling car parkingchallenges which are specially designed for car parking 3d games2018. Enjoy auto car swift driving with American muscle car orsmart car along with latest robot car on multi lane New York cityroads and experience multi level or multi storey auto car parking.Press the race button slowly otherwise you would not be able tocontrol your super-fast car in this 3D car parking fun. In theworld of traffic congestion many shopping malls and hotels areproviding underground and multi-storey parking facilities. You havea chance to show your driving skills in this roadway car parkingand simulation games. Do you like playing endless highway sim 2018game or most addictive simulation parking games? So this carparking 3d game is for you. This german car driving and fun parkgame for the lovers of multi level sports car parking 2018. Driveamazing luxury sports vehicles around different places of New Yorkwith huge traffic rush on parking tracks in this smart multi levelcar parking.Features of Multi Level Smart Car Parking Mania:•Multiple sports cars for road-side parking & multi-storeyparking adventure.• Top-notch high definition 3D graphics &realistic car physics.• Realistic city driving and parkingexperience.• Park within limited time period to check your drivingskills.• Real parking lot & intuitive controls for easycar parking.Park your car in a on roadway or multi-storey buildingand enhance your accuracy. Park in the congestion without hittingany obstacles, or park backwards. Always avoid crashing intobarriers and other cars. Hit the install button and download bestcar parking game of 2018 with our Multi Level Smart Car Parking2018. “Limo multi storey parking is coming soon”
Hungry Blue Shark Revenge 1.1
Hungry Blue shark revenge is amazing simulatorgame for boys and girls. Sharks are the most deadly seapredator.This deadliest ocean monster creature is always hungry forhunting more food,human, whale or fishes it can get. Blue sharksare very popular for deadliest killing and hunger attitude, monstersharp teeth and wieldy jaws attack. Sharks are always angry andeven attacks on white are blue sharks, whales, fishes, snakes,octopus and land animals like, tiger,lion,bull,monkey, beer,andbirds also. Use hungry blue shark dash air attack to damage a bigyate,boat and ship. They are real mighty king of sea.When sharkcomes to revenge they are very dangerous and crazy.Human hunters are boating over surface to kill this sea monsterwith modern weapons make them scare with your jump attack withoutany mercy.Hungry Blue Shark Revenge 3D offers you 10 missions for brutalhunting like great tiger shark. Swim as furious shark wreck theships with this monster fish species. Scare small fish and makethem your tasty meal. Collect hearts in the deep ocean to maintainyour life and health bar. Play as crazy evil carnivore in HungryBlue Shark Revenge 3D amazing simulation game in your android phoneand tablets.Get bonus for taking revenge.A hunter is saving peopleby shooting on shark but you have to survive.Hungry Blue shark revenge is a great simulator 3d game in whichyou can play as a monster sea creature life. People are relaxing onisland, beach and harbor.Some are swimming and using gadgets killthem and get food and energy.Remember blue shark is sea king andrule as you like. Control your angry shark with smooth simulatorcontrols and play in real open sea.Avoid shooting from sea guards which are protecting island andbeach from monster and mighty shark.Its time to take your possiblerevenge and hunt all which is coming in your kingdom.This simulator game is unique game for shark lovers.Hungry Blue Shark Revenge 3d features and content.Hungry and mighty shark to play.Amazing 3D Environment. Beach,island and harbor.Smooth intuitive simulator control.Marvelous and hard missions to complete.Realistic shark animations.Beautiful sea water with sounds.Play as an hungry blue,monster shark and play until you havetaken revenge.
Insta Bridal Dress Montage 1.6
Insta Bridal Dress Montage from the developers of Hijab FashionPhoto Montage.In this free bridal dresses app you will find beautiful bridaldresses, vintage bridal dresses, lace bridal dresses, Asian (i.e.Pakistani, Indian), Arabic (UAE, Egypt, Lebanon), Turkish andEuropean bridal dresses and also lots of other classic weddingdress Montage available in this free app. Large numbers of awesomebridal dresses frames are available for your gorgeous look, so makeyour unique bridal montage in this free app.=======================================Keep your happiness memory in your photo albums.=======================================With this free bridal dress app you can add image from gallery ortake a snapshot from camera live on the go and make a beautifulframe. This free bridal dresses app enables you to re-size orrotate your image as you like. In this app you can add multiplephotos to a single frame. Share your gorgeous look to your friendsthrough all social networks like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn,Google+, instagram, picasa, flicker, whatsapp, viber and others.Beside this you can also send your picture to friends via email orMMS.Features:-import pictures from gallerycapture live shot from camerare-size imagerotate imagedrag imagezoom in and zoom out feature addedAll frames are in high quality (HD) picture, make your photo lookreal and nice, so download this free app and enjoyYour reviews are valuable to us.
Army Truck Driver Hill Climb 1.0
Army Truck Driver Hill Climb.Forget all other cargo transport games which having the theme ofcargo transportation in a big army truck games. come and be a partof this realistic 4x4 Army truck driver and hill climb simulationand enjoy hill climb and army trucker driver challenging 3d game.This is not some army truck race or road truck driving simulatoryou should be a professional offroad army truck driver and become adaring army truck driver legend in one of the supreme army truckdriving games. Play as truck transporter for modern army weaponsand goods, army loads, car transport with lifter cargo driver whotransport and unload goods. Play in a realistic 3d environment inthe finest army cargo transport games with respect to the laws ofphysics. Drive and park your vehicle at the targeted spot usingyour professional truck driving skills. Your military truck drivercareer begins with this pickup truck driving simulator 3D game,drive big rig cargo truck on massive highways in hilly and snowyterrain with real physics and carefully in snowy environment where snow plows are workingout to throw snow besides the road .if you are not having enough driving practice as hill climberyou may break your windscreen and chassis of your monster truck inthis fast track racing gameIn this off road track you will not see any school bus,garbagetruck,cranes,excavator or tractors working in the fields .Drive and travel through winter snowy roads play as crazy driverfor transporter 4x4 pickup trucker parking mania. Experience one ofthe modern Amy Cargo Truck driving and truck parking 3D simulatorgame. Use your cargo transporter driver skills to avoid anyaccident to your ride. Drive big rigs and 4x4 American pickuptrucks in rush to achieve mission objectives in this army cargotransporter game. You had done with bus a lot, garbage tractor,winter ice trucker, construction crane, excavators or quarry diggersimulators.Various buses and chauffeur inside the hill.If you are a lover of real army truck driver cargo simulatorgame or hill climbing truck games. Come to join this this maduphill climb truck racing game now!. You have a real army truckdriving platform and you transport cargo on terrain unlike cattletransporter. There are 10 different enjoy levels and each level hasnature and realistic terrain. If you want to best military cargotruck driver you must clear all levels. The gas pedal to the leftof the brake pedal and the brake can be used.GAME FEATURES- Realistic Physics 4x4 Truck,- Realistic Hill climbing Terrain with snow and Nature View ,- Versatile Camera,- High Quality Graphics,- Driving in Tilt or touch steering,- 3D Terrain, Rocks, Grass and SnowFOLLOW US atTwitter
Angry Tiger in Crazy City 1.0
Have you ever experienced being actual tiger?Angry Tiger Revenge Simulator is amazing attack game for boys andgirls. You must have played many hungry and angry white or bluesharks revenge games but this angry tiger revenge simulator isunique in its game play. Tigers are the most deadly aquaticcreature and predator of wild life. This deadliest wild giganticcreature is always hungry for eating more meat, goat, human, deer,boar, bull, rhinos or wildlife animals it can get. Hungry Tigersare very popular for deadliest bite and hunger attitude, sharpteeth and mighty jaws attack. They even attacks on other mini cubsand small animals, tiger, Hammerhead, Mako, humpback, beer andBull. An angry tiger dash air attack can finish you with singledeadly bite. Feel the real challenge of hunting down your prey inthis wild tiger adventure 3d sim.Play as crazy angry tiger forest or jungle hunter; your task isto attack on the small pets like goat, dogs and birds in the cityacting as wild terrorizes carnivore so you can take revenge as ahungry beast. Tigers are the most dangerous monster in the wildlife. All people and pets in the city are getting terrorized andscared of this carnivore angry tiger, due to its angry hungrynature and deadly sharp teeth & jaws.This ferocious jungle monster is not a loner animal they do notattack with the clan but an angry hungry tiger attacks and preysalone. In past week hungry renegade tiger packed attack on somepeople wandering in jungle. Before that the best attacks on peopleon the safari side. You will have to face 12 levels of angrytiger’s evolution attack. Beware from this hungry tiger sharp teethand jaws. They also hunt and eat cheetah cubs in the jungle.This is not some shark, crocodile, croc, Dino, horse, cheetah,lion or train simulator, its best hunting 3D game for all ageyoungster and teens. Even kids can enjoy playing this fun shootergame in Smartphone devices.Features:12 amazing challenging levels to check your revengeskills.Real life animation for city and motions.Smooth graphics and controls to take revenge.Amazing background music to enhance your gaming experience.HD and realistic graphics to boost your visual experience.
Construction City Truck Driver 1.0
Construction Truck Driver 3D, Driving huge, mighty and heavy dutyconstruction vehicles is one of the wishes of everyone, you alwaysdream driving trucks, excavators, cranes, fork lifter or tractor,this truck driving simulator will turn your dream true. make sureyou do not destroy this expensive machinery on theconstruction site and the other construction material as well.You may see concrete and cement mixer, American dumping trucks,CAT excavator for excavation, cranes lifting up the materials andother heavy machines working on the site. so drive carefully,fasten your seat belt and park your vehicle on the appropriateplace to dump.Furious Construction Truck Driver 3D is a game which brings yourdesire to your device in your palm. This truck driving simulationwill give you the thrill of driving a construction truck at aconstruction site with gravel, mud or even concrete in backcarrier. Replicating anything living or nonliving is always Fun, sothis exhilarating and engaging truck deriving game will help youachieve new heights of excitement.Objective is simple, you are loaded with gravel and mud to put inthe dug up hole to level it. The truck is already loaded andstarted just drive it to the designated point and unload the mudinto the hole. Remember there is a time limit to complete theobjectives which make this game more fun and challenging.Features:- Smooth steering, throttle and brake controls.- Realistic 3D construction site- Fluid Controls- Engaging graphics- Multiple objective and levels
Heart Surgery Simulator 1.0
Be a professional heart doctor and perform the virtual heartsurgeries with best surgical instruments at heart surgery hospital.Perform routine checkup to treat your infected patients, monitorthe heart rate, identify the heart disease and then conduct thereal surgery to become the best heart surgeon.You are an expert heart specialist Dr. to conduct heart operationsand surgeries efficiently. Heart is the most important andsensitive organ of a human body. Heart disease is worse thancancer, it can even cause a sudden death. So treat your infectedpatients wisely and carefully. Start performing the basic/routinecheckup, observe and study the body temperature, heart rate, bloodpressure, blood test and lastly check the heart condition. If youfound out the heart disease then take your poor patient inOperation Theater to perform simulated heart surgery. Give reliefto influenced patient who is badly suffering from heart disease andbecome a skilled heart surgery pro.Avail the amazing opportunity in this free kid’s educational game.Note down the heartbeat of patient by using stethoscope and keepthe record of your patient’s fitness and health. Finish off thegerms and dirt from the patient’s body by using hygienic andprofessional medical tools and perform treatment of your patientwith all the new surgical equipment’s for heart surgery likecutting instruments, grasping or holding instrument, homeostaticforceps (instrument used to stop blood flow), clamps anddis-tractors, accessories and implants at your doctor’s hospital.Be a professional celebrity heart doctor/surgeon.Before a heart surgery, examine full body, as doctors do notusually start heart surgery without inspect the throat, eyes, nose,ears, stomach, kidney, lungs and the most important operate now!Top 5 Features of Heart Surgery Game:- Best Surgical Instruments- Best Virtual Heart Surgery- Professional Treatment- Realistic Graphics & Sound Effects- Instructive Game- Friendly User InterfaceHow to play:- Select a patient who suffering from heart problem- Spot the part for surgery- Cut the marked area and clean the blood- Enlarge the skin and cut the bones- Move the inner and outer veins aside to view the heartproperly- Select the tubes and fix them- Stitch veins and fix bones- Joint the bones with the help of stapler- Stitch the skinUnlike other doctor games like McDonald game,nose and eardoctor, stomach doctor, eye doctor, lungs doctor, brain doctor,kneesurgery,dentist,barber, plastic surgery and foot doctor, thisdoctor game is completely unique with virtual surgery practicewhich let your kids enjoy the character of a proficient heartphysician.
Transport Truck: Zoo Animals 1.0
Transport Truck : Zoo Animals 3D, Experience to build your own zooor animal farm. see amazing farm animals like cow, horse, goat, dogand bring them to your private zoo. amazing zoo and farm animalstransporter game with realistic transport truck for farm, wild andzoo animals. Add new level to the zoo animal transport games andbecome a wild animal transporter driver. Energize your zootransport truck games fun in an fascinating animal transportsimulator that requires master skills! Zoo animal transporter gamesare at new level. Zoo animals transporter truck is one of theunique wild animal transport simulator that is going to be a fulltreat for zoo transport animal games lovers. In this game you cancreat your own zoo after wild and beast animals transport fromjungle to city.A fun for kids and all ages game lovers. Have funwithCheetah,lion,zebra,elephants,boar,hipo,rhino,gorilla,wolf,stag,deer,bull,cowand many more jungle animals. This animals simulator game is hotand fun for girls and boys. In this wild truck transporter game youwill act as a cargo truck driver delivering undomesticated anddangerous beasts to the city zoo. These wild beasts have come tothe town from various continents and they should be transportedsafely to the city zoo. You are the delivery driver assigned withthis daunting job as this is no livestock control you are handling.It's the untamed lot like the King of the jungle itself. Theseferocious creatures demand you to be vigilant and careful . Youmust have a yen for thrill and excitement to take on this duty.First of all you need to load the beasts onto your cargo transportvehicle . Be careful as not to get in their way and move them intothe trailer. Now, get behind the wheels which you will handlemanually using the steering and other controllers . And whilemoving the animals , you must do it in a way that won't cause themany injury or harm. Your duty is to ensure their safe and sounddelivery to the city zoo. After delivering the cargo to the cityzoo, you must park your trailer in the pre-defined parking area .Only when you have parked the vehicle, a level will be completed.The challenge must be completed within the given time. You canenjoy the both , a beautiful city environment and a forest typeenvironment in this game which will make your driving experiencemore real. You have definitely not played a simulator such as thisbefore. It's your time to display some courage ,bravery andresponsibility required to operate this heavy trailer loaded with awild cargo. If you are ready to take on this adventurous job,download this simulator instantly and enjoy the life of a wildanimal transporter. In this 3D zoo animal truck driving game, youcan enjoy as a animal truck driver with the best mega realistictruck. While driving you must transport animals in a way that won’tcause them injury. Fasten your seat belt and drive cargo truckanimal trailer and be the highway king of this heavy truck games.Dare yourself to become a driver of this huge cattle transportertruck. Features: Mega city to explore. Realistic and smooth truckcontroller. Many animals simulator. HD graphics. 15 challenginglevels to complete. Compatible with all android devices. This gameis a unique game for transport truck drivers and animal lovers.Simulate many animals at a time and than enjoy a drive with truckand transport. Earn money and build a mega zoo or animal farm foryour city people. Guaranteed! that you have not played such animalfarm animal transporter game as yet. So revive the uniqueness inanimals transport mingle with the concept of 3D truck trailer farmcattle transporter games. You might have experienced simple farmanimals games or transport games but this is the best free animaltransport simulator with the fun of zoo animal and farm cattletruck transporter. So take it now and enjoy the ride of TRANSPORTERTRUCK: ZOO ANIMALS simulator 3D.
War Tank Battle Zone 3D 1.0.1
Commander get alert! Enemy infantry has started an uprisinginvasion in your territory. Play as army commander and defend yourmilitary bases. Use supreme strategy with heavy artillery blitz inTank War Battle Zone 3D game. Drive war tanks and start bombing onenemy trucks, apache helicopter,humvees, drones, jeeps and militaryvehicles. Code Red! your troops are under heavy bombardment, engagein brutal tank war to show extreme tanks driving and bombingskills. Rise as a hero that your nation needs in warfare and storminto enemies’ stronghold.In this tank war game storm into battle arena with artillery andsoldiers to wipe out enemy troops camps. Become a part of world warsimulation game play and destroy enemy military base with yourweapon firepower. Fight for the glory and spare no mercy on enemytroops to clear the war zone from all kind of threats. Drivemilitary jeep, big trucks, rocket launcher and missile vehicles.Deliver weapons and ammunition to your armed forces commandos whoare in a monstrous tank war with enemy. You are driving warheadthrough the war field and armed terrorists want to capture it.Ensure safe approach of nuclear weapons and bomb across thebattlefield and swipe aiming of the tank turret.Your neighbor empire broke strategic alliance and makingresistance on your homeland territory to plunder your landresources. Their mission is to capture and demolish your defenseartillery. World leaders are doing worthless efforts to avoid majorclash between super power nations. It's your mission to stop enemymovement and uprising domination with precision and destroy theirinfantry with extreme brutal firepower. Start bombardment atenemy's military base camps, hit bomb on their bunkers and conquertank battle. Use powerful military arms and crush your enemies.Stop rival forces from stealing ammunition and infantry movementwith blitz and fire power.Rival soldiers crew is hiding in bunker, drive monstrous tanksand start bombing enemy hideouts with precision in this 3D tankbattle game. Red alert situation; destroy enemy helicopters anddrones flying over over your base camps dropping bombs. Engage toshoot down drones and helicopters with furious tanks attack. Followcomplex, powerful strategy to defend your empire and become a tankhero.Battle Features 2015:15 intense action packed and challenging tank war missionsMultiple military vehicles, drones, helicopters, jeeps andtransport trucksAttack various army base camps in desertStunning warzone environment and armorsIntuitive on-screen controls for easy driving and shootingRealistic 3D graphics for real life war experienceDownload Tank War Battle Zone 3D game to enjoy unlimited waraction.
Transporter Truck Simulator 3D 1.0
Transporter Truck Simulator 3DHere we launch a brand of real monster transport truck driving gamesimulatorGet ready to become the best truck driver.Get ready for real and exciting truck driving experienceSit behind the steering wheel of realistic transporter truck oncity streets by transporting the goods like oil, farm equipment,barrels, heavy machines in challenging 12 driver levels. Keepfollowing arrow pointer on city route destinations, reach atparking points. Your task is to transport goods to all locationswith loaded truck.The game is about wild heavy equipment transporter, a new kindof cargo heavy truck trailer transport game to load, deliver, andunload large machinery construction vehicles like dumper truck,crane, excavator and bulldozer on top of your truck transporterloader. Watch out! You’re about to drive the huge automobiletransporter lorry and it contains the most expensive constructionvehicles. In this extremely fun driving and parking mania game youare hired forheavyweight building machines and your core assignmentis to deliver building equipment from factory to the constructionarea in the city so show your bravery and done the job. Drive andload all heavy duty vehicles carefully and maneuver them on thetrailer so they fit in perfectly within the indicated spot. Thendrive the massive trucker to the destination by following arrowwhile managing the huge load with precision and accuracy. Do yourjob carefully don't harm anyone. You have time limit in each level.Try to be the best truck driver in the city, become a realtrucker!this is Not an ordinary parking game, try driving realisticAmerican transporter truck with hyper gaming experience usingminimap. You can’t afford to miss this latest update in driving simgame. Your mission is to transport the goods from town tofactories, animal farms,livestock,farmyard and other givelocations. Once you collected all goods drive your big truck toparticular locations.Done with a lot driver parking, transporter, oil tanker gamesthat offers you just to park your transporter vehicle. This game isunique with challenging driver mission unlike other cattletransporter,trailer parking and transport tycoon. Pick up grass,barrels, oil and other equipment from city and deliver. you willlove realistic animation and real truck driving controls withtrailer behind the truck. Download this wonderful in your androidtablet and phone for unlimited fun for youngsters.Truck simulator, construction material transporterFEATURES* Realistic controller* Realistic driving experience and feelings* Beautiful Graphics* Realistic sound environment* Realistic physics* Tablet support and FULL HD support* FULL HD graphics with high quality
Transport Train: Zoo Animals 3.1
After the great success of Transport Truck: Zoo Animals game, herewe are with an addition to animal games Transport Train Zoo Animal.It is going to be an ace among the animal transport games havingthe original concept of animal transporter train 3D with therousing zoo animal transport missions. So once again add twist tothe animal transport games and become an expert animal transportertrain driver. Believe it! Animal train games were never such beforeand this is one of the premium animal transport simulator that isgoing to be full of adventure for the animal games lovers. So getready for the Transport Train: Zoo Animals 3D which is all aboutthe farm and jungle animals’ transportation concept. In 3D wildanimal train driving game,An infamous poacher and his lackey arethreatening animals of the wilderness by stealing them from theirfamilies! Your exciting story begins as you head out on safari torescue wildlife from danger. you have a chance to act as animaltransport train driver with the best ogre animals train. There arenumber of wild animals and farm animals that you have to transportto the destination to complete the game such as zebra, elephant,hippopotamus, lion, wolf, Cow, Stag, Bear, Cheetah, Pig, Gorilla,rhinoceros, etc. First of all you need to load wild animals, farmanimals and water animals in the cages placed on the trailer of thetrain and then you have to transport and deliver them safe to thenearby zoo to meet the demand of animals. Similarly you will takethe animals from the jungle, zoo and from forest lake to the Circusby your mega train. Your duty is to ensure the quick supply ofanimals from jungle to Circus. You will move this heavy duty animalcarriage train to its target with precision and accuracy. Besidesyou’ll enjoy more interesting levels in this animal transport traingame. So get your hands on the animal cargo train transporter andbe the railroad king in the big jungle of this heavy trainsimulator. Dare yourself to become a driver of this huge animaltrain transporter. Surely! You have not played such type of animalfarm animal transport games as yet. So revive the uniqueness inanimal train games blended with the concept of 3D trailer animaltransporter train games. It's your time to display some courage andresponsibility required to operate this heavy loaded train withwild and farm animals. So have fun with the drive of ZOO ANIMALTRANSPORT TRAIN simulator 3D. FEATURES -Awesomely Realistic 3Dgraphics -Find and rescue various animal and dino breeds. -Explorethe wilderness in paddock -Realistic 3D Environments -trainderailments -Kid friendly -Realistic train Sounds -Easy Controls
Andreas Police Car Hill Chase 2.0
Police Chase is action packed 3D racing simulator game for big boysand girls. Get a taste of realistic police officer crews life, makesome emergency arrest of most wanted criminals thugs and take themto the Police Station. Join police enforcement force as rookie copand show your driver skills and get promoted as sergeant ordetective. Drive sports cars with fast speed engine and drift.Thief & criminals are on the escape or loose from jail, outlawgang wars and street crimes are on its peak.Gangsters are drivinguphill towards steep mountains in their racing cars. It’s time tobe a super cops chase and arrest gangster, crooks and crazycriminals from the crime scene. This 3D game will take you on nextlevel high speed racing simulation game play. More than a rookiedriver, You need expert fast driving and parking skills with realtime precision. Take care of the hill climbers coming downhill onthese treacherous tracks. In Andreas Police Car Hill Chase no Ammoneed to catch rival gang when you have crazy drifting skills. Ifyou are wanted in the list of the city police then survive byescaping police cars with 4x4 luxury SUV cars and prado. Escapecops car by dodging & taking wrong turns and avoid allobstacles as long as possible to avoid certain crash. Smash thechasing police cars on smashy road. Chasing police car is all aboutchase and run game. In the city of saints it's time to takevengeance from crooked cops on gritty roads. Be real criminalescaping away from police patrol squad in the latest car escapegame. Features of Andreas Police Hill Chase: * Superb racing policecar with more steering control and engine horsepower. * Faceextreme level challenging crime scenarios. * Interactive objectiveswith astonishing gameplay. * Dynamic game play with smooth touchand tap controls. * Very engaging background music to enhance yourgaming experience. * Epic hilly environment with treacheroustracks. * Amazing cop animation. So hit the gas paddle and getready for a new 2019 police car race down in this new best copchase game. Everything you expected of a highway police Gangsterscar chase. Facebook: Twitter: @mas3dstudio
Dirt Bike Driving and Parking 1.0.1
BIKE DEATH RACE: ESCAPE DRIVING PARKINGSIMULATOR GAME! Jump in to quad Dirt Bike rally and have a lot offun with this new game in town named as Dirt Bike Race:EscapeDriving, an Ultimate and full action Based Interface and withwonderful experience of interesting tracks to complete. Hills,mountain Stunt, bridges with MX quad Dirty Bikes in mud, runningtime and riding 4x4 Dirt track bikes for Extreme parking mania.Super dirt ATV bikes on a dusty trail flaming through the desertwith crazy stunts!The reality of off-road speed racing withextremely high quality graphics with beautiful landscapes andterrain that make this game both difficult and addicting.Join the ultimate off-road rush as you compete with other crazydrivers for the 4x4 championship on 4 wheelers!Every level you needto reach the top 3 so you unlock the next level.DEATH BIKE RACE DRIVING PARKING GAME! Take control of a dirtbike and tackle various hurdles and obstacles.Truck, bus or cardrivers will have a blast on this awesome bike motocross with 4wheels racing game! Hop right on your 4x4 quad bike and come downfor some all terrain mania parking action.★★★★★ The BEST Dirt ATV Quad Bike Stunt Game ★★★★★Brand new and exciting challenges! Amazing environments! Get yourdose of adventure with the latest EXTREME Stunt game. Proveyourself as the stunt hero of the city! Jump on your ATV anddrive.Take on various stunt expeditions and ride your Quad Bikethrough death-defying obstacles.Complete the trials on time andreach the finish line.This addicting game provides great fun with its superior andinitiative controls and exposure to tons of superior quadbikes.Satisfy your hunger and need for speed.Amazing advanced realquad bike physics and fast-paced gameplay in this high speedoff-road Quad Bike racing parking adventurous game.Features:• 3 Awesome Quad Bike models• Challenging obstacles and hurdles• Fun environments to unlock• Upgradable features• Extreme riding experience!• Engaging sound effects and sound track• Amazing and realistic smooth controlsPlease do not hesitate to reach out us with your feedback, welove hearing from you!FOLLOW US atTwitter
Halloween Zombies Shooter 3D 1.0
A virus has infected the city and you are the commando to killinfected citizens .This Virus is extremely dangerous.Choose yourway to destroy all the zombies: aim to the heads, chop the limb andcrush them like small worm.The homeland doom is getting closer asthe humans are infected by the ebola virus and turned into walkingdead Zombies around who demolish any living thing they catch orhit, and whose bite is infectious to all humans. This is the timeto take action against ebola affected species and save yourhomeland with defence.Make your way to the evacuation center, takepart in the great battle for survival, and discover the cause ofthe virus!BEST ZOMBIE SHOOTER EVERReload your gun and Be a Hero inzombie city on Zombie Land.Halloween Zombie Shooter is an FPS gamewhere you can Witness the stunning 3D graphics with detailedtextures.Tsunami of Zombies of many forms and have ability to killyou but you have be the terminator and Hunt them like a Boss. Clearthe zombies in hospitals, schools and Buildings. You can choosedifferents armors like shotgun, AK47, Rifle and many yourprowess Plan ,Aim and Shoot them like you are crushing candies.Yourmission is to return the city to its original state.Kill BrainlessZombies with Buckshot .You have to face battle with the dead livingcreatures in this game unlike other plants zombie game inforrest.You are the only superhero left to chase and crush thebloody creature to save the world.Try to shoot them with sniper athead part to see the head shot effect. you are involved in the waragainst the zombies, merciless,bloody, no mercy smasher.Be thesavior of this world else Z-virus will spread in the whole world!Features:- Realistic sound effect and music- Bring smash death tozombies which are chasing you.- Be a killer to Crush zombies instyle with awesome weapon system- Be the Zombie Hunter to save theCity- You have to Interact with the environment to defend yourself-Great shooting game physics, easy controls just point and shootyour weaponsfacebook : : @Mas3dstudio
Police Driver Zombie Shooter 1.0.1
Scary nights with monster zombies. Here comesan amazing story of police vs crazy zombie chase.So, get ready tostart the full garrote action with monster zombies vs police driverin one of the brand new zombies games with zombie police battleadventure. POLICE Driver VS ZOMBIES ATTACK is truly going to pep upyour inner police pursuit against zombies to show your furyrequired in police vs zombie chase games. Believe it! There hasnever been such an illustrious zombie police battleadventure.It is an incredible zombies vs police game in which you as a policehunting driver need to save the attacked city.Innocent people are hidden inside their homes. Some people arealready infected by the brutal zombies on the day of Halloween. Soas a police driver your real mission is to chase down and finishall the walking crazy dead zombies, and infected people turned intofatal zombies trying to attack from all direction. You need to runspeedily and finish them all by following the city map. Takecontrol of the husk and hunt down the zombies of big city. Will youprotect the citizens from the zombie threat? So get ready for thethrilling adventure in the zombie world.First Person Shooter Police Driver VS Monster Zombies, one of akind, will definitely immerse its players into a unique experience: say no to the colorful and joyful backgrounds you use to see inevery common racing or police game. In Police VS Zombies, it’s theApocalypse !Drive your car down a highway as shocking zombies leap at yourvehicle and attempt to flip you over! How long can you survive theundead monsters attack in a scary Halloween night? This game is apolice game in which you will have to save some damsels indistress. Indeed, during each game, one character is strugglingwith the zombies, alone, and definitely unable to survive on itsown. So it’s up to you.In this nervous police game, you will have to crush them beforethey reach the poor innocent character. In these devastatedstreets, you are the last shield against devastation.You will havea few weapons at your disposal. Obstacles in the road will help youswipe dog zombies off. But, be careful - Fire and kill zombies indestroyed city otherwise you'll be eaten. You also have a number ofguns including pistols, machine guns, a mini gun, and a sniperrifles to shoot with buckshot . Use your firearms to slaughtercreepy zombies.Will you be fast enough ? Will you be able to save them all ? Willyou protect the citizens from the zombie tsunami threat ?We all, one day, as a child or even as an adult, dreamed aboutbeing a policeman. We also all saw some zombie movies, where bloodand brain flow. Those zombies are quite successful, the zombiemarket is going quite well.So, what about gathering these twoiconic universes ? In this unique Police game VS zombies, you willembody a policeman fighting against the living dead, driving hisreinforced police car !Some fun, unique landscapes and sounds, and some challenge : PoliceDriver VS Zombies will keep you busy for a while. Don’t wait anymore ! Download Police VS Zombies, and embody the last shieldagainst the zombie threat !Features:• Full prepared Police Driver with perfect weapons• Fantasy environment with infected zombies• Experience the sensation of killing zombies wildly!• Awesome crime city Realistic environment• Stirring zombies attack missions with Policeman• Extreme precision drivingGood luck and let the Bloody Zombie killing begin!
Wild Wolf City Revenge SIM 1.0
Have you ever experienced being actual Wolf in wolf games free?Angry Wild Wolf Simulator revenge is amazing attack game for boysand girls. You must have played many hungry and angry white or bluesharks revenge games but this angry wild revenge simulator isunique in its game play Survive in a massive world of wildernessthat’s filled with new dangers and speedy prey! Hunt down prey andbattle for your life against fierce bosses like the deadly DireCow!Go on the hunt looking for your next innocent goat, sheep orhorse.Download the Ultimate 3D Wolf Simulator todayBrand NewFeatures:REALISTIC WOLF SIMULATORYou'll need to maintain yourhealth, hunger, thirst, and energy if you're going to survive inthe wilderness!EPIC FIGHTSWild Dangerous teeth to strike fear intothe heart of your foes! Deliver the killing blow by bouncingthrough the air and pouncing on your enemy! To increase yourhunting efficiency eat wild animals and humans.LEVEL UP YOURWOLVESGain experience and level up your wolves to increase theirhealth and attack damage, earn points to upgrade your wolf’sstatistics!MASSIVE REALISTIC 3D ENVIRONMENTRule over the largestenvironment we have ever created! So big we had to create Cityenvironment with awesome features25 UNIQUE SPECIESHunt down animalslike fox, deer, crocodile, bear, boar, goat, cow, deer, stag,snake, fish, crow, lynx, bison, moose, sheep and of course wolves!Travel to the far corners of the world to find habitat specificprey!HD NEXT-GEN GRAPHICSFrom the thick fur and piercing eyes ofyour wolves to the towering redwoods skin that looks so real thatyou will forget you’re playing a game!Download the Ultimate 3D WolfSimulator to experience the exciting life of angry wild wolf in thecity .If you liked living as a Wolf then you'll love our otheranimal simulators! Download our Angry Tiger and live a wild life onthe streets as your favorite breed, check out the Angry WildCheetah Simulator and pounce on your prey in the crazy cityThe MAPwill show you animals including Sheep, Goats, Chickens, and Horses,and Bears.Features:- Become the strongest wolf- A lot of animals tofight: rabbit, fox, deer, bear and others- Fast and action packedgameplay - Beautiful City environment- Realistic wilderness- HighQuality and realistic 3D graphics- 100% FREE wolf games freeHavefun playing Wild Wolf Simulator!
Army War Truck Driving 2016 1.1
Hurry Up DRIVE FAST!! Enemy squad chasing yourarmy convoy, Rescue injured soldiers with your shooting power anddriving skills. Fire bullet with Gatling gun in this mayhem brutalwarzone game.Enjoy Driving on slippery snowy hilly terrain.Army war Truck 2016 is real life war based 3D simulation gamewhere you perform duty of trained army soldier. face to face armywar in battle field, Show your abilities to complete battlefieldsamazing missions. Rescue your country men behind enemy lines andtransport them safe on your army base quickly. Accomplish someassault missions using your army war truck where you will attack onenemy posts . Best battle game for military truck experience,driving off-road 4x4 army Truck with mounted gun on the top andsoldier companions. Next gen military Truck simulator full ofchallenge and thrill. Get into gorilla war against terroristmilitia losing this war is not an option commando.You have to Rescue injured survivors from drone air strike orthe enemy army ambush; your super driver skills may reduce warcasualties. Help your fellow soldiers left behind enemy lines killall enemy soldiers with your Jeep mounted machine gun. Perform yourjob as war transporter army driver who is trained for marine sniperand commando action. Drive 4x4 off road infantry Jeep on frozenslippery snow roads with enemy chasing your cargo convoy. Superbwar trucker experience with military vehicles, feel the thrill andaction with your military war cargo Jeep. Enter enemy territory inthis adrenaline rush game destroy enemy locomotive, warhead missilebefore they attack your army base.No more truck parking or cargo transporter simulator games. Youwill love playing action pack driver & shooting game “Army WarTruck 2016 Sim 3D” in your android tablets and mobiles. Destroyenemy troops with Gatling gun firepower in the war zone.Stunning Features:* 3 Supporting Soldiers with awesome Truck* 3 army truck equipped with sub machine guns to eliminatetargets* 10 Breath taking challenging war driver missions testing your cardrive skills* Choose your best battle Truck sim with various engine and weaponsfirepower* Amazing 3d Truck driver sim experience* Smooth controls and real physics* Superb Snowy Mountain with amazing snowfall animation* Realistic simulation with very engaging background music toenhance your gameplay
Crazy Kitty Cat Simulator 3D 1.0
Tired of doggy, crazy dog games and crazy cat games? A new and funkitty cat games for Cat lovers is now in the market with cat gamestwist. Mas3dStudio now presents you cute Crazy kitty 3D simulatorto play as a bold and the beautiful kitty for hours in your housewith kitty cat games. In crazy cat games with cat games you canexpect great graphics, different game modes, like survival, timemode and of course a free mode. Great and cute graphics, perfectand nice physics. You can even go for a drive in an remote controltruck in cute cat games and kitty cat games. Wreck the mansion andescape the appartment or just play around freely in this open worldin latest cat games with the twist of cute cat games. Pet simulatorgames and cat games are loved by kids and specially girls, sodownload it now for free and have fun by playing with your catsimulator game. Be the pet in this cat simulation to explore thecool house in realistic environment with cute cat games and kittycat games. Have fun hitting objects, making mess and jumping aroundin crazy cat games.Cause damage by hitting objects while moving inthe house with latest cat games with the twist of cat simulator andcute cat games.Cat simulator 3d provides you with real fun andentertainment. Play inside the house with your favorite pet, thelittle kitty cat. The environment, interactive sounds, cute catsimulation and fun gameplay makes it even more interesting to play.The better you do the more points you earn.Run around, hit objects,complete objectives and play as the cute cat. The fun is unlimitedand with cat simulator 3d with kitty cat games, you can have thereal simulator experience to play as the pussy cat. Cat always maketheir keepers happy so be the cute little pet to make fun and doadventures in home kitchen. Cat simulator 3d is perfect for catlovers who love to be a cat keeper. Make them happy and find thingsthey need in crazy cat gmaes.This is not some shark, Zebra, Rhino,crocodile, croc, tigers, Dino, horse, snack, cheetah, lion or someother animal simulator so explore the beautiful house and gardenwith naughty kitty and annoy people around the apartment FEATURES•Real Cat Simulator with Objectives in cat games•Jumping, Running& Free Simulation kitty cat games•Amazing 3D Graphics &Environment•Cool home to Explore in crazy cat games•Free mode toexplore house areas•Kids Friendly cat simulator 3d and cute catgames. •Smooth joystick with jump button to control the pussy cat
Halloween Party Taxi Driver 1.0
Halloween parties are going on and Everybodyhop on and let this awesome Halloween Party ride begin.Be preparedfor the most incredible Halloween party taxi driving experience totake people with Halloween costumes to the party bar or danceclubs! Play as a fearless Halloween Party Taxi Driver and get thefrightening costumed guests to their respective destinations. Makesure no one is late to their HALLOWEEN parties, after all, they didspend all that time getting ready! There will be Pumpkin Heads,Scarecrows, Zombies, Mummies and more!!!Dropping passengers off ontime must be your first priority in Halloween Party Taxi Driver.Become the best Halloween bus driver and enjoy transporting excitedparty goers in themed city environments! Navigate your impressiveHalloween bus safely and with haste!Drive on the highway at nightwith maximum speeds!Pick up the Zombie dressed Halloween Party passengers and drop themoff at the location of their choosing. Don’t be tardy, race aroundthe city and complete missions. Use the map as your guide to helpyou reach your destination. Find the best route possible and saveprecious time!Are you a fan of high speeds? Does the thought of driving give youa major rush? Then fasten your seat belt and experience thecraziest driving adventure yet! This game is all about racingaround town to complete challenging missions. Get ready for a wildride and feel the thrill of riding through the vast open roadWhat is Halloween Taxi Driver all about?There is a Party at Dance Club You are presented with variousmissions, and you have to emerge as real hero. You need superiordriving and running skills to achieve your goals.You have to keeppeaceful environment for the town .Features:• Realistic Halloween environments• Traffic with real physics• Fun and entertaining gameplay• Extremely precise driving• Engaging driving missions• Smooth and simple controls• Excellent 3D graphics• Realistic City visuals with Night modeThis is a ride worth taking! Buckle up, make some money on thisHalloween and show off your awesome cabby skills.Halloween pumpkins, scary but glowing night scene. horn heads andmore.
Jungle Animals Hunting 2016 1.0
This game is a brand new real hunting andsniper shooting experience which you might not been able to get inyour real life. Those who cannot risk their life hunting wildanimals can enjoy real hunting experience by playing this game. Youare avatar with a special precise sniper gun to shoot furious wildanimals. For the time being you have three options, you can killbear, stag and wolf but in next versions you will be able to killfast animals like cougar, bobcat and tiger.World Hunting 2016 is a hunting simulator game gives realisticenvironments across world like Russian snow and hill environment.even you hunt in Africans or USA forest or in the Deserts ofAustralia. Find and Hunt a variety of small and big game animalssuch as bear, lion, cheetah, tiger, winter wolf, bear, impala,deer, zebras and small wild dinos. you have multiple weapons likeLong Range Shoot Sniper gun, AK47, Shotgun and pistol as well. WildAnimal Hunting 2016 offers you the unique game-play that you canhunt wild animals .Wild Shooting Hunter game lets you hunt thebiggest and most dangerous animals in the world. With access topowerful guns you will rely on your marksman skills to kill andtrap animals including Zebras, Bears, Cheetahs, Elephants, Lionsand even dinosaurs.While stag or reindeer run away hearing firing sound. The targetof sniping running animals is a little challenging. So use yourarmy sniper shooting skills to kill these animals before theyattack or run away. You have to select one animal at a time andthen go into the levels which are five in number.Embark on a lifetime hunting and sniper shooting action adventure.You can kill bear, stag and wolf but in next versions you will beable to kill fast animals like cougar, bobcat and tiger, bison,boar, wild pig and more.Animals feel jungle as their perfect sanctuary. When someonegets into it they take it as an invader. So the sniper should holdhis breath and be patient. While hunting bear and wolf be aware,they will become alert hearing the sound of bullet fire and willattack on you and if you will not hurry the survivor beast willtake no time to kill you and the game will be over.While stag or reindeer run away hearing firing sound. The targetof sniping running animals is a little challenging. So use yourarmy sniper shooting skills to kill these animals before theyattack or run away.- Learn how to handle sword, shotgun and sniper skillfully–makeuse of realistic flight physics and defend yourself and yourpeople!- Master your multifaceted hunting missions – sneak up on bears,boars, crocodiles and even monsters, and slay them to nourish yourpeople!- Protect yourself from dangerous predators – lions, tigers, andbears are coming for you! Most of all, tendon is very important tostart animal husbandry.Be careful of these bloody beasts as they are thirsty for blood, and they will get a good meal with your flesh.Developed for fans of FPS hunting and range shooting simulatorgames.Travel from Northwest to the Savannah of Central Africa in anepic journey to hunt the world’s most exotic animals!Immerse yourself in diverse environments filled with over 100animal species! Watch out for attacking predators includingbears,boar, wolves, and cheetahs! Wild Hunting is just thebeginning Shoot to kill and clay hunt!Game Features:- Awesome Wild Animal Range Shooting game play- Realistic 3D graphics and awesome sound effects- Dozens of real world weapons and upgrades- An ultimate hunting action.- High fidelity cool graphics.- including all the forest animalsYou have unlimited bullets but a limited time & number ofwild animals for hunting So get ready and Hunt Down Crazy WildAnimalsFOLLOW US atTwitter
Moto Pizza Delivery 1.0
Enjoy one of the latest moto pizza food delivery games. This bikepizza driving simulator is designed for people who love to play therole of moto pizza delivery boy. We can assure you that 3D pizzadelivery games were never such before. This pizza bike trailsdriving simulator allows you to perform the roles of both pizzadelivery driver and pizza delivery boy .Show some pro racing bikerskills watch out for buses, sports cars heavy duty traffic vehiclesin the city. This new 3D game promises some great features that youdefinitely need to explore in detail. So, get ready for a superPIZZA DELIVERY BOY 3D fun! This game is a modern pizza deliverytruck driving simulator in which our role is to drive the Bike anddeliver pizzas. We have to go around the city looking for differentlocations by following an arrow indicating the way.Done bizarrestunts on hilly landscape and ramps. Our goal is to drive the motobike and deliver pizzas to the clients as fast as we can withoutgetting late. We will park on a highlighted parking region on theside of the road in front of the houses. Deliver the cargo at thecustomer’s door; that we will operate by using the joystickprovided on the screen. Deliver hot Italian pizza packageto earngood tip from audience. Our aim is to perform the job carefully andearn money.Pizza boy duty is very tough with hurdles andchallenging job! We have a specific time limit in each level todeliver food. Features: • Drive cool custom designed Bike •Challenging missions to test your driving skills • Rush throughcrazy traffic with extreme fun and challenges • Smooth touch andtap controls with real physics • Huge 3D virtual city to explorevarious locations • Fabulous sounds to enhance the gamingexperience • mission to transport freight box on time • Easy andexciting game play What's New: Bike stunts level added for highscores. More Bikes & Fast Motorcycles added in Garage. Lovestory of Pizza Boy added. New City & Offroad Added Time tooverlook other pizza delivery games and experience this amazingpizza bike simulator which gives you the excitement of deliveringpizza’s to different locations on time. Take your 3D pizza deliveryboy and get ready to deliver pizzas. FOLLOW US at Twitter@mas3dstudio
Derby Action Horse Race 1.0
Hold yourself to one of the high realistic 3D western horseeventing racing games which is one of the classic equestrian sportand horse derby racing. So saddle up your stud and take yourpedigree chassis racehorse for a gallop on the turf in the sport ofking’s favorite equestrian sport and backfire! Play as a perfectjockey taking full control of your racing horse on the surface ofthe grand racecourse in this new released dressage horse racinggames of horse derby racing category. HORSE RACE DERBY ACTION isactually going to vim up your inner jockey racer to show yourpassion required in horse derby games.Play as pro jockey and enjoyriding cavalier horseback on treacherous hedges bumpy rocky tracks.Derby Horse Race is virtual racing game with Arabian Stallionhorses on the bumpy mountain landscape. Feel like classic era whencowboys use to train horses in for farming, sheriff and otherstuff. As rodeo you have to control this beautiful equitationstallion, saddle up to reach over mountain hills jumping horsesover all hurdles.Derby horse racing ecstasy begins with picking outthe horse with rider that is suited for you. You have choice ofthree different looking horses to choose from selection menu. Sobuckleup go ahead and race your horse from haven farm to the finishline thorugh ranch and became a great horse racing champion.Compete your contestant horse in different horse racing events.Pick the maximal energy booster to speed up your horse to increasecloseness and win from your opponent. Being a perfect jockey youneed to manage the speed and stamina of your horse in order toshift and win the race. Keep following the race track and remembernot to lower your running speed. Derby wild horse racing adventureis an exciting and challenging competition game particularly foryoungsters who want to improve their horse racing skills and havethe chance to enter a world full of horse racing,jumping and ridingevents . So play something different from a simple horse simulator.Your horse is professionally trained and same is for you so let’sride to reach a milestone.Horse derby racing is one of the best 3Dhorse racing games with rein horse derby games fun for everyone.Enjoy the stunning Scirocco colt Horse freeride tour of a realistichorse racing simulator and share the experience with your friends.If you are crazy about the jokey who runs the pro volk horsegallops for several yards then this equestrian sport game is yourbest choice. You might have enjoyed the revolutionary flatout horsesimulator games,highway pony pet world,zoo tycoon,farmingdiscomfort games,horse jumping games and piebald horseback triallandau riding games,mare straw soviet horse,percheron horse orstandardbred saturn but Palomino Canter HORSE RACE DERBY ACTIONgame will give you real frisson in rival trot racehorse stallionderby action.Derby Action Horse Race Features:• 10 splendidchallenging levels to play in 3D simulator game• Realistic horseanimation for running, walking and jumping• Smooth on screencontrols to steer dark horse.• HD graphics with amazing sounds toenhance your gaming experience
Heavy Machine Transport Truck 1.0.0
Download and Enjoy an amazing addition to big truck transportergames, the top most of all transport truck and cargo truck games.We assure, truck transporter games 3D simulator not once gave yousuch a mega cargo truck experience of driving heavy truck withtrailer transport with the heavy load. 3D transport truck is one ofthe dream transporter games for the lovers of heavy excavatorsimulator and crane truck games who like tractor driving, tractorparking and driving other construction machines. So get ready for awonderful HEAVY Machine TRANSPORTER TRUCK fun driving game whereyou can show off your parking, driving and heavy equipmenttransportation skills.The game is about heavy machinery and heavyequipment transporter, a new kind of cargo heavy truck trailertransport game to load, deliver, and unload large machineryconstruction vehicles like dumper truck, crane, excavator bulldozerand shovel on top of your truck transporter loader. check out!You’re about to drive the huge automobile transporter lorry and itcontains the most expensive construction vehicles. In thisextremely fun driving and parking mania game you will be given withsome heavyweight building machines and your core assignment is todeliver building equipment from factory to the construction area inthe city. Drive and load all heavy duty vehicles carefully andmaneuver them on the trailer so they fit in perfectly within theindicated spot. Then drive the massive trucker to the destinationby following arrow while managing the huge load with precision andaccuracy. Do your job carefully. You have time limit in each level.Try to be the best truck driver in the city, become a realtrucker!Features:• Real experience of driving heavy cranetransporter 3D.• Realistic city environment exploration with trucksimulator 3D mania.• One of the best real transport games 3D.• 10exciting levels of big transporter driving.• Smooth steering,brakes, lifting, turning and truck pull controls.• Astonishing 3Dgraphics for the feel of heavy truck trailer transport.• Accuratephysical simulation for truck driving and vehicle parking.So timeto enjoy the large jumbo transport truck with heavy equipmenttransporter simulation which gives you the excitement of cargotrucker blended with the fun of transporter games. If you loveplaying 3D truck transporter games and like heavy excavator thenthe game is made for you. Cargo truck trailers games never featuredlike this heavy truck trailer transport game. Play the HEAVYMACHINERY TRANSPORTER TRUCK, the trailer truck to transport jumboequipment!
Big Bus Driver Hill Climb 3D 1.0.1
Big Bus Driver Hill Climb 3D is the biggestand extreme thrilling bus driving simulator game for 2015. Drivemost advanced realistic physics offroad buses engine as a realpublic transportation driver in your android phone and tablet.Its not easy to drive around steep hilly area, climbing onmountain require extreme bus driving skills to transport passengerssafely. Have fun with the biggest 4x4 buses ride with most extrememountain treacherous tracks with traffic cars and vehicles. Youplayed many ordinary big city driving 3D game to roam in traffic,checkout steep rocky countryside hilly ride with offroadtransportation buses. Show extreme buses driving skills with thiscrazy 3D simulation game. Public transportation was never so muchfun like this one. Avoid crashing buses in trucks, limo andSUVs.Make sure your tourists are safe from one bus stop tonext.Drive 1st monster tires and custom built school buses to transportpassengers in hilly areas or midtown for tourism but obey therules. Done enough playing with party buses driving around the cityin night life. Now accept the challenge to steer school buscustomized to race and jump over insane ramps in deadly mountaintracks. Jump high overpass with top speed race to collect circlesthat will extend your timeline to complete insane racing missions.Have fun as real big vehicle driver in big open world of mountainsand 4x4 cars. Drive real insane to smash your way through trafficand crazy stunt ramps in this amazing game.Enjoy various transporter buses models with natural hillyenvironments and thrilling missions.Download Big Bus Driver HillClimb 3D thrilling simulation game for your android phone andtablets.Features:-Drive double decker party time buses-10 breathtaking driver stunt levels with race against time-4 fully loaded customized school buses with 4x4 tires and powerfulengine-Stunning hillside 3D environment to test your skills-Crazy stunt ramps to pull of insane jumps-HD graphics with stunning sounds to enhance your gamingexperience-A complete Hill Station Environment to
Modern Police Dog Training 1.1
After the great success of Police Ben DogChase, now mas3dstudio proudly present modern police dog trainingin to add spark to police dog games.Having the concept of PoliceDog training games with the new level of stunts. So, get ready tostart the full smother adventure with police dog training in one ofthe brand new police dog games with dog training feat to become avaliant police dog trainer. MODERN POLICE DOG TRAINING edition isdefinitely going to impress you. Believe it! One of the best 3D dogsimulator game for kids,boys and girls.It’s a crazy training dog simulator for those who loves dogtraining. The game play is cop dogs training. All police dogs mustbecome professional at basic acquiescence training. So, in thisgame you are going to train police german shepherd trainee dog. Youas a trainee police dog suppose to jump, run, and pull off crazyfearless obstacles, avoid hitting anything within the given time.You objective is to chase and complete all 10 different daring andexciting levels in which you will face a variety of challenges.Imagine what does a police dog do while training? Jump through ringcircles, and catches the criminals, cross over the nasty hurdlesetc. So do the the same with your trainee dog. Run fast to completeall 10 fascinating missions. Amazing sounds and real dog animationsare included. This dog animal simulator has been designed for alldog lovers. Just download it now and have fun!Features:Enjoy german shepherd trainee dog.Realistic dog jumps and stunt animations.Breathtaking police training environment.Fabulous feat levels with amazing dog.Interesting barking sound effects with the stunts.HD console level graphics with smooth game play.For all king of android devices.You must had experienced this kind of dog training games butthis police dog training game will give you a unique experience. Soget this game and start an unbelievable police dog games voyagewith police dog training that’s waiting for you.Train your dog forcrime scenes.
Transporter Truck Plane Cargo 1.0
Let’s drive amazing airport truck transporterthrough the planes taking off or landing on the run way. ! A bigtransporter truck. Airport Cargo Truck is one of the brand new 3Dcargo truck games. Play with transporter cargo truck 3D simulatorand forget other cargo truck games having standard transportertruck 3D as a huge truck driver like a pilot of a plane taxing ahuge airplane on the runways of the airport. 3D cargo Trucktransport simulator game is your chance to put yourself in thedriver’s seat of Transporter Cargo Truck.Flight sim transport plane 3d is an objective based cargo truckgame where you need to park and drive this monster machine not likea high value racing sports cars in the cargo chamber of transporterplane. In this extremely addictive driving and parking simulatorairport cargo truck transporter game you will be given with somewonderful track and paths to park on the airport driving betweenhuge Boeing or Jet planes and load or unload the goods. Drive thetruck carefully and load all the goods maneuver them on the truck.You need to park your cargo truck safely to the ground. You need tohandle, guide and steer your truck through all of the traffic conesto ensure you head to the correct endpoint. Go through all of theway points and park at your correct destination in the airportwithin the given time. While driving and parking your transportertruck, be very careful to avoid the smash with planes, buses ,trucks and obstacles on the airport.Features:• The greatest 3D airport cargo truck simulator.• Amazing transporter planes roaming around• Cool graphics and well-crafted animations.• Realistic city airport ambiance. with tilt and touchcontrols• A grand transport truck cargo simulator giving you the feeling ofreal cargo truck driver duty.The airport truck cargo transporter: truck transport bringseverything that a dedicated transporter truck driver could wishfor. If you love cargo and transportation games, takeoff andlanding planes around you then you need to try this newest airportcargo truck simulator 3D game for sure. If you’ve ever wanted toget into a airport cargo transport truck simulator then AirportCargo Truck Simulator is the one you need to try out. Cargo truckgames are so much challenging fun of course. Have an excited cruisewith real driving cargo simulator 2015 edition.
Boat Driving 3D: Crime Chase 1.0
The best action packed game on play store BoatDriving Crime Gang Chase 3D, this boat simulator game will chargeyour inner pursuit in this latest boat crime and gang chasesimulation game. driving a luxury yacht and especially a policeyacht is everyone's dream. make your dream true with this beautifuland luxury boat in this realistic police boat in the city crimechase game. you must have played police dog Ben crime chase, policehorse stunts and crime chase game and other police horse and dogscrime training and chasing games but this game is launched with aunique idea of police boat crime chase game which is entirelydifferent crime chase games as compare to all other police crimechase city games on the play store.A police yacht like this is hard to get in real life unless youhave won a lottery, but this free 3D boat game can you give thefeeling of sail on the surface of ocean like a ship or cruisewandering around in sea. Your goal in this game is to set yourtarget, drive and escape the dark ocean water and pilot your boator yacht to kill the criminals. To catch the criminals in a sea youmust be trained enough to pilot your boat one the rough and cruelsurface of ocean especially taking your yacht out of the parking,controlling the speed and steering of the boat. its a bet you willfind this boat crime chase game far better than all other boatparking and boat simulation games, as this game is not a simpleboat simulator game, you will certainly enjoy the jumping speedyboat with a firing sound of machine gun on the criminals.No more crime city games, Here we come with a police boat in asolo police yacht crime chase game, with the conception of thieves/ smugglers vs police boat crime chase games having inspiringpolice and yacht, ship and cruise chase missions.Get ready to kickoff the full accelerated action with a policeboat in one of the dashing police boat games.In police boat crimechase game adventure you have a speedy and powerful engineboat.Your sea needs a hero,are you brave enough to save your city fromcriminals.Police boat Crime Chase 3D: Crime Ocean or sea is absolutelygoing to entertain your inner police pursuit. You had never playedsuch an awesome and stunning cop boat simulator. Boat crime chaseis indeed an unbelievable crazy boat chase simulator for all thoseboys, girls and kids who love to have fun with a speedy boatwindsurfing as a policeman, cop or police pursuit.With this police crime chase your actual mission is to chase theprisoners, robbers, criminals, terrorists, smugglers and thieveswho ran away from the jail or trying to escape from police in thecountry ocean or seaport and running fast in deep sea.As all or most of criminals know what a searching ocean police or arescue boat can do, robbers, thieves and criminals will try to runaway when they see a police man with a searching boat.Reach enemy boats and take down with machine gun but avoid crossfire.This speed boat simulator is for all ages, just download it nowand have everlasting fun and adventure.Game Features:-Speedy police boat with machine gun.-Kill or catch criminals.-Awesome ocean and sea harbor environment-Real and amazing sound effects-High Quality 3D graphics and gameplay-Realistic speedboat physicsPolice Boat Crime Chase: Crime sea and ocean police crime chaseyacht would be the best game of 2015. it's time to play policecrime chase games with the speedy police boat for police crimechase missions. This unique chase boat simulator is the best gamein all other police chase games or crime chase games.Accept the challenge as a perfect police pursuit with speedy boat.Enjoy the Police boat Crime Chase.This fascinating boat simulator is a unique game in 3D anroidgames. Mas3Dstudio believes in delivering top quality entertaininggames.Please visit us at www.mas3dstudios.comLike us at
4x4 SUV Desert Simulator 3D 1.5
Welcome to the world of stunts, drift and jump in desert SUVsafarisimulator 3D. be ready to feel the driving and ultimatedrifting and climbing in desert with your safari SUV. Chooseyourinsane destructive monster 4x4 turbo car to take achallenge of drift & jump your car in the desert and overthehills in this simulation 3d game. make your crazy suv careverfaster with the nitro boost button for max speed on zigzaghilland uphill downhill ways.drift, drag and jump your big safari car in the desert.startyour suv engine and enjoy the platform of rush rally driveandjumping like in Dubai (UAE) desert. Be a furious rally driverbydoing crazy zigzag and drift driver. Remember its not aroof jump or roof car climbing game. These hills and itsexcitingparking expedition will open the complete new orbits.Tap on your race button of your car and enjoy the smoothestrideof safari and hill. download free and enjoy the insane suvdriving in the desert and climb the mountains. If you everwishto drive and enjoy off-road hill car driving simulator thenthis is the best climbing platform to learn about safaridrivingsimulation unlike other rooftop stuntman racing andjumpinggames. drag & drive into a true car experience.Key Features:-Realistic damage of Vehicle.HD graphics with 3D environments.Paddle Gas with Brake button and smooth control.Designed for an HD display on devices with high resolutions.
Real City Police Driver 2016 1.0
After San Andreas, Now crime rate is high inLos Angeles and you are the Hero of the city to Bring Peace Back.Sobecome a daring policeman, get into traffic police car and chasethe criminals with great racing spirit to hand them over the lawbreaking ticket and Bash into criminals to arrest them!.You are thesheriff of this city. Reckless driving, hot pursuit racing and highspeed GTI police cars are all packed in to this fun game.Yourinformer gives you criminal tip, drive police car with fast speed.Drift you cop vehicle pickup undercover informer and drive towardsthe gangster location. Make a police arrest and save the day!!!City police car driver is action packed 3D racing simulator gamefor big boys and girls. Get a taste of realistic police officercrews life, make some emergency arrest of most wanted criminalsthugs in the city. Join police enforcement force as rookie cop andshow your driver skills and get promoted as sergeant or detective.Drive sports cars with fast speed engine and drift. Thief &criminals are on the loose from jail, outlaw gang wars and streetcrimes are on its peak. It’s time to be a super cops chase andarrest gangster, crooks and crazy criminals from the crime scene.This 3D game will take you on next level high speed racingsimulation game play. Enjoy this hot pursuit action pack game togive you adrenaline rush with thrill and speed.Play one of the best interactive traffic police games with thepolice car chase unseen in furious police chase games. Police carchase is a fast action packed traffic police car racing game whichtests your highway car driving and chasing skills against theviolation of traffic laws. So become a daring policeman, get intotraffic police car and chase the traffic offender with great racingspirit to hand them over the law breaking ticket. Supper built CITYPOLICE CHASE is truly going to enliven your inner police pursuit.Believe it! There has never been such 3D city police games ofpolice chase game category.Chase bad guys and took them to the Police Station.Gettingyourself into real cops 3d police chase smashing through citystreets, and the traffic on it!You have to bring prisoners back tothe jail because that's what they deserve.Don’t hit into any other civilian car on the city road whilecatching the criminal.The real LA police driver is the ultimate 3D police chase racewhere you get to drive real police cars responding to trafficdestruction.Turn the police siren on, race through traffic,overtake traffic cars and catch the bad guys who are trying tobreak the traffic rules and make them pay against the trafficviolation.Don't Chase the cars of citizens otherwise you will lossthe prisoner and time will be over.Don't do stupid mistakes.Make sure you close the criminal case and lock those bad guysbehind bars as fast as possible.The feeling of real rubber burningmadness,So If you are looking for the next big racing and chasingthing look no further, jump to the LA highway racer car and enjoythe awesomeness .Features:• Outstanding police car chase game• Beautiful LA night City• Super-fast traffic police car• Real time experience of driving and racing• Awesome gameplay with twist of traffic laws• Realistic physics controls for driving speed police car• Police chase car racing feat with one of the best racingphysicsCity police games were never such before. The real police driver isthe ultimate 3D police chase race where you get to drive realpolice cars responding to traffic destruction. Police car chase 3D,giving you an exciting 3D race fast police chase games experience,is the eventual 3D police car racing game where you get to drivereal police car you normally see on the TV. Fast chase race, CITYPOLICE CRIME CHASE is what you were waiting for! Enjoy Police Chasegames in carsGet highscores and share with your friends with multi-playerFacebook share.FOLLOW US atTwitter
911 City Ambulance Rescue 2016 1.0
Be careful, Don't be a crazy driver in a bigextended city if you do not want to ride on ambulance to admit incity hospital for a surgery or operation. Experience an awesome 911rescue simulator and forget other 911 rescue games. Ambulance 911rescue hires the best of the best and it is a great honor to becomea 911 ambulance driver. This ambulance 911 emergency rescuesimulator provides you with every bit of experience that any other911 rescue simulator and 911 rescue games have failed to provide.Enjoy the van ambulance 911 rescue by driving cool 911 ambulancesimulator. Show crazy racer driver skills and drive city ambulancevan through the town with high speed to save people’s lives with anawesome 911 emergency rescue simulator of the contemporarytaste.There has been a grand accident and you’re the on-duty ambulancedriver. Lives are at stake so drive with a purpose as you are on arescue mission. Rush your ambulance around the city to get to thescene of accident in time or you’ll fail to save someones life.Stay calm under pressure, be fast,vibrant, race to the rescue,dodge cars, solve the puzzle of where to go, navigate busy traffichighway and park to collect patients. Driving them to safety on theambulance and providing first aid is the best thing you can do tosave them in this state of emergency. Turn on the sirens and pushthe throttle! Remember your duty comes first! Be ready to enjoyawesome high speed ambulance driving emergency game.Driving an ambulance is always a crucial task because it’salways in a state of emergency and you need to be quick andprecise. So look out for the hurdles, sharp turns and on-comingtraffic on highway. Don’t hit anything on your way and get to thescene straight by following the signs. The patients are desperatelywaiting.Learn how to drive an ambulance truck, and park it in frontof a big city parking 3D hospital. Be their savior! Be the bestambulance driver!Crashing your ambulance truck and your patient maynot make it!Rescue MissionsYou need to get in your ambulance and drive to the injured ones asfast as you can to save lives of citizens.Keep your eye on the roaduse break paddle and siren for rash driving.REALISTIC AMBULANCE SIMULATORModern AMBULANCE simulator controls for seamless driving, physicsand navigation with speed.AWESOME GAMEPLAYThe gameplay of the game is straightforward the easy controls makethe simulator 3D game accessible for everyone unlike other littleambulance parking , injured people ,crazy operation surgery ,escalade driving games .The doctor is looking for patients and treating them in thehospital. Drive well in these extreme situations as the clock isticking and lives are depending on you.Note: You need to avoid different vehicles, otherwise you wouldneed to start all over again.Features:- Stunning real life city environment- Power steering ,stress resistance and brake pedal- Amazing sound effects- 3D high quality graphics stunning realistic gamingexperience- Precession controls- Entertaining and addictive game play- 14 Levels- Beat your time and drive safely to complete missionsAmbulance van 911 rescue simulator 3D is the most addictive andchallenging of the all 911 rescue games. You will enjoy 911ambulance parking extended experience. This game is speciallycrafted for the dudes who love ambulance rescue 911 and want tohave real 911 emergency rescue simulator experience on highway. 911rescue ambulance van is the game you won’t want to miss out.FOLLOW US atTwitter
Army Battle field Transport 3D 1.0
Are you ready to drive through the dangeroustracks in hilly and snowy locations while your army is stuck withenemies in war field? sit behind the big steering wheel and dare todrive through the slippery snowy roads .You will hear gun shots,while transporting gunship helicopters and war tanks in the battlezone.Your duty in the army begins as the Army war truck transportdriver.You have been given the duty to drive heavy army truck in theWar field to transport military cargo. Be a part of modern militarymission in Army Battle field Transport Truck 3D simulatorgame.Drive cargo truck and show your driving skills as the protruck driver to drive in the extreme conditions .Driving a bigtruck might not be a difficult task but doing it inside the battlefield is a hard task to complete.★★★ Gameplay Features ★★★• Action Packed Gameplay Missions• Real-time Army War Truck Driving• Transport Military Cargo in Battle Field• Real time physics• Snowy War Environment• Smooth Steering and Brakes• Perform your Duty as Army Truck Driver• Drive the huge truck with heavy loadsArmy Battle Field Truck 3D simulation game offers your driverrole.Play one of the most exciting army truck driving games witharmy cargo truck transport and forget other cargo transport gameshaving the concept of cargo transportation in a big army trucktransporter.If you love cargo transport games, then this army trucksimulator is the best truck driving simulator 3D game for sure.Download this superb game for free in your android phone and tabletfor unlimited fun.
Offroad Police Car Stunts 1.1
Off-road police suv simulator come and Takeachallenge to climb and jump over the hills and mighty rockswithyour extremely fast 4x4 suv car in this off-road policesimulatorgame. ultimate mountains platform given to test your rushdrivingand drifting skills with your crazy police turbo car withmaximumspeed. Just clear all the hurdles with realistic damage ofvehicle,wants more challenging skills in this off-road simulator,getpolice driving machine for hill climbing. make your police suveverfaster with the nitro boost button for maximum drift and speed.Hill police suv simulator is also a drift addictive game withthemost realistic control, enjoy the thrill of insane driftingandcrazy suv car jumping. drive wherever you want with yourbeautiful3d 4x4 cop vehicle.Face the challenges of unique off road hills and rocksjumpingand drifting environments With Brand new cop car in thissimulationgame. enjoy the jumping and climbing platform with brakeand gas(race) experience. its not a roof jumping game but hills arelike amighty roofs.***Game Features***amazing engine driving and multiple camera Modes.stunning hd graphics used.Your Reviews will be Honor for us.
Police Dog Crime Chase 1.0.1
Police Dog Crime Chase Here we come with apolice dog in a solo police dog chase games, with the conception ofthief vs police dog chase games having inspiring police and dogchase missions.Some robbers and criminals may try to break insidewith illegal items.Get ready to kickoff the full accelerated action with a police dogin one of the spanking police dog games. with police dog chasegames adventure to become a sniffing, hunting and daring dog.Assistthe police officer and other cop individuals to trace suspects.Police Dog Crime Chase: Crime Town is absolutely going toentertain your inner police pursuit. you had never played such anawesome and stunning dog simulator. Dog crime chase is indeed anunbelievable crazy dog chase simulator for all those boys, girlsand kids who love to have fun with a trained German Shepherd dot asa policeman, cop or police pursuit.Track criminal suspects ,missingpersons and sniff out bombs.With this police hunting do your actual mission is to chase theprisoners, robbers, criminals and thieves who ran away from thejail or trying to escape from police in the city shopping mall andrunning fast in streets. as all or most of criminals know what asearching hound or a rescue dog can do, robbers, thieves andcriminals will try to run away when they see a police man with asearching dog. An arrow will point out the location of thecriminals but you have to run abruptly to catch them. control andhold down the conviction of crimes in the crime city town.Take apick from your favorite breeds, including german shepherd androttweiler.This dog animal simulator is for all ages. just download it nowand have everlasting fun and adventure.Game Features-Police Trained German Shepherd-Hunting the suspects 2 in each level-Awesome crime city shopping mall environment-Amazing sound effects-High Quality 3D graphics and gameplay- Awesome Police dog training Sessions- subway Crime Scenescrime city shopping mall police chase dog would be the best gameof 2015. it's time to play police chase games with the huntingpolice dog for police chase missions. this unique chase dogsimulator is the best game in all other police chase games.Accept the challenge as a perfect police pursuit with trainedhunting dog. Enjoy the Police Dog Ben Crime
Real Football 2016: free style 1.0.1
Football 2016, Real soccer free style. Create your own customsoccer team then share it with the rest of the community.RealFootball Teams and leagues championships to play including England,Spain, France, Germany, South America, Portugal, Brazil, Mexico.Experience the free-style of football game action of your favorite3D soccer game like no other! Play a fun sports game offootball(soccer). Kick-off in the middle of the football field ,elegant oppoenent in your way to the goal .Ever wish you couldcontrol the outcome of a game you watched on TV? Now you can,thanks to Mas3dStudio! With just the press of a button, you canrecreate any match-up from the in-game news feed and play realFootball Champs 2016!FOOTBALL AT ITS FINESTEnjoy smoother controlsand more realistic graphics for both players and stadiums in thisfree-style football game. Over 700 motion-capture-based animationsthat adjust to players’ skills and positions on the field. Smartermoves for your teammates and opponents on the field thanks to animproved AI.MANY GAME MODES TO ENJOY Access many different gamemodes including Exhibition, League and various International Cupmodes, or practise your skills.You can also take over yourfavourite team as a manager and lead it to glory.INTELLIGENT AI,RAPID GAMEPLAY & SHARP VISUALSREALISTIC, IMMERSIVE &ADDICTIVE. Football Champs offers the purest football fun with fastpaced gameplay, most realistic physics, astonishing atmosphere andtons of replay value!Football Champs is the definitive mobilefootball simulation, featuring simple controls, smooth animationsand insane actions. Pass and dribble around opponents, take aim,shoot… GOOOOAAAALLLL!Game Features:- Most popular teams are added-Polished 3D graphics and high-quality sound effects- Real FootballGame for Android phones- Very easy and intuitive gameplay controls-#1 realistic football experienceTake part in the most immersiveReal free football simulation and show that you are the best on thepitch. Seek ‘n destroy frenemies on your quest to rule the stadium.Share that swagger on Facebook for extra rep.FOLLOW US
You must have received post from the famouscompanies like DHL, FedEx and various courier services but have youever expreinced to be post delivery driver? this Mail deliverytransport truck games will make you forget about all post andcourier service come and hold the steering of a mail deliverytransport truck to deliver gifts, parcels and letter posts to theparticular addresses.Enjoy the mail supply truck in one of the best mail delivery truckgames with the ultimate fun of post office mail transport games andbecome the powerful business tycoon . In this gift and parcelssupply truck 3D edition, you are going to experience the stress ofa postman as truck driver. So experience the exclusivity in themail truck games to forget about the common postman transport gamesand delivery truck games. Let’s try the TRANSPORT TRUCK: MAILDELIVERY game that has a real delivery van to get ultimate trucktransporter driver experience.3D post, parcel and gift supply van transporter is actually adriving and parking game in which you have to drive and control boxtruck with a number of post, parcels and gifts loaded in it. Firstof all you need to load all parcels, gifts, posts and other mail inyour delivery carriage truck from post office and then you have totransport and deliver it door to door to particular homes, shops ,infirmary and Public factories of the city to meet the intimedelivery. Your duty is to ensure not to be late in mail delivery tothe city . There is no offroad or snow on the road and no policemanwill stop you. You will move this heavy duty mail transporter truckto its destination with precision and accuracy. So get your handson the big transporter tank and be the king of the mail deliverytransporter games. Dare yourself to become a driver of a 4x4 maildelivery truck tanker. Mail deliver transporter is waiting for thereal tanker truck driver.The super marvelous post delivery truck simulator will amuse you tomake you forget other postoffice, pizza delivery or mail deliverytruck games and truck transport games. Enjoy the huge mailtransportation simulator if you are truck game lover. Mail truckdriving simulator will make you a perfect truck driver as you needto drive and park mega sized vehicle. Come on to steer theTRANSPORT TRUCK: MAIL DELIVERY 3D.FEATURES* 3 types of driving controls (Tilt, Touch and steering)* Realistic thrilling driving experience* Amazing control and truck physics* Beautiful and stunning city environment
Modern Car Transport Truck 1.0
Driving a huge real truck in urban area islike an impossible mission. Play one of the toughest cartransportation simulator games ever. Are you expert enough to drivea giant transporter lifter on busy road? Can you handle loads ofcargo freight without crashing into turf? If yes, then you are atthe right track to get your daily adventure doze!Get behind the wheels and steer around the city to deliverlavish automobiles to their owners. Avoid exploitation of thisprivilege, show some responsibility and do not damage anything.Follow the traffic rules and stop at red lights to save yourselffrom accident. Do not crash into city traffic or bump pedestriansand run away. Police will arrest you and lock you in prison.Courtroom judge in town will sentence you a long jail time.Modern car lifter transporter is the latest entry in transportsimulator. Prove your skills as a modern truck driver and shiftgears like a pro in this car transporter games.You'll be drivingthe car transporter truck like an expert; making the people who ownthe sports cars very happy. With exciting gameplay, this new andexciting car transporter game can get the experience close to thereal thing. So do you feel like you could take control oftransporting expensive sports cars? Then you will enjoy playing thefun and exciting driving game, Car Transporter 3D.Show extreme andreckless driving to drop the vehicles to the garage. Allchallenging levels awaits for you to show your driving and parkingskills. Provide emergency services to the people in the moderncity.Awesome controls and thrilling gameplay unlike other snowboard, 4wheeler ,off road ,monster jam, atv ,fast and furiousracing moto games.Exhibit astonishing parking skills as a skilful driver and parkyour big truck in the zone precisely. Drive to gas station torefuel oil tank, and for repairing rush to the nearest repairworkshop. Unload the supercars from tow truck with hydrauliccontrols unlike fork lifting games .Packed with various difficultparking scenarios, can you complete them all within the time givenand without crashing! Download Modern Car Transport Trailer in yourmobile devices from play store and enjoy unlimited fun.Coolest Features:10 extremely challenging missionsAwesome vehicles like muscle cars and a double decker trailerAmazing back mirror view for your safetyExternal and internal camera views for best drivingexperienceStunning open world 3D sim environmentOn-screen steering control with realistic physicsSuper high definition 3D graphicsFOLLOW US atTwitter
Real Euro Truck Simulator 2016 1.2
Real Euro Truck Driver Simulator 2016 (urban, rural and offroad) isan addictive, modern and challenging delivery truck driversimulation game for you. Drive freight vehicles designed for bothcasual players and professional drivers . Pick up cargo andtransport priceless valuable goods from one destination to anotherwarehouse within time limits. Sit behind steering wheel of thisgigantic transporter truck vehicle, pick up cargo in this virtualtrucker 3D simulator 2016 parking game.Drive as a real trucker andexplore the big and beautiful 3D open world in Truck DriverSimulation 2016 with Extreme Roads. Enjoy in snow lorry drivinggames in this Cargo truck on treacherous route and massive highwayssnowy roads. Avoid traffic violations don’t crash your pickup lorrytruck driving game.Start the engine and feel the power of hugetrucks while driving through cities and roads in this advancedtruck simulator. Build and expand your transporting empire byunlocking new trucks and exploring new cities.Realistic Americantruck simulation challenging game. You had driven construction,cranes and quarry vehicles where you use grabber,tractor,quarrydigger and excavator in 3D simulator game. This is not some garbageor dump truck race, or some crane lifter driving mania. Play astransporter for local goods, army loads, car transport with liftercargo driver who transport and unload goods. Drive extended 18wheeler American hauler without any damage and accident. Travelacross winter roads play as crazy driver for transporter 4x4trucker parking mania. Load valuable goods from one spot and unloadon the final location before timer goes off. Use your cargotransporter driver skills to avoid any accident to your ride. Drivebig rigs and 4x4 American hauler trucks in rush to achieve missionobjectives. You had done with bus lot, garbage tractor, winter icetrucker, construction crane, excavators or quarry diggersimulators.Push your endurance, skills and speed to the limit andbecome the best trucker.Play as crazy driver for transporter 4x4trucker parking mania. Load valuable goods from one spot and unloadon the final location before timer goes off.Avoid to wreck or bumpin any racer car, public transport, or quarry grabber vehicle. Showyour true transport carrier driving skills to your family andfriends. Not an ordinary off-road jeep, SUV parking game drive offroad truck driver challenging game-play.Truck driver simulator 2016is best transportation simulator environments game that you can getfor free in your device. Amazing driving simulator physics andanimations for this new truck game 2016.Park your vehicle at thetarget spot using your professional driving skills. Your drivercareer begins with this driving simulator 3D game, drive big rigcargo truck on massive highways with real physics andcontrols.Perform your job as war transporter army driver who istrained to get mashinery to the war. Game Features-Pickup truckfrom of your choice from selection-12 levels of extreme megaparking truck game challenge-Drive with precision and accuracy likea pro-Earn and clear the levels with ultimate and fantasticlevels-Multiple camera views to enhance your gamingexperience-Realistic graphics and simulation environments damageand fatigue to have lifelike feeling-Smooth steering and gearcontrol to drive vehicle--- Friendly environment for youngster noviolence, nudity, shock, femininity, thrills etcIf you want tobecame a truck driver and this is impossible for some reason foryou you have to try this game. Incredible mission, realisticphysics and optimized truly detailed graphics for every device.Mostadvanced truck simulator for mobile phones and tablets. Play TruckDriver 2016 now!Hurry Up DRIVE FAST!!Enjoy Driving on slipperysnowy hilly will forget other truck parking or cargotransporter simulator games.Facebook - -
Battle Aircraft:Counter Attack 1.0
Do you love gunship fighting and shootinggames full of action and thrill? Try the best of 3D aircraft combatgames! Experience the brand new addition to army fighting gameswith counter attack, which is the unique idea in army air forcegames. F16 fighter jets aircraft combat with counter attack is thething which makes this game stand out from other army fightinggames and army air force games. Gameplay is comprised of the mostradical and refined army F16 fighter jets with no match and it’sarmed with assault missiles and powerful artilleries for yourmissions. ARMY WAR AIRCRAFT COUNTER ATTACK is definitely going tobe an exciting adventure for you. This action themed aircraft gameconsists of 5 thrilling missions. Ultimately, your mission is todestroy your enemy and all of its resources in a counter battle.Every mission includes counter shooting battle. In the 1st missionof aircraft combat, you have to destroy 3 enemy aircrafts. In the2nd mission, enemy would know that you have destroyed their planesso the enemy comes to destroy your army base. Dare to enter in armybattle field in desert location with enemy fighter jets and gunshiphelicopters .Gunship Army Fighter Air Jet Strike takes you inwarfare in newest action pack 3D game. Sky pilot strike fighterslearns you to control a gunship fighter plane in different flightsmissions. Flying in a jet plane is something else then to take thecontrols of a battleship WW2 plane or F16. These aircraft move sofast through the skies. If you are on flight school then play thesingle player missions to practice your pilot skills. Army FighterAir Jet Strike 3D is a realistic combat flight simulator whichmeans that it will take a little practice before learning how tomaster the skies, you will enjoy seeing how your flying skills andflight manoeuvres evolves from being a rookie to ultimatelybecoming a living fighter pilot legend. This is a realistic warsimulation. Fly your plane through waves of enemy planes into thewar zone.Have you ever imagined using a clever strategy in aircraftcombat games could get you much more fun? In the history of armyfighting games, this is one of the most addictive action adventurecounter attack game designed for the toughest people who lovedestruction in army air force games. Take ARMY BATTLE AIRCRAFTCOUNTER ATTACK as a challenge!Fly over different air combat battlefield missions with gunshipplanes and helicopter, use your fly skill as a war fighter planepilot, make big fights manoeuvres to keep your target locked so youcan aim and shoot the enemies planes out of the air. Make sure youget as one of the heroes get supremacy in the skies as you take outthe enemy above the ground!How to Play:- Move aircraft left/right/up/down with joystickcontroller- Select ammunition from ammunition button on right- Ammunition includes: Rocket Missiles, bomb & Bullets- Click fire button to fire selected ammunition- Target Enemy buildings, camps, vehicles on ground- Select camera view from top left camera button- Camera View includes: Cockpit view & External ViewArmy Fighter Air Jet Strike - 3D air battle flight simulatorgame features:- Fun action-packed combat target flight game- Easy controls using on screen steering- Great airplane physics, fly your fighter plane in this ultimate3D flight simulator- Realistic 3D cockpit and controls- Face 10 breathtaking daring war missions- Realistic bomb and shooting sounds and animations- Amazing gameplay with HD vivid graphics- Missions to destroy enemy base on ground & in air- Explosions, missiles, guns, bullets, bombs, smoke and more!Army Fighter Air Jet Strike is a super fun challenging 3D aircombat simulation game which you can download for free on yourmobile device.Strike your enemies out of the sky! the world needsits best pilots! Good luck captain!
Anaconda Snake 2020: Anaconda Attack Games 2.1
Get ready to slay your victim, look for your preys, slither aroundand kill them in the most pitiless way possible in Anaconda Snake2020: Anaconda Attack Games. Beware all, here comes the scariestgiant predator in town from the jungles of Amazon and it’s lookingfor food. Play as deadly angry anaconda in anaconda game! The Greatanaconda Snake is always hungry. The spot is filled with all kindsof wild animals to target: hunt the Powerful King Lion, theDelicious Deer, innocent hen , rabbit , goat ,the Mighty Wolf andeven fight with humans. Prove with your might that you’re theultimate villain of this jungle in Angry Anaconda Snake Simulator:RPG Action Game. ANACONDA POWER Utilize your stealth and clevernessto carefully calculate the right time to Hunt.From the jungles ofthe Amazon comes one of the most feared animals on the planet - theAnaconda. This guy is looking for his next meal. But you can besure, it wont be you. This game puts you in control of this deadlybeast.Rise from the water and look for your next snack. This snakeis ready to attack anything in his way. Cars, people, skaters, gastanks, trucks, and anything else he wants. The snake that goeshunting for anything. This includes horses and crocodiles with thisanaconda simulator games. COMPLETE ACTION PACK Includes actionpacked maps and unique missions to complete. Race around the mapand complete the mission before time runs out. Anaconda simulatorcomes with all the features your expect from a fun 3D game.Suddenly, you’re a letha angry Anaconda looking to slay yourvictims in the most merciless way imaginable. Anaconda attack frombehind; coil around and CRUSH your foes with force! Angry anacondaattack 2020 takes you on pitiless giant anaconda life’s journey,slay your victim with super strength and powerful hunting skills.SNAKE vs SNAKE in Anaconda Revenge Rampage: Just select yourfavorite giant snake and fight with other snakes to complete uniquemissions in anaconda snake games. With this anaconda simulator youwill enjoy taking control of this huge 3D Snake Attack againstother anaconda , cobra , mamba , rattler , king snake and pythonwith anaconda rampage in city or anaconda attack simulation withanaconda survival game. Features of Anaconda Snake 2020: AnacondaAttack Games: ✓ Exciting 3D Maps to Explore lush green jungle. ✓Realistic swamp night mode with Anaconda simulator RPG game. ✓Simple and smooth controls to help chase your prey. ✓ Easy ControlGameplay in anaconda attack game. ✓ Realistic 3D Anaconda Snakesimulator. ✓ Animal Simulation at its best. ✓ Various lifelikeanaconda breeds. Anaconda survival depends on you. The snake wasonly running in forests and jungles for years, but now it is readyto run on your smartphone! Attack other animals and critters likeelephant, hippo, zebra and more to make them your meal. Beware ofhunter while you attack, he can kill you with his weapons. Be swiftwhile attacking the hunter.
Crocodile Simulator 2016 1.0
Have you ever wondered what it is like to be WildCrocodile?Crocodile Attack 3D Simulation game is full of anger andpride of the angry swamp crocodile, use your animal instinct andattack other animals and peoples with dangerous power and rage.Be apart of epic battle between survival of the fittest in animalsimulators. Survive against wildlife reptiles in this ultimatecrocodile simulator. Take control of most wild predators reptileswamp monster, all animals in beach are scared from thebloodthirsty hungry eyes, sharp teeth, deadly roar of the wildlifesimulator alligator rampage. Download this crocodile simulator andattack on dangerous beast of prey wild predators. This swamplandbeast terrorizes all animal and living creatures with its deadlywild nature. Play as wetland carnivorous reptile and crawl towardspeople and animals to attack them in this crocodile simulationgame.Swim and Crawl! Hunt and Attack! Brand new fun crocodilesimulator game for entire family all age youngster boys, girls andteens even mature people can enjoy this animal swamp crocodilerealistic simulator with unlimited fun.An angry giant renegadecrocodile swim through swamp dark water found its way out ofwoodland and entering in populated city area. People are screamingand running to save their lives from might jaws of this predatordeadliest hunters. Play as hungry alligator crawling to farm houseand attack everyone comes on your way. Hunt some yummy animal’schop some fish make them prey for the empty stomach of this wildgiant gator. Attack people in the boat, farmhouse or anywhere youget in this map of animal simulators. Alligator family attack boatsdo crocodile hunting and kill these dangerous animals.Play as ahuge crocodile predator and learn the fun of devouring your prey.With an appetite as big as the size of this water beast, you canhunt and eat anything. See the world as an angry monster that willattack anything it sets its bulging eyes on. Control this giant inwater and on land. This seemingly easy task is compromised byhunters ready to shoot on sight. Attack the people on boats and onthe beaches with your massive jaws to create some havoc before theyescape. Complete your hunt before you get hunted yourself!You hadplayed goat, snake, lion, horse, humpback whales, wolf simulatornow try your hands on controlling angry wildlife simulatorcrocodile. Swim in the swamp or crawl through dark water or lushgreenery environment with dangerous animals & humpback whales.Crocs are deadliest hunters they eats people hunts down thesecrocos in this realistic simulator.Be a Wild Crocodile and survivein the wilderness as long as you can. Fight against fierce animalslike lion, elephant and rhino. Evolve your Crocodile to become thestrongest Crocodile in the world.Crocodile Simulator featuresinclude:- Fast and Action Packed Gameplay - Explore Farm and Beach-Real water physics, cool crocodile movements and animations-Beautifully crafted 3D graphics and realistic water environments:including beaches, docks and the open sea- Fun joystick simulatorcontrols to make the crocodile swim and attack- Super Fun Music-Hunt down wildlife animal, cow, horse, rabbit, chicken, sheep, pig,goat, hen and moreTry out this fun Crocodile simulator and learnhow it’s like to be a hungry gator! It’s your turn to be angry NOW!Facebook - -
Limo Driving Parking Simulator 1.1
You done with driving taxis, truck, tank, busand other type of automobile simulator games, now get ready tosteer luxurious stretch limousine in “City Limo Car Driver Sim 3D”simulation game.Stretch limousine is very hard to steer and control due to itslong body size. Sit behind steering wheels for insane experiencedriving big limousine, be careful with this luxurious elite cab.Perform driver duty for luxury vehicles like a professionalchauffer or valet driver. Drive super stretch limo vehicle throughcity streets and roads, take VIP passenger, customers or guests tofabulous places. Earn high tips, don’t bump or crash this luxuryelite ride into some bus or cars in city streets.Ready to drive a big limousine on this Christmas? Thereforebefore you can pick up passengers and drive within nightclub citylimits where the traffic can be a major challenge for you. Itshandy to get enough practice in an almost empty parking lot. Youneed to take corners the way a bus would take them. Always leaveenough distance all around the limo in case cars, or other vehiclesdon’t see you driving. Driving a limousine in this 3D parkingChristmas game is not easy, it also depends on the type of limo youdrive. Be very careful with stopping, it takes longer to get a biglimo to stop than a regular size car, basically because it is twiceas heavy. Remember make wider turns, Don't be a dirty driver afterpicking and turn limo sim slowly.enjoy Christmas free cartravelling game.Christmas countdown 2015 begins.Limo Service is cool new 3Dparking game that gives you the chance to drive something else thena regular size car, truck, bus or even a tank! The big challenge inthis 3D parking game is to finish the level before all the time isgone. So do not take too long with finding the parking spot andmaneuvering the limousine in the right position.Start to pick up some city passengers in your luxury limousinecar racing Christmas game and take them towards their destination.Just follow the arrows on the city road. Playing this limo drivingsimulator you need to do some city parking and city driving but beaware of slippery snowy road terrain.Every limousine driver has everything he needs to control hislimo with, brake and acceleration pedals. You change the view soyou can take a look from inside the limo at the situation.Sometimes you need to race to the parking spot, so you got enoughtime left to park the limousine.Game features- Three different limousine- Different parking levels each level has its own parkingchallenge- awesome luxury limousine to drive in while playing theselimousine driving games- realistic limousine taxi parking and driving controls- Pick up and drop off passengers, celebrities and VIP’s at theright destination- Extreme precision driving simulator- beautiful big city 3d environment situations playing limo drivingand parking games- Time is not on your side, you got limited time to parksuccessfully- More exciting city limousine parking levels will follow- 3d Christmas bell theme sound- snowy environment where snow plows are working out to throw snowbesides the road .Becoming a real city driver is more than just doing a bit ofcity travel and enjoying the beautiful game night citysurroundings. This job really requires some professional real citydriver skills!Drive an enormous luxury limousine in a real crowded city with lotsand lots of city traffic. This is, as you might imagine, prettydifficult. are you FIT for this Limousin car 3d driver simulatorgame.Facebook - -
Monster Truck Stunts Racing 1.0
Furious Monster Truck Racing, Dare to becomethe fastest driver of not a sports car but the big monster truck inthe city. This stunning and realistic racing game simulation withamazing control will not let you put your device down. And here isa twist you will be simulating this Truck in multiple scenarios anddash this Monster Truck around the track. This Fast Truck Racinggame is a driving simulation which tests your driving skills, The3D environment will make this experience of rally truck racing this free style Fast Monster Truck Race you can select betweendifferent options of playing. Free mode, race and time lap modes,but not the drift mode, will give the player a variety to choosefrom and enjoy this giant beast on racing track. Free mode willhelp you practice and memorize the track which will be a key whenyou measure just how hyped ,decide to take the challenge to thenext level Race and Time lap modes otherwise truck destruction willfailed the game.Driving truck can be challenging and sometimes you will not getstuck at some corner, but this is the challenge to be the besttruck racer.You wanted more tracks and now you can choose fromlevels, including both indoor and outdoor tracks on impossibleroads. You can also compete in 3 x different championships. Sensorsteering will make this game more realistic unlike mud truckgames,tap bounty,4 wheeler games,dump truck games, kids truckgames,off road truck games, parking monster jam, drag racer, needfor speed and toy ball truck games. So take the challenge and makehistory.Features:• Stunning 3D Graphics.• Realistic truck driving, steering and racing simulations.• Engaging environment• Tilt Steering which makes game more fun.
Jail Attack: Counter War 1.0
San Andreas prison is full of robbers, murderers, gangsters,thieves and mafia guys, some prisoners tried to break the jail andescape from police custody. they are accused for murder attempts,theft, robbery and smuggling kind of crimes. Police clans are outin crazy crime city to catch them and send them back to jail. someof them are underworld dons and they are resisting the police withheavy weapons like AK 47, shot guns, pistols , bazooka and manyarmors. Download a brand new theme in jail break and jail attackgames where you will take control of an amazing police car in thebig crime city. In this police chase prisoners game you are the topprivate Russian police officer who as a heroic cop need to drivepolice car to catch and chase down most wanted criminal group whoattacked and broke into the city central jail and made their fellowjailbirds escape from the prison. Now they are trying to hidesomewhere after breaking into the city and also trying to do bankrobbery and running their cartel . Keep following the map toapproach them and remember not to lose them as they are cleverenough to deceive you. On sighting, prisoners will run fast and tryto fade but you need to run speedily and catch them with in thespecific time before they stole anything. Play something differentfrom a simple police chase games or police vs thief games.Enjoy anelectrifying jailbreak counter attack with one of the awesome jailbreak games. The game has the concept both police jail attack gamesand police chase games with the full attention-grabbing missions.So get set to start the fast paced action with jailbreak counterattack in one of the brand new jail attack games to become a daringcop. JAIL ATTACK COUNTER WAR will make you believe it unlike otherbad games!Isn't this jailbreak counter attack one of the best jailbreak games? Yes definitely it stands out in police jail attackgames with crazy police car. PRISON ATTACK: COUNTER WAR, theultimate addition to police chase games.
Hill Bus Coach Driver 1.0
After having much fun with hill bus driver simulator 3d! here isour latest addition in hill bus driver, we bring hill bus drivinggames with our Bus Simulator 2016. Enjoy off road coach bussimulator 2016 with winter treat of snow hill station tour. Time totake your mountain tourist bus in Exotic green valley and enjoy thethrilling drive with coach bus games. Love fast bus driving? Don'tlet those extreme turns slow down your drive in bus games with bussimulator 2016. Multiple buses with swift driving. Challengefriends with your ultra modern bus driving skills on hill climbinghighway route in rain and rocks land sliding. Drive bus from insideand pick and drop passenger and tourist from one bus stop to next.Your job is to be driver of this wildest tour buses, drive airconditioner speedy buses with gas pedal, pressure brake and powersteering. Avoid hitting or crashing in cargo truck on the hillyterrain in HILL BUS COACH DRIVER!A transport simulation game withextreme off road driving Not just another simulation game, thistime double the fun and more action. Bus driving gets more excitingwhen you navigate on the hill roads. Experience a gorgeous hillstation like never before. Don’t let curvy paths and treacherousturns slow you down. The passengers are waiting, SO HURRY UP!Ascenic environment, and different weather conditions and vehiclestransition into smooth gameplay and make you feel like the masterof your trade.Feel the thrill of steering a giant but beautifulpiece of machinery through dangerous obstacles, and reach yourdestination in time. Transport passengers without the hassle andrisk by tapping into various controls and driving settings. Act asa Bus Driver, pick up the passenger and drive through the dangerousand challenging hill roads and drop the passenger safely at thedestination. Watch out while driving.Its an absolute hill drivingsimulator that will entertain you to the core.Bus Driver HillClimbing 2016 FEATURES:• Awesome Jumbo Buses with Realistic VehiclePhysics• Amazing Hill Station Environment and 3D Graphics•Enjoyable Sounds Effects• Switch cameras and look around in thefully modeled 3d cockpit with the free look .• Rainy and snowyseason Simulation.• Animated Passengers.• Intelligent Trafficsystem.• Thrilling Precision Driving!!!Real Bus Driver Simulator2016 ,an addition to latest simulation games that will offer youthe chance to become a Bus Driver on hill station . Bus DrivingGames just got better! Being a Bus Driver in a Bus Game has neverbeen this immersive and fun with HILL BUS COACH DRIVER.
Real Panther Simulator 2016 1.0
Get ready to enjoy the thrill of being a realblack Panther . As panther rules in the forest but this time youwill hunt for prey in the san andreas city.Be the ruler of all theanimals in the city by playing Real Panther Simulator.Hunt outinnocent animals and make them your prey. Feel the thrill andadrenaline rush in your body while playing this wild black panthersimulation game.Black panther are ruthless predator alive in thejungle, they like to roam in lush green forest areas to make mealof their prey.Now ther are in city. Attack like a hungry leopard orangry tiger hidden in the big city and have real black panthersimulation.Chase & hunt innocent animals like deer, zebra, elephant, orhippo. Fight against carnivore beasts like lion, tiger, bear,cougar, wolf, cheetah and more. Live life of a wildlife blackpanther in the city, you will love chasing humans and huntingthem.You will love hunting like real Black Panther in this 3Dsimulator game.If you love animal simulation games like goat, sabertooth, wolf, lion, tiger, Dino, mighty elephant, anaconda snake orcrocodile simulator you will love to play this “Real PantherSimulator 2016” game.--- Features ---• Actual thrill of chasing down humans and animals.• Explore the city environment.• Attack & kill other animals.• Easy Touch Controls.• Beautiful Sound Effects.• Awesome gameplay.• Kill your target to accomplish missions.• Amazing 3D Graphics & Environment.• Play as Real Black Panther.• Tiger in inapp purchase.Be 3d wild panther just like the wild panter in jungle Evolveyour Panthers or Tiger to become the strongest Wild Animal ever inthe city.Go ahead, live the life of a real black Panther. Its wildand its realistic black panther. If you enjoy this Pantera 3D game,please try our wolf Simulator and angry anaconda Simulatorgames.
Police Car Jump: Crime Escape 1.0
**Experience the police car chase jet speedprison escape roof racing game**become a Vegas crime police in USA crime city with awesome copstunts game and simulator. become a crime city real police driverand do not let criminals escape or fly away. stunts and jumps of anurban police car with parking over roofs or high buildings andskyscrapers.This POLICE CAR JUMP includes sports car suv and 4x4 cars todrive.Drive your crazy police car in an old city where you do not needhighways. jump over the rooftops and bounce your police car in themysterious terrain. you will find wildly addiction and fun in thispolice car game. massive and huge jumps, hanging ramps and tracksare waiting for your crazy stunts.This police car roof stunts simulation game is an adventurebased free game, this game simulate racing, climbing and stunts ofthe police car, This cop car is having amazing smooth control thatmakes the stunts more realistic ever seen in any other police carsimulator or a cop car stunt game. Being a cop car driver you arenot going for a police chase or catching theives or robbers, butyou will race and jump on building roofs to get maximum scorepoints.This free simulator is based on adventure, challenges, climbing,racing and stunts. It’s not the hill climbing game but a roof jumpand parking sequences. Be a stunt cop car driver on off-road zigzagramps with police car on beautiful city roofs where you have tojump and park your crazy police vehicle on building roof.There are huge jumps, mid-air ramps and stylish 3d tracks areavailable for crazy bounce & car stunts.Multiple unique policecars, big police SUVs’ and 4x4 vehicles are available for stunts& jumping.Avoid all obstacles and park accurately on rooftop and get allstars and increase your simulation skills. Smart flashing arrowswill direct you to the ending targets. 15+ levels will make youaddicted. Download free and enjoy the police car stunt game.Features:-Realistic driving experience with reverse gear function.Super & stunning HD graphics and realistic 3d control.Amazing engine sound and off-road ZigZag, bouncy and real roofclimbing environment.Your reviews are valuable.Like us on facebook :
Sniper Pro Prison Escape 1.0
Army Sniper: Pro Terrorist Camp Mission anaction escape simulator game with Different missions, all with itsown unique feeling. ready to have an army counter terrorist attackwith brutal terrorists in their basecamp. It’s time for theterrorist pro sniper shooter to take our army gunship vehicles andeliminate all terrorists and escaped prisoners with the theme ofarmy operation games. In the awesome addition to army operationgames, our terrorist pro sniper shooter takes charge of destroyingall terrorist camps in a one-on-one army counter terrorist attack.So, if you want to become a fearless savior and protector in thearmy for your nation then you should definitely try the modern ARMYSNIPER: TERRORIST CAMP!This Sniper Mission simulation game gives you the full sniperexperience on your mobile device.Get ready to attack prison onhilly landscape in Russian Pro Sniper Escape Jail Mission 3D game.In this impossible mission your objective is shoot to killprisoners with illegal activities.This Game involving realistic sniping simulation ,realsimulation of commando shooting though Jail break is not an easytask but these prisoners are very criminal they want to escapeprison as soon as possible and they have weapons with themtoo.Sniping is one of the most popular and divisive activities infirst person shooters. The expert sniper camped out in a wellhidden spot ruining everyone's fun, is a well known feature ofonline gaming. However, there's no denying that being a sniper isquite satisfying, and Sniper Russian Jail Mission takes it to a newlevel.Those prisoner are doing crime in yard too.You will play as arole of sniper shooter, your mission in this shooting game is tokill the killing subject. As a professional sniper you need tocomplete more missions to the best of your ability.Hold your breath& pull the sniping silencer trigger in this shooting game andsave the dead zone prison yard. This game gives an exhilaratingexperience to complete this mission of prison break run with thehelp of sniping silencers. Use your weapons wisely and kill theinsane prisoners at a distance in prisoners yard before they get achance to aim at you.GAME FEATURES:- Real life prisoner behavior, interaction with otherprisoners- Missions where you have to prevent prisoners escaping- Ground breaking dynamics during silent sniper missions- unique prison sniper escape missions- Leveling system you want the bigger weapons, get the experienceto use them- Outstanding 3D graphics- Slow motion camera effect.Complete each challenge of this Russian Sniper Jail Mission gameand test your skills with your dedication.You are playing as armywarden pro sniper prison shooter and your duty is as a jail keeper.Your sniper escape mission in to protect the jail and defense. Youas a warden sniper duty need to play wisely in dead zone prisonyard.
Bike Transporter Big Truck 1.2
Experience the newest arrival of the best big truck games andtransport truck games 2019 the latest entry into motorcycle games.Do you like bike transport games or transport truck games 2019 herewe merge transport truck games with motorcycle games to get anamazing fun of driving big truck simulator. This big trucksimulator will definitely gratify your need for speed in big truckgames. Brace yourself to experience the most challenging journeyride through a desert racing track on your heavy bike simulator inone of the latest transport truck games. So fetch your internaldaredevil out in BIKE TRANSPORTER BIG TRUCK game. Enjoy truckdriving games 2019 with different truck driver techniques. In thegameplay of bike transport games, you have to drive and load themotorbikes in the big truck and also unload them when you’ll reachto the desired location. First, you have to load the heavymotorbikes from the manufacturing company on the big truck and thentake it towards the racing track for racing. Alternatively, youwill also take the motorbikes from the desert racing track to theworkshop for repair. There will be many levels of bike transportand motorcycle transport and bike parking in this bike transportgame with awesome super fast bikes. Load different motorbikes inthe big truck from the manufacturing company and drive that bigtruck towards the highlighted arrow and also unload them in thedesert racing track. In truck games 2019 Bring your inner daredevilout with Urban Truck Transport moto 3D, the newest entry in extrememotorbike racer games. This heavy bike driving simulator willsatisfy your need for speed. Combine that with the thrills of acargo transporter simulation and you have the best of both worlds.Features Of Motorcycle Transport Truck Simulation: • Epic freighttruck driving experience • Extreme motorbike driving simulation •various cargo transport missions in truck games 2019 • Enjoy realaction with tremendous speed driving • Amazing 3D graphics andurban environment • User friendly driving controls in biketransport games. • Different bikes to transport or transfer intransport truck games 2019. Now, show off your impressive drivingskills with big truck simulator in one of the amazing transporttruck games. Hop on your motorcycle and ride like the wind in oneof the superlative motorcycle games. Explore the vast urbanlandscape and beat the city traffic at top speed in MOTO BIKETRANSPORTER BIG TRUCK, one of the newest big truck driving games2019 in play store!
Crazy Car Stunts Driver 2016 1.1
Crazy Car Race and Stunts Driver, A new entryin Mas3DStudio 3D crazy car driver stunt and racing games is thereto add excitement to crazy car stunts with a drive of heavy stuntcar like top gear stunt vehicle in sports games. The super 3D crazycar stunt driver game has edge over other car stunt crazy gamessimulator in shape of an addictive game play. So get ready for asuperb fun crazy driving game CRAZY SPORTS CAR STUNTS DRIVER 3Dwhere you can show off your crazy jumping, parking, driving andstunt games skills.Are you ready for the next generation of Car Stunts? Fasten yourseat belt and rev the engine mas3dstudio presents the mostchallenging car stunts games with platform car parking!Yourfavorite game Ultimate Car Stunts 3D, now with new and captivatingcars, tricks, and smooth controls! Use nitrous in car stunt 3D totake huge leaps ricochet through treacherous loops! You will racethrough blazing fires, broken bridges, curving pipes, ridiculousascends, dangerous tunnels ,wooden platform parking and much more.Remember, this car stunt race driver 3D game requires drivingfinesse and steel nerves to maneuver the car at blazing speeds! Afun action packed adventure lies ahead.Are you brave enough to take the Extreme Car Stunts challengeand skilled enough to master it? Let's see if you can survive themost stimulating stunt arena!Modern Stunt Environment Awesome carsmashing machines and mechanized techno based obstacles.Performhigh jumps on colossal ramps accelerate through fiery hoops jimmythrough deadly propellers; knock down and smash all types ofobstacles.Crazy Car Stunts Driver 3D Features:-Multiple Crazy Cars to play with-Enjoy 6 different car models with cool wheel designs and carpatterns to style according to taste.-Level-based Episode - To prove your stunt skills come and play thechallenging episode as a master! Do you have what it takes tobecome a stunt hero?-Platform Mode - Endless mode for endless fun. The wild and crazyfantasy parking stunts will blow your mind!-Amazingly Beautiful 3D Environments-Extremely Precise Driving Simulation-Responsive and Intuitive Driving ExperienceIt’s a highway of danger and risk out there in Crazy car stunts3d game! Get set for loads of thrill and action! Drive throughtreacherous hills and risky paths. The fantasy Crazy car stuntsDriver game is full of NEW challenges that will keep you glued tothe controls. Dodge obstacles and fly through hoops of fire andearth in your cool sports car. Massive jumps and spiked gates. GetCrazy with Crazy Car Stunts and Racing Driver
Cute Princess Mermaid World 1.1
Have you ever thought of being a mermaid princess or played mermaidgames? Step into the deep oceans and explore the underwater worldwith angry mermaid simulator! Play as a cute mermaid and enjoymarine life from the shoes of this enchanting mythical creature.This cute little mermaid will definitely steal your heart! Usemagic and live the amazing and legendary life of a Princess mermaidwho can attack on shark , sea horse , orca and whale. Put spells onfishermen trying to harm other sea animals!You can interact willother sea animals and have a social life beneath the water!Feellike a real angry mermaid who is wandering around the beautifulocean in this new mermaid simulator big fish games 2016.In thismermaid simulator the mermaid was roaming into the great andmagical world of ocean. She was so involved deeply that she hascome very far away from her castle. She also didn’t remember theway back to home. She is now alone in the deep ocean, far from hercastle and forgets the way back. Now you have to help her to findher way back to castle and save the cute little mermaid.The oceanis not a safe place for a little and cute mermaid to be alone. Nowit’s up to you that how you play this mermaid simulator game andhelp the mermaid to get back to her castle.The ocean is full of thedangerous creatures like sharks etc.They can smell his prey frommiles away.So you have to help the mermaid to get back to hercastle by avoiding those dreadful creatures. If they see you oreven smell you then that could be dangerous for you in tides.Inthis mermaid princess game the first level is tutorial level. Youhave to go through all flags to complete the objective.In secondlevel you have to collect jewels , crystals , treasure box anddiamonds from different places.In third level you have to attack onshark and scuba diver.In forth level you have to attack on swimmersin order to complete the level.In fifth level you have to smash anddestroy yacht with shooters.In sixth level you have to attack andfight with evil mermaid.In seventh level you are free and explore amarvelous underwater and island world!FEATURES:-Experience the real3D ocean views.-View the lots of sea creatures closely.-Controlsare very smooth and comfortable.-Feel like a real mermaid in theocean.-Beautiful 3D graphics.-Use joystick to swim the princessforward or backward-Find the Magical circle to start theobjectives-Attack the bad ones by two different ways-collect thehidden treasuresIn this addictive mermaid game, the charmingmermaid will take you to enchanting journey of sea adventure.Escapefrom hungry shark attack.You should make maximum score beforesharks catch you. More careful in shark attack will accelerate witheach passing second. So you can explore the fantastic underwaterworld, full with aquatic creatures.This beautiful mermaid haveamazing mermaid spell! You will swim your heart out and explore amarvelous underwater world!