Super Moro Bras 1.0
This is a classical run and shoot game!Thescript of this game was based on facts occurred lately inBrazilduring the investigation of the most important scandal ofthehumanity history about political corruption.Playing this game you'll have fun and in the same timeseecartoons of real things which were stolen of the Brazilianpublicmoney. You'll be surprised to discover that the Brazilianpoliticalis really dirty and they can do everything to stoptheinvestigation of their crimes by the Brazilian FederalPolice!The incredible graphics and a really fun interface putsyouinside the history in a different way, because in the game youareresponsible for the extermination of these corrupt peoplewhichcause losses for million of people around the world, and inthesame time you have to redeem all things that they stole to gotothe next level.This cartoon game shows in a ludic way what, at least 80millionpeople (half of Brazilian people) want to Brazil: The end ofagovernment which broke one of the biggest public companies oftheworld, which lie to the people, which steal money fromhospitalswhile living as true millionaires... Only you can stopthem!!!Play this game and have fun doing justice (at least inthegame!). Let your kids play this game... invite your friendstoplay... lets show them that our will is greater thantheirarrogance!