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MBcare - Free Smartphone Screen Damage Protection 1.1
* * *Beautiful Screen Locker App***MBcare is beautiful screen locker app. It shows date and timeonlock screen. Lock screen have automatic wallpaper changingfeatureswhich gives awesome look every time.> Free Screen Damage Protection worthRs.10,000/-<MBcare is India’s 1st Android app for Smartphone users inIndiaproviding Free Screen Damage Protection worth Rs.5000/-afterdownloading app.When user invite 5 referrals on MBcare App he will getadditionalbenefit of Rs. 5000/-* * * Claim Submission in 1 Click * * *1. User can generate claim by calling Customer CareNo90290216002. User will be received instructions for repair fromauthorizedservice center3. After repair user have to submit final repair bill andbankaccount details in MBcare4. After claim submission user will get claim amount creditedinbank account within 48 working hours$ $ $ Discounts & Offers on lock screen $ $ $User will receive online offers and discounts on lock screen.Offer and discounts are integrated with Native Ad format toenhanceuser experience# Special offer for Glass Broken Display Smartphone #If user already have “Display Glass Broken Condition” and wanttoget benefit of this plan, he can also download MBcare App andget50% discount of screen repair cost after 30 days.Note:>>User will become eligible for claim after 30 daysactiveon MBcare App>>Only for active users on MBcare App can claimfordamages
MBcare Lockscreen - Free Screen Damage Protection 1.7
Q 1. What is MBcare App?MBcare is screen locker utility app forandroid Smartphone providing Free Screen Damage Protection to yourSmartphone against any kind of Accidental /Liquid Damage.If yoursmart phone screen is accidentally damaged, you need not worryabout taking it to the service center and bearing the repair cost.MBcare will bear the cost.Q 2. Why is MBcare offering Free ScreenDamage Protection ?MBcare is a screen locker utility app forAndroid Smartphone. It will run sponsored native ads on lock screenwith latest offers and discounts for online purchase.Q 3. What AreNative Ads?Native ads are made for enhancing user's experience withinterest based relevant ads by Google and Facebook or otheradvertisers.Q 4. Will ads disturb the user experience?No. MBcarehas taken care of user experience and used the native ad formatinstead of annoying popup ads & full screen ads. We have alsotaken care that ads should be relevant for user.Q 5. If any Ad isnot relevant for me what should I do?If you think any ad is notrelevant for you and annoying, you can simply click on right sideblue icon and report the ad and that ad will not be shown to youagain.Q 6. How do I activate MBcare App Offer on my device?Toactivate MBcare App Offer download MBcare App & signupaccount.Q 7. What is the validity of MBcare App Offer?The validityof the damage protection is for ONE year from the date ofactivation & subject to app retention for a year.Q 8. Whichdevice brands are eligible for MBcare App Offer?MBcare App Offer isavailable for all major mobile brands which are serviced andrepaired in INDIA or brands that have Authorized Service center inINDIA.Q 9. I bought my device from a location outside INDIA, howcan I protect it under MBcare App Offer?MBcare Plan is availableonly for devices which are bought in INDIA via authorized saleschannels.Q 10. When can I claim damage protection under MBcare AppOffer?You will be eligible for a claim after 30 days from the dateof MBcare App registration.Q 11: When and in what circumstances myClaim will be rejected?Claims for Devices that have undergonerepair from a repair center that has not been authorised by theDevice Manufacturer and/or contain non genuine parts will berejected.Q 12. I broke my device accidentally do I need to pay forthe repair?If you are an active user of MBcare App then you neednot worry about repair. MBcare will reimburse your screen damagerepair cost provided the same is repaired by a Brand AuthorisedRepair center subject to the maximum amount of Rs. 5000/- as perthe terms and conditions specified above.Q 13. How is my devicecoverage amount arrived at?MBcare App Offer cover fix sum assuredof Rs. 10000/- because average screen repair cost is Rs.5000/-Q 14.How many claims can I raise during my membership tenure?User canclaim multiple times but each claim should not exceed Rs.5000/-subject to a ceiling of Rs.10000/-Q 15. What if my phone getstotally damaged?MBcare will bear the repair cost of screen only.User has to bear cost of repairs to the rest of the device.(Subject to the limits set out in the terms and conditions) in caseany other parts have been damaged.Q 16. Can I get claim of screenrepair cost if I do not repair phone? No, user has to repair hisphone and download our app then only MBcare will settle the claimamount.Q 17: What if I don’t want ads on lock screen?If you don’twant to see ads you can simply remove our app and go for paidoptions available in the market. Currently we don’t have paidplans. We will keep you informed once we come with paidplans.SocialConnecthttps://www.facebook.com/mbcareapphttps://www.twitter.com/mbcareapphttps://www.instagram.com/mbcareapphttps://mbcareapp.com