Kids Urdu Qaida 19
Urdu Qaida & learning app for kids in Pakistan. Kids canlearnphonics & different drawing shapes of different lettersbytracing the urdu qaida. It comprises of all urdu letters whicharetaught at basic school level in Pakistan. Hence you can makeyourkids learn urdu via this beautiful app, that is free! Itssimpleapp for your Kids to learn about Pakistani Urdu languagealphabetsin easy and quick way. Kids love to have big letters andanimationsassociated with each letter to understand. With this app,kids willlearn: - Urdu Alphabets Recognition & Pronunciation ofAlif BayPay - Learn to read, write & speak Urdu Alphabets (AlifBayPay)
Pakran pakrai game 1.6
A fun game based on cartoons :) This is a game in which onepersonruns & the other one chases him until he is caught. Themomentyou get caught is the point where your game is over! You havetorun away & maneuver yourself from being caught.
Arabic Alphabets Tracing for Kids Learning 1.1
Arabic alphabets tracing app for kids learning Our educationalappfeatures the Arabic alphabets to be traced and to draw thelettersby finger tips. In this era of younger generations, readingandwriting through Arabic guide books isn’t going to help them.Theyneed to be equipped with tools for learning, understanding thatcanbe fun, engaging, and interactive. We have just done that withthisnew Arabic alphabets tracing app. The kids enjoy & havefunwhile using this app. They’ll just be having fun whilelearning,which is what this app offers with its beautifulanimations. Thisapp also offers as a preschool learning platformfor kids offar-flung areas where schooling is not easy for youngkids.Features: • Interaction: Tracing of Arabic alphabets. •Controlledtracing: The app will automatically ping the kids if theyaretracing the alphabets wrong. • Undo: Delete the alphabet ifwronglytraced. • Fun: After completion of the letters, animalsanimationsare displayed. • Ease: Kids can practice with Arabicletterstracing offline