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Delete Account 1.2
Delete Account help you to delete your social account permanently .When you create an account on facebook or instagram or any othersocial network or web site it easy to do it , but when you want todelete it is a nightmare . Delete Account give you the easy way todelete your account permanently . If you want to delete facebookaccount just click on delete facebook then click on delete then itwill take you to a delet link chose what browser you want to useand enter your facebook email and password then delete your accounton facebook permanently . We help you by giving you a deletepermanently link because is very hard to found it . With DeleteAccount you can delete facebook or delete instagram or deletesnapchat and much more . We will add other websites in futureupdates .
Delete Social Account 1.1
Delete social account help you to delete snapchat account ortwitter or instagram or facebook.When you create an account on asocial networks it easy to do it, but when you want to delete it isa nightmare.Delete social account give you the easy way to deleteyour account permanently by giving you direct links to deletesnapchat account or other social networks accounts.This app is theanswer to these 3 questions:- How to delete snapchat account?- Howto delete twitter account?- How to delete instagram account?- Howto delete facebook account?If you want to delete Twitter accountjust click on the Delete button then it will take you to the deletelink, Choose what browser you want to use and go to your browsermenu and click on the request desktop site (this step only forTwitter) and enter your Twitter email and password, Then deactivatetwitter account, And after 30 days he will be permanentlydeleted.This is just an example, And what we do to delete twitterwe can do it to delete snapchat or instagram or facebook.We helpyou by giving you a delete permanently link because is very hard tofound it .With Delete Social Account you can delete facebook ordelete instagram or delete snapchat or delete twitter, If you wantmore social networks accounts Check out our previous application"Delete account" .
Top HashTags 2.0
Top HashTags app help you to get real followers on yourinstagramacount and real likes on your photos using hashtags andtop tagsTobe famous on instagram you need more people to follow youso youneed hashtags to reach those peopleYou may get more likesandfollowers using this hashtags app in your photos on InstagramorFacebook Add the most popular hashtags to your Instagram photostomake them visible so you may get more real likes and alsorealfollowersHow To Use :You just copy the hashtags and pastethehashtags on the first comment on your photo that it .