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Solitaire 2.209.0
Play the #1 FREE SOLITAIRE (or Klondike Solitaire / Patience) cardgame on Android! Classic Solitaire, also known as PatienceSolitaire, is the most popular solitaire card game in the world.Try our BEST FREE SOLITAIRE card app, which is beautiful and funlike classic Klondike Solitaire. Features: · Beautiful graphics ·Klondike gameplay · Unlimited free undo · Unlimited free hints ·Option for All Winning deals · Winning Deal Leaderboard · Timermode · Solitaire 1 card draw · Solitaire 3 cards draw · Autocomplete for solved game · Statistics · Personal records · Chooseyour card style · Left handed mode · Tablet support · Portrait ·Landscape Simple and addicting. Solitaire Classic is sure to bringback old memories of the days when Solitaire reigned supreme. We’vetaken the quintessential solitaire experience and revamped it forthe new century. Unlike some solitaire card games that lack polishand others that add too many bells and whistles, distracting fromthe core solitaire experience, Solitaire Classic strikes theperfect balance both in terms of vintage solitaire gameplay andpractical modern design, giving you just the right amount ofoptions for all your solitaire needs! If you are a fan ofSolitaire, Spider Solitaire, Freecell Solitaire, Tripeak Solitaire,or any other Solitaire card games (also known as Klondike orPatience), then you should definitely try our classic Solitairecard game which will be the most beautiful and user friendlysolitaire game you've ever played. What are you waiting for? Thissimple gem is the ultimate solitaire challenge - play ClassicSolitaire card game now on Android for FREE!
Solitaire Classic 2.331.0
**COME and PLAY the best classic solitaire card game in the GooglePlay Store! Train your brain and kill some of your spare time, forFREE! ** This is the BEST app to TRAIN YOUR BRAIN and have fun withyour family and friends, at the same time! Our BEST Solitaire cardapp is guaranteed to bring back the nostalgia for those fond ofSolitaire, Casino Card Games, and Casual Games! Stunning visualgraphics and a variety of exciting card gameplay await you in thismind-blowing solitaire card gaming experience. With the authenticfeel of classic Solitaire, also known as Klondike Solitaire orPatience, the game is very simple and addictive! We guarantee youwill be entertained! Check out our thrilling features: ♠ Fun andaddictive gameplay of Classic Solitaire - Klondike Solitaire Draw 1card - Klondike Solitaire Draw 3 cards - Option for All Winningdeals ♠ More practical but easy options for Modern Solitaire -Unlimited free undo and hints - Complete Daily Challenge for moretrophies - Timer Mode available ♠ Be More Competitive - Personalrecords and Statistics for you to defeat your old score everyday -Winning Deal Leaderboard ♠ For Your Convenience: make yourSolitaire game a lot easier - Auto complete for solved Solitairegames - Various Card Faces, Backs and Table Backgrounds withbeautiful graphics - Left and right handed mode - Capable for mostof devices - Choose between Portrait or Landscape view If you missthe fun that solitaire brought to you in the past, here’s yourchance to enjoy old-school card fun again! Share the best classicsolitaire card game with your family and friends! Train your brainand kill some time with friends and family together! ★★★DOWNLOADthis FREE Solitaire card game on your device for FREE NOW! ★★★