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The restaurants are many – the delivery service is one! Order adelivery of your favorite dishes from more than 650 restaurants inMinsk, Brest, Vitebsk, Mogilyov, Grodno and Gomel using the mobileapplication of the leading delivery service! 🥪 Averagedelivery time is 45 minutes! 🍳 We deliver hot food in our specialthermo-bags! 🍟 Pay for the order with cash, with a POS terminal, orwith a credit card 🥗 Link your credit card to your account 🍔 Orderfrom several restaurants at the same time 🍕 Repeat your order from“Order history” section or add items to your “Favorites” list –that’s fast and easy! 🍣 Share your feedback and rate the order andthe quality of the service! 🥙 Easily navigate in the app using thesearch and simplified filters
Menu Courier App
application that helps couriers to manage their orders
Menu Partner App 1.1.5
An application that will allow restaurants and shops to receive andmanage online orders
Menu Restaurant 1.0.9
Application that will allow restaurants to receive and manageonlineorders — restaurant food delivery
The restaurants are many – the delivery service is one! Downloadtheapp and order delivery of pizza, sushi, burger, khinkali andmanyother dishes in several touches. Watch the status of yourfooddelivery and repeat your orders with one touch. Don’t litteryourphone with dozens of restaurant application, simply installMenu.uaWhy use 🥪 delivery time 60 minutes 🍳 we deliverfood from8:00 AM to 1:00 AM 🍟 huge choice of restaurants 🥗promotions anddiscounts up to 50% 🍔 pay online or with cash 🍕online deliverystatus 🍣 support center: we are here to help onlineor on phone Ourteam of developers has made the application asconvenient aspossible and intuitive. For that, we implementedadditionalfeatures for ordering food, which will help you fighthunger: 🥙easily search for restaurants and food 🥐 rating based onreviews ofreal users 🍗 find your favorite restaurants in onesection 🍨loyalty program: bonuses for you and your friends 🧀 repeatyourorders fast And the nicest couriers who deliver joy every dayinevery weather :) is a food delivery service inUkraine,which is a part of an international company Menu Groupwhich hasprojects in Armenia, Georgia, and Belarus. Menu Groupwasestablished in 2012 and its projects are market leaders ineachcountry. Thanks to a strong team, experience and will to createa“dream service” we have already started conquering Ukraine.Menu.uadelivers in Kyiv but develops with super speed. Didn’t findyourcity in the application? Follow our news on social networks.Wewill soon start delivering in Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odesa, Lviv,andlater in the whole of Ukraine.