Rotation Lock Adaptive
This is the paid version of Rotation LockAdaptive with additional features and customization.If you use the free version often enough, please consider buyingthe paid versionMain features:Adaptive rotation - if you find automatic screen rotationannoying then this app is for you. It will detect the device'sorientation and show a transparent button to let you decide whetherthe screen should be rotated to landscape or portraitLock the screen in landscape or portrait - it will lock thescreen the way you want even when some apps don't offer certainorientationIncrease productivity - unnecessary rotation will distract youand interrupt your workflow!Power saving - every screen rotation will involve a lot ofcomputation. By reducing unnecessary rotation the battery will lasta bit longerThere are 8 modes which can be chosen in notification area1. Adaptive mode - detect the device's orientation and prompt youwhether to rotate the orientation2. Landscape - force the orientation in landscape3. Portrait - force the orientation in portrait4. Reverse Portrait - force the orientation in reverseportrait5. Reverse Landscape - force the orientation in reverseLandscape6. Force auto - automatically rotate the screen in allorientation7. Stock auto - exactly the same as original auto mode8. Stock portrait - exactly the same as original portrait modeBelow are the features which the free version does notinclude:Per app setting - individual apps can be set to stock mode if theyhave problems with force landscape modecustom-sized overlay button which is shown in adaptive modeHide notification iconTags: screen orientation rotation control reverse portraitlandscape lock reverse power saving upside down