Road Fighter 3.0.3
Road Fighter - 8 bit classic game. Let's overcome challenges andcomplete the race! **HOW TO PLAY? Road Fighter just is simple CarRacing game. Have 3 options for you: 1. Tilt your device left andright to adjust the cars to pass other racers. 2. Touch toleft/right of screen. 3. Swipe on the screen.
Road Racing - Car Fighter - Classic NES Car Racing 2.2
Road Racing - Car Fighter - Classic NES Car Racing - a classic8-bit games on PC, now available on Android! Play Road Racing - CarFighter - Classic NES Car Racing and feel, I am sure you will feelsatisfied! Road Racing - Car Fighter - Classic NES Car Racing have2 options to control the car: 1. Tilt the phone. 2. Touch toleft/right of the screen * How to play Road Racing - Car Fighter -Classic NES Car Racing? - For "Tilt the phone" mode: You just tiltthe phone to control your car moving left or right of the raceroad. - For "Touch to left/right of the screen" mode: You touch toleft or right of the screen to control your car moving left orright of the race road. Have fun with Road Racing - Car Fighter -Classic NES Car Racing!
Three 1.4
Three is a simple puzzle with endless challenge. Match pairs ofnumbers to try to get the highest number you can. Use power ups tohelp you get even higher scores. Just like the wildly popular game"1024" or "2048".Play Three for FREE today!*** HOW TO PLAY...?+Swipe to move all tiles to merge them together.+ Your score willincrease as fast as more cell you combine.+ Try to get high scoreand high number tile as you can!*** RULES:1 + 2 => 3 (ONE willONLY add with TWO)3 + 3 => 6 (THREE and THREE => SIX)6 + 6=> 12 (SIX and SIX => TWELVE)...
Math Games - Math Workout 1.4
Do you want to master the math and the numbers? Now let's try theMath Workout! We believe that you are satisfied with ❤ Math Workout❤ FEATURES - Training with Addition and Subtraction. - Trainingwith Multiplication and Division. - Test your mental math. -Examination of the brain's memory. - Relax with games ofmathematics.
Wing Bird 1.0.7
Wing Bird - A new addictive game. Are you ready? Let's help birdsfly upward to get highest score!!!. You must avoid obstacles whileflying. HOW TO PLAY? You just tap the left/right of the screen topush the bird fly highest possible.