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Frontline Commando Sniper Fury 1.4
You are an commando assigned mission to kill enemies in a limitedtime else they will destroy your army camps.So save your brothersby killing enemies. How to Play:1. Front line Commando Sniper FuryUse fire button to shoot.2: Front line Commando Sniper Fury UseZoom Button for Sniper scope to aim at enemies from a distance.3.Front line Commando Sniper Fury use Touch and move the screen toaim the enemy.Game Features:1: Frontline Commando Sniper Fury hasAmazing Movie Quality sound effects and music2: Frontline CommandoSniper Fury has gun , AK-47 and rocket launcher use for defense.3:Frontline Commando Sniper Fury has Easy GUI and controls4:Frontline Commando Sniper Fury has Enemy AI5: Frontline CommandoSniper Fury has Efficient weapon control and selection
Jungle Assassin War 3D 1.0
African Jungle (Forest) is full of horror and thrilling place, italso contain different types of wild animals like asLIONS,TIGERS,BEARS etc. ***STORY***Human beings are unaware tosurvive in dangerous forest. This game also indicate such type ofsituation. A man who has forgotten his path, he do not know aboutthe path but he is trying to face the wild beast animals to crossthe dangerous jungle, he has a stick to survive from the animals.***Features***- Hunt different type of Wild Beast animals.- Denseand dangerous African jungle environment- Excellent graphics-Hunting among different animals- Realistic third person fightinggame.- Different animals to select as target- Multiple levels witheach animal for easy to difficult- Best third person fightinggame.***Control***1: Jungle Assassin War 3D contain joy stick tomove palyer up , down , left and right. 2: Jungle Assassin War 3Dcontain attack button for attacking.3: Jungle Assassin War 3D has aRADAR for navigation aniamls.4: Jungle Assassin War 3D containCAMERA button to navigate player from differentlocations.***NOTE*** This game contain ads.
GunShip HeliCopter Air Attack 1.1
Become the fighter commando of a gunshipHelicopter and get ready for an intense sea battle.In a gunship helicopter attack a commando shoot down the enemieswho are taken away all the essential intense epic in a carriership.Be the best sniper shooter and destroy all the enemies withthe help of gun,Rocket Launcher and different kinds of modernSniper Guns.Fly your gunship Helicopter and shoot down the rivalson the ship which are trying to take away the essential andprecious equipment.Kill all the terrorist with the help of commandoweapons and complete a level.How to Play:- Touch & Drag the screen anywhere to move/rotate your gunleft, right, up or down- Aim and tap Fire button at bottom right to fire.- For clear aim view use the Telescope for sniper target shot- Try to shoot and kill enemy soldiers on first spot- The weapons will reload itself and you have unlimited number ofbullets....- Ricket Luncher have only three rockets to destroy the enemyhelicopter.Special Features:- Gun Ship Helicopter Air Attack have Excellent real look 3Denvironment-Gun Ship Helicopter Air Attack have Great building rooftop viewfrom helicopter- Gun Ship Helicopter Air Attack have Amazing Movie Quality soundeffects and sound track- Gun Ship Helicopter Air Attack have Easy GUI and control...-Gun Ship Helicopter Air Attack have Many kinds of guns E.gsniper,Bar,mp40,mp44,rocket launcher etc.
Wild Elephant Jungle Simulator 1.1
Description:Angry Elephant simulator 3D is full of Wild animals andthrilling situation, it also contain different kinds of animalslike as Elephants , LIONS,TIGERS,BEARS etc.***STORY***All animals of jungle do not like Elephants , All animalsdecided to get out the Elephants from the forest , So they attackon them , all elephant died just one has hide himself successfully, after 5 year that Elephant came back and decided to attack on allanimals of jungle one by one.***Features***- Hunt different type of Wild Beast animals.- Dense and dangerous African jungle environment- Excellent graphics- Hunting among different animals- Realistic third person Elephant fighting game.- Different animals to select as target- Multiple levels with each animal for easy to difficult***Control***1: Angry Elephant simulator 3D contain joystick to move playerup , down , left and right.2: Angry Elephant simulator 3D contain attack button forattacking.3: Angry Elephant simulator 3D has a RADAR for navigationanimals.4: Angry Elephant simulator 3D contain CAMERA button to navigateplayer from different locations.***NOTE***This game contain ads.
Zombie Robot Commando Counter 1.0
This is a FPS game that is set in a largeCity,Now get ready to kill the affected zombies , equippedEnemiescommando and automated robots.Zombies various has spread out in the city , Destroy thembyusing the modern weapons such as Sniper Rifle ,AK-47,KATANA,RAMBOKNIFE and shot gun. Take head shots and gets morescore to unlockthe levels.After completed Zombies War kill the automated robots bymodernweapons . Destroy there space ship and play this game likeascounter mission , This city become Soundly because robots justareaiming and shooting the innocent peoples save them buyourweapons.Some of the terrorist has attack on your city they aredestroyingyour city, its a best 3D game then island and mountaincommando ,Its a city Commando more thrilling and more actions init.HOW TO USEPickup the weapons from the tablespickup whole ammo and weaponsUse joystick to moveUse others button such as shoot , zoom , pickup crouch etcWEAPONS LIST1: Sniper Rifle2: AK-473: Shot gun4: MP05: MP56: KATANA7: RAMBO KNIFE
Sniper Shooting Frontier War 1.1
Its a 3D shooting game into the desertmountains and green hills, Kills them by taking shots on head andbody, but head shot will give more score which will help you tounlock the next level.Come to arena and show yours sniper skills if you a legend sniperwarrior .war has started between terrorist its a best chance of you tosacrifice.
War of Elite Commando 2017 Pro 1.1
One of your Base Camp has taken control of other country and allthe Important Buildings are guarded by the Enemy Soldiers. The WallOf Berlin is Compromised. Lots of Good Soldiers have fallen today.Start a CIVIL war MUTINY within the Base Camp and free your BaseCamp from the Evil Claws Of Enemies. Your are a Best ranked soldierthats called IGI commando, This is the Story of IGI commando Sniperand Action Commando like as front-line commando warrior at themilitary area with high range shooter guns. It is very fantasticand attractive graphics commando action game.groundbreaking,collaboration,crowd game sniper attack on enemy andkill them and not enter your secret area. War Has begin into thecamp , War of IGI and others soldiers has started Take Tanks ,Helicopter and gunship marine and submarine to destroy your enemiesinto the camp.Submarine trained IGI commando and normal soldiersare ready to take their on part of Game action and adventureentertaining Commando into the base mission. commission. GAME PLAYFEATURES of War Of IGI Commando:** FPS easy weapon controls**Weapon reloading and VIP sounds Action** List of Eight PrimaryWeapons1: Grenades2: Sniper3: MP54: M45: BOW6: AK-477: M11918:ShotGun** Three Main Mission1: Base Camp Mission (6 Levels)2:Gunship Helicopter (6 Levels)3: Castle Rescue Mission (6 Levels)4 :All Combination of soldier Weapons(Sniper , Rocket Launcher etc)How to Play War Of IGI Commando:1: Keep eyes On Radar to locateenemies Position and mission Objectives2: Use Shoot , Zoom , Crouch, Stand , Weapons Switch button by pressing on it for action3: keepeyes on Health Note : War of IGI Commando 2017 contain ads , pleasesupport us.
IGI commando forces elite war 1.10
Thats the missions of commandos into mountain hills and cavesmissions of IGI commando , IGI commando equipped with multipleweapons like as rockets , ak47 , mp5 and many others simulation ofguns and practice session included into the mission of IGI commando, These forces have highly trained by troops of seniority basedlevels , thats why they become heavy duty commando and enter intowar zone for mission accomplished. So be ware of terrorist attackinto mountain island war , because they are also a heavy contractkiller with modern weapons , so are you ready for assassin commandoigi missions ?? Yes i know you are ready So come to arena and takenew weapons to kill the enemies into the mountain and hills , youare also trained as a ninja warrior fight to without with enemieswithout weapons Enemy Attack Missions Area1 : Snow mountainmission2 : grassy green mountain mission3 : desert mountainmissions4 : under mountain / Cave mission5 : City S treatmissionHow to Play this GameIn Igi Commando forces war use thefollowing tools to survive. 1: pickup the following weapons: SniperRifleak-47MP5Shot GunKATANARambo Knife2 : Use joystick to move theplayer , and swipe the screen to aim for enemies3 : Keep an eye onRADAR to detect the enemies position.4 : In Igi Commando forces warUse the Zoom button to aim the enemy from far distance?5 : It Usefire button to shoot?6 : Use pickup button to attain the weapons.7: Use Drop button to throw the weapons.8 : Use swipe button tochange or replace weapons.
Gorilla Assassin Simulator 3d 1.1
Gorilla Assassin Simulator 3DSome evil humans were destroying thelives of Gorilla.Now the battle is started among the human livingand the revengeful Gorilla.The mission of the revenge is to findout the lasted gorilla and in this epic battle angry gorilla isdestroying the whole city.It will not be easy to encounter thesecurity of the city.But nobody can do anything against a biggorilla with a huge force.The final mission is to clear the levelby killing all the human efforts.Gorilla rise him,beat its chesttightly,roar as ferociously and ready to kill his enemy.Get readyfor some realistic Gorilla adventure.How to Play:- Touch & Dragthe screen anywhere to move/rotate your gun left, right, up ordown.- Aim and tap attack button at bottom right to attack.- Try tokill enemy soldiers on first spot.Special Features:- GorillaAssassin Simulator have Excellent real look 3D environment- GorillaAssassin Simulator have Amazing Movie Quality sound effects andsound track- Gorilla Assassin Simulator have Easy GUI andcontrol...
IGI Commando Elite Killer 3D 1.1
IGI Commando Elite Killer 3D:Rescue Hostage:Rescue Hostage Missionis a ultimate free mission in this 3D action Game. In commandohostage rescue game you can show off your shooting skills tosurviving the terrorist waves. Due to interesting story of game, wesure you will enjoy this very much.. Because of terrorist war intothe country terror spread around this cause the Hostage arrested byterror , So You have a updated new modern weapons to killon HeadShots or Body shots. Good thing is you have unlimited ammunitionand health bags with you so take position aim your best moderncommando gun and shot these dangerous terrorists and rescue theinnocents peoples. Now you have a mission, a terrorist group hasoccupied the some city area and hijacked the innocent citizens ashostages. As a good sniper and your mission is to eliminate all theterrorists and rescue the hostages. Here you need a cool headanomaly analysis and fast, aggressive, accurate shootingtechniques, allow your head to calm down, to enjoy this challenginggame. So you must eliminate terrorists, hostage rescue, because youare a hero.Bomb Disposal Mission: This Action also contain the bombdisposal mission in a given time else after time bomb will exploedeand you will fail to success the bomb disposal so keep eyes ontimerfor successful story. Terrorist also taking a smashing to destroycity by taking powerful weapons like as Bombs, Rocked Launcher ,shot guns, Ak-47 and sniper assaultrifle, So before they take onyour country you have to survive by using powerfull weapons anddestroy them on the Port.Survival Mission: This Action Android 3DGame also have a mission of survival base on the Timer. On thegiven time you have to survive the terrorist waves and take coveron them. Use sniper assault rifle take head shot on them and takecare of them because they are tough and highly trained terrorist.
Call of IGI Commando Sniper Shooter 3D 1.1
IGI Commando well trained commando in the military, Many missionassigned to clear the issues into the country. Be a Elite commandointo the forces War began lets clean up all the dirty terroristinto the area, by completing the mission your Rank will alsoautomatically increased as well as possible.IGI commando havefollowing Missions1: Rescue Hostage by saving the hostage fromkidnapped terrier 2: Secure and rescue the human being from ZombiesAttack3: Be a IGI commando survive all the terrier waves andcomplete the assigned missions4: Dispose Bombs into the sensitivePlaces and clear all the places from the terrier.
Tiger Simulator Quest Fighting Fantasy Game 3D 1.1
Explore the Fantasy Wild Animals jungle as a powerful tiger's andits Tigers Family! This is stunning RPG style with , you can updatetiger and its dressing by completing the quest's. Tiger's battleagainst wild animals with animal fighting games like cheetah, lion,jaguar, lioness, Rhino, gazelle, elephant and angry tiger attack asultimate carnivore Hare, zebra, deer, buffalo and many more animalsin this wild animal simulator. Features:1: RPG-style game play2: Alot of animals such as Cheetah , Elephant , Tigers, Gorilla, Horsesrunners, Hunters, Rabits , hippo, zebra and others3: Action PackedGames with Simulation features completed Game4: Free Game Play andQuest Mode Selection5: Realistic Animals Animation and controller6:High quality sounds and background music Players such audio tracksand new audios players7: Amazing 3D graphicsFollow us onFacebook:
Cat Simulator Multiplayer: Kitten Cat vs Dog Craft 1.1
Cat Simulator is a Arcade Game and Simulation 3D Game with lot ofFun.You can play with others cats and with other Dogs, You cansmash and Crash all of them with powerful Jaws and Legs.You havedifferent quests that you need to pass to complete the level. Youhave Story Mode and Free unlimited levelmode with powerful and cutecats and dogs.This time you have the option of choosing between asmall Kitten cats, stray cat and a larger wild cat, a puma, and atigers etc.You have options for crafting such as building new home,picking up cat child into the mouth and fighting with big cats.InStory Mode , You have 15 mission for survival with followingCritter, dogs , and many others domestic animals.You can talk andinteract with dogs and others cats.following are the list of objectand animal for the survival for food and family saving andcrafting.1: Spiders2: Monkey3: Chicken4: Rooster5: Squirrel6:Deer7: Rabit8: Rat9: Turtle10: Frog11: Snake12: Dogs13: StarryCatsFeatures of Cat Sim have following features as:1: Crafting forbuilding house and surving from rain2: Cats vs Dogs Friends andFighting 3: High Quality Sounds Effects4: High definition GraphicalUser interface 5: Two Simulation and arcade Game Mode 6: 20 cutekatty kitten as well as stary Cats for upgrade able.7: Attractivekitten soundsThis is a Offline Multiplayer Game to buildup familyand friends for surviving for dogs and Snake.We are waiting foryour good response in comment , if comment will appreciable thenour further work to make talking game with cats dogs family andfighting thank you!You may like our following Facebookpage