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Mapster 1.2.3
MKR Studio
The coolest geographic quiz that you'll ever discover! ;)Guesslocations of various places on the Earth, earn points, and competeon leaderboards with your friends and players from all over theworld!There are 13 maps available for you, with over 1800 places.With Mapster, you'll learn them easily! :)Mapster uses ScoreLoop toretrieve the leaderboards. It's totally free! Just play and enjoythe game.Suggestions? Questions? Bugs? More maps? More levels? Justsend a message to [email protected] or on the Mapster'sFacebook page!Maps courtesy National Geographic. NationalGeographic does not review or endorse content added to these mapsby others.
True Football 2 2.10.6
MKR Studio
Want to be a football manager? To reach for the greatest trophieswith your favourite team? Yeah, this app is for you! True Football2 lets you pick a one from over 2000 playable teams. There are 112leagues from 88 countries to choose, which makes it the biggestfootball manager game available on Android devices!Decide aboutdifferent aspects of your team, including finances, youth training,transfers, sponsorship contracts and much more! Win your matches togain trust of your chairman and supporters. Do you like challenges?Why don't you take over one of lower division teams, and reach thetop with it? Or to try your managing skills with a weaker team fromthe smaller country? You will face numerous difficulties, likepossible aggression of your fans and even corruption offers! Thisis like... True Football! Can you handle it? :)Unlock in-gameachievements and earn points for your trophies. Compare your scorewith players from all over the world. Be the best football managerever!The app is completely free, with no in-game payments. Justenjoy!True Football 2 is available in 21 languages - Chinese,Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian,Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian,Serbian, Spanish, Swahili, Turkish and Vietnamese.Questions? Bugs?Opinions? Find "True Football" page on Facebook, or send a message!
True Football National Manager 1.5.4
MKR Studio
Have you ever dreamed about becoming a coach of a national team?Could you bring your country to the top of the world? Try thisfootball manager game!- 211 (!) national teams to choose! Each withtheir own, real skills! If you succeed with your team, yourfederation will be improving every year, constructing new stadiums,developing better youth players, etc. Create your own footballreality!- All the major international tournaments to participate.Together with all the qualifiers, it makes 33 competitions you cantake part in! - Dozens of players available for your selections!-Interviews with journalists, calls with your players - every youranswer affects on their morale and other parameters. Be carefulwhat to say!- Lots of tactical orders (team and individual) toapply. Can you find the right strategies?- Organize friendlymatches to check your players and various tactical variants!- Earnscore for achievements and trophies. Submit your result and competewith players from all over the world in the leaderboard. Will youmake it to the top 50?The app is available in 24 languages. Andit's totally free! No hidden costs, no in-game payments. Justenjoy! :)
True Football 1.12.5
MKR Studio
Face the realities of the world of football and lead your team tothe victory! Take control of one of over 482 teams from 23 Europeanleagues! As a manager, decide about squad, tactics, transfers andmore. Compete in league, collect international cups... Seems easy?Not really! You will encounter many difficulties includinginjuries, or even paying penalties for your aggresivesupporters!With this football manager game you get the real choice- use your tactical skills or... make a corruption offer! Want totry it?Join over 800 000 of football addicts who played TrueFootball!The app is available in 13 languages.
True Football 3 3.5.1
MKR Studio
True Football strikes again! One of the biggest and well ratedfootball manager games on Android is back! Deal with many differentaspects of a football club, and lead your team to the glory! Chooseone of the top teams and dominate the world, or make your way fromthe lower divisions to the top! Write your own football history andbecome a legend! Dozens of new features will make your managingeven more enjoyable and challenging. What can you find in TrueFootball 3? - Totally new system of scouting, - Multiple youthteams - from U7 to U21! - Close-to-real player names in the mostpopular leagues! - New match commentaries, - Managing club staffand stadium employees, - Country and club rankings, - Interactionwith players, - Training camps between seasons, - More offers toreceive (friendly matches, loan offers, job offers from abroad!) -Bank loans, - Over 2500 teams from 108 countries to choose! - andmore! Share your score with the community and become the mostsuccessful True Football manager in the world! As always - the appis completely free, with no in-game payments. Just enjoy! Anycomments? Find "True Football" page on Facebook, or send a message!
Cure The Red Tile 1.1
MKR Studio
Test your reflex with a new, simple arcade game! Let me introduceyou to a group of nice, happy blue tiles. Unfortunately, the tilesare very fragile and often get sick. An infected tile turns greenfor a while, then red. Tap on it to cure it before it's too late!At the same time, be careful not to tap the blue tiles, as it willharm them!So simple, but fun and addicting!Each cured tile givesyou one point. Get as many points as possible and compete in theleaderboards with your friends and players from all over the world!If you like challenges, check also the 5x5 and 7x7 modes. Can youmake it? ;)