MMGuardian Parental Control App For Kids Phone 3.5.3
Monitor phone usage and keep your teen safe from the risks anddangers of the web with the MMGuardian Parental Control app!Monitor calls, screen time and block texts without worrying aboutit being hacked by tech savvy kids. Protect your child fromcyberbullying and sexting and stay in the know on their phone usagehabits with sms tracker and more. MMGuardian's patent pending,award winning anti-tamper technology makes it the most robust andcomprehensive parental control app and SMS tracker on the market.Set up a web filter to protect your child and keep your teen safewhile having peace of mind that your kids are protected byMMGuardian.  MMGuardian Parental Control app makes smartphoneusage safe for teens and pre-teens with features like: MonitorCalls & Texts ★ Monitor text messages, calls and webactivities, including deleted SMS history. ★ Block calls and SMSbased on your policy, and be warned about SMS with prohibitedcontacts. ★ View phone usage reports to monitor what your childviews and sends. Web Filter & Safe Browser ★ Web Filter andSafe Browser – Restrict websites based off your child’s age. Blockpre-set categories or restrict manually. ★ Safe Browser is includedas standard as part of Parental Control app and will appear as aseparate app icon. Includes advanced reporting on what sites havebeen visited or blocked. ★ Parental Control app has Incognito mode,unlike other apps like Mobile Fence parental control or SecureTeenparent control. Set Screen Time with Screen Control ★ Set screentime restrictions to prevent phone usage during bed times or duringother periods you define. ★ Control which apps and games can beplayed, set a time limit / screen time restriction or simply blockgames. ★ Remote control can lock your child’s phone on demand.Phone Locator ★ Monitor where your child is with simple SMScommands. ★ Phone locator can set predefined times to inform you onthe location of your child’s phone. Uninstall Protection ★MMGuardian Uninstall Protection function prevents kids fromremoving or tampering with the app. ★ If Uninstall Protectionfunction has been enabled, this must first be turned off. ★ Todisable Uninstall Protection: launch the MMGuardian ParentalControl app, and go to the settings screen, where you will see abutton for Uninstall Protection. Set to "Off", then proceed touninstall as normal. How To Keep Your Teen Safe ★ Download ParentalControl app to your child’s smartphone, and launch the app. ★ Yoursmartphone will be the admin phone during app registration. ★Configure the functions to meet your requirements in the app orfrom the MMGuardian Parent Web Portal or our Parent App: and Premium features All features are fully functional for thefree 14-day trial period, after which continued use of the Premiumfeatures requires a subscription or license to be purchased. Thepremium features are: ★ Monitor text messages & receive Alerts★ Set time limit & screen control ★ Phone locator (ScheduledLocate) ★ Application control ★ Block calls and texts ★ Web Filter& Safe Browser ★ Detailed app usage, web, text and call reportsThe following capabilities remain fully functional after the trialperiod: ★ Locate phone via SMS commands ★ Lock and Unlock phone viaSMS commands ★ SMS Command for Siren/Alarm Keep your children safe,teen safe and monitor text messages, block calls and restrict theirscreen time with the most trusted Parental Control app, MMGuardian.Download today and protect your child from overusing theirsmartphone. Single phone subscriptions are available at $3.99monthly or $34.99 annually, and a One Time License is available for$69.99. Family plans covering up to 5 devices are available attwice the single phone price. For more information please visit ourwebsite:
MMGuardian Parent App 3.5.9
Parent App to remotely manage the MMGuardian Parental Control childapp installed on your teen's & pre-teen's smartphone, directlyfrom parent phone and keep your teens and pre-teens safe. This appis used to protect kids which is different from spying kids. It hasmuch more features and better controls than Family Link, includingSMS tracker and call blocker, to prevent cyberbullying and sexting,web filtering aside from managing screen time and blocking apps orgames. We ask parents to be open about using parent control app toprotect kids and it should not be confused with simply to spy kids.Parents may choose not to use the app as sms tracker and can turnit off from parent portal or parent app anytime if they see a needto keep their teens safe. Once the MMGuardian Parental Control apphas been installed to your child's Android phone, you will be ableto use the MMGuardian Parent App to set it up as : - SMS trackerand blocker. - Call tracker and blocker - Web url tracker andblocker and age based filtering - App usage tracker and App BlockerAnd to: - View all tracked sms/texts, calls, urls and app usagefrom the parent phone portal. - Quickly locate your child's phone,and see the location on a map - View location updates easily on themap - Lock or Unlock the child's phone with a simple button pressAdditionally, you may set and edit configurations for:: - ScreenTime Limits. set up bed time and school time to manage screen time- Scheduled locate (Track) - SMS Block and Call Block. block callsand texts of certain contacts and keep your teens & pre-teenssafe. - App Control. Block apps or games directly or set up usagetime limit on one or a group of apps and games - SMS tracker andalert. Parents only receive alerts when certain key words arematched in the SMS - Web Filter, and more. Filter out maturecontents to protect your teens and preteens and stay safe from thedark side of internet. You must first install and register theMMGuardian Parental Control app onto your child's phone. The childapp become like sms tracker , screen time limiter and net nanny tomake your teens or pre-teens smart phones safe. The parent phone istransformed into a parent portal to monitor and manage all kid'ssmart phones and tablets owned by the family, including enforcingmart limits on the teen or pre-teens smart phones. Log in to theParent App,which becomes like family base or parent portal, usingthe email and password that was used to register the ParentalControl child app. This app allows parents to send commands andremotely manage the configuration of the child's phone app. If youhave not yet created an MMGuardian account, please first registerour Parental Control app on your child's phone (see your phone and your chid's phone need to have network datacapability, as the app uses data rather than SMS to send andreceive commands and configuration information. You may purchasesubscriptions or licences to apply to the MMGuardian ParentalControl app installed on your child's Android phone from withinthis Parent App, to avoid having to add payment credentials (creditcards etc) to your child's Play Store account. After the totallyfree 14 day trial period of the app on the child's phone has ended,the parts of the Parent App that relate to Premium functions on thechild's app are disabled, unless the child's app is licensed or hasan ongoing subscription. However you can still use the Parent Appto locate, or to lock or unlock your child's phone to remotelycontrol screen time, dinner time and other smart limits.
MMGuardian Tablet Security 2.6.1
Control application usage on your child's tablet, and the timeperiods when the device may be used. Prevent browsing of dangerousweb sites with the included web filter and safe browser. Pleasenote: This app uses Accessibility services.Based on our awardwinning, patent pending, MMGuardian™ application for smartphones,this application extends our core principles of Protection for Kidsand Peace of Mind for Parents™, into the world of tablets. Here'show:APPLICATION CONTROL:Prevent your child staying up all nightplaying games or on social networks! Set time schedules to blockchosen applications at specified times, or even block applicationssuch as Play Store at all times, to ensure that you have controlover what applications are installed. You may also set maximumdaily usage limits for each app.DEVICE LOCK:For even greatersafeguarding of your children's sleep or school hours, set timelimits when the device will be totally locked. Accessing the devicewill require an administrator password and so will only be possiblewith your participation.SAFE BROWSER and WEB FILTER:The MMGuardianWeb Filter and Safe Browser combination allows you to setrestrictions on what websites your child may visit, powered by acomprehensive internet filter. It also includes advanced reportingon what sites have been visited, or blocked. The MMGuardian SafeBrowser is included as standard in the 2.0+ versions of the app,and will appear as a separate app icon.HOW TO USE:The applicationshould be installed onto the device you wish to protect. This maybe your child's tablet or your own, if your child uses it. You mayof course install it on your own tablet to try it out, and get toknow how it works, before installing it on your child's tablet.Once the app is installed, open the app and register with an emailaddress and password. Please note that email is used to sendoptional alerts from the application, and for reset of forgottenpasswords, so you will want to use an appropriate email address.This email address does not have to be the one associated with theGoogle Play Store account used to download the app.You may alsomanage the configuration of, and view reports from, the appremotely using the MMGuardian parent web portal or the MMGuardian Parent App, provided thatthe tablet has an internet data connection.TRIAL PERIOD:TheMMGuardian Tablet Security application has full functionality forthe trial period of 14 days from registration. There is norequirement to enter make a purchase or even payment information,such as configuration of Google Wallet in the Google Play Store appon your child's device, to start the trial.Following the 14 daytrial period, you will be prompted to make an in-app upgradepurchase to continue using the application. Subscriptions areavailable as follows: - Single device per month $1.99- Singledevice per year $14.99- Family plan per month $3.98- Family planper year $29.98Family tablet app subscriptions cover up to 5 tabletapps on your account.Download the MMGuardian Tablet Managementapplication, and start to enjoy peace of mind about your child'suse of their tablet, today.FOR MORE INFORMATION:Visit our websiteand check out the tablet app pages!