Mobizen Live Stream to YouTube (Unreleased)
Start your YouTube Live Stream in oneclick!Mobizen Live is the easiest way to stream content to YouTube.▶Game Live(Screen), Camera Live(Vlogging) BroadcastingAvailable▶Real-time Chatting, Facecam Supported▶Full HD Live Broadcast: 1080p, 60fpsFeel the thrill of having an interactive live broadcasttoday!Mobizen Live Supported FeaturesㆍMax FULL HD 1080p Resolution and 60 frames persecond (60fps)ㆍStream from anywhere without interruptionsㆍStream your Mobile Screen or CameraㆍPrivate and Public Live Broadcasting SettingsㆍTurn on/off your Facecam during BroadcastㆍHide and Expose the Chatting BoxStart Broadcasting Easily with just your PhoneㆍStream any Mobile Game through Mobile Screen Broadcastingto YouTube.ㆍVlogging, Hot Issues, Eating Shows can be Broadcasting throughLive Camera Streaming.Chat with your Viewers in Real Time!ㆍHave Exciting Live Conversations and Chatting withViewers.ㆍBroadcast to People around the World!ㆍShare your Stream's Link and Promote your Broadcast.ㆍVividly Broadcast this Moment through your Facecam and FrontCamera.ㆍBroadcast Privately for only your Close Friends tosee.Start Making New Friends through Streaming Games and VlogsToday!
Editto - Mobizen video editor, game video editing (Unreleased)
Introducing the Mobizen video editingfeatureused by 60 million users worldwide.Editto is a video editing app made by Mobizen that makes theeditingjob easier and simpler for anyone.Complete video editing in just one minute. It's not fancy,butrather simple and get the job done super fast!# Editto, #1 min edit done #Easy editor #Movie editor #Videoeditor#Video editor by MobizenEasily edit your footage with just a few clicks and become astarcreator!Video editor, all features 100% freeㆍ Trim: easily trim the front and back of the video.ㆍ BGM: create the perfect video! Add a matchingbackgroundmusic (BGM).ㆍ Intro, Outro: combine multiple videos in front/back ofthevideo to create a new one.ㆍ Extract: extract the highlights of the video and save itasan image.ㆍ Adjust volume: Adjust the sound of the video tolouder,weaker, mute, etc.ㆍ Review edited video: check the video right aftereditingit.ㆍ Share online: share edited video directly ononlinechannels (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, KakaoTalk, Watts app,line,etc).In just 1 minute, edit video, done!▷ Easy recommended for mobile video editors! Here aresometips!ㆍ Open movie to edit by one click.ㆍ Simply remove un-wanted parts (before and after) bytrimmingthem.ㆍ Click the BGM icon (♪) to add background music to video(adjustvolume level, mute).ㆍ Add 'Intro' to introduce yourself and 'Outtro' togathersubscribers.ㆍ Extract images as highlights or thumbnails from video.ㆍ Check the edited video directly from the editor andshareit.Easy, fast, and accurate video editing with Editto! Getstartednow!