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F.F.F: Fifty Five Faces
The game revolves around a science fiction story in whichthegovernment has been experimenting with the human genome since2001.Since 2001, due to its illegal and outdated procedures,thegovernment has been trying to create more developed humanbeings,improve God's work ... however, as it is the humangenome,complications can happen ... The player controls ascientistthrough Test Area 024, and is tasked with collectingtheinformation contained in notebooks left by the scenario,solvingpuzzles and escaping traps to survive and escape the site. F.F.F is still under development, however, where you can playorleave your feedback!
Rental Killer 09.09.2019
In RENTAL KILLER, the impostor selection will be random everytimethe player goes to play again. Therefore, due to all thefactors ofthe game mechanics, it brings a different and wellelaborateddynamics for the Player, making him have a new experienceeverytime he plays. RENTAL KILLER uses an Advanced AI(ArtificialIntelligence) for his NPCs, making the NPC in questionwhether heis the imposter or not, do different actions during thegame, andit is up to the Player to use intelligence and strategy tofind outwhich of the NPCs is the one. imposter and kill the same."- How doI know which one is the impostor?", Well, it's quitesimple! TheImpostor is the only one who gets artificialintelligencedifferentiated from the others, he moves based on theplayer'sconstant position, ie .... we can say that the impostor "isthe onewho would be closest to the player". But with the mechanicsofRental Killer, this makes it much more difficult and fun! |RENTALKILLER is still under development by MPGames havingseveralconstant updates every week.
You vs uoY
You vs uoY consists of levels. Having as the agilityandeffectiveness of the player having their actions influencethewhole game! The mechanics of the game depend on thedirectiondetermined by the player in order to pass the steps ofeach leveland they are bounced on objects through the levels havingto be asagile as possible to move the character to a point thatends such alevel. The main concept of the game is based on itslevels beingthem with objects around the map making it difficult toget to the"portal", having the player's shooting direction choiceswithconsequences of the same.