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SDS / Chemical Management
SDS/Chemical Management Mobile Application Having immediate accessto your hazardous chemical information is your key to maintaining asafe, compliant workplace. A compliant chemical inventory startswith knowing what materials are onsite, where they are used/stored, their precise quantities, and ensuring each has an MSDS.With VelocityEHS mobile capabilities, you can manage chemicalinventory and ensure a safe and compliant workplace, all from asingle application. Powered by your MSDSonline HQ or HQ RegXRaccount, the SDS/Chemical Management app —previously named‘eBinder’- lets you locate and manage the contents of chemicalcontainers in your workplace, as well as search your account forSafety Data Sheets and save them to your mobile device for offlineuse. Search and filter your account’s eBinder for quick access tothe chemical safety information you need while you’re at work,whether that’s on- or off-site. Use your device’s camera to scan abarcode or QR Code label and retrieve information about thecontainers in your chemical inventory. Search the MSDSonlinedatabase to find an SDS that is not already in your eBinder. Usethe app to edit the status of your containers, or move themthroughout your organization. All changes automatically update theinventory in your online account. Scan UPC Codes associated withyour products to retrieve product information and the product’ssafety data sheet. Also, the chemical safety information associatedwith your containers downloads to your device and updates when newdata or SDS versions are added to your eBinder. Whether you’reonline or offline, you and your staff will always be just a fewtaps away from the hazardous chemical information necessary tomaintaining a safe, compliant workplace. And you can rest assuredthat your SDS/Chemical Management mobile app is protected using thesame username and password information as your MSDSonline account.MSDSonline —a VelocityEHS solution— built its powerful chemicalinventory management system to help you better meet regulatoryreporting requirements under OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard.Now our mobile technology allows you to meet those requirementsmore quickly and efficiently. If you do not have a valid MSDSonlineHQ or HQ RegXR account, please visit or call1.888.362.2007. FEATURES • Directly link to your MSDSonline account• Search and view the products and containers in use at yourcompany • Search the MSDSonline database for Safety Data Sheets •Quickly view where inventory is assigned within your company • Viewproduct details, container information, and safety data sheets •Helpful filters to narrow your search results • Save safety datasheets and product details to your device for offline use •Recognizes MSDSonline account user roles and permissions • Managechemical inventory details, such as container status and location •Clone existing containers to quickly add to your inventory • Scanbarcodes, QR Codes, and UPC Codes • Access your previous scans bothonline and offline • Save time with search categories and filters •Login via QR code instead of manually entering your Company Link •Reliable synchronization of up-to-date SDS and containerinformation • Store product and container details on your mobiledevice for offline use • Automatically downloads new versions ofsafety data sheets as they appear in your eBinder • Share links toyour safety information with employees, visitors, and firstresponders • Provide product suggestions to VelocityEHS from theapplication
Chemical Inventory Scanner 2.0.9
Chemical Inventory Scanner by MSDSonlineA compliant chemical inventory starts with knowing whatmaterialsare onsite, where they are used/ stored, their precisequantities,and ensuring each has an MSDS.Our Chemical Inventory Scanner mobile app works seamlesslywithan MSDSonline HQ or HQ RegXR Account, giving you a quick andeasyway to locate and manage the contents of chemical containersinyour workplace. Using your device’s camera, you can quickly scanabarcode/QR Code label to retrieve and edit the status ofyourcontainers. All changes automatically update the inventory inyouronline account. You can also scan UPC Codes to retrieveproductinformation and the MSDS document.If you do not have a valid MSDSonline HQ or HQ RegXRaccount,please visit or call 1.888.362.2007.FEATURES• Directly link to your MSDSonline account• Search and view container details• Edit the status of a container• Move virtual containers to other locations• Clone containers for new inventory• Recognizes user roles and permissions [NEW!]• Scan barcodes, QR Codes, and UPC Codes [NEW!]• Search and view product details [NEW!]• View the product’s MSDS [NEW!]HOW IT WORKSMSDSonline has created a powerful chemical inventorymanagementsystem to help you better meet regulatory reportingrequirementsunder OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard.Our mobile Chemical Inventory Scanner enables you to scanbarcodeor QR code labels printed from your MSDSonline HQ or HQRegXRAccount in order to track and manage the contents of yourchemicalcontainers. Now you can view and manage your chemicalcontainersfrom exactly where those containers are stored in yourworkenvironment.The Chemical Inventory Scanner app syncs to yourMSDSonlineaccount giving you a quick snapshot of how your physicalinventorymatches the virtual inventory in your account. Oncescanned, themobile application lets you view the details of thatcontainer andedit the status on the fly. You can also view theproduct details,and the MSDS document itself.SAFE AND SECUREYour Chemical Inventory Scanner app is protected using thesameusername and password information as your MSDSonlineaccount.