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Block Puzzle & Conquer 19.5
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This free tangram inspired puzzle sensation is the game takingGoogle Play by storm. Newly updated with more features and levels,it's now even more fun! Drag the different blocks into place tomatch the puzzle. It’s easy to learn and free! Puzzle blocks cannotbe rotated, and each level has only one correct solution. Think ofit like a math problem! Connect the blocks without any spaces left!Think you can handle our brain tease? Give it a try! This game isguaranteed to get you addicted! Different from maze and riddle likegames, Block Puzzle is an addictive, easy and logical game. Freeand available for people of all ages, from young kids to adults.With an infinity amount of ways to pattern the square, this game isguaranteed to get you thinking. Perfect for kids to develop theirbrain and learn some critical problem solving skills. Ranging frommath skills to overall logic development, we pride ourselves onproviding entertainment and education to young kids. The puzzelsare classic tangram or tile match with endless ways to pattern andconnect the blocks. With our settings you can be casual andcomplete the brain teaser at your leisure, or time yourself if itbecomes too easy! Blitz through endless levels of logic puzzels,making sure to connect or pattern the jigsaw correctly. AMAZINGVALUE — Over 100,000 FREE puzzles to train your brain — 3difficulty levels: start easy, learn and work your way up or jumpright in with a challenge — Perfect for adults and kids! INFINITECHALLENGE — Go against the clock to solve as many puzzles as youcan in a limited time. Enjoy new puzzles each time for an infiniteamount of fun! — Endless game feature allows you to play unlimited,server-generated puzzles in normal mode as well as timed. Play forinfinity and beyond! PUZZLE AND CONQUER — Challenge and connectwith friends on Google Play Games — Win more than 25 achievementsas you accomplish greater challenges
SSC 1.2
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