22! 1.0.6
Looking for an addictive puzzle matching game with NUMBERS? Gettingtired of traditional gameplays like swapping or connecting items?With the keyword NUMBERS, we are proudly introducing our innovativegameplay that brings you fun while practicing your brain!How toplay:-Click on any number to increase its value by one. When 3 ormore of adjacent numbers with same value match, they combine andbecome a bigger number with increased value by one. The highervalues the numbers have, the more difficult the game becomes. -Youhave 5 bars of energy in total. You lose the game when you run outof energy. Every move you make consumes 1 bar of energy. You willgain 1 bar every two or more consecutive combinations. However, youcan have maximally 5 bars of energy for the wholetime.Features&Tips:-Think twice before making your moves! Everytime you break your own record, you see an achievement that bringsexcitement to challenge yourself once again. You train yourstrategic skills, math skills and patience by playing 22!. For along run, you will find yourself smarter! -User friendly gameplay:Simply Tap(Click) on numbers to play so you could focus on yourstrategy to make higher scores.-Play 22! at lunch break, afterwork, or family gathering. Play 22! anytime and anywhere! 22!should be in your bedtime game collections!!-We want you to lovenumbers. We bring life and colors to the game. Numbers are not justfor math, they are for fun! -Be competitive! See how well you do inglobal rankings! Challenge your friends and find out who is thesmartest one in your circle!Why are you still hesitated? Numbersare waiting!!!Facebook: search 22!
Kick Balls 1.0.23
Start playing the champion of Time Killer now!Relax and enjoy themost satisfying game!How to play:1. Hold and move your finger toaim. Release your finger to shoot balls!2. The number on a brick isreduced by 1 whenever a ball hits it. A brick is destroyed when itsnumber becomes 0.3. Collect balls with white rings to increase thearmory.4. Play around with your aiming angle. Bouncing ballsdestroy bricks faster!Features:-Free to play-Easy ballcontrol-Challenging enough to get high scores-Great gratificationsobtainedDownload Kick Balls now!Facebook:
Blocks(1010!) 1.0.4
It's 100% FUN, simple and RELAXING game!Enjoy the most excitingpuzzle game in the world for FREE!Easy to play for all ages!SimplyDrag the blocks and fill up all grids.Once you start, you'll behooked. HOW TO PLAY• Drag and fill the grid with the blocks.• Tryto fit them in the frame and get the combo.• Blocks can't berotated.FEATURES Simple and Easy control Smooth and delicateanimation Free to play Share on Facebook to showoff your highscores!
CornUtopia 1.0.15
Welcome to CornUtopia----the fantastic farmland where you can mergeand collect products for fun. Upgrade everything of your farm!Youwill manage your farm and run your business by selling products.Utilize the economic and complete missions offered by NPC. Afterall, enjoy the satisfying moment of harvesting!Features:--Customize your own farm! Build your farm forFEEE.--Plant crops when they become available.--Grow or upgrade,providing a bigger harvest.--The more products you reserve,the moremoney you make from your customers.Do you wanna operate your ownfarm?Discover new plants/buildings and upgrades,you will get a hugeharvest every day.Let's start farming together!