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Rogue Universe: Galactic War 1.1.1
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< Game Features > ■ Bringing the rich graphics for a mobileSFgame as 2018 Unreal Dev Grant recipients ■ Powerful PvP thatbringsout the strategist in players ■ Jump into a 100 vs 100multiplayerplanet takeover ■ A fight to the end! Top the ranks andreap therewards ■ Easy gameplay with just one hand! ■Filled withchaos andsavagery In the world of Rogue Universe, the militaryforce of theU.N.S, merchants of the Zurich Bank, and pirates ofthe Black Flagwill often collaborate or be in conflict. Who willrise up on top?■Moveable Mothership: Upgrade the Mothership andmove with no limitsThe Mothership is your home base. The more youupgrade themothership, the more powerful you get. Find and travelto placeswith resources for your ship and enjoy the expanse ofspace! Younever know who you’ll run into during your journey.■Victory lies inyour strategy! The choice is in your hands Evenwith a 1 vs 1 PvP,strategy is key. Think carefully of which shipyou’ll assign eachcrew member and where to place the ships forbattle. ■Join in onreal-time combat with your guild members Engagein mine occupationor defeating space pirates. Attack othersalongside another guild orattack enemy guilds as well. It’s adog-eat-dog world out there andthe only way to survive in thischaotic universe is by collaborationor conflict. ■100 vs 100 spacebattle, a Stellar Occupation War AStellar Occupation War enablesup to 100 people in guilds to fightin an exciting real-time largescale battle. Enjoy a space MMObattle with hundreds of playersfrom around the world! When youconquer areas of space, you can gettaxes from the places you’reoccupying! ■ A vast universe forged byUnreal Engine 4 RogueUniverse received the ‘Unreal Dev Grant’ in2018 from Epic Games inrecognition for its innovation. Bringing anunprecedented level ofgraphics to a mobile sci-fi game. For anyquestions, contact us■
Gaus Electronics: The Puzzle 1.4.1701
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▶Download now and get 5,000 coins and 6 puzzle items! ▶GausElectronics: The Puzzle is a match-3 game that combines a fun,stress-relieving puzzle with a light and riveting story. GausElectronics follows the story of the giant tech conglomerate’swonderful and eclectic staff. The company wouldn’t be anythingwithout them, meet some of the employees! ▶Interested in Koreandramas or Korean culture? Fulfill your craving and watch the dramaunfold in the stories as you solve the puzzles. Office romances,drama...and a possible corporate spy?! Get your kdrama fix herethrough Gaus Electronics ▶John Smith, the lovable but slightlydim-witted new recruit. Jane Do, the smart and dedicated careerwoman. Bill Richie, the son of Power Group’s CEO, Gaus’ rivalcompany, why is he even in Gaus? ■■■ Game Intro ■■■ ▶Unlock thestory of Gaus Electronics by solving the match-3 puzzles! Pop awayall those office supplies! Relieve that stress by solving thepuzzles, and enjoy the hilarious story of Gaus Electronics. Watchthe story come to life through the game! ▶Collect the variouscharacters of Gaus Electronics! 1000% relatable! Collect charactersyou can find in any workplace environment that make up GausElectronics. John Smith the newbie, Mr.Nobody the guy withzero-presence, terrifying Richard Kee, work savvy Mia Plastique,and clever Jane Do, etc. They’re all in the game and interactingwith one another! (Some are rumored to be dating!) There’s also funin seeing what fate lies ahead for them! ▶ Who will be the PuzzleKing? Puzzle stages you have already cleared will appear again on‘King of Puzzle’. Complete as many puzzles as you can within thenumber of turns you are given! Try to get ranked in the top 3 andget massive rewards. Don’t miss out on rewards on justparticipating! ▶ Dress up your characters Unlock the stories andcollect clothes for your characters. A white button down? A bluejacket? Why not dress the Chairman of Gaus in tracksuits? ▶ Rewardsfrom your buildings! Tap on the buildings and get coins and puzzleitems! Tap the BBQ restaurant, the go-to choice for company dinnersor the karaoke place to get your rewards by unlocking eachbuilding. Check the G-files for webtoon images and the characters’tools. ▶Pop away your worries with Gaus Electronics while enjoyingthe sidesplitting story about office life in Gaus Electronics.Chairmen, executives, newbies, managers, and even students can joinin on the fun! Developer contact: # Official FacebookPage: # Official InstagramPage: