Iniya Tamil 1.0
A simple Tamil Typing Keyboard through Phonetic. When you enteryour text in English it will be typed as Tamil i.e. thamizh willgive you தமிழ். A key switches between languages. This applicationwon't collect any information that you are typing using thiskeyboard. Also this application won't connect to internet for anycommunication.
Number in Words Tamil 1.2
The Application converts entered Number into words in Tamil upto 19digits i.e.9223372036854775807. It can be then copied to clipboardand pasted wherever required. Also converts from words to Numbersin Tamil Language.
Maths for Class 4 1.7
Mathematics Sums for Students of Class 4 Mathematics (NCERT) whichincludes Number in Words, in Words to Numbers, Expanded Form, PlaceValue, Multiplication Tables, Multiplication sums etc.
Read It - Reading English and Tamil for Students 4.9
English and Tamil Reading Application for Students. Reads a passagewith specified speed. Reads text with pause. User can set pause forthe text to read. Reads text with spelling and repeats the wordswith specific duration as set by the user. Get list of wordscategorized from one letter word to more than seven letter word asa pdf file to get a printed copy. Generate a sound file of readingto use the file in any other music player. This app also includeslist of words and lessons for NCERT Class 1 to 5 English. Also theuser can enter words to create a list of words to read and the samecan be saved for future use. Scan text from books and pdf files.This app includes contents of Tamil Nadu Textbook Tamil for Class 1to 5.
i QR Scanner 1.44
Scans a QR Code and goes directly to the link provided. Able tocopy the text scanned.