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Photo Watermark is an app for personal use that can add digitalwatermarks to all your images, photos and pictures with thetransparency you decide. Ideal for users who want to capture,watermark and share their photographs quickly and easily. With thisapp you can simply create your own watermark. Feature: * Takingpictures with camera * Fonts, color and other effects in text mode* Build-in hundreds of text and png sticker as watermark * Easy tomove, rotate, reverse and change transparency of watermark as youwant. * Clone and edit watermark. * Easy reusing of recentwatermark texts * Quick sharing to Instagram, Facebook, email andmany more The best watermarking app for creating watermarks andwatermarking photos. Brand your images before sharing them online.Digitally sign your photos/artwork with logo, signature,trademarks, copyright to claim, secure and maintain yourintellectual property and reputation. Adding of timestamp, hashtagsand other properties as text watermark. Original photographs arenever altered. It let you create a new photograph with watermark onit. Photo Watermark is easy to use: 1. Select a photo on which youwant to add watermark. 2. Add signature or text or stickers, phototo create watermark on your photos. 3. Adjust your watermark onyour photos; pinch it, drag it and rotate it. Adjust its opacityprecisely with the slider. 4. Save and share watermarked photoswith friends and family. Templates can be created and saved forfuture use. Tips: Don't delete original images after watermarking,because you can't remove watermarks from processed images.
White Noise for Calm:Sleep Nature Sound 2.07
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White noise has over 30 high-quality natural and artificial soundsfor relaxation or get yourself or your baby to sleep. Personalizedwhite noise, sleep sounds and meditation music, ideal for relaxing,sleeping, meditation and concentration. The most effective &high-quality sleep app. Benefits: • Helps you sleep by blockingdistractions • Relaxes and reduces stress • Pacifies fussy andcrying babies • Increases focus • Soothes headaches and migraines •Masks tinnitus (ringing of the ears) Best Features: - 30+ SingleSounds * Ocean sounds, river, drip, sound of rain on the roof,heavy rain, thunder, sounds of cracking fire, burning torches,flames, wind, walk in the snow, night of meadow, owls, frogs,crickets, birds singing, lullaby music for baby sleep. - UnlimitedMix Sounds * You can customize your own favorite sounds, by mixingat most 6 of the default relaxing sounds in one white noise, thuscreating unlimited & personalized relaxing sounds. - Highquality soothing sounds * We have carefully picked sounds of thenature that are great for relaxation or sleeping. - Stop Timer *You can set a timer and turn off the screen. When the time is up,the sound fades gently and the application closes by itself. -Background audio * Support works in the background so you can useother apps while listening - Simple and beautiful design Downloadand enjoy the nature sounds for great sleeping!
com.mvtrail.distancemeter 1.2.5
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Distance Meter is a free rangefinder app which allows you tomeasure the approximate distance and height of an object. The handycamera measuring tool performs non-contact distance measurement bycamera lens and hardware sensor of device. You can measure thedistance to the target object automatically by aim the cameras atthe base of the object, measure the height of object and aim cameraat the top of target object. It works in camera live view. Thedistance measuring instrument uses the height of the camera lensand its tilt angle to calculate the distance to the object. UseDistance meter for quick distance and height measuring. KeyFeatures: ★ Quick estimation of distance to object ★ Quickestimation of height of object ★ Camera auto focus ★ Lens Heightscroll bar and manual input ★ Support share photos with measureddistance or height Use it as golf rangefinder, hunting rangefinder,to check out the length of rooms in your home, or find out thedistance between two places. How to use Distance Meter? 1. Set thecamera lens height (height from device’s camera lens to targetbase) Click and drag on the camera lens in the up down directionInput lens height manually by click on the button 2. Aim cameras atmeasured object and position the red cross at the base of object.3. Lock the distance measurement and take the distance readingNote: The accuracy of this app is highly relies on the devicesensor.